Laws of the Other World Chapter 88

Chapter 88: This Nutrient Solution Is Really Energizing

When they returned to the lake, Isaac was still standing in the same place.

The orange sunset fell on the lake’s surface, and every now and then, a bird would soar by. This kind of scene was like a movie.

“I see you haven’t brought Turin back. Is it safe to say that he escaped again?” Isaac asked.

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“Mo Ye, you should keep those words in your heart. Why say them out loud to embarrass me?”

“I can’t feel your embarrassment at all,” Zhou Yu crossed his arms and said coldly.

Isaac looked at the helicopter that had lost its function and said, “The question now is not whether I’m embarrassed, but how we are to get back to the base.”

A dozen seconds later, a large flock of giant three-eyed birds flew over their heads and hovered there before landing in front of them.

“Are these giant three-eyed birds controlled by Mo Ye, or did you do it, Zhou Yu?” Isaac looked at them inquisitively.

Looking at Isaac, even though it was obvious he wasn’t able to read anyone’s mind, there was still a unique power in his sight that seemed to seep into every crevice of one’s mind, digging into secrets hidden in the deepest reaches.

“It isn’t Mo Ye controlling them. I just asked my friend to give us a ride.”

Zhou Yu patted the young giant three-eyed bird, and it seemed to shake its head in delight.

“So… Zhou Yu, you can already control a group of organisms?”

“No. In your eyes, is directly controlling their minds the only way to make the organisms of Nibelungen submit?” Zhou Yu looked at Isaac with disdain. “Sorry, but I only asked it for a favor. I didn’t expect it to bring its flock.”

Zhou Yu got on it gracefully and then snapped his fingers in Mo Ye’s direction.

Mo Ye smiled, came to the giant three-eyed bird, and knocked on its head with his finger. It shrank its head back in pain.

“I’ve made a deal with it. From now on its name will be ‘Le Dou’.” Zhou Yu said.1Literally “Happy Bean”.

“Didn’t we agree to call it ‘Dou Bi’?” Mo Ye said with dissatisfaction.2Internet slang for someone who is silly and amusing. Like calling someone a clown. The “Dou” in both names are not the same character.

“It doesn’t like the name ‘Dou Bi’.”

“Le Dou isn’t much better.”

Zhou Yu looked in Isaac’s direction and said loudly, “Mr. Eton, please hold on tight and don’t fall off. They go fast.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Le Dou flapped his wings and flew into the sky, followed closely by the other giant three-eyed birds.

The moment they took off, their bodies were pushed back and several people fell off.

But Isaac flew steadily with the flock of birds, his body not swaying at all.

Mo Ye pouted, a little disappointed.

“You seem to hate Isaac Eton,” Zhou Yu said.

“Whether I hate him or not, can’t you feel it very clearly?” Mo Ye asked rhetorically.

“Aren’t you going to tell them that you sensed where Di Xin is?”

“If I tell them, then we’ll have a problem. This time, the two of us joined forces to barely keep Di Xin in check. If we’re talking about a face-to-face battle, then you and I plus Song Lin may not even be his opponent. If Juli Corp learns of this, they will definitely want to send someone to test Di Xin’s power, or even to obtain his power. I don’t want to go and be cannon fodder.”

Zhou Yu’s sank gaze as he looked into the distance.

“Mo Ye… Help me.”

“Help you how? With my hands or my mouth?”

Zhou Yu didn’t need to turn around to imagine the expression on Mo Ye’s face.”

“You know what kind of help I mean.”

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The giant three-eyed birds landed smoothly in front of the entrance to the base. Zhou Yu and Mo Ye jumped down gracefully.

Turning to look at the others, some of them had ashen faces. After all, with the flying speed of the giant birds, it hadn’t been easy for them to stay on their backs.

Some had used a belt to tie themselves to the necks of the giant birds and were now untying the belts, including Wu Yun.

Only Isaac dismounted like it was nothing and walked up to Zhou Yu and Mo Ye.

“That was truly an interesting experience.”

“Hopefully, you won’t suddenly want to capture giant three-eyed birds and domesticate them for transportation,” Zhou Yu replied.

“That’s a good idea. But you definitely wouldn’t agree.” Isaac walked up and opened the entrance with his palm print.

Zhou Yu stroked Le Dou’s neck, and just as Le Dou wanted to lower his head to rub against Zhou Yu, his head was caught by Mo Ye.

“Dou Bi, it’s time for you to go.” Mo Ye followed Le Dou’s example and tilted his head to meet its gaze.

As if it sensed something in Mo Ye’s gaze, Le Dou let out a whimper and retreated a few steps.

Zhou Yu frowned. “Why are you scaring it?”

“When did I scare it? I was clearly being cordial to it.”

Le Dou took a few more steps back, then opened its wings and flew away with its flock.

