Laws of the Other World Chapter 81

Chapter 81: You Have Long Since Controlled Everything About Me

Instead of dying, they crawled up along Cook’s scalpel in a dense cluster and soon spread throughout the sealed chamber.

The researchers injected anesthetic gas into the sealed trough again, but the larvae were completely unaffected. Because they were not yet mature, they were unable to spit out threads that could control nerves. Instead, they secreted some kind of mucus.

Dr. Cook wanted to quickly pull her hands back, but what she didn’t expect was that when the larvae’s mucus fell onto her gloves, it actually corroded them. Seeing that the cluster was about to make its way into her body, Cook quickly withdrew her hands and pressed the vacuum button for the sealed trough to kill all the spiders inside.

But she was still a step too slow. A small cluster of spider larvae had crawled out along her fingers.

Just as Cook was alarmed at what they were trying to do, she realized that the larvae had sprouted wings and were flying upwards, aiming for the air purification unit! From that system, they would be able to leave the lab!

Dr. Cook’s research assistant made a split-second decision and closed off the entire lab, including the air purification unit. But they were still a step too late. A number of larvae had already flown into the air purification channel and quickly flew out after finding the exit.

Outside the lab was Cook’s bodyguard team. Everything happened too unexpectedly, and the flying insects quickly burrowed into the bodies of the bodyguard team, rapidly draining them of nutrients. When they flew away, they grew from a size smaller than an ant to the size of a grain of rice.

In the lab, Dr. Cook ruthlessly cut off her right hand, which had been parasitized. She then took the incinerator on the lab bench and burned away that right hand.

“Doctor, those aren’t silver spider larvae, but blood rust insects that parasitized them!” A research assistant prompted.

Cook immediately demanded that Li Qian close all the airflow channels and nodes through the radio transceiver.

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When the researchers saw Cook’s missing arm, they all showed a surprised look.

Mo Ye’s hands were folded, lying peacefully in the scanning pod.

Dr. Cook knocked on the scanning pod and said in a cold voice, “Get up for me.”

Mo Ye was slowly pushed out of the scanning pod. He stretched, patted the wall of the pod behind him, and said, “I heard that if you take too many rays, you’ll become more prone to cancer, is that true?”

Instead of answering the question, Cook said to him coldly, “Our base has been taken over by blood rust insects, I want you to control them to leave our base.”

“Huh?” Mo Ye crossed his legs, not at all anxious. “Blood rust insects? You actually study this kind of creature. They’re small in size but their destructive power is comparable to A rank, and this kind of insect has a special characteristic: they have no sleep nerve, which means your anesthetics are useless against them.”

“If you want Zhou Yu to die here, I don’t mind if you keep speaking nonsense to me,” Dr. Cook said in a cold voice.

Mo Ye glanced at Dr. Cook’s severed wrist that was oozing blood and laughed, “Aha, I wonder what the quality of Juli Corp’s prosthetic limbs is like.”

Cook’s gaze grew even colder. “I can go and shoot your Zhou Yu right now.”

“Your skills aren’t good enough,” Mo Ye sneered. “Have Li Qian open all of the vents, and I’ll draw them all out from there.”

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“What is it?” Zhou Qing opened his mouth and asked.

“Nothing, it’s just a little something Mo Ye sent me.”

Song Lin stopped the car. He didn’t need to open the lid of the box to sense what was inside.

He placed the box against his forehead, clenched his fist, and took a deep breath.

This time, he didn’t shed any tears.

Because his tears had already dried up in the storage room full of Song Zhi’s blood.

He put the iron box away, started the car, and drove on.

“What is it?” Although he couldn’t see Song Lin’s expression, Zhou Qing could feel his emotions.

“Nothing. Everything will be fine, Zhou Qing.” Song Lin’s face had an indifferent expression.

From afar, a giant tree connecting heaven and earth could be seen. All of its branches and leaves were withered, and even the vast land beneath it had become a desert. Each giant branch looked like it was poking into Song Lin’s eyes.

“Z rotzovo… ovopijfzcu gztt ro hzco.”

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Hep jfo hzpwj jzlo, Bfeq Dzcu fna n ktonp aohzczjzec eh gfnj “ronqji” gnw.

