Laws of the Other World Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Pleasing You

When Zhou Qing came to his senses, he found many others sitting around him, but his vision was unclear and clouded with heavy shadows.

“Did my glioma recur?” Zhou Qing’s voice sounded calm.

“Yes.” Song Lin replied, “I have to tell you some bad news: Dr. Daniel is dead and no one else can do your glioma removal surgery in Nibelungen.”

The people around him felt regretful. In their eyes, Zhou Qing was a pure-minded and extremely focused scholar, and it was very comfortable to work and research with him.

Zhou Qing closed his eyes and listened to the sound of his own breathing, like the wind blowing over the surging waves of the sea’s surface, unsure of how to fall.

“I don’t think I can continue my research anymore, but I have one thing I need your help with, Song Lin.” Zhou Qing turned his face to the side and looked in Song Lin’s direction.

He could vaguely make out Song Lin’s shadow.


“Can you take me to see the primogenitor Ymir?”

Professor Chen heard his words and said worriedly, “You should stay put in bed and rest right now. Are you trying to continue your research on Ymir? I know that as a scholar, you want to do as much research as you can in your lifetime, and studying Ymir can unlock many secrets, but your body simply can’t withstand Song Lin taking you that far away.”

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“How do you plan on sending it out?” Zhou Yu sat across from Mo Ye, playing cards with him.

“By relying on our good brother Wu Yun, of course.” Mo Ye smiled lightly, his finger tapping around on the cards as if he was thinking about what cards to play.

But in fact, he knew exactly what his own cards were, and he also knew exactly what Zhou Yu’s cards were.

“What? You didn’t give the thing to him, did you? You’ll get him killed.”

Mo Ye pointed a finger at his head. “Darling, try reading my mind.”

Zhou Yu sighed helplessly. Frankly speaking, he really wasn’t used to this kind of blunt and straightforward communication style, but he still closed his eyes and sensed Mo Ye, who was in front of him.

Mo Ye’s thoughts were powerful, flaring out in all directions like radiation without sparing a single corner.

For every creature in range of the radiation, Zhou Yu could clearly feel their heartbeats, breaths, and the movement of their limbs. His mind was flooded with what all kinds of creatures had seen, heard, and touched, but through an extremely methodical way of transmission and perception. Zhou Yu found, for the first time, that the way Mo Ye sensed this world was completely different from his own. Zhou Yu’s world was singular, while Mo Ye’s world was rich and complex.

Mo Ye’s power penetrated into the blood and cells of every creature here, subtly and delicately, as if Mo Ye was the origin of their lives, and all of these creatures were an extension of Mo Ye.

He connected all the creatures of Nibelungen together with a vast and formidable force. Zhou Yu looked small and ignorant before it, and for the first time, he experienced the miracle of life.

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According to the rules and regulations, Wu Yun’s convoy had to go through the scan passageway once. Those hidden silver spiders really did set off the alarm, and the entire passageway panicked as Wu Yun and his teammates hurriedly jumped out of the car. Wu Yun had learned of the power of these spiders in the tree fortress, and at present, his face turned pale.

The team immediately put on oxygen masks and the passageway began to spray out anesthetic gas. The silver spiders all passed out, one after another.

Emergency handlers arrived and collected all of the silver spiders.

Dr. Cook recognized this kind of spider. It had the ability to control the nerves of other organisms and was semi-parasitic, making it very valuable for research. Because of this specialty, the chances of it being captured were relatively low, and Juli Corp had not studied more than ten of them so far. Dr. Cook felt lucky to have such a large group of them captured all at once.

“It seemed like they had planned to lay their eggs in Wu Yun’s car, but they weren’t expecting to be scanned when they entered the passageway,” Dr. Cook said to Li Qian as she looked at the surveillance monitor.

Li Qian gulped. “But Dr. Cook, isn’t this creature a bit dangerous? What if a researcher is careless and ends up being controlled by it?”

“That’s why I’ll study them myself.” An icy smile drew up the corners of Dr. Cook’s lips.

At this time, the connection between Mo Ye and those silver spiders broke.

He slowly opened those limpid eyes and was met with Zhou Yu’s attentive gaze.

“How is the experience?” Mo Ye asked as he turned his face sideways and propped his chin up.

“Vfpc zkkd, hfts samf A yghs sk spc g zaghs sqpff-fcfd eapd, kp g pfvfpuf uxgif dpgzkh.”

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“Mk Cf, dkh’s zk skk wgp,” Rqkn Cn ikyfpfd qau vkaxf ghd ygphfd.

“Yqgs?” Mk Cf ikkofd xkmlifsfic ahhkxfhs.

“Stop controlling me.”

Mo Ye’s lips slowly curved up, as if to rip Zhou Yu’s heart out.

“Wrong, I’m not controlling you, but you want to be controlled by me.”

Mo Ye stretched out his fingers, his fingertips lingering between Zhou Yu’s lips, then squeezing in. Wrapped by Zhou Yu’s warm mouth, he slowly pressed down the tip of Zhou Yu’s tongue and stroked its edges.

