Laws of the Other World Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Living Towards Death

The one hundred or so black-backed pterodactyls looked at Zhou Yu warily. At such close distance, once they accelerated and charged, Zhou Yu wouldn’t even be left with an intact corpse.

Le Dou was even more scared.

Zhou Yu stood up and the black-backed pterodactyls also straightened up. Each pair of eyes were fixated on Zhou Yu, as if they would put him to death at any unexpected movement.

Don’t be afraid. Please don’t attack me.

Zhou Yu conveyed this message to them, but he wasn’t sure if they could understand it. And if they did, would they be able to trust him?

Zhou Yu slowly walked up to the pterodactyl closest to him. It looked young and had an athletic build, as well as a wingspan several times the length of its body.

Zhou Yu extended his hand as he approached it. The pterodactyl, on the other hand, opened its mouth, ready to spray a liquid that was strong enough to corrode Zhou Yu’s flesh and blood.

Don’t be nervous.



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The other black-backed pterodactyls also assumed relaxed postures, lying down on the wasteland and basking in the sun as if they and Zhou Yu were old friends who had known each other for many years.

“How disappointing, you were able to settle them just like that. I was waiting to use my powers to clean up your mess!”

“This is called having a heart-to-heart moment in the human world. I think they’re my friends now. In Nibelungen, thoughts can’t lie, and communication is more sincere that way. Unlike in the human world, where feelings can only be expressed with words, there’s always a lot of deception.”

“I kind of regret teaching you how to communicate with the organisms here in the Nibelungen way. No S rank organism would ever exchange their memories with a organism ranked lower than themselves, and it should be the first time these black-backed pterodactyls have ever exchanged information with an S rank organism as an equal. Usually, we don’t tell them what we think, we only need to order them to do something.”

“Unfortunately, I’m human, and although humans are greedy and shameless, we’re creatures that fear loneliness, so we crave social interaction.”

“So in addition to this silly giant three-eyed bird, we’ve gained more than a hundred new friends?” Mo Ye held his head, revealing an extremely unhappy expression. “When I get my powers back, I’m going to blow all of their heads off.”

“You don’t have to worry about your status because you’re neither my friend nor my pet.” Zhou Yu rubbed Mo Ye’s head in amusement.

“Then, what am I to you?” Mo Ye asked, raising his head.

“You tell me!”

Mo Ye turned his face to the side just in time to kiss Zhou Yu’s fingers.

The wasteland that was so dry it could almost burst into sparks seemed to be permeated by a gentle source of water at that moment.

As the sun sloped to the west, the temperature in the rocky desert gradually dropped and the wind was mixed with the smell of gravel. It was so dry that it seemed as if a spark would light up at any moment.

But if savored carefully, there was the feeling of a slight chill.

The air at the tip of the nose would also have a slight hint of moisture.

Stars faintly dotted the sky.

“We should head back.” Mo Ye stood up and stretched.

“Let’s come back tomorrow.” Zhou Yu patted the dust off his body.

“Who do you want to make friends with tomorrow?” Mo Ye asked half-jokingly.

“I don’t know, but as you said, I treat them as friends. If one day, they are to die according to the principles of natural selection, then my heart will feel pained.”

“What’s the point of thinking so deeply about it? It’s like how I’m in love with you, and I know in my heart that the probability of you leaving before of me is far greater than you staying with me for the rest of my life. We can’t refuse to have just because we’re afraid of losing.” Mo Ye raised his eyebrow and came up to the black-backed pterodactyl, then turned around and gave Zhou Yu a bright smile. “Ask your new friend to give us a ride!”

Le Dou, who had stayed with them in the desert, had been baked to near dehydration.

Zhou Yu took out his canteen and poured water into Le Dou’s mouth, then patted its head and said, “Buddy, you’ve worked hard today. You can go back first.”

Le Dou nodded and raised its wings, flying away.

That black-backed pterodactyl came to Zhou Yu’s side and raised one of its wings, signaling at Zhou Yu to get on.

As Zhou Yu took off into the air, the other pterodactyls followed, as if escorting them.

They sped through the night sky, starlight falling on Zhou Yu’s shoulders while the herd of black-backed pterodactyls cast clusters of shadow onto the ground.

They passed through the primeval forest, glided over the lake left behind by Ymir, and returned to that grassland.

Zhou Qing was still sitting on that tree, waiting for them to return.

“If you guys hadn’t come back, I would have gone looking for you,” Zhou Qing said.

“How were you going to find us?” Zhou Yu put his arm over his brother’s shoulders.

“I can manipulate the devil vines.”

“But that desert we were in has no moisture. Devil vines will only dry up and die if they enter it,” Zhou Yu said half-jokingly, but he was now well aware that Zhou Qing was no longer the researcher from before who needed someone to protect him.

