Laws of the Other World Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Song Lin Confronts Isaac

“Isaac!” Cook’s mechanical arm clasped his shoulder tightly. “Let me repeat myself. You have to go!”

“Because your great and honorable father will have a hard time breeding a clone as highly compatible as I am?” Isaac clasped Cook’s mechanical arm back, and turning to the side, he pinned her down next to Li Qian with a crash that shook Li Qian, who tensed up his shoulders and was too afraid to speak.

Cook tried to resist, but Isaac’s strength was much greater than hers.

Isaac leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Life is short, and neither of us will live for as long as Mr. Eton hopes. Under such circumstances, just enjoy the feast.”

Isaac’s strength was so great that it almost crushed Cook’s sternum.

Cook’s mechanical arm vibrated, but it couldn’t be used in Isaac’s presence. She gritted her teeth and said, “Are you betraying Mr. Eton?”

Isaac’s smile became more pronounced. “Then will you blow my head off with a single shot like how you killed Song Zhi?”


Just at this time, Li Qian’s computer sent out a red alarm, and the alarm in the base followed suit.

“Hg’q f qpfchno qvcrvng! F qpfchno qvcrvng hq ivcv fofhn!”

“Ds Opm!”

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Hqffb kvg op py Bppt. “Spwc vnvds hqn’g dv, hg’q gifg ows.”

Isaac indicated with a tilt of his chin. Cook immediately informed her research team, “Prepare to charge the sonic shock system!”

Since being attacked by a soaring serpent the second time, Juli Corp developed a defensive device called the sonic shock system for this powerful A rank organism.

It could release powerful sound waves that traveled through walls and was strong enough to penetrate the scale armor of organisms such as the soaring serpent and the reverse scale dragon, even to the point of damaging their internal organs.

But because of the huge energy consumption it required, it could only be used once.

So for their one and only chance, they had to calculate the distance.

If the soaring serpent was too far away, then the sonic wave would have weakened before it could harm it. But if the distance was too close, then the force of the sonic wave wouldn’t have reached its peak yet.

Li Qian activated the sonic shock system and all personnel were evacuated.

Sweat fell from Li Qian’s forehead.

The slightest deviation would mean the entire base could be destroyed.

Mo Ye, who was watching all of this from afar, raised his eyebrows.

“I seem to recall that Juli Corp developed a sonic shock system of some sort.”

Zhou Yu pulled up the corner of his lips. “Then it’s time for us to try and see if they’ve succeeded or not.”

The soaring serpent flew towards the base, sending grains of sand flying as if to cover up the night sky.

The system was automatically calculating the distance.

The soaring serpent was visibly getting closer and closer to the optimal attack distance.

Li Qian counted down in his mind: ten, nine, eight… four! Three! Two! One! Zero!

The sound wave surged out violently in all directions.

It felt like the powerful shockwave was going to push the entire desert away.

Even the interior of the base shook violently with it.

This invisible force pushed the surrounding sand into higher and higher walls that looked like it was about to hit the soaring serpent. But it surprisingly withdrew as fast as it could as if it had prepared for it.

“Damn—” Li Qian cursed in a low voice, “It ran away!”

When the sound wave caught up with the soaring serpent, it was only the equivalent of a push and didn’t cause any harm.

The wall of sand that had been pushed up by the sound wave fell back down and over the soaring serpent’s body.

But the soaring serpent circled the air and turned back to charge at their base once again, moving even faster than before.

“It’s as if it knew we had a sonic shock system. Just now, it didn’t even charge at us at full speed, but rather, it lured us into using the sonic shock system!” Li Qian realized something.

Isaac merely chuckled in realization.

The soaring serpent struck their base.

After the loud bang, the base shook as if it was going to fall apart. All the computer screens showed static, and the lights flickered on and off.

The researchers who had taken refuge down below all covered their heads and crouched on the ground.

The guards were also shaken and could barely stand up.

The surveillance camera showed that the outer wall of the base had been cracked open by the impact.

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Kh Uhfn bkpqvm fkk giv npmvq, ewg givs bpnghnwvm gp bifcov gicpwoi givd.

“Hg’q ghdv ypc wq gp op.” Qpno Khn bifcovm hngp giv efqv pn f ekfbt-efbtvm rgvcpmfbgsk.

Xipw Uhno ypkkpavm bkpqvks evihnm.

Giv ahnm afq qp yfqg gifg hg fkdpqg dfmv Xipw Uhno’q qthn ewcn.

