Laws of the Other World Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Return to Ymir

For humans and for the organisms of Nibelungen, memory is a very special thing.

It determines what kind of person we become.

“You can’t stay here. I’ll think of a way to get you out.” Something suddenly occurred to Isaac and he was about to get up when the door to the lab opened.

Dr. Cook and her men walked in with guns.

“What are you doing?” Isaac stepped in front of Song Zhi.

“He betrayed us. Traitors will get what they deserve.” Cook raised her hand.

The bodyguards behind her stepped up and grabbed Isaac’s shoulders on both sides to escort him away.

But Isaac swiftly felled them within a second at lightning fast speed and when he took out his gun and aimed it at Cook, Cook’s men drew theirs.

“You have no advantage,” Cook said coldly.

Isaac, however, laughed, “I know that you intend to carry out your mission of eliminating Song Zhi. But look closely, he was ‘dead’ after you sent someone to shoot him in the head. Now that he’s back from the dead, are you really sure your father doesn’t need to know about this?”

Cook’s shoulders froze.

After a few seconds, she spoke, “But he’s a traitor.”

“The part that determines whether he’s a traitor or not is here.” Isaac came to Song Zhi’s side and pressed his hands on either side of his head. “His memory was damaged by that bullet. His brain has healed in a biological sense, but not his memories.”

“He could be faking it!” Cook still hadn’t put the gun down, but was cautious not to fire rashly.

“So ask your father. The decision is his, not mine’s or yours,” Isaac said.

Cook took half a step back and said to her men, “Keep an eye on them.”

She locked the door after leaving the lab.

Ten minutes later, Cook returned and said to Isaac, “Father ordered us to return Song Zhi to Juli Corp.”

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Xipw Uhno kvg pwg f ecvfgi. “Hg qvvdq khtv Hqffb’q bkfhd gifg Qpno Xih hq qghkk fkhjv hq gcwv.”

“But he was sent back to Juli Corp. What will they do to him? It’s nearly impossible for us to go back to our original world as it stands.” Zhou Yu looked at Song Lin. He was worried that Song Lin was going to go back to their original world regardless. “The shuttle pod needs to transmit and receive signals to complete the journey. Even if we can take over Juli Corp’s base in Nibelungen, we still won’t be able to go back successfully without anyone receiving us in the human world.”

Song Lin slowly closed his eyes, his forehead resting against his fist.

He thought quietly, calming his emotions that came like waves.

Zhou Yu and the rest could feel Song Lin’s complicated emotions.

The joy of finding what was lost as well as the pain of being separated by two worlds.

I must find him.

No matter where he is, I have to protect him.

Mo Ye put his hand on Song Lin’s shoulder.

As long as Song Zhi was alive, there was still hope and they would all help him.

“But… I demonstrated my ability in front of Isaac. Will he tell that Mr. Eton? If Mr. Eton is interested, will he come over here?” Zhou Qing wasn’t very sure and asked.

“He will come. When I used to stay by my father’s side, I knew that Mr. Eton very much desires eternal life. The healing of the brain is too important to him. But we have to make him realize that he has to come here for his brain disease to be cured,” Song Lin said.

“Well… about that, we’ll have to discuss it with Professor Chen.”

Professor Chen’s research was progressing quickly. Song Zhi had cultivated the unlocking agent in his body for several years before it took effect, but Professor Chen used an in vitro cultivation method, and coupled with the fact that Zhou Yu himself had completed his “evolution”, it would only take half a month for him to assure its completion.

The days of waiting in the base were very boring.

Zhou Qing was very focused on studying the virus.

He realized that his knowledge comprehension and memory capabilities had skyrocketed.

Once upon a time, he solely focused on botany and had only general knowledge in math, neurology, and virology. But in order to solve the mystery of this virus, he had to explore other domains of knowledge. He thought he would need five years, ten years or even longer to understand accumulated, cutting-edge academic information, but he only used a week’s time to go through all the knowledge stored in the base’s data bank. Even when he discussed it with Professor Chen’s research team, his level of professionalism was no less than that of Jiang Jinghang’s.

On the contrary, Mo Ye was overcome with boredom every day and he leaned against Zhou Yu’s side, rubbing up against him from time to time.

“Let’s go out for some air.” Mo Ye revealed a pitiful expression.

Zhou Yu knew exactly what this guy meant by “getting some air”.

There was very little room for activities in the base, so if Mo Ye did something to Zhou Yu, the entire base would be able to see it.