Zj gnw n aowjzcoa ockeqcjop.

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Kees ketati teesoa nj Le Io. “Aec’j toj lo hzca eqj jfnj ieq gopo powmecwzrto hep ntt eh jfzw.”

“Ef, gfnj geqta ro jfo mqpmewo eh lo aezcu ntt eh jfzw?” Le Io wnj gfopo fo gnw, mpemmzcu fzw fona qm je tees nj Kees.

Fo gnw ovzaocjti vopi ktewo je Kees, rqj Kees hotj tzso fo gnw wjncazcu mpeqati ec jfo ejfop wzao eh jfo gepta, teeszcu aegc ec fop hpel nrevo.

“Aec’j ieq sceg jfnj zh Z kecjpet jfowo kponjqpow hep lepo jfnc n lzcqjo, Z’tt azo hpel li kottw rqpwjzcu?” Le Io tnqufoa nca yqlmoa aegc, jponjzcu Kees tzso nzp nw fo tohj.

That night, Zhou Yu and Mo Ye sat at opposite ends of the bed.

“Are you sure that the thing was delivered to Song Lin?”

“I’m sure,” Mo Ye nodded. “I ‘saw’ Song Lin reach out and catch it. Also… he’s taking Zhou Qing to Ymir.”

“Why?” Zhou Yu’s brows knitted.

“…Zhou Qing’s glioma has recurred.”

Zhou Yu held his head in his hand.

Mo Ye kissed Zhou Yu’s forehead and said softly, “Don’t worry, Song Lin will take Zhou Qing to Ymir. Ymir  must have a way to save him.”

“But Ymir is already very weak…”

“For me, whichever world it might be, there is only one rule of survival.”

“What is it?”


Zhou Yu couldn’t help but smile, but at the same time, when his mind made contact with Mo Ye, he knew very clearly that what Mo Ye said was true.

“For Ymir and also Song Lin, it’s the same.”

Zhou Yu looked at Mo Ye’s extremely earnest eyes and couldn’t help but smile.

He turned his face sideways and kissed Mo Ye’s lips.

Perhaps it was a great fortune to be able to connect with Mo Ye’s mind.

At least, he didn’t have to have any suspicions about Mo Ye.

Every word Mo Ye said confirmed what he thought in his head.

When Zhou Yu straightened back up, Mo Ye showed a disappointed expression. “Is that all?”

“What else do you want?” Zhou Yu lay down on his side.

Mo Ye directly pressed down on his body, his hands propped up beside his ears. He also turned his face to seek Zhou Yu’s gaze.

“At least put your tongue in.”

Zhou Yu’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed. “Where did you learn these things from?”

Mo Ye directly lay down on his side, pressed up close to him, his warm breath blowing between Zhou Yu’s lips from time to time. “I learned a lot of other things too. Not just from the TV, but also from the many other people here.”

Mo Ye’s palm was over Zhou Yu’s waist, slowly sliding along the line of his body.

Zhou Yu was about to turn around when he was held down forcefully by Mo Ye at his waist.

“I want to top you.”

“You just said two days ago that you wouldn’t top me here.”

Mo Ye laughed, deliberately putting his lips on Zhou Yu’s and saying, “Then I’ll give you a little taste of being topped by me.”

In that instant, Zhou Yu’s pupils suddenly dilated, and his sight was oppressed by Mo Ye’s gaze.

His bones almost cracked, and the feeling of possessiveness filling every cell of his body made him gasp.

A hoarse sound escaped his throat, and even repeated in the most primitive way, it was striving and desperate to break free from the bonds of his body, each moment causing his mind to collapse.

Mo Ye’s kiss was frantic, like it was using Zhou Yu to crush the whole world.

Even though he knew that Mo Ye was lying on his side across from him and not doing anything except embracing him, the feeling was so real that he trembled.

As if a torrent came from the depths of the universe, but he was too small and could only be submerged and conquered.

Zhou Yu felt like he almost couldn’t breathe, and the moment the illusion from Mo Ye disappeared, he forcefully rolled over and sat across the top half of Mo Ye’s body, panting and looking down at Mo Ye.

Mo Ye smiled slightly and looked at him. “Do you want to kill me?”

“No… I just want to know, when can I do the same to you?”

