Laws of the Other World Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Come To My Side

“Dr. Jiang is about to come.” Mo Ye gave Zhou Yu a teasing look. Zhou Yu immediately understood Mo Ye’s intention.

They had to find a way to get the item from Dr. Jiang while under surveillance.

“You want to top me? Dream on.” Zhou Yu suddenly showed an expression of uncontrolled rage and violently pushed Mo Ye’s shoulder, pressing him against the wall.

“Then do you want to turn around and top me? But you can’t beat me!” Mo Ye crooked his head. The smirking expression in his eyes made others want to beat him up.

Zhou Yu pinched Mo Ye’s face with his fingers in what seemed like a rough manner, then fiercely kissed him.

It was a clash of tongue and lips, like a game. Zhou Yu’s kiss carried the intensity of wanting to strangle the other, but at his most vicious moment, he softened down.

Mo Ye opened his eyes wide, slightly surprised. But soon, drowning desire rushed to his head. He tried to suppress his body because he knew very well that with his strength, he would definitely hurt Zhou Yu, but his body’s desire began to swell wildly, and in less than a second, all reason collapsed. He flipped their roles and turned to press Zhou Yu against the wall.

His spine had almost been crushed, and Zhou Yu was sucked by Mo Ye until he had no choice but to tilt his chin up. He finally realized at this moment what kind of madness he had set aflame.

As Dr. Jiang’s footsteps drew closer and closer, Zhou Yu became anxious. His goal wasn’t to make Mo Ye crazy, but…

Zhou Yu raised his hand and was about to push him away, but Mo Ye did not give him a chance to do so. His long, slender fingers squeezed in between Zhou Yu’s and pressed the back of his hand fiercely against the wall. Mo Ye turned his face sideways and almost completely contained Zhou Yu. His knee was forced between Zhou Yu’s legs, trying to bring Zhou Yu’s right leg up.

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It was decisive and sharp.

Mo Ye stepped back and stumbled a little, right into Dr. Jiang, who had walked over, knocking him down with his hand.

“Dr. Jiang, are you all right?” Zhou Yu was about to go up and help Dr. Jiang, but Dr. Jiang waved him away and stood up.

“I’m fine! I’m fine! What were you doing?!” Dr. Jiang asked worriedly, “Didn’t you two have a good relationship?”

“This guy went crazy.” Zhou Yu pointed at Mo Ye.

Mo Ye only smiled and walked up to Dr. Jiang until there was an arm’s length between them. “Do you think I’d go crazy?”

Jiang Jinghang looked into Mo Ye’s eyes that were like a deep sea of black glass and felt a weightless descent. He quickly looked away. “In theory… there is a chance for you to go crazy.”

After saying that, Jiang Jinghang quickly walked away from between them with a red face. He looked quite embarrassed.

At this time, Dr. Cook was standing in front of the monitor, looking at Li Qian’s computer display. She sneered, “They really are reckless.”

Li Qian smiled and didn’t say anything.

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Although Zhou Yu’s face didn’t betray any extra expressions, he internally wondered if he had gone crazy.

Mo Ye’s smile was like layer upon layer of blooming poppies, burning away Zhou Yu’s sanity.

Zhou Yu gulped.

Mo Ye walked over, his fingers hooking over the collar of Zhou Yu’s camouflage uniform. His eyes slid over Zhou Yu’s nerves like quicksand and his lips stayed closed, but Zhou Yu heard his voice in his mind.

“What you have in mind… is exactly what I want to do to you.”

Zhou Yu shoved him. “I didn’t give you permission to read my mind.”

“When your mind is like an open book, it’s hard for me not to read it.” Mo Ye’s fingers hooked onto Zhou Yu’s collar and he walked towards their dorm room. “Let’s continue what we didn’t finish just now!”

Zhou Yu was pretty sure that this was something Mo Ye had learned from the movies.

Only, unlike those sexy actresses, Mo Ye was more elegant and calm. There was no vulgar flirtation, but pureness and sensuality, not to mention the intensity implied in his gaze, like he wanted to completely shackle Zhou Yu until he was suffocated and crushed.

Zhou Yu felt himself breathing more rapidly than ever. Mo Ye was already so close to him, but he wanted to hold on to him tightly.

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Such chaos and madness without restraint.

Strikes that penetrated deeply and carried a destructive possessiveness.

Zhou Yu’s heart was beating fast and his every cell was trembling, but it was a feeling he had never had before, even in his imagination.

Mo Ye kissed his chin. His voice seemed to come from the deepest cracks of Zhou Yu’s mind.

“Do you know that your heart is beating fast?”

“Do you know that your body is burning hot?”

“Do you know that your breathing is very sexy?”

“Do you know that you actually want all the images I’m showing you to be true?”

“Fuck you! You can leave these things in your own head, you don’t have to show them to me!” Zhou Yu fiercely pushed Mo Ye, but Mo Ye didn’t budge.

