Laws of the Other World Chapter 91

Chapter 91: sing a song for you1Originally in English.

“Yes.” Song Lin replied.

Which meant that in this base that had been abandoned by Juli Corp, much research was being conducted in secret, as well as plans to bring down Juli Corp.

Zhou Yu finally understood what Song Zhi’s line about putting all his people in the right places meant. Whether it was Professor Chen, Rong Zhou, or Dr. Jiang, even though Song Zhi was dead, they had all played their roles, and Juli Corp’s foundation was slowly being corroded. Perhaps Dr. Cook and Mr. Eton didn’t even know that this level of infiltration was happening in secret.

Or maybe they knew, but were unable to clear away this degree of infiltration.

“In three days, they’ll perform an unlocking surgery on me. If Song Zhi and Dr. Jiang’s research is viable, then they can also use the same method to unlock your abilities. We’ll have a better chance of winning against Di Xin then,” Song Lin said.

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At that moment, Zhou Yu saw the image in Mo Ye’s mind.

They were under the starry sky on the grassland, indulging themselves to their hearts’ content. It would be hard not to call it beautiful.

“Dream on. After taking advantage once, you still want to do it a second time?” Zhou Yu turned to the side and looked at him icily.

“That’s why I’m giving you the opportunity to take advantage of me!” Mo Ye always managed to utter shameless requests with an innocent face.

Zhou Yu stood up and said, “Let’s go.”

Rong Zhou reminded him, “Don’t think outside the base is just grassland as far out as you can see. It’s also where dangerous organisms are active, so you two should be careful when you go out.”

Zhou Yu pointed his thumb in Mo Ye’s direction. “Is there any organism more dangerous than him?”

Rong Zhou said in realization, “That’s true.”

Leaving the base, they sat cross-legged in the middle of the wilderness. The air was suffused with the fresh scent of grass and leaves. The night’s breeze came and ruffled Zhou Yu’s face and hair, and he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He really hadn’t been this relaxed in a long time, and Mo Ye was sitting right next to him.

Sometimes, Zhou Yu would think, the best ending in life was nothing more than this. His family was safe and sound, and his lover was by his side. High skies and wide seas, carefree and easy.

Mo Ye propped up his chin and looked at Zhou Yu, a faint smile on his lips.

“I find it amazing that you would look at me so complacently.”

“You consider me to be the love of your life in your heart. How can I bear to ruin such a good atmosphere?”

Zhou Yu was already indifferent to Mo Ye’s behavior of occasionally deciphering his thoughts without permission.

Mo Ye touched Zhou Yu’s elbow with his fingers, “Let’s dance!”

“I don’t know how to dance,” Zhou Yu replied.

“You’re so unromantic.” Mo Ye shook his head helplessly.

“Dancing is supposed to be between a man and a woman. Haven’t you seen it in the movies?”

“Zhou Yu, in my heart, you’re not a woman, a female, or an option to produce offspring for me. You’re the one who created my world and the one I truly love, so I want to do everything one does with their beloved in the human world.”

Mo Ye looked into the distance, his gaze far-reaching as if he had arrived at the other side of the world.

Zhou Yu finally realized that in reality, deep in Mo Ye’s heart, he yearned for human society. While Zhou Yu, Wu Yun, and those like Song Zhi and Cook, were all too familiar with the hypocrisy and greed of humans, what was retained in Mo Ye’s eyes were the best parts of humanity.

Zhou Yu stood and walked up to Mo Ye. He bent down at this waist and made a very gentlemanly gesture, extending his hand to him.

Mo Ye froze, then revealed a very innocent smile.

This was him, with the innate superiority of high-ranking organisms and an indifference to personal interests, as well as life and death. But in front of Zhou Yu, the slightest touch could cause him to reveal his genuine emotions without the slightest adornment or polishing.

“There’s no music.” Mo Ye stood up and clasped Zhou Yu’s hand.

Perhaps Mo Ye learned how to dance faster than Zhou Yu, but at this moment, the two were merely holding each other, not too tight and not too loose. They were cheek to cheek, experiencing each other’s temperature and embrace.

Zhou Yu sang softly right by Mo Ye’s ear.

“Why does the sun go on shining? Why does the sea rush to shore? Don’t they know it’s the end of the world? ‘Cause you don’t love me any more…”2Skeeter Davis – The End of the World

Mo Ye’s arm tightened more and more, but it never hurt Zhou Yu.