As if millions upon millions of cells were being titillated by him, Zhou Yu’s fists clenched up.

In that instant, Zhou Yu mentally seemed to tense to the point of cracking. He stood up suddenly, looking like he wanted to beat Mo Ye up, but he grabbed Mo Ye’s collar and kissed him fiercely, biting Mo Ye’s lower lip madly.

Mo Ye’s desire was spurred on by Zhou Yu. His hands impatiently reached into Zhou Yu’s camouflage uniform, unrestrainedly feeling his real body temperature, as if to crush his every bone and every cell.

The desire to possess greedily flooded Mo Ye’s mind. He picked Zhou Yu up from the other side of the table and brought him forward, then forced him on his legs to do what he pleased with him.

But what Mo Ye did not expect was that Zhou Yu actually pinned him down, knee on his abdomen, and looked at him with icy eyes. His haughty demeanor made Mo Ye lose focus.

At that moment, Mo Ye suddenly realized that when he used his ability to tease Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu, at some point, had also turned the tables on him and entered his mind to set a trap that made him absent-minded. Then, without warning, he knocked him down in one fell swoop.

Mo Ye didn’t feel angry. He was only fascinated with Zhou Yu at this moment.

He was the ruler of his world.

“It may be hard to manipulate certain organisms, but manipulating you doesn’t seem that hard,” Zhou Yu said.

“Do you like my hair?” Mo Ye switched topics so suddenly that Zhou Yu couldn’t follow his logic.

“Uh, what?”

“Do you like my hair? This length is just enough to pin behind my ear. You really like the way I look right now.”

Zhou Yu’s brows knitted. “Did you let your hair grow long on purpose?”

“As I said, everything I do is to please you.”

Mo Ye smiled and brought up his knees. Zhou Yu slightly slid backwards, his back resting against his legs.

Mo Ye directly sat up and looked at Zhou Yu.

“Your learning ability is really beyond my imagination. If you can even control me, then is there anything else in this world that can escape your power?”

Mo Ye’s expression was sincere, but Zhou Yu knew clearly that it was because Mo Ye was willing to fall into his trap.

Zhou Yu tapped Mo Ye’s forehead with his finger, then stood up.

“I’m going to take a shower.”

“Are you inviting me to take a shower with you?”

“What I mean is, while I’m showering, you should do what you need to do.” Zhou Yu put the cards away and didn’t even glance at Mo Ye.

He was trying to calm his heartbeat.

When facing Mo Ye, the number of times he was impulsive seemed to be increasing.

Zhou Yu went to the bathroom and locked the door to his stall. He took off his clothes neatly and stood under the water.

He remembered when Mo Ye was still a night spirit, he would always let that guy watch him in the corner.

God knows what that guy had in his head since that time.

A few minutes later, Zhou Yu turned off the water and grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist.

He had thought that Mo Ye would follow him in, but he didn’t expect the kid to be so well-behaved.

When Zhou Yu opened the door, he met Mo Ye’s eyes.

“Mo Ye…”

Were you outside the door the entire time?

Before his words could be finished, Mo Ye rushed in with one step.

Zhou Yu’s reaction was quick and just as he put his hand on Mo Ye’s shoulder to push him out, Mo Ye held Zhou Yu’s legs and lifted him up.


This guy was way too aggressive!

Zhou Yu didn’t have a chance to start swearing before Mo Ye kissed him hard.

He turned his face to the side and greedily took in everything in Zhou Yu’s mouth.

Zhou Yu’s legs left the ground and his bath towel almost fell off. The skin of his legs was practically pressed up against Mo Ye’s waist, and Mo Ye’s palms were arrogantly taking their time under the bath towel.

The sound of someone talking and showering came from the neighboring bathroom stall.

It made Zhou Yu’s heart pound.

Just as his legs were about to be lowered, Mo Ye very unhappily lifted them up again and sucked on Zhou Yu even harder.

For the first time, Zhou Yu experienced the world around him spinning.

I know you want me inside.

I know that when we’re apart, you think of me as much as I think of you.

The sound of Mo Ye’s voice kept echoing in Zhou Yu’s mind until his hands pressing on Mo Ye’s shoulders wrapped tightly around Mo Ye’s neck and he began to respond passionately.

“Feels good.” Mo Ye lifted his head to look at Zhou Yu.

They kissed for a long time, like they were going to spend their whole lives doing this kind of thing.

“You bit me.” Zhou Yu coldly glared at Mo Ye and raised his hand to wipe the corner of his own lips.

“What does it matter? It will heal soon anyway.” Mo Ye smiled, the watery glow in his eyes causing Zhou Yu’s blood to rush downward for a moment.

Sensing his reaction, Mo Ye’s gaze became even more alluring.

“I’ll fuck you to death.” Zhou Yu smacked Mo Ye on the head with his hand.

“Sure,” Mo Ye replied.

“Put me down.”

“This is a pretty good position.”

“Do you want to die?”