Zhou Yu looked at Mo Ye coldly.

Mo Ye shrugged. “I promise I didn’t do anything to it! It’s just a Dou Bi!”

Zhou Yu still looked at Mo Ye coldly.

“It scared itself, are you still going to blame me?” Mo Ye looked like he had been greatly wronged.

Wu Yun walked over, patted Zhou Yu’s shoulder, and said, “Let’s go! I’m starving! Let’s not stay outside, in case we get attacked by a linear sand worm or something. That would be bad luck.”

The desert outside the base was blisteringly hot. When they walked into the entrance, they felt a wave of cool air.

The group was inspected as usual and they entered the interior of the base after confirming that they weren’t carrying parasitic organisms.

Cook was standing there nervously. She sighed the moment she saw Isaac.

“Fortunately, you’re unharmed.”

“You must be thinking that Mr. Eton’s clone is unharmed, aren’t you?” Isaac smiled somewhat sarcastically and walked past Cook.

When it was time for dinner, Wu Yun, who had been tired all day, ate two portions of their allotted meal in one sitting.

Zhou Yu, on the other hand, wasn’t in a rush to eat like Wu Yun. He was hungry, but he also felt like just a few portions of their meal wouldn’t satisfy his body’s needs.

As he sent food into his mouth, he was aware of Mo Ye propping up his chin and looking at him. Mo Ye’s voice once again resounded in his mind: Do you know why you can’t feel full no matter how much you eat?

Zhou Yu raised his eyebrows: Why?

Mo Ye deliberately leaned his face in close to Zhou Yu: Because I’m not full. What you feel is my hunger.

Zhou Yu sighed and extended his arm towards Mo Ye. “Then bite.”

Mo Ye showed an expression of disappointment.

Just at this time, Isaac came to Zhou Yu’s table.

Mo Ye’s presence attracted the eyes of almost everyone in the dining hall. But when Isaac arrived, this appreciative mood inexplicably became heavy.

Isaac smiled a little and tapped his finger on the side of Zhou Yu’s dinner plate. “Come to my office for a moment.”

Saying that, he winked at Mo Ye and left.

The dining hall that had been still became noisy again.

Mo Ye frowned: “If he wanted to find you, he could have contacted you with the radio transceiver. Why come to the dining hall in person? He really does have ulterior motives towards you.”

“It’s to see you in person,” Zhou Yu replied.

“Huh?” Mo Ye frowned. “Don’t change the subject!”

Zhou Yu looked at Wu Yun, who replied after swallowing a large mouthful of rice, “I also think Isaac Eton is clearly interested in Mo Ye. He even winked at you just now!”

“Next time, I’ll let you get eaten by some messed up monster.” Mo Ye pointed at Wu Yun.

Wu Yun choked for a moment.

Zhou Yu finished his meal and walked to Isaac’s office. Mo Ye followed beside him. “Are you sure you don’t want me to go in with you?”

Zhou Yu clasped Mo Ye’s head and pushed him away.

“I’m sure I don’t need it. Weren’t you going to visit those researchers to see what organisms can be used for me to practice?”

“Okay.” Mo Ye shook his head helplessly.

Zhou Yu barely took two steps before he was violently pushed against the wall by a force.

His back was jolted and his brain was buzzing.

When he lowered his head, he realized that it was Mo Ye who had used one hand to hold him down by the neck.

His other hand was propped up next to Zhou Yu’s ear. His gaze was icy with a heavy sense of oppression.

The moment Zhou Yu connected with his mind, he felt Mo Ye’s power himself.

Mo Ye’s gaze pierced through Zhou Yu’s eyes and went straight into the depths of his mind.

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Zhou Yu instinctively opened his mouth, inviting a wild and frantic kiss.

Mo Ye didn’t need to suppress him anymore. Zhou Yu’s arms were folded tightly over his shoulders.

Mo Ye picked him up in his arms.

Isaac was in his office with his fingers against his chin, watching the two kiss on the computer screen.

It lasted until Zhou Yu felt unable to breathe, yet Mo Ye’s emotions still burst forth like flames. Everything was about to go out of control. Zhou Yu used Mo Ye’s shoulders as leverage to fiercely knee Mo Ye right in his lower abdomen.

Mo Ye, as if he had expected it, lowered his right hand to hold Zhou Yu’s leg down.

At the same time, the tip of his tongue hooked on Zhou Yu’s upper lip and slowly retreated away from between his lips.

Zhou Yu’s breathing was unsteady as he stood there, calming his heartbeat.

Mo Ye, on the other hand, cocked his head to the side, the smile on his lips showing that he was in a good mood at the moment.

“Only I can make you show this kind of expression.” Mo Ye’s fingertips scraped over Zhou Yu’s cheek, then he walked away with his hands in his pockets.