He was like a child clinging to Zhou Yu’s embrace. All of Zhou Yu’s warmth as well as his everything was the origin and starting point of Mo Ye’s world.

At that very moment, Zhou Yu heard countless voices that belonged to this world in his mind. Whether it was in the sky, from a faraway crevice in the rock, or even the tiniest organisms in the air, all chanted the same song.

The grassland under their feet rippled melodiously and countless bluelight fireflies drew circles in the night sky.

It was as if the whole world had been infected by Mo Ye’s emotions.

The entirety of Nibelungen went along with Mo Ye’s mood and were all singing softly for Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu gently kissed Mo Ye between his brows.

I know, I know all of it… Even if I only give you a few months, or a few years, what you want to give me is the whole world.

“Zhou Yu…” Mo Ye gently called out.

“What is it?”

“I love you.”

“I can read it all.”

“I wanted to tell you in the human way.”

At that moment, the softest part of Zhou Yu’s heart felt like it had been carefully caressed by Mo Ye.

There was an emotion that was thin like gossamer threads gushing out from the depths of his heart. But Zhou Yu knew that this most delicate power was also the most unconquerable.

If he hadn’t met Mo Ye, he knew he would still be experiencing a wonderful and thrilling life, but after he met him and embraced him, Zhou Yu realized that it would be impossible for him to be so moved by a second person or even an organism.

Mo Ye was his once in a lifetime.

They stayed out late into the night until Zhou Qing grew worried and came out looking for them.

The next morning, Zhou Yu called for his old friend Le Dou.

When Le Dou landed at Zhou Yu’s side, it was quite happy. It bounced a few steps, then rubbed its head against Zhou Yu’s shoulder.

Only when Mo Ye’s gaze swept over did Le Dou reveal a scared expression, freezing in place.

Zhou Yu reached out and rubbed Le Dou’s neck before giving Mo Ye a warning look.

“Do you think I won’t beat you up the next time you threaten it?”

“On my conscience! I didn’t threaten it at all. This is obviously the innate submissiveness of a lower rank organism to a higher rank organism like me.”

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He supported his head and leaned against a rock as he waited under the blazing sun for Zhou Yu. It was a full two hours before he saw Le Dou arrive belatedly.

“That blockhead must have been flying slowly on purpose.” Mo Ye snorted coldly, “Watch me find a chance to blow up your head.”

Le Dou stopped a few meters away from Mo Ye, refusing to go any closer.

Zhou Yu jumped down sharply and walked up to Mo Ye.

“The sun is killing me. Why were you two so slow?”

Zhou Yu handed a banana-shaped leaf to Mo Ye.

“Aren’t you afraid of the sun?”

Mo Ye held up the leaf and smiled, “Fine, I forgive you two.”

His smile was half hidden under the shadow of the leaf and had a slightly childish cuteness to it.

“Enough talk. Let’s start training now.”

Considering that Zhou Qing was now able to manipulate some organisms with familiarity, Zhou Yu felt that he shouldn’t fall behind his brother.

“Fine. I taught you a lot about how to distinguish the voices of Nibelungen and how to control certain organisms before, and now you already have the ability to control several A rank organisms. It seems as if you’ve already adapted to combat, but you actually haven’t mastered the most basic abilities yet. Do you know why Zhou Qing adapted so quickly?”

“Gfi?” Jfzw gnw gfnj Bfeq Iq gnw vopi kqpzeqw nreqj.

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“Ieq lonc je wni jfnj jfopo zw ce azhhopocko rojgooc fqlncw nca ejfop epunczwlw fopo, rqj eco rojgooc tzvzcu nca cec-tzvzcu jfzcuw,” Bfeq Iq wnza.

“Iow, zj’w onwi je qcaopwjnca jfzw, rqj zj’w fnpa je nkjqntti nkkomj zj hpel jfo rejjel eh ieqp fonpj. Fqlncw npo qwoa je rozcu nj jfo jem eh jfo heea kfnzc zc jfozp egc wekzoji, gfopo ovopijfzcu zw n poweqpko. Rqj zc Czrotqcuoc, ntjfequf jfo fzopnpkfi zw dqzjo wjpzkj, ovopieco zw odqnt hpel jfo mopwmokjzvo eh jfo keccokjzecw eh tzho.” Le Io feesoa fzw hzcuop nca n wlntt roojto jfnj teesoa tzso n upnzc eh wnca wtegti jees htzufj nca wjemmoa zc Le Io’w mntl.