“You just said you wanted to fuck me to death.” Mo Ye went to bite Zhou Yu’s lips but Zhou Yu dodged him.

“No one is around right now. If you don’t get out now, you’ll have to stay here for the rest of your life.”

Zhou Yu’s mood came quickly and left quickly.

Mo Ye could only regretfully put him down. He stood behind him, watching him take off the bath towel and completely reveal the line of his waist, back, and legs.

Smooth and ample yet also tense, as if his gaze was stretched taut.

Mo Ye gulped. His body was burning.

Zhou Yu seemed to sense something. Already fully dressed, he turned around and poked in the direction of Mo Ye’s chest with his finger. “Behave.”

Mo Ye laughed helplessly and followed Zhou Yu out.

Dr. Cook couldn’t wait to start her research on the silver spiders.

Although Juli Corp’s research had given her strong physical capabilities and a fast healing ability, she still lacked one decisive power, and that was to control another organism in Nibelungen like Dr. Turin.

The silver spiders might be a breakthrough. Their silk threads were an extension of their nerves and could join up with the nerves of other organisms, including humans.

The silver spider in the lab had been paralyzed and it lay quietly in the surgical dish, motionless.

Dr. Cook held a scalpel and reached inside. Her eyes were ice-cold, as if it was just a lifeless object.

At this time, Zhou Yu was with Wu Yun in the dining hall, having dinner.

“I already knew I might not be a match for Li Shengnan, and I’m glad that she didn’t show up, but who knew that as soon as I returned to the base, I would find my car full of those silver spiders?! Can you imagine? They were under my car, in the cracks of my seat, and they could have controlled me at any time! Holy crap! If I were under their control, I’d be shot at indiscriminately during the scan in the passageway!” There was still some lingering fear in Wu Yun’s heart as he remembered it.

Zhou Yu lifted his hand and patted his shoulder: “Something like that won’t happen.”

“Say… where did Mo Ye go? Isn’t he glued to your side all the time?” Wu Yun asked curiously.

“The team Dr. Cook brought has to examine and take samples from him every day.”

Wu Yun showed a displeased expression and whispered, “Ants always want to shake up the elephant. The elephant is only taking a nap, so it’ll be a show to see when it wakes up.”

Mo Ye was lying in the middle of a scanning device, letting those researchers pass him through scan areas over and over again. He closed his eyes with a light smile on his lips. The researcher in charge of monitoring showed an expression of extreme admiration.

“This is a perfect human body. Whether it’s the density of the bones or the muscle content, or even the ratio of height to weight, it’s impeccable…”

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“Nungiic, sqf qnmgh epgah khic dfvfiklu ghd nufu gekns syk lfpxfhs, ghd sqf vgus mgjkpasc kw sqf pfus au guiffl. Ens ikko gs qau epgah… sqfuf pfd pfzakhu gpf sqf gxsavf lgpsu… sqau au jnus skk gmgrahz!”

“Ghd gxxkpdahz sk sqf pfufgpxq dgsg ifws efqahd ec Dp. Xgpiku, sqau U pgho kpzghaum uqkyfd gh ftspfmfic qazq AB wpkm g cknhz gzf, ghd qf ygu geif sk mgusfp sqf ohkyifdzf kw nu qnmghu yasq fguf!”

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As ygu mkvahz ahxpfdaeic wgus. Dp. Xkko spafd sk zpge as, ens yasq eksq qghdu usnxo ah sqf ufgifd spknzq, as iamasfd qfp pghzf kw mksakh. Sqf uladfp gppkzghsic xiamefd sk sqf skl kw sqf ufgifd spknzq ghd unddfhic jnmlfd dkyh khsk Dp. Xkko’u gpm.

“Ghfusqfuag! Ckn lazu!”

Dp. Xkko pkgpfd gs sqf pfufgpxqfp mkhaskpahz sqf lpkxfdnpf, ghd sqf ghfusqfsax zgu ygu bnaxoic ulpgcfd kns, waiiahz sqf fhsapf ufgifd spknzq.

As the anesthetic gas gradually settled, Dr. Cook realized with a start that the spider had not fainted, but had taken refuge in a corner of the sealed trough. At the very moment Dr. Cook looked back at it, it abrupty leaped up and was about to jump on Cook’s arm again.

Dr. Cook tensed her nerves. Her vision was several times better than usual, and she could clearly see the spider’s open mouth and the thread of silk that it was about to spit out.

Once this silk thread burrowed into her body, she would become its captive!

She would never tolerate such a thing happening!

She flung the scalpel out, stabbing the spider through its mouth and out its tail, only to hear a “clang” as it fell on the glass, its amputated limbs twitching and struggling.

The researchers watching this scene breathed a sigh of relief, but Dr. Cook’s eyes narrowed.

“Why would anesthetics be ineffective against this spider?” Dr. Cook asked.

“…Perhaps… it has developed resistance to the drug?” Her research assistant speculated.

Cook held down the spider’s abdomen with one hand and pulled the scalpel out.

With a crunch, the scalpel was taken out along with hundreds of silver spider larvae.


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