The feeling of controlling you and imprisoning you in my world.

Mo Ye’s lips pulled up a smile. His hands wandered over Zhou Yu’s waistline, his palms hot and kneading through the camouflage uniform as if to embed themselves onto Zhou Yu’s muscles, the implication behind it making Zhou Yu’s blood run hot.

“I left a little present for you,” Mo Ye replied with a smile.

That seductive power was deadly. Casual and unrestrained, yet captivating the mind in a slow, unwilling descent.

Zhou Yu stretched out his hand and clasped Mo Ye’s neck. “If I find you smiling like that at someone other than me, I’ll kill you.”

“Then you must make sure I die inside of your body.”

Mo Ye took out a small and delicate glass bottle from his pocket. It was a simple sample vial with a small blood rust insect inside.

“It didn’t fly away?”

“I set it aside for you.” Mo Ye tapped his finger on the bottle, and the tiny insect twitched its wings. “Cute, isn’t it?”

“Cute?” Zhou Yu shook his head helplessly, but he was clear on why Mo Ye kept this blood rust insect.

“Remember that day when I made you feel how I controlled the organisms here?”

“I remember.”

“Now you can try it.”

Mo Ye smiled and unscrewed the lid. The blood rust insect immediately flew out.

It wandered around the small room, but never came close to Zhou Yu or Mo Ye.

It could clearly feel the sense of oppression Mo Ye, as an S rank organism, brought to it, as well as the power belonging to an S rank organism flowing in Zhou Yu’s blood.

Zhou Yu raised his head to look at him, but Mo Ye reached out his hand to cover Zhou Yu’s eyes.

“Even if you don’t rely on your sight, you can still see this place clearly.”

What Mo Ye meant was, don’t rely too much on your own senses, but see the world through this blood rust insect.

Feeling the warmth of Mo Ye’s palm, Zhou Yu remembered how Mo Ye had done it that day.

It was as if his thoughts had detached from his mind and spilled out until they covered the blood rust insect, gradually seeping into its body, its cells, and its nerves, until they took it over completely.

“You’re really talented.” Mo Ye slowly moved his palm away.

Zhou Yu’s gaze was dull as he viewed the entire room through that little insect.

“This is an interesting perspective,” Zhou Yu said.

Then the little insect flew a circle around their heads before landing on the corner of Mo Ye’s lips.

Mo Ye’s smile became more pronounced as he boldly reached his hand inside Zhou Yu’s camouflage uniform, pressing up against Zhou Yu’s skin. His touch was even more unbridled and was laden with seductive flavor.

The blood rust insect slid along the seam of Mo Ye’s lips, like Zhou Yu’s response.

Mo Ye gulped, then pushed Zhou Yu down.

“You’re playing with fire.” Mo Ye’s voice was dark, as if something was burning.

Even though Zhou Yu’s consciousness was with the blood rust insect, he still held himself steady.

That little insect left Mo Ye’s lips and came to the back of his hand, then suddenly and viciously drilled into Mo Ye’s skin.

Mo Ye didn’t react at all to the sensation of pain.

“Are you that eager to enter my body?” There was a coldness in Mo Ye’s voice.

But the colder it was, the more zealous it was.

The little insect really burrowed into Mo Ye’s veins, and it was the first time Zhou Yu experienced the feeling of being drowned in Mo Ye’s blood.

It was scaldingly hot and blazing, searing the blood rust insect little by little until it was completely destroyed.

Zhou Yu’s shoulders trembled slightly, and with the death of the blood rust insect, his consciousness returned completely.

“You’re the best student I’ve ever seen,” Mo Ye said with a smile.

“It sounds like you’ve taught others?” Zhou Yu asked.

Zhou Yu knew that manipulating a blood rust insect was nothing compared to what he had felt last time with the range of Mo Ye’s thought radiation.

Mo Ye could control a group of organisms at the same time and maintain his own consciousness, which was beyond Zhou Yu at this moment.

He lay down beside Mo Ye, who deliberately put his knee between Zhou Yu’s legs and moved gently, as if he was feeling the contours of Zhou Yu’s legs.

“Next time, are you going to send me a whole flock of little pets?” Zhou Yu asked.