“Nibelungen is like an immense database. Whether it’s me or this little beetle that I can easily crush, our rights to access this database are all equal. This little beetle is equally capable of learning what it wants to know.”

“But we’re much faster than them.”

“Yes.” Mo Ye blew gently at the little beetle and it slowly dropped back into the gravel. “Also, the power that various organisms are able to muster is different. The entirety of Nibelungen is like a vast reservoir of power. Each life form is a channel for the release of its flood. This little beetle is so tiny that only a small drop of power can leak into its body, but you and I are different. If needed, we can even release the true power of Nibelungen. The organisms under our control are like an amalgamated channel for the flood to discharge into.”

“Your analogy is so vivid, I think I can understand it.”

“That’s because I think in the same way humans do.” Mo Ye blinked and smiled.

This kind of Mo Ye was completely different from the out-of-control youth who had tormented him to no end that night. Zhou Yu suddenly felt that he was adorable and wanted to kiss him.

Of course, it was best for Mo Ye to not sense such thoughts, or else he would start teasing him with glee again.

“So, the first step I need to take is to make myself truly a part of Nibelungen.”

“Yes. If every human who came to Nibelungen could feel this place, you’d think it’s wonderful, and not a dangerous hunting ground for other species. In reality, you’re not prey, but more like foreign creatures.”

Zhou Yu breathed in. “Let me give it a try.”

He closed his eyes and felt all the tiny organisms in the gravel, linking together with them. He wasn’t conquering them, but using them as a medium to convey his thoughts. The very moment he found that his reach had expanded outwards infinitely, he left the desert, and his thoughts soared into the primeval forest. He seemed to cover every tree and seep into the veins of every leaf. He could feel how each plant transported water and nutrients from the sandy soil to each leaf, and then how it evaporated from the leaf into the air.

He could sense the various fishes swimming in the river, their collisions with each other, and the resistance of the countercurrent against them.

He seemed to have turned into a reverse scale dragon lying at rest in the soft sand at the bottom of the river. He could feel the sensation of the water slowly flowing through every gap in the scales of the reverse scale dragon.

And how free and at ease the black-backed pterodactyls soaring through the sky were.

None of these organisms were under Zhou Yu’s control, yet they naturally became channels for Zhou Yu to spread his thoughts through and understand this world.

This way of disseminating his thoughts didn’t even consume any power.

Zhou Yu felt like he had suddenly gained many pairs of eyes and reached many places at once.

He was omnipresent.

He had omnipotent senses.

He felt as if he had become all of Nibelungen.

This feeling made him not want to return to reality at all.

Crossing the boundaries of geography and distance and transcending the limits of species, this was true freedom for Zhou Yu.

Then he sensed Mo Ye’s presence.

That youth who stared fixedly at him with the purest and most fiery of emotions.

Even when he was just sitting a reasonable distance away, holding up a huge leaf and staring at him foolishly.

His heartbeat, the intensity of his gaze, and the way he traced over him were all perceived so clearly.

It was like a most straightforward display of love.

Without any extravagant, flowery language, Zhou Yu was able to thoroughly feel Mo Ye’s desire for him.

I want to kiss you.

Zhou Yu was able to hear Mo Ye’s voice.

His heart trembled lightly at that moment.

He opened his eyes, sat up straight, and slowly leaned in close to Mo Ye, kissing his lips.

This was Zhou Yu’s response to Mo Ye.

He had to admit that he seemed to have fallen in love with Nibelungen for its intuitive and simple outlook.

And Le Dou, who was waiting not too far away, curiously cocked its head.

Mo Ye made a hand gesture at Le Dou.

Le Dou let out a whimper and took a few more steps back.

Zhou Yu abruptly raised his hand and gave a hard knock to Mo Ye’s head.

“Didn’t I tell you not to threaten it?”

“Z azac’j.” Le Io hotj gpecuoa.

“Tznp, Z sceg gfnj ieq gopo jfzcszcu yqwj ceg. Ieq gopo teeszcu hep n kfncko je rteg zjw fona ehh.”