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Dp Sv cvqgvm ihq bihn pn Xipw Sw’q qipwkmvc fnm kpptvm fg giv eppt hn Xipw Sw’q ifnmq.

It was a travelogue. The pages were peeling and yellowed, and the book was waterlogged and crumpled.

Mo Ye’s lips deliberately brushed against Zhou Yu’s chin, but Zhou Yu merely used his fingers to push him away.

Zhou Yu’s heart felt like he had been lightly tickled.

He knew very well that it was Mo Ye who was sharing his feelings with him.

This little bastard.

Mo Ye teased Zhou Yu for a long time, but Zhou Yu didn’t respond, so he could only obediently lean against Zhou Yu and read the book he was reading.

“Hey, guess what I’m going to do if my ability is unlocked,” Mo Ye said as he came up to Zhou Yu’s ear.

Zhou Yu hummed lightly, turning his face just in time to press his lips against Mo Ye’s. “You want to have a go at it in the night spirit’s mimicry form?”

“You really know me!”

“You’ve spread out what’s going on in your head for me to see. You force it on me even though I don’t want to see it, what can I do?” Zhou Yu showed a rare amused expression, but continued reading again.

Mo Ye could sense that Zhou Yu was truly uninterested, so he could only shyly put his arm around Zhou Yu’s shoulder and say, “Nibelungeon has all of the many sceneries mentioned in this travel book. And it’s even more magnificent than what’s written in the book.”

“But there are some things that Nibelungen will definitely not have.”


“The stories. This is where humans live and tell their stories. Remember those movies you saw?” Zhou Yu asked with a smile.

“Human stories are great. But here are the stories of you and me. Zhou Yu, I’ve always wanted to ask you, if you could go back to the human world one day, will you give me up?”

“You can read the thoughts in my head, there’s no need to ask.” Zhou Yu didn’t know why Mo Ye suddenly became so depressing.

“I’m just trying to obtain answers the human way.”

Zhou Yu closed his book and reached his arm around Mo Ye, pressing his head against his shoulder.

“Wherever it is, I choose to be with you.”

Mo Ye’s eyebrows quivered, and he slightly turned his face to the side, pulling up a smile at an angle Zhou Yu couldn’t see.

“It would be nice if you were always this cute.” Zhou Yu laughed, then lowered his head to kiss his forehead.

Mo Ye also chuckled, “So you like that me. No wonder you were so reluctant to accept it after discovering my identity. Is it not enough that I have great skills and I can make you feel good? You just want me to be a cute pet?”

Zhou Yu rubbed Mo Ye’s head and replied after what appeared to be serious consideration, “I still have reservations on whether your technique is good or not.”

“You don’t think I won’t let everyone hear tonight?”

“Then go feel good by yourself.”

Just at this time, Zhou Qing suddenly walked out of the lab.

“Zhou Qing, where are you going?”

Seeing that he was carrying a bag with a tent and food inside, it was obvious that he was going outside the base and did not intend to come back.

“I’m going to make a trip to where Ymir is. I need to take a sample of his genes.” There were dark bluish-black circles under Zhou Qing’s eyes.

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“Np nvvm, eho ecpgivc, H’d np kpnovc giv pkm dv. Spw mpn’g nvvm gp rcpgvbg dv qp bfcvywkks.” Xipw Uhno rphngvm gp ihq ivfm fnm qfhm ahgi f qdhkv, “Fnm H’jv fkcvfms ivfkvm.”

“H’d npg ophno givcv gp rcpgvbg spw, H’d ophno gp gftv bfcv py spw. Gihq ifq npgihno gp mp ahgi aivgivc spw cvbvhjvm giv rpavc py fn Q cfnt pcofnhqd pc aivgivc spw’cv ivfkvm.” Xipw Sw afq jvcs hnqhqgvng.

“Yhnv.” Xipw Uhno rwcqvm ihq khrq.

“Givn hg’q pnks nfgwcfk gifg H op fq avkk! Yhnfkks, H mpn’g ifjv gp ev kpbtvm wr hn ivcv fnm bfn ovg qpdv ycvqi fhc!”

Hearing the words “get some fresh air”, Zhou Yu wanted to knock on Mo Ye’s head.

“Song Lin, I’ll leave the base to you!” Mo Ye didn’t forget to inform Song Lin before he left.

When they arrived outside the base, Le Dou and its flock were already waiting there.

Zhou Yu and Zhou Qing rode on Le Dou, and Zhou Yu said to him, “It will take some time to reach our destination, so you can take a nap.”