“What do you like? Devil vines? Soaring serpents? Golden sea bulls? Reverse scale dragons? You can forget about death dahlias…”

“I like you.”

“You’ve long since controlled everything about me.”

Just at this time, the radio transceiver above Zhou Yu’s head beeped. It was Dr. Cook.

“Zhou Yu, come to my office right now.”

Zhou Yu mentally sneered. Was this her way of not letting others get any proper sleep?

“Go ahead.” Mo Ye deliberately groped below Zhou Yu’s waist.

Zhou Yu’s gaze swept over his face like a knife as he walked out the door.

He came to Cook’s office, where she was frostily seated. Her severed wrist had been properly taken care of but the new prosthetic limb had not been deployed yet.

“Zhou Yu, we have found the whereabouts of Turin’s subordinate, Li Shengnan. She is in  Zone 12. Go see what she’s doing, and try to get rid of her,” Dr. Cook said.

“You’re not afraid I’ll take advantage of the opportunity to leave?” Zhou Yu shot back, crossing his arms.

Dr. Cook gave a light snort. “I didn’t say Mo Ye will go with you.”

Zhou Yu understood what she was thinking. Wu Yun had led others to track down Li Shengnan last time, but they didn’t even get to meet her face to face.

“Wu Yun also stays here.”

Zhou Yu knew that the paranoid Dr. Cook was treating Wu Yun as a hostage as well.

Actually, with Mo Ye around, he could easily get Wu Yun out of here. But Wu Yun couldn’t leave for his daughter’s sake. Not to mention that Zhou Yu’s former subordinate Mei Xi was also in their clutches.

This feeling of being hamstrung was really bad.

“Don’t worry, although your old partner won’t go with you, I’ll give the most elite team.”

That so-called “most elite team” meant her people.

“It doesn’t really matter.”

With no time to rest, Zhou Yu’s team allocated everything and prepared to leave the base.

Mo Ye tucked his hands in his pockets and came up to Zhou Yu. “I will always be by your side.”

“I know.”

“Also, this is a good chance to ‘practice’ properly.”

Of course, Zhou Yu understood what Mo Ye’s so-called “chance to practice” meant.

There were so many organisms out there, he could try to control organisms that were even bigger and more aggressive than the blood rust insect.

The convoy left the base and sped through the desert with more than an hour to go before they entered the primeval forest.

Zhou Yu simply closed his eyes and crossed his arms, saying to his driver, “I’m going to take a nap.”

“Mm.” They also didn’t intend to chat with Zhou Yu.

The entire car was deathly silent.

At this time, Zhou Yu kind of missed Wu Yun’s crow’s mouth, and the tacky music he played.

They went straight to Zone 12, where the white ferocity and all kinds of dangerous insects lurked.

What was Li Shengnan doing in a place like that?

Or was it just a trap to lead Cook’s people into a dangerous zone?

When they were about to drive into the primeval forest, the driver woke up Zhou Yu.

The car turned on the remote scanning function, which was Juli Corp’s latest invention.

Before, due to the varying body temperatures of the organisms in the Nibelungen, the infrared scanner could not accurately identify these organisms. Juli Corp constructed an immense database for this purpose and finally invented this remote scanning device. It could scan up to a radius of fifty meters.

This improved the survival rate for field workers who went deep into the primeval forest.

Of course, when encountering truly terrifying creatures, this so-called “advance notice” was of no use at all.

Through the scanner, Zhou Yu could clearly see the white ferocities inhabiting the area before them.

Cook had given him teammates of superior psychological qualities, each of them wearing a determined look.

Zhou Yu asked them to hold their fire for now, and every one of them complied.

They crossed the white ferocities’ habitat just like that.

Zhou Yu exhaled lightly. Under normal circumstances, after they injected the inhibitor, the white ferocities wouldn’t attack them.

But the time the white ferocities had been controlled by “windtalkers” left a deep impression.

They entered the interior of Zone 12.

There were many aggressive and dangerous creatures on the scanner, and Mo Ye’s voice sounded in Zhou Yu’s ears.

“The distance from here is too far for me to perform remote sensing manipulation. But you can.”

“I can what? Control them?” Zhou Yu asked silently.

“You can pacify them and avoid unnecessary attacks.”


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