“Do you want to know exactly when I started to have these fantasies?” Mo Ye’s fingers swept over Zhou Yu’s eyes, as if stroking his eyelashes.

“I’m not interested in that question.”

It had to be when Wu Yun showed you those nonsense movies.

“Nope.” Mo Ye smiled as he read Zhou Yu’s mind again without permission. “It started when I found out that I was actually an S rank organism and that I could mimic a human.”

Zhou Yu wanted to swear.

“I’m not going to top you here. This is Juli Corp’s territory.” Mo Ye’s fingers brushed over Zhou Yu’s brow bone and his tongue licked up Zhou Yu’s eyelashes with great patience.

That wet feeling made Zhou Yu gulp. Unlike the unyielding madness just now, Mo Ye had now become more loving.

Zhou Yu turned his face to the side. The world seemed to be soaked in a watery mist. Mo Ye closed his eyes, hands propped up beside Zhou Yu’s ears. His breathing was heavy and his posture made Zhou Yu sense danger. He seemed to be brewing the next wave that would overturn Zhou Yu.

It wasn’t until Mo Ye’s harsh and heavy breathing returned to a steady state that he slowly opened his eyes.

His gaze was clear, and Zhou Yu, who was staring at him, also became calm.

Mo Ye took out a small metal box from his pocket. He brought it up to Zhou Yu’s face to wave it and said, “Guess what’s inside here?”

“You took it from Dr. Jiang when you bumped into him, didn’t you?” Zhou Yu asked.

“Yes.” Mo Ye tried to open it, only to find that the tiny storage box required specific biological information, such as a fingerprint or iris, to open.

Of course, it wasn’t impossible to force it open with Mo Ye’s power, but it was just that if the container was damaged, then it could have a negative impact on preserving what was inside.

It was something that Song Zhi had to give to Jiang Jinghang even in his death. It must not be damaged.

“It’s better not to open it.” Zhou Yu said.

“I’m just curious.” Mo Ye put it back into his pocket.

“There are some things that you don’t get to peek at just because you’re curious.”

“I know. But Zhou Yu, do you think we should escape the base and go live a life that belongs to us?” Mo Ye asked half-jokingly.

“It would be difficult at the moment. First of all, Juli Corp is threatening me with my former teammates and Wu Yun’s daughter is in their hands. Even if I disregard my former teammates and escape, they know about Wu Yun’s relationship with me and will put Wu Yun and his daughter in danger.”

“Then did you know that today, Dr. Cook drew nearly a liter of my blood?” Mo Ye showed a wronged expression.

“What does she want your blood for?” Zhou Yu straightened up, his brows knitted. Dr. Cook was truly insane.

“Based on what Song Lin told me, I suppose she probably wants to use my blood to create some super soldiers.” Mo Ye pointed his finger at his head. The communication between him and Song Lin did not rely on any language and there was no geographical boundary.

“Just like me?”

“You were a case that went beyond expectations to be more successful than Dr. Cook, but they don’t know it yet and think you’re just immune to the biological virus here.”

“So what do we do now?”

“First of all, there is one thing you don’t have to worry about. Dr. Cook can’t make anything from my blood because my blood is already infected with your spinal fluid. She can’t make any super soldiers from my blood other than you due to genetic exclusivity.”

“And?” Zhou Yu was enjoying the moment talking intimately with Mo Ye, whose warm breath swept across his cheeks every time he spoke.

“You need to learn to control your powers as soon as possible.”

“Do you mean the voices of the various organisms in my head?”

“No, I’m referring to manipulating organisms of a lower rank than you.” Mo Ye’s eyes were deep.

Zhou Yu’s heart suddenly tightened. “What are you saying? Do you mean that I can manipulate other creatures like Dr. Turin?”

“Yes, Dr. Turin was infected by the death dahlia, but you’re different. You have my blood, which means that you have the power of an S rank organism. Don’t waste it. You aren’t ‘locked’ by my spinal fluid.” Mo Ye pulled up the corners of his lips, revealing a smirk.

“But it’s impossible to learn to run until you learn to walk.” Zhou Yu was a pragmatist, and Mo Ye’s power was far superior to that of the death dahlia. Turin might be able to manipulate the power of the death dahlia, but he himself might not be able to manipulate the power of an organism of Mo Ye’s level.

“I’ll help you. Let’s take it slowly, little by little.”

“But what about what Dr. Jiang wanted us to give to Song Lin? Dr. Cook definitely doesn’t want us to know that Zhou Qing and Song Lin are together. She’ll trap us in the base and not give us any chance to contact Song Lin. She’ll keep me thinking that Zhou Qing is under their supervision. If we can’t get out, how can we get that thing out?”

“Then just pretend we don’t know. Once upon a time, Song Zhi was the virus embedded in this organization. Now it’s me and you. To give something to someone, you don’t necessarily have to meet them face to face, this is Nibelungen.”

Zhou Yu’s eyes widened and he instantly understood what Mo Ye meant.

