Laws of the Other World Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Counterattacking Base Five

“Inject Song Zhi’s blood immediately! Be quick!” Professor Chen’s cane struck the ground twice with force.

Blood entered Song Lin’s body in an instant.

The computer showed that the blood level in Song Lin’s body was shooting straight up.

But his cells hadn’t regained their former activity level at all.

The researchers stared nervously at the computer screen.

“Professor, his heartbeat is still unresponsive.”

Professor Chen’s lips had begun to turn white and the hand holding his cane was trembling.

“Professor, his cells are showing no signs of recovering their activity level! What should we do?”

All the hearts in the base were drawn tight.

“He’ll be fine. Song Zhi and Jinghang’s calculations can’t be wrong.”

Professor Chen reassured himself over and over again.

It wasn’t until all the blood entered Song Lin’s body that his face gradually regained its moisture. But it was as if time had stood still and none of the instruments had any readings.

Tears had fallen from the eyes of a female researcher, though she held back from crying out loud with all her might.

No one spoke or conversed.

An hour had passed, yet Song Lin was still lying there.

“Was there some mistake in the operation method?” Zhou Yu looked to Mo Ye.

Mo Ye put his finger near his lips, suggesting that Zhou Yu wait.

Two hours passed, yet Song Lin still didn’t wake up.

Professor Chen came to Song Lin’s side with the assistance of a researcher. His hand covered Song Lin’s chest.

“Child, don’t scare this old man. Wake up quickly!”

Song Lin’s body was already cold.

“Professor, did we kill him?”

“Impossible, we ran calculations countless times. Was something mistaken? What exactly went wrong?” Professor Chen opened his own tablet computer and started to make calculations, checking their research once more.

But his mind was already in turmoil and he couldn’t take anything in.

Two researchers had already begun administering first aid to Song Lin. They tried electric shocks and they tried injecting adrenaline into him. Nothing seemed to elicit a response.

Zhou Yu closed his eyes and tried to connect with Song Lin’s mind.

But there was nothing in that space.

Several more hours passed and the researchers seemed to fall into despair.

“Zhou Yu, do you remember what I told you? Every individual life in Nibelungen can connect to the entire system of life. So Song Lin’s mind may not be here, but he could be anywhere in Nibelungen.”

Zhou Yu froze, then no longer limited his thoughts to their location. He kept transmitting and spreading out to feel where Song Lin was.

Hurry back, Song Lin, come back to us.

Zhou Yu conveyed this message to every organism he could contact.

At a certain moment, the computer data that had been static suddenly jumped up.

The activity level of his cells shot past the upper limit like a rocket.

His stopped heart started beating again.

Professor Chen’s face was streaked with tears as he turned to look. The other researchers were ecstatic.

“My God, he’s coming back to life!”

“Goodness, this cellular activity definitely belongs to an S rank organism! His power is recovering!”

At the same time, the return of Song Lin’s thoughts could finally be felt as well.

It was like a life’s journey that had clearly come to an end, yet it then broke through the limits to arrive at a vaster place.

So that was what it meant to live towards death.

Zhou Yu looked at Song Lin, who was like a phoenix of nirvana that brought infinite hope.

Just as Song Lin’s cellular activity level broke through the upper limit of what the computer could calculate, he suddenly opened his eyes and drew in a strong breath, then started panting harshly as if there wasn’t enough air in the room. His chest rose and fell as he hunched over.

Blood rushed through his body like a surging tide and his bones seemed to break apart into powder and be reborn again.

The golden color in his eyes looked as if they would seize the entire world.

The base was in a state of jubilation.

Professor Chen went up and hugged Song Lin tightly.

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“A dkh’s cfgph wkp sqgs oahd kw wpffdkm.”

“A ohky.”

Mo Ye came to Song Lin with his hands in his pockets.

“Being alive doesn’t mean it was a success. How much of your ability is there now? It’s time to show everyone.”

“It’s enough to make Di Xin and Juli Corp regret it.”

Song Lin walked out of the base under the gaze of the crowd and came to that field in the wilderness.