He gripped onto the scales of the pterodactyl, experiencing that carefree feeling for the first time in his life.

When they were a dozen meters away from the base, the pterodactyl suddenly closed its wings and shot into a wall that had been smashed open by the soaring serpent like a sharp sword.

Their field of vision suddenly narrowed as if they were traveling through a space-time tunnel.

When the black-backed pterodactyl came to an abrupt stop, Zhou Qing almost lost control of his inertia and fell out. Luckily, Song Lin, who had stopped a step ahead of him, held onto his shoulders.

“Do you know where Song Zhi’s body is?”

“Of course I do. It’s in the frozen specimen vault.”

Zhou Qing led Song Lin through the long corridor. There were no longer any researchers or guards to be seen here.

Arriving at the door of the specimen vault, Zhou Qing was just about to try to enter with his authority when Song Lin directly smashed the door open with a punch.

Zhou Qing took half a step back, knowing that at this point, Song Lin had long since lost his patience.

Song Lin walked in briskly.

A frosty chill permeated the entire frozen specimen vault.

But Zhou Qing, who had already obtained the power of an S rank organism, didn’t feel the cold.

“Where is he?”

There were countless cases of specimen embedded in the walls of the specimen vault.

Zhou Qing pointed somewhere high up from memory. “It should be that one.”

Song Lin leaped up and clasped the handle of the specimen case with one hand. Without releasing it through the system, it was impossible for a human to open it with force alone.

But Song Lin’s strength far exceeded human limits, and he dragged the specimen case out with little effort.

When he looked inside, he realized with surprise that the specimen case was empty!

Song Lin froze in place. Zhou Qing looked up at him, and seeing that he hadn’t moved in a while, he asked, “Song Lin, what’s wrong?”

“He’s not here,” Song Lin said.

“What? I… I shouldn’t have gotten it wrong… is it possible that they moved it somewhere else?”

“Doesn’t matter.” Song Lin was extremely efficient and directly dragged out all of the frozen specimen cases.

But there was still no Song Zhi to be found.

“What’s going on? Did they dispose of Mr. Song’s remains?” Zhou Qing’s brows furrowed.

Song Lin grabbed the highest frozen case with one hand and lowered his gaze to look over everything.

Zhou Qing knew he felt fear. Fear that all hope was lost.

“I should have taken him away. I shouldn’t have left him behind.” Song Lin let go.

That free fall carried with it a sense of determination, and it shocked Zhou Qing to see it.

Luckily, Song Lin landed smoothly.

At this time, someone came forward from behind Zhou Qing. Zhou Qing’s perception was already several times what it used to be and he turned around abruptly. A certain kind of seed in his hand instantly sprouted and lashed out like a whip, but it was dodged by the person who came.

“This is truly unbelievable… Professor Zhou, just what have you learned?”

The person who came was none other than Isaac Eton.

Isaac’s face had a bloody scratch mark caused by the rush of air from the plant Zhou Qing controlled as it lashed out.

He raised his hand to touch it, but the bloody mark soon disappeared.

His healing ability even surpassed Cook’s.

Zhou Qing wore a guarded expression while Song Lin stared at him icily.

“Are you here to find Song Zhi?” Isaac’s voice was laced with amusement.

The outside of the passageway was already swarming with all sorts of organisms, but Isaac was able to come all this way safely. His ability shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Where is he?” Song Lin asked in a cold voice.

Isaac laughed as he approached Song Lin step by step. He pointed to the first frozen case he opened and said, “Just forty-eight hours ago, he was lying in there.”

“And where is he now?” Song Lin’s voice grew even frostier.

“You know… when I first met Song Zhi, he was only eight years old. At the time, I was sitting beside Mr. Eton and reading a book, pretending to be diligently studying. But in reality, my attention was on a small bug, up until Song Zhi was led in by Mr. Eton’s assistant.”

“Where is he?” Song Lin had no intention of listening to Isaac’s story recounting former days.

Because these were fragments that he had already read in Song Zhi’s mind.

“Do you realize that what he showed you in his mind may not be the same as my memories? Because people’s memories are often swayed by their feelings as well. Just like the Song Zhi in my heart. At eight years old, he was very innocent and smart, with a strong desire to explore the unknown while maintaining his own limits. That innocence never changed in the first three years he was sent to Nibelungen.” Isaac looked into Song Lin’s eyes. “Your eyes resemble Song Zhi’s. Although there’s no genetic connection between you two, you longed for a connection with him, that you would truly become his child, so you chose the shape of his eyes for your own human features.”