“Now, I’m going to give you the first lesson in a systematic way on how to discard the voices you don’t want to hear and how to find the voices you want to hear.” Mo Ye sat up, unbuttoned the collar of his camouflage uniform, and moved his neck, the action of which was natural and sexy.

Zhou Yu lay directly on the pillow and looked at him. In any case, what he was thinking in his head could not be hidden from Mo Ye, so why not just enjoy?

Mo Ye beckoned, “Come into my mind and see how I filter these sounds.”

Zhou Yu looked earnestly into Mo Ye’s eyes. They were rather deep, like a passage to another world. He let his mind wander in and enter another world, where there were many sounds more complex, noisier, louder, and crazier than what Zhou Yu had received. But as Mo Ye slowly stripped them away, the sharpest sounds disappeared, leaving behind chaos. Then, some more sounds were filtered out, and the remaining sounds became harmonious.

As these harmonious voices faded away, what remained eventually turned out to be the voice Mo Ye heard that belonged to Zhou Yu.

This was the first time Zhou Yu heard his own voice and saw himself from Mo Ye’s perspective.

It was him that had shed his hard shell and was brimming with fondness for the youth in front of him.

“You see, it’s actually quite simple.” Mo Ye turned to the side, the long line of his neck a beautiful shape. At that moment, Zhou Yu had the impulse to bite him, wanting to destroy that perfect line.

“I like the way you feel at this moment,” Mo Ye said.

Zhou Yu raised his knee and gave the other party a hard push. “I told you, a lot of things are fine in your own head. You don’t need to tell me, and you don’t need to let me know.”

“Okay, okay. I’m not going to help you tonight, you need to fall asleep on your own.”

“Don’t you need to lie down? Or do you miss your old glass room? That bed was pretty big.”

Mo Ye laughed.

“I don’t need to lie down to fall asleep. Where you are is the most comfortable place.

“Then, I’m going to sleep.” Zhou Yu closed his eyes.

Just like what Mo Ye did just now, he filtered the sounds of the world, layer by layer.

Mo Ye, who was sitting by Zhou Yu’s bed, suddenly paused.

Because he felt Zhou Yu strip away everything and choose to listen to the voice that came from him.

Good night. Mo Ye said in his mind.

He lowered himself to Zhou Yu’s lips and kissed him.

The next morning, Daniel’s convoy returned. They brought news that Daniel had fallen for Song Zhi’s trap, and that the warehouse that had been stockpiled with Song Zhi’s blood was a fake. When Daniel’s men standing guard outside blew open the door to the storage warehouse because they couldn’t reach them, they found that Daniel and his men had suffocated and died.

Dr. Cook clenched her fists. When Han Li pulled away the white cloth covering Daniel’s body for Dr. Cook to identify the body, Cook sneered.

“What a useless thing.”

Like this, the second supervisor of Base No. 5 died.

During lunch, Wu Yun was sitting with Zhou Yu as usual, and they were conversing in hushed tones.

“With Daniel dead, I wonder who the next supervisor will be?” Wu Yun raised his eyebrows.

“Now that Dr. Cook has doubts in her mind about everyone, she won’t appoint a new supervisor easily.” Zhou Yu answered.

“Daniel is dead. Although I somehow feel pained… I’m also worried about something…” Wu Yun played with the delicate lighter in his hand.

“You’re worried about Zhou Qing… If his glioma recurs for the third time, no one will be able to do such brilliant and precise surgery on him.”

“Say… are all the outstanding people trained by Juli Corp?”

“Of course not. Could it be that you are?” Zhou Yu asked rhetorically.

“So I’m considered outstanding then?”

“Isn’t it outstanding that you’ve survived until now?” Zhou Yu lowered his head and continued to eat the meal on his plate.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qing, who was doing research with Professor Chen’s team, suddenly fell down from beside the microscope.

“Professor Zhou! Professor Zhou, what happened to you?!”

“Help him up, quickly!”

Zhou Qing looked at the bright ceiling. The world was spinning madly. He raised his hand and pressed on the place where he had once been operated on. It hurt so much that the bone felt like it was going to burst open.

Zhou Qing was helped up and sat in a chair as the other researchers brought him hot water.

A familiar voice sounded by his ears.

“—Come to my side… Come to my side…”

What Zhou Qing saw before his eyes was a giant tree linking heaven and earth. His mind and his breath both seemed to be taken away.

No matter how the others called his name, Zhou Qing couldn’t hear them.

Until Song Lin came in front of him and lifted his hand to cover Zhou Qing’s head.

“His glioma has returned.” Song Lin’s clear, cold voice rang out.

“What…? I thought he was cured… and that the technology in Juli Corp was so advanced that it could cure his glioma…” Professor Chen showed a very worried expression.

“It’s not. The reason he was safe in Nibelungen is because the primogenitor, Ymir, used his ability to contain the glioma’s regeneration from a cellular perspective. But now Ymir is too weak to perform remote sensing and control the glioma in his brain,” Song Lin replied.


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