He closed his eyes, and at that moment, the entire world was very different from before. It was so vast and rich.

He opened his arms.

The wind met him head-on, tugging at the strands of his hair.

His body was like a massive illusion, instantly surging into the air like clouds or waves rushing towards the sky and bringing about huge air currents that swept out as far as the eye could see.

Professor Chen was thrilled and quickly raced out of the base with the other researchers.

Rong Zhou brought his people to protect them.

They tilted their heads back to look at the sky, their eyes wide open and their faces wearing expressions of admiration.

“It’s so beautiful…”

“For the first time, I don’t regret coming to Nibelungen.”

It was a free and unrestrained form, powerful and unencumbered, soaring through the heavens.

It reminded Zhou Yu of the first time Mo Ye had saved him at the Angel’s Horns.

How Mo Ye unfolded himself in the water, how his body moved, and how he embraced him. Even though Zhou Yu had suspected countless times that it was an illusion, he still wanted to hold on tightly.

Perhaps that moment was nowhere near as huge of a move as Song Lin regaining his freedom, but Zhou Yu would always remember that feeling of his life being embraced by the other.

As the hurricane gust passed through, Song Lin’s shadow still lingered in the sky.

Zhou Yu tilted back his head and said softly, “I miss you.”

“Hm?” Mo Ye looked over at Zhou Yu. “I’m right beside you.”

“I miss the you who can freely change into whatever appearance you want.”

“This right now is the appearance I want.”

The miraculous organism in the sky dissipated, then slowly gathered together again, returning to its human shape. Mo Ye smiled and picked up Song Lin’s clothes, walking towards him.

“Congratulations on regaining your freedom.”

Song Lin’s face didn’t show the slightest bit of joy as he took the clothes and put them on.

“This isn’t the freedom I wanted.”

But regardless, the entire base was immersed in joy.

Professor Chen proceeded to start using Zhou Yu’s spinal fluid to formulate Mo Ye’s unlocking agent in the same way.

“Looks like we’re going to be here for a long time.” Mo Ye revealed a bored expression.

“Di Xin is Song Lin’s father, and his power is above Song Lin’s. Even if he’s weakened because of the virus, we don’t know to what extent,” Zhou Yu said.

“Then why are we taking out Di Xin again? Just because Juli Corp needs us to? To Nibelungen, humans are the intruders. Isn’t it a reasonable act of retaliation for Di Xin to take out all the humans?”

At this time, Song Lin came and sat down beside them.

“Do you know why Di Xin initially chose to cooperate with the humans?”


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“Qkyfvfp, A sqaho Ukhz Rqa hfvfp yghsfd ckn sk xkhwpkhs Da Tah,” Rqkn Cn ulkof nl.

“If I don’t go to Di Xin, then sooner or later, Di Xin will come to hunt me. To him, I’m not his son, but a failed creation. It’s difficult for S rank organisms to have offspring, but the nutrients of the human body that are different than the ones of the organisms in Nibelungen allowed him to succeed in biological reproduction. What he wants is a clan that does his bidding. What he wants is to acquire an army bred from humans and then invade the human world in return.”

“It sounds like the humans had it coming. Only, it wouldn’t be fair for another world to shoulder the blame for a mess Juli Corp caused.”

“So there are two things we need to do.” Mo Ye held out his fingers. “First, get rid of Di Xin, that ambitious guy who’s full of hatred. With him around, even if Song Lin and I are willing to live peacefully in Nibelungen, he won’t spare us. The second and more important matter is to sort out Juli Corp. If Juli Corp, with their mastery over magnetic field traversal technology, doesn’t exist anymore, then Di Xin won’t be able to go to the world on the other side.”

“But humans are greedy. Even if all the bases in Nibelungen are destroyed, they will still find a way to cross over all the same. It could be five years, or it could be ten years, with even more powerful technology and destructive potential, it would no longer be a research expedition, but an invasion,” Zhou Yu said.

Mo Ye clutched his head. “Ahh—looks like we’ll have to take out Juli Corp once and for all. The magnetic field shuttle requires someone to receive us at the other end, so we can’t get through. But if there’s some way to entice the paramount Mr. Eton to come to Nibelungen, we’ll be able to gain the initiative.”