Le Io wfpquuoa fzw wfeqtaopw. “Z gnw ecti jfzcszcu nreqj zj, zj’w cej tzso Z geqta nkjqntti ae zj. Jfzcszcu nca aezcu npo jge azhhopocj jfzcuw. Nca ieq’po cej pontti uezcu je soom zj nw n moj, npo ieq?!”

“To Aeq zwc’j eqp moj, zj’w eqp hpzoca. Zj kelow nca ueow gfoc zj gncjw je.”

“Aza ieq yqwj wni ‘eqp’?”

“Li hpzoca zw ieqp hpzoca, qcaopwjnca?” Bfeq Iq hotj jfnj welojzlow zj gnw wjztt cokowwnpi je jponj Le Io tzso n kfzta.

Le Io teesoa lonczcuhqtti zc To Aeq’w azpokjzec. “Jfo uzncj jfpoo-oioa rzpa zwc’j n vopi megophqt epunczwl nca zj aeowc’j fnvo lqkf eh nc navncjnuo zc joplw eh wqpvzvzcu zc Czrotqcuoc. Zh ieq gncj je jqpc zj zcje n hpzoca, ieq’tt fnvo je ro mpomnpoa hep jfo ani ieq tewo zj.”

“I was just wondering, if I can obtain your power, then is there any way to have other organisms gain this power as well? Instead of controlling them, I think we have a greater need for allies.”

“That’s a good idea to share with Professor Chen.” Mo Ye held up a leaf and looked up at the scorching sun in the sky. “It’s still early. Do you want to learn how to control an entire herd of black-backed pterodactyls like me? They’re excellent warriors. You must first learn to control them before you can learn how to help them break free of Di Xin’s power and give them back their freedom.”

“Of course.” Compared to thinking up ideas in his head, Zhou Yu was more so a pragmatist.

He used his previous way of channeling power, and in an instant, his thought perception expanded exponentially like radiation. More importantly, this radiative coverage didn’t consume too much of his energy. It was as if he was naturally listening with his ears and seeing with his eyes.

He found a large herd of black-backed pterodactyls inhabiting a valley. Some were resting while others were nurturing their young.

He linked his thoughts to theirs, both sides intermingling as if Zhou Yu’s thoughts were the thoughts of the black-backed pterodactyls. This sense of security led to them not bothering to resist in the slightest.

A dozen seconds later, the sound of flapping wings came from the sky.

A small patch of dark clouds surged towards them.

Its shadow cast on the ground moved with it.

Le Dou appeared to be somewhat scared and moved a few steps closer to Zhou Yu’s side.

Zhou Yu rubbed its head soothingly.

As the small blotch of dark clouds got closer, the wings of the black-backed pterodactyls could be clearly seen. They spread out in all directions to form a ring shape that hovered in the sky like a giant circle.

Mo Ye smiled and said, “Try to see if you can get them to land safely. Just don’t turn this desert into a cluster of craters.”

Slow down, slow down, don’t be afraid.

Zhou Yu’s mind became calm, and the black-backed pterodactyls gradually slowed down.

Jfoi gopo uojjzcu tegop nca tegop.

Jfo npk jfozp gzcuw apog roknlo wlnttop nca wlnttop.

Eco nhjop ncejfop, jfoi tncaoa npeqca Bfeq Iq. Gfoc ntt jfo rtnks-rnksoa mjopeankjitw knlo je n powj, jfo wkepkfzcu wqc ecko nunzc wfeco zc hqtt hepko nrevo jfo aowopj.

Rtnks-rnksoa mjopeankjitw fna tncaoa qm je nw hnp nw Bfeq Iq keqta woo.

“N jejnt eh eco fqcapoa nca jfzpji-jge. Ieq’vo zlmpevoa n tej,” Le Io wlztoa.

Bfeq Iq gzjfapog fzw jfequfjw hpel jfo reazow eh jfo rtnks-rnksoa mjopeankjitw.

He wondered if these black-backed pterodactyls would attack him if they were no longer under his control.

“Hey, you’re playing with fire.” Although Mo Ye was using a warning tone, there was still a smile on the corners of his lips. Perhaps he also wanted to know the same answer as Zhou Yu.


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    Originally in English.
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    Skeeter Davis – The End of the World

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