“Where exactly is he? I’m not interested in listening to your stories of the past.” Song Lin’s fists were clenched and about to strike.

A golden hue surfaced in his eyes.

“Of course you don’t want to hear it. Because when I saw him again in Mr. Eton’s study three years later, he couldn’t smile anymore.

“Why is that?”

As soon as Isaac’s words left his mouth, Song Lin yanked over his collar and struck at his face.

“Song Lin!”

With Song Lin’s strength and speed, crushing Isaac’s head was an easy task.

Song Lin’s fist froze in mid-air as he let go of Isaac’s collar.

“I’m asking you for the last time, where is he?”

Isaac straightened his collar nonchalantly. “I watched him grow up, and honestly, when I heard that Cook had someone dispose of him, I didn’t plan on seeing him. It would be better to remember him as he was alive. But just two nights ago, I suddenly wanted to see how he really died, so I came and opened the cryopod. His expression was more serene than I expected, and not at all fearful of death… as if he were asleep. I lifted his head and examined his skull, but I didn’t find any wounds there.”

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“Fnm givn aifg? Aifg mhm spw mp nvlg?” Xipw Uhno fqtvm.

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“At the time, I wanted to send him out of the base, but I didn’t know where to send him. And I desperately wanted to know if he was dead or alive, so I let him thaw.” Isaac tossed a flash drive to Song Lin. “Take this back and watch it. And get all of those organisms to leave the base. Song Zhi isn’t here so you won’t find him.”

“What do you mean I won’t find him?”

“He’s in the human world.” After Isaac said that, Song Lin’s pupils dilated for a moment.

“The human world is safer for him than Nibelungen, no?”

“You’re lying. Did your people kill him again?” Song Lin clenched the flash drive.

“I’m not. Also, please get out of here as soon as possible.” Isaac said in a cold voice, “Don’t forget that he’s in our hands right now, and in a place that your powers can’t reach.”

Zhou Qing looked carefully into Isaac’s eyes. There was sincerity in his gaze.

Zhou Qing tugged on Song Lin. “Let’s go. He should be telling the truth.”

Song Lin clenched his jaw and finally moved.

Just as they walked to the door, Isaac suddenly asked again, “Professor Zhou, how is your disease?”

“I’m fine. I’m even healthier than you.” Zhou Qing pulled up his lips into a smile and jumped nimbly onto a black-backed pterodactyl that flew by, leaving with Song Lin.

“Even healthier than me…?” Isaac playfully stroked his chin.

They quickly left the base and stopped in front of Zhou Yu and Mo Ye, who were waiting for them.

“Well? Did you find Mr. Song?” Zhou Yu asked.

“Evidently not.” Mo Ye narrowed his eyes. “What happened?”

Song Lin’s expression was so cold that it was about to freeze. He simply flew away on his black-backed pterodactyl from between Zhou Yu and Mo Ye.

It was as if a sharp blade had cut through the world.

“Mr. Song seemed to have been sent back to the human world by Juli Corp,” Zhou Qing replied.

“What?” Zhou Yu could sense Song Lin’s pain and longing at that moment.

That longing was like a blazing fire that suddenly fell into a sea of ice.

“Let’s go.” Mo Ye raised his chin and got on the black-backed pterodactyl to follow Song Lin.

When the soaring serpent hovering over the exterior of the base finally left, the invading black-backed pterodactyls also flew away as if they had all received the same signal.

Li Qian, who was keeping watch over a monitor, let out a breath.

“We’ll have to improve that sonic shock system,” Cook said in a cold voice.


“Where’s Isaac?” Cook asked.

Li Qian quickly changed the surveillance screen and saw Isaac with his hands in his pockets as he walked down the passageway.

Cook’s face went white and she split apart the table next to Li Qian with one punch. “That bastard! I’m going to report this to Mr. Eton! Send him back!”

A few minutes later, Isaac returned to Cook, “You seem agitated, Dr. Cook.”

“Don’t I have a good reason to be agitated? I can guarantee that after I send you back this time, you won’t get another chance to set foot in Nibelungen!”

“That’s not for you to decide. Do you know who I just saw?”


“Professor Zhou.”

As Isaac’s words fell, not only was Cook surprised, but even Li Qian looked over.

“Isn’t Professor Zhou… recuperating? He’s back?” Li Qian asked.

