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  1. Hai Coffetoobitter i’m vio ,
    im from indonesia, we have a blog about manga Bl
    My team really like project “Fair Wind Scroll”
    Me and my team as a fan intend to ask permission to translate
    into Indonesian
    We hope that you are pleased to give us a chance.
    Of course I will give our link website for you to check I credit your work.
    I will wait for your response…
    Name group vifujodanshi
    language : Indonesia
    Wordpress Link 1 :
    Intagram :
    facebook :

    thanks ^^
    i’ll be waiting for u answers ^^

    • Hey vio sorry for the late reply. I tried reaching out to the group “Asupan Sehari-hari” as I had already given them permission to translate into Indonesian but I haven’t received a reply yet. If you are able to contact them and work something out then go ahead, I just don’t want to have anyone’s work be wasted^^

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