“Then next time, you can discuss with Le Dou to have it remain with me,” Zhou Qing said.

“Okay, next time, I’ll have Le Dou stay with you.”

When they had returned to the base the previous night, Zhou Yu started an in-depth conversation with Professor Chen.

He elaborated his ideas to Professor Chen.

” I realized that when I could communicate with other organisms in the Nibelungen way, in a sense, they were just like humans of different races. They can become our friends, and even our allies. If both Cook and Isaac are able to enhance their genes and abilities in a certain way, then I want to know if the organisms of Nibelungen can do the same. If we can enhance our allies, then we can form a powerful alliance.”

“It won’t be a lone battle with the thirty of so of us anymore. We can join forces to bring down Juli Corp, or even Di Xin.” Professor Chen was very enlightened, and in just a few sentences, he completely understood Zhou Yu’s meaning.

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“Take a look!” Professor Chen pushed the tablet into Zhou Yu’s hands. “The main purpose of this project is to break the hierarchy between the organisms of Nibelungen, that is, the mental constraints that higher organisms place on lower organisms.”

Zhou Yu would have never guessed that Song Zhi was once such an outstanding researcher. His level of research wasn’t inferior to Jiang Jinghang’s, who was hailed as a genius.

“Song Zhi and Jinghang conceived of a way to create a virus. Don’t misunderstand, this virus doesn’t harm the organism itself, but acts as a intermediary vector. They are transportation boxes for genes, carrying the special genes of S rank organisms with superb healing abilities into other organisms’ bodies. When this virus infects all the cells of the organism, it will bring the genes into every cell. Theoretically speaking, after the organism is infected with this virus, their minds will be tightly linked to the S rank organism that infected them and can no longer be controlled by other organisms except for this S rank organism. And their various physical abilities will be bolstered exponentially, including their ability to heal themselves.”

“I understand why Juli Corp called off this project. It’s because even if this project succeeds, it will only put control over other organisms in the hands of an S rank organism, not a human. Unless the S rank organism dies, those organisms will never be free.”

“But you’re different, Zhou Yu. This power is like a precious sword sealed in a scabbard, and just because you have this sword doesn’t mean you must draw it. You can be the protector of these organisms’ minds and not the controller. You have the right to choose, and those organisms that can communicate with you have the right to choose whether or not to trust you.” Professor Chen said.

“I need to think about it.”

“Yes, of course you need to think about it. They can connect to your mind so that they are not controlled and utilized by other S rank organisms, but this also means that once your ability isn’t strong enough to compete with a senior S rank organism like Di Xin, Di Xin can just as easily seize control of these organisms from your mind.”

“So if I’m not strong enough, I won’t be able to protect my friends.”

“Yes, child.”

Professor Chen’s words made Zhou Yu fall deep into thought.

Zhou Yu couldn’t sleep that night. He left the base and returned to the grassland.

He was lying flat on the ground, surrounded by vegetation and the starry night sky hanging low overhead.

Mo Ye came beside him and turned on his side to gently embrace him.

“I know your concerns.”

“Yes, listen to how free these voices are. They have their own ideas and their own way of being. Once they connect with me, maybe none of that will exist.”

“There’s no such thing as absolute power or absolute might. There’s a price to pay for freedom, because freedom isn’t absolute either. You should ask them what their choice is.”

Mo Ye sat up and gently swept his fingers over the hair at Zhou Yu’s forehead.

“Of course, when you openly let those organisms perceive your thoughts, they will have the freedom to trust or distrust you. I know what you’re like, and so do the organisms who sense you. This is war. If we are to be victorious, we must always trust those who fight alongside us.”

“I know.”

Just then, a shadow flitted across the sky. Le Dou had flown back, landing beside Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu rubbed Le Dou’s head in amusement. “Hey fella, what are you doing here so late at night? If yon’t go to bed, be careful of having your head blown up by this bad guy next to you.”

At his side, Mo Ye hugged his knees and let out a laugh.

“You’re the one who called Le Dou here?” Zhou Yu realized.

“I was the one who scared it into coming here by saying I would blow up its head.” Mo Ye also stood up and stroked Le Dou’s head. “You’re someone with a strong sense of responsibility, Zhou Yu. You’re also someone who draws your own boundaries very clearly. Once Le Dou or any other organism accepts your protection, you won’t end up abusing that power, and you’ll instead do everything you can to protect them. So don’t puzzle over whether you’re taking away their freedom. You have to ask them. Their choices are their own freedom.”

Mo Ye pressed his head against Le Dou’s and conveyed his thoughts to Le Dou.