“He’s more than back. He also brought a big surprise.” Isaac smiled as he came to Cook’s side and slightly lowered himself to whisper in her ear, “His glioma has been cured.”

“What? That’s impossible!” Cook lowered her voice and said, “You’re talking nonsense again!”

“More than that, he’s been given a different kind of power. Don’t you think you should tell your father such important news?” Isaac chuckled.

Cook immediately pulled Li Qian up and sat in his place to use the computer to send the message.

And as soon as Song Lin returned to their small base, he inserted the flash drive into a computer.

“If Isaac Eton is lying, I’ll make him die a horrible death when I see him again.”

A video was on the flash drive, and the camera seemed to be pinned to Isaac’s chest.

Zhou Yu, Mo Ye, and Zhou Qing all came to Song Lin’s side to watch.

Isaac moved Song Zhi from the cryopod onto a cart and pushed him into a laboratory.

He opened the thawing chamber and picked Song Zhi up.

Because Isaac was slightly bent over, Song Zhi’s face was just visible in the frame.

“Yes… see, that bullet hole at the edge of Mr. Song’s forehead really is gone,” Zhou Qing pointed at the scene and said.

“It seems like Isaac’s claim that Mr. Song woke up is true.”

Isaac carried Song Zhi into the thawing chamber and then input the nutrient solution that was equipped there. After ten minutes of operation, the hatch reopened.

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In the video, Isaac began to check various readings, even to the point of muttering to himself, “He looks like he’s still alive… Why is there no respiration or heartbeat?”

One minute passed, then two minutes… The Song Zhi in the liquid remained unresponsive.

Zhou Qing was worried that Isaac had made some mistake during the thawing process, but neither Song Lin nor Zhou Yu had any expression, appearing ice-cold.

At a certain moment, Isaac, who had his head lowered, suddenly heard a splash followed by a violent cough.

The moment Isaac turned around, the camera on his chest captured Song Zhi’s back as he struggled to sit up from the thawing chamber.

Not only was he coughing, but he was breathing!

“My God… oh my God… you’re actually alive…” Isaac walked forward.

The image of Song Zhi on the screen also became clearer.

His head was slightly lowered, his eyes were blank and out of focus, and his black hair was plastered to his forehead.

There were still tubes of nutrient solution stuck in his wrists, neck, and even back.

“Song Zhi! Song Zhi, look at me… do you know who I am?”

When Isaac came to Song Zhi’s front and his face clearly appeared on the screen, Song Lin visibly drew in a breath.

His pupils dilated at that moment, completely encompassing Song Zhi’s figure.

Song Zhi didn’t seem to hear what Isaac was saying. He looked sleepy and couldn’t focus his gaze.

Isaac took out a few more nutrient injections and administered them into Song Zhi’s veins.

“Don’t rush, let’s take it slow.”

Isaac found a towel and covered Song Zhi’s shoulders with it, carrying him out of the liquid.

Song Zhi had no ability to stand on his own at all, and he would slip and fall any moment Isaac let go of his hand the slightest bit.

Isaac carried him over to a seat on the side and half-kneeled in front of him on one knee, then covered his hands over his cheeks.

“Look at me, Song Zhi. Look at me.”

At only the sound of his voice, Song Zhi seemed to finally respond, and his eyes gradually came into focus.

“Do you know who I am?” Isaac asked.

“Isaac… Where is this?” Song Zhi lifted his hand and pressed it against his head.

His brows knit tightly.

“This is Base Five.”

“Base Five? When did the corporation establish Base Five?” Song Zhi shook his head as if he was piecing something together but couldn’t find the source.

“You were the research supervisor of Base Five, do you remember?” Isaac asked.

“Wasn’t I at Base Zero? What happened to me?”

“You were shot in the head and a bullet went in through here.” Isaac tapped the side of Song Zhi’s forehead with his finger.

Song Zhi shook his head, “I don’t remember…”

“Then what do you remember?”

“I remember… you weren’t as… old as you look now..”

Isaac laughed, “Don’t worry. You can slowly make up for what you forgot later. That bullet destroyed the cells inside your brain and probably damaged your hippocampus. Even if you recovered now, those original cells might have already been replaced by new ones. So although your hippocampus was restored, the memories stored there were destroyed.”

While watching the clip, Zhou Qing couldn’t help but ask “So… he might not remember us?”

Mo Ye looked down at Song Lin. He could feel the immense pain he was enduring at this moment.

The person he cared for the most and the one who gave him his best memories could no longer remember him?


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