“I heard that Mr. Eton doesn’t even leave his office. How are we going to entice him here?” Song Lin said.

“Use me.” Zhou Qing’s voice rang out.

Mo Ye, Zhou Yu, and Song Lin turned around in unison.

“You…” Zhou Yu immediately understood Zhou Qing’s idea.

“Eton suffers from a brain disease. I also have a brain disease, and my disease is malignant. But now I’ve miraculously recovered and gained even more power. Isn’t that tempting enough for Eton? At first, the researchers at Juli Corp believed that the organisms of Nibelungen were different from those in the human world, that their nerves were more complex, to the extent that the ones that dealt with problem solving, motor functions, and respiration weren’t confined to their so-called head. Therefore it was still possible for the organisms of Nibelungen to recover even if they suffer damage to their brains. But human beings are different, and the human brain is very fragile. A little damage will have a huge impact. However, I broke that assumption, and I healed after receiving Ymir’s power.”

“Then why didn’t my blood work?” Song Lin looked to Mo Ye. “Why couldn’t Song Zhi wake up? Is it because my powers were locked at the time?”

Song Lin’s gaze was extremely forceful, causing the other three’s hearts to sink.

Yes, why?

The bullet that hit Song Zhi didn’t contain a neurotoxin, so by all rights, Song Zhi should have woken up.

“Because there wasn’t enough nutrition to complete the evolution?” Zhou Yu spoke.

“We need to bring out his remains and figure out what’s going on. Otherwise, no one can accept this outcome.” Zhou Qing said.

“If we’re going to go, it’s enough that I go alone. If Zhou Yu, Mo Ye, and the rest of you show up, Cook will definitely threaten you.” Song Lin got up.

“Then we’ll meet you outside the base. If you can’t get out, we’ll go in and rescue you again. Although… with your current ability, the probability of you being caught by Juli Corp should be zero.”

“I’ll go with you.” Zhou Qing’s eyes narrowed. “This is a good opportunity for Cook to see that my ability exceeds that of an ordinary human. She has to know that I’m cured before she’ll bring news to that ‘father’ of hers.”

“Then it’s decided,” Zhou Yu replied.

Mo Ye revealed a surprised expression. “I really didn’t expect that you would agree to Zhou Qing risking his life.”

“With Zhou Qing’s current abilities, Juli Corp might not a threat,” Zhou Yu replied.

He wouldn’t blindly try to protect Zhou Qing. The current Zhou Qing was no longer a flower in a greenhouse. If he wanted to survive in Nibelungen or even hold out against a powerful enemy without external assistance, he had to let Zhou Qing toughen himself.

That night, after Song Lin told Rong Zhou about his plan, he asked Rong Zhou to protect the base. Then their group of four got on the black-backed pterodactyls and rode into the wind.

“Have you planned out how you’re going to enter the base?” Zhou Yu asked Song Lin.

“Crash straight in,” Song Lin replied.

“I like this answer.” Mo Ye gave a thumbs up.

The black-backed pterodactyl stopped at the edge of the desert outside the base.

There were many linear sandworms moving around here, and Zhou Yu was able to sense their presence quite clearly.

“It’s time to make them panic a little.” Song Lin looked towards Zhou Yu. “This is a good opportunity to practice.”

“It’s a pity I couldn’t inform Wu Yun, Li Qian and the others.”

As Zhou Yu’s words fell, the desert, which had originally stood still in the evening breeze, undulated like a wave. Wave after wave surged towards the base.

At the same time, the base’s alarm went off, and the lights instantly turned on.

Li Qian fell out of his bed and rushed to the monitoring room without bothering to put on his jacket.

According to the scan, the computer showed an entire desert of linear sandworms surging towards them vigorously.

They were fierce in appearance and they smashed against the outer extension of the base recklessly.

Each time the loud noise came, it made the base tremble.

All of the field agents were preparing their defenses as Wu Yun rushed to protect Li Qian and Han Li.