“Thank you, big brother!”

Zhou Qing safely leaned into Zhou Yu’s arms and fell asleep.

Mo Ye rode another giant three-eyed bird and flew alongside Zhou Yu. He wore a dissatisfied expression and said to Zhou Yu in his head, That’s clearly my spot!

Zhou Yu replied coolly: If you change back into a night spirit right now, I’ll return this position to you.

The night breeze was cool and refreshing on that cloudless night. The stars in the sky were so clear that it was as if you could reach out and grab them.

The lake left behind by Ymir was like a silver plate, with all the stars reflected in the water.

As Zhou Yu and the others flew over the lake, air pushed the lake’s water outward, wrinkling it, and the stars rippled with it.

Zhou Yu turned to the side and lowered his head to look at the surface of the lake, sincerely marveling at such a beautiful view.

As Mo Ye flew past him, he suddenly leaned his body over and kissed Zhou Yu’s lips.

It was only a moment, like the pulse of a meteor cutting through the night sky, and by the time Zhou Yu reacted, Mo Ye was already far away.

He stopped at the shore of the lake and turned back to look at Zhou Yu.

At that moment, Zhou Yu was tempted to push him down and make those eyes that were piercing under the night sky reveal their vulnerability.

Mo Ye’s lips curved up and his finger pointed in the air, “I saw what you were thinking. No way.”

The phrase “no way” was completely in Zhou Yu’s tone.

Zhou Yu’s eyebrows raised. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was holding the sleeping Zhou Qing, he would have really gone up and let Mo Ye know how powerful he was.

Zhou Qing rubbed his eyes and woke up.

“We’re here?”

“Yes, we’re here. What kind of sample did you come here to take?” Zhou Yu asked.

“Ymir told me that it only takes one cell for him to be reborn. I want to find exactly where that cell is.” Zhou Qing put his backpack down and opened it up to a wetsuit that was inside.

Zhou Yu looked to Mo Ye and they both remembered when Isaac had sent divers down to the bottom of the lake.

Maybe Juli Corp also knew that Ymir wasn’t considered truly dead.

“Because all the samples here are dead cells, what I want to obtain is the virus inside one that’s still alive.” After Zhou Qing finished speaking, he put his wetsuit on. “Sorry, I didn’t prepare your wetsuits, so I’ll be going first.”

“Go ahead, Mo Ye and I will keep watch for you on the shore.”

Zhou Qing nodded and left the shore of the lake, slowly walking into the water.

As the lake water came up to his neck, he closed his eyes and felt like he was being embraced by Ymir.

The power of an S rank organism allowed Zhou Qing to go for long periods of time without needing to breathe oxygen, and even amid the total darkness, he could clearly sense everything in the lake.

Zhou Qing radiated his thoughts from his mind, covering the entire lake and trying to sense even a trace Ymir’s presence.

Zhou Yu sat cross-legged on the shore of the lake. Mo Ye walked over, deliberately rubbing his toes against Zhou Yu’s ankle all the way to his knee.

“I bet Zhou Qing will search for a long time.”

Mo Ye slowly came in front of Zhou Yu, his hands propped right on Zhou Yu’s shoulders.

Under the graceful light of the stars, Mo Ye’s features were faintly melancholic in the night.

Zhou Yu admitted that his heart was moved, but he was a little dissatisfied with this deliberate temptation.

And as for this guy, how come he wanted to do it all the time?

“Did you sense that I’m about to kick you?” Zhou Yu asked.

“I sensed it. Also… in terms of human ages, I’m in my most energetic period. You should understand me well, right?” Mo Ye narrowed his eyes and smiled.

The tip of his nose was sprinkled with light and his eyes were curved in a truly charming way.

In a rare move, Zhou Yu stretched out his neck and leaned up to kiss him, but he didn’t expect Mo Ye to lean back just in time to avoid him.

There was a hint of smugness in his smile.

But he didn’t expect Zhou Yu to yank over his collar and kiss him forcefully.

Mo Ye was slightly stunned, feeling Zhou Yu’s tongue sweeping into his mouth as if it were its master, arousing his senses. Mo Ye’s shoulders instinctively raised. Zhou Yu’s intensity stimulated Mo Ye’s desire to conquer, and just as Mo Ye’s hand that was pressed to Zhou Yu’s shoulder was about to exert force, Zhou Yu unexpectedly pressed his knee to the side of his waist and flipped over to press him down.