What he didn’t expect was that Le Dou not only agreed, but was also very happy.

It was like something it had only dreamed of.

“You didn’t force it, did you?!” Zhou Yu looked skeptically in Mo Ye’s direction.

“When you read its mind, it’s something I can’t fake or control.” Mo Ye spread his hands out and expressed his regret at Zhou Yu’s skepticism.

Zhou Yu stroked Le Dou’s neck over and over again. “May I be strong enough so that you don’t regret your decision.”

Le Dou made a joyful sound in its throat and shook its wings.

Zhou Yu couldn’t help but smile as well.

Cole, who had been searching for several days without any results, clutched his forehead in dismay.

The primeval forest was so vast that if Zhou Yu and Mo Ye were intentionally trying to avoid them, he wouldn’t have anyone able to find them.

Cole’s subordinate couldn’t help but ask, ”Chief, when can we go back? Our inhibitors are about to expire.”

“Cook will kill us,” Cole said.

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“I just think it’s too early for you to worry. Sooner or later, Mo Ye and Zhou Yu will take care of Di Xin. But after Di Xin is sorted out, what should you be worried about is the possibility of powers stronger than Mo Ye and Zhou Yu.”

Saying that, Isaac turned around and left with his hands in his pockets.

The next day, Professor Chen brought his researchers to take a sample of Zhou Yu’s blood. Then, they isolated a particular enzyme from his blood sample and synthesized a certain compound using the virus as a vector. At the same time, the project to unlock Song Lin had finished preparations.

Mo Ye looked at the large blood replacement machine and revealed a worried expression.

“I say, Song Lin, you won’t die inside this thing, will you?!”

Song Lin stood in front of it with an indifferent expression.

“The results have been calculated thousands to millions of times by my father and Dr. Jiang. It can’t be wrong, and my father would never risk my life.”

Even though Song Zhi no longer existed in this world, Song Lin’s trust in him hadn’t wavered in the slightest.

Professor Chen and his team made their final adjustments.

Mo Ye patted Song Lin’s shoulder and said, “Remember to share the feeling of regaining your freedom with me.”

“When you have the blood of your most important person running through your body, do you think only sharing that feeling is enough?”

Meanwhile, Zhou Qing tried the compound synthesized by Professor Chen on other plants. None of them showed any sign of rejection.

However, their cellular structures were strengthened and their growth and division rates were different from normal plants.

Zhou Qing looked up from his microscope and said to Zhou Yu, “I don’t know if it’s because Song Zhi and Jiang Jinghang predicted that this day would come, but their calculations and analysis are perfect. All that’s missing is the proof. I think this virus can be used on other organisms.

“We can observe the plants for another week to see if they show any other negative reactions.”

Zhou Yu also agreed with Zhou Qing’s judgment.

“Yes, I hope this virus won’t come at the cost of consuming the life force of organisms, like what Cook and Isaac have done.”

The most important day had finally arrived.

Song Lin lay down in the blood replacement machine. Practically the entire base had gathered in the lab.

Mo Ye came to Song Lin’s side with his hands in his pockets. He cocked his head and asked with mischief, “Any last words?”

“Next time when it’s your turn to lie down in this machine, I’ll ask you the same question.”

Professor Chen’s student took out the spinal fluid from the capsule taken from Song Zhi’s body and injected it into Song Lin’s body.

As if his heart had been tightly glued together, Song Lin clenched his fists.

“Child, you must endure. This is a normal reaction,” Professor Chen said comfortingly.

Zhou Yu, who was standing outside the glass wall observing all of this, was also quite nervous.

If Song Lin failed, then it also cut short Mo Ye’s hopes of regaining his abilities.

“Don’t worry, I’m happy with the status quo.” Mo Ye turned to look at Zhou Yu.

For Mo Ye, as long as he was with Zhou Yu, he didn’t care even if he stayed in his human form forever.

Song Lin’s blood was drawn out of his body and into a different container.

His face gradually grew pale. Various voices constantly overlapped and lingered in his mind. The excessive loss of blood rendered him unable to control his abilities and senses as he normally would.

The sound of his heart beating grew heavy and breathing became increasingly more difficult.

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“Living towards death is the nature of the organisms of Nibelungen.”

“Professor, Song Lin’s cells are losing activity!”

This was an even more dangerous signal than cardiac arrest.

Zhou Yu glanced to the side at Mo Ye. Unlike the others who were worried, Mo Ye’s expression was still composed, as if he had already ascertained the ending.

The last of Song Lin’s blood was discharged from his body and his cellular activity index plummeted to zero.

“Can you still sense the activity of his brain?” Zhou Yu could no longer sense anything from Song Lin.

Mo Ye merely stared at Song Lin’s face without saying a word.


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