“What the hell is going on?” Li Qian looked at the computer screen and almost spewed blood.

Isaac and Cook both rushed to the monitoring room.

“There’s no need to be nervous. Although there appears to be a large number of linear sandworms, they aren’t enough to penetrate the base’s outer walls.” Isaac pressed Li Qian’s shoulder.

The base’s automatic defense started to activate, along with the guns equipped with neurotoxins.

The linear sandworms were no match for them, so Zhou Yu immediately had them withdraw.

They quickly fell back, disappearing into the grains of sand and scattering in all directions.

Bullets and gunfire struck the ground in front of them. If they moved a little later, they would have been hit.

“We’ll have to find some faster or tougher assistance.” Mo Ye curled his lips and elbowed Zhou Yu with an expression of wanting to see a good show.

Li Qian, who was staring at the monitor, let out a breath. “Fortunately… fortunately… they all fled! Mr. Eton, you were right, they can’t crash through the outer extension of the base. And besides, we’ve made further reinforcements since the last time the base was attacked by the soaring serpent!”

“No, it’s not over yet.” Isaac’s brow furrowed.

“Is it Turin?” Cook asked coldly.

Isaac didn’t answer. He merely stared grimly at the monitor, as if waiting for something.

Just at the next moment, a cry came from above.

The radar showed that a large cluster of organisms was rapidly approaching the base.

“My God! What is that?!” Li Qian zoomed in on the image captured by the night vision view.

“They’re black-backed pterodactyls! There’s too many of them!” Isaac clenched his fists. “Looks like someone wants to come inside no matter what!”

“You mean the fastest member of the Draconidae family?1This is a made-up word for the translation. Their flight speed and bone density allows them to crash through a mountain!” Cook tensed up. “We have to secure the outer extension!”

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The guards holding their guns and defending inside the wall were extremely nervous. Each impact was so strong that it seemed like something was going to come through.

These black-backed pterodactyls had depleted the base’s ammunition supply in just a few minutes.

Mo Ye sat cross-legged on the back of a black-backed pterodactyl. He propped up his head and said, ”It looks like even though black-backed pterodactyls are fast and powerful, we still underestimated human technology. It’s a bit difficult for these cute little black fellows to crash through the base’s outer extension.”

“My older brother can actually control A rank organisms like the soaring serpent to squeeze the outer extension of the base apart, but what he’s doing now is trying to make those employed by Juli Corp feel fear. Only when fear is more stressful than the money Juli Corp promises them will they think about how wonderful the human world is compared to coming here to get involved in this dirty business.” Zhou Qing looked at Zhou Yu, “Right? Older brother.”

“Mhm. But it’s time for them to meet their ‘old friends’ now.” Zhou Yu suddenly thought of something and looked in Mo Ye’s direction. “Or maybe I’ll hand the soaring serpent over to you?”

Zhou Yu was well aware that Mo Ye was feeling bored sitting here.

“No need.” Mo Ye waved his hand. “I’m not going to waste my ability on them. Once my abilities are unlocked, I’ll knock over this base in one go. Say… will you help me carry my clothes when it happens?”

Mo Ye’s expression was serious.

“No.” Zhou Yu’s reply was also serious.

The black-backed pterodactyl was still circling over the base like a shadow hanging over everyone’s heart.

“The base is like a bulletproof car, and these black-backed pterodactyls are like the bullets. A bulletproof car can deflect bullets, but that doesn’t mean it can withstand a constant stream of gunfire.” Li Qian looked at Isaac worriedly.

All the researchers in the base were evacuated to the bottom floor.

Cook clasped Isaac’s shoulder and said, “It’s time for you to evacuate as well.”

“Do you think being underground will make a difference?” Isaac shot back in amusement.

“You’re very important. We’re sending a request to Juli Corp right now to send you back in a shuttle pod.” Cook was insistent.

Isaac shook his head. “Let the researchers go first. They’re irreplaceable assets. As for me, Mr. Eton can make as many copies as he wants.”


Translating over a mug of coffee.


  • 1
    This is a made-up word for the translation.

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