The world was overturned and Zhou Yu pressed down on Mo Ye. It was as if there were raging flames in his cold and sharp gaze.

Mo Ye raised his hand and touched Zhou Yu’s cheek, as if to make sure that such a Zhou Yu was real.

“I want to f*ck you to death,” Mo Ye said.

Zhou Yu pulled up a cold smile, “Try it.”

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“Gifg kfggvc qvngvnbv hq cvmwnmfng.”

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“You do realize that if you look at me like that, I’ll want to do whatever I want even more, right?” Mo Ye freed a hand and pressed down on Zhou Yu’s knee that was about to strike.

Zhou Yu sneered, “Then try and see if you can really do it.”

At that very moment, a force surged into the depths of Mo Ye’s mind and Mo Ye’s heart sank. He had been too careless and had allowed Zhou Yu to take control of him!

His hand that had been detaining Zhou Yu was easily moved away by him.

Zhou Yu wasn’t in a hurry to get up and he rested on his arm while leisurely looking at Mo Ye. But deep inside his heart, he didn’t relax his guard at all, as it only took a split second for Mo Ye to break free from his control.

“What do you want?” Mo Ye looked at Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu’s mastery of his abilities had actually reached this point without him realizing it.

“I want you to behave.” Zhou Yu’s lips curved up.

An image like that was incredibly sexy in Mo Ye’s eyes.

It was full of a man’s mature appeal as well as his unrestrained charm.

Mo Ye choked a little.

Zhou Yu’s eyes narrowed, “Even after being subdued by me, you’re still restless inside your head.”

“It’s because I can’t move my arms and legs, so all that’s left to use is my brain.” Mo Ye lowered his gaze and stared at Zhou Yu, saying in a calm voice that made one’s heart race, “Why don’t you let us do a little something that we both want to do?”


This offer, Zhou Yu accepted.

Mo Ye slowly lowered his body and kissdc Zhou Yu on the lips. Zhou Yu remained in the position of resting on his arm as he closed his eyes.

Mo Ye very carefully licked and kissed over every warm spot in Zhou Yu’s mouth like he was making a pilgrimage.

When the two of them parted, Mo Ye smiled helplessly, “That’s still far from how much I want to do.”

Zhou Yu laughed and patted him on the back, “Good boy, get up for me.”

Mo Ye’s eyebrows raised. “No way, there’s really a killjoy coming?”

Without needing to turn around, Mo Ye knew that there was a devil vine behind him. But it was no ordinary devil vine and it suddenly darted at Mo Ye’s back extremely quickly, about to bite him into two pieces!

Yes, it actually had a mouth!

Zhou Yu pulled Mo Ye into his arms. His gaze was like an extension of his own body, and in a split second, he covered the devil vine. He sensed its cellular activity level and its strength as it moved and stretched taut… It greatly exceeded that of an ordinary devil vine!

Zhou Yu controlled its movements. At that moment, Mo Ye, who was being held in his arms, said in his ear, “Blow it up!”

Zhou Yu’s pupils dilated at that moment.

He knew how to sense other organisms and how to manipulate them, but destroying an organism was something he had never tried before.

The Mo Ye in his arms was warm, and he let Zhou Yu understand that some things could not be compromised. Once infringed, Zhou Yu would be sure to strike back without mercy.

Zhou Yu’s power tried to sever the connection between the devil vine’s cells from the inside out, but the power of the cells was immense, and he was only able to curb the mutated devil vine’s actions without breaking through the limitations between its cells.

Something undulated and leaped between the shadows of the trees by the lake.

Zhou Yu sensed more devil vines coming towards them.

Mo Ye wrapped his arms around Zhou Yu’s neck and smiled with his head tilted. ”It seems like Turin is coming. He completed some sort of research that mutated those devil vines to be faster and more deadly.”

Zhou Yu’s thoughts pushed out in all directions, restraining the devil vines that were trying to approach them.

“Zhou Yu, if you find it difficult, I can handle them,” Mo Ye said with a smile.

Yes, Mo Ye could handle them.

However, Zhou Yu could sense that these devil vines were massive, and they were continuously coming in with unstoppable momentum. This was Turin’s goal, to use up Mo Ye’s ability, and once Mo Ye collapsed, Turin would be able to do whatever he wanted.

Zhou Yu was not going to let Turin have his way that easily.

Clenching his teeth and letting out a muffled grunt, the veins at the corners of Zhou Yu’s forehead were bulging.

The devil vines behind Mo Ye were trembling.


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