Zhou Yu gave a light hum and turned around to walk to Isaac’s office.

His office was originally a conference room that had been temporarily arranged for him, and it was a bit bigger than the office Cook was using now.

Isaac sat sideways at his desk, and when Zhou Yu walked in, he raised his wrist and looked at his watch until Zhou Yu came to stand before him.

“Fifty-six seconds,” Isaac said.


“From your kiss with Mo Ye to your separation.”

“I didn’t think Mr. Eton would have this kind of hobby.”

Isaac wasn’t angry. His eyes fell on Zhou Yu’s body, as if he was plucking him apart layer by layer, penetrating his deepest thoughts.

“There are cameras all over the base. Although, for 0.01 seconds, I felt that I should have looked away from you, curiosity drove me to watch from beginning to end.” Isaac didn’t seem to find anything wrong with that at all.

“If you feel curious, I can call Mo Ye here and let you experience his kiss,” Zhou Yu replied with an expressionless face.

Isaac smiled and opened the cooler beside him. He then placed a bottle with a golden liquid in front of Zhou Yu.

“More so than ordinary food, you need this.”

Saying that, Isaac leaned against the back of his chair and looked at Zhou Yu.

“What is this?” Zhou Yu did not reach out to take it.

“Nutrient solution. You received the ability of an S rank organism, and according to Dr. Cook’s analysis of your blood sample and spinal fluid, your cells are continuing to strengthen. That’s why you have sharper reflexes than ordinary people. Just like a developing child, you need enough nutrition to support the strengthening of your cells. This is specially provided by Juli Corp for those who have been enhanced, like me and Dr. Cook. Our nutritional consumption is also particularly high.”

Zhou Yu merely looked at the bottle of nutrient solution indifferently, still with no intention of taking it.

“What, are you afraid that there’s something in it that shouldn’t be there?” Isaac hooked it to himself with his finger, twisted it open, and took a sip. Then he put it down and looked at Zhou Yu calmly. “Is there anything else you’re worried about?”

“I’m just wondering what your purpose is in providing me with the sufficient nutrition.”

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“Ipa dwbi ghdv mp spw ifjv kvyg?” Xipw Sw prvnvm ihq dpwgi fnm fqtvm.

“Hg qipwkm ev f svfc pc gap dpcv gifn Bppt.” Hqffb’q vsvq avcvn’g bkpwmvm es giv qifmpa py mvfgi.

“Good luck then.” Zhou Yu hooked his finger. Isaac understood and took out another bottle of nutrient solution from the cooler. He pushed it in front of Zhou Yu.

“I thought you would drink from the one I drank, at least to prove that the one I had must have no problems,” Isaac said with a smile.

Zhou Yu turned and walked to the door.

“By the way, you misunderstood me on one thing just now. What I’m curious about isn’t what it’s like to kiss an S ranked organism.”

“Oh? Then what are you curious about?”

“As an S ranked organism, how would it feel to kiss you?”

Zhou Yu opened the door and turned to leave.

Nibelungen at night was mysterious and peaceful. The curtain of stars seemed to descend.

Zhou Qing sat on a tree with his eyes closed and his face tilted up as if he was listening to something.

Song Lin came to his side and sat down with him.

“What are you listening to?”

“The sound of Nibelungen… the sound of the grass, the veins of the trees, and the falling petals. It turns out they all have their own senses, and they sound like they’re giving praise to something…” Zhou Qing opened his eyes and looked at Song Lin, who was beside him.

“They are praising their primogenitor, Ymir. You have the power of Ymir flowing in your blood, so to them, you are Ymir.”

“I miss him very much.” Zhou Qing tilted his head. “I have a feeling that although his shell has disintegrated, he’s still alive. He’s waiting for me.”

“For Ymir, as long as a single cell is still alive, he can reconstruct his body. I believe in your feelings.”

“Song Lin, teach me.” Zhou Qing looked at him with an extremely serious gaze.

“Teach you what?”

“Teach me how to harness my power. I know that I’m different from before.” After Zhou Qing finished speaking, he extended his own hand and gently swept it downwards.

All the plants in the stretch of wilderness underneath the tree poured out in the direction Zhou Qing waved at.

“I can’t waste this kind of power. I don’t want to just stay alive; I want to do something.”

“Okay,” Song Lin replied.

Zhou Qing exhaled.

As if sensing his emotions, small silvery-white flowers sprang up among the grass and trees in the middle of the wilderness. When they fully bloomed, they broke away from the grass and gently rose into the air, swaying and spinning in the wind.

“They are all your subjects. It’s already late, you should go back to rest. Otherwise, Professor Chen will worry about you.”


As his words fell, a black-backed pterodactyl suddenly came before them. Zhou Qing jumped down and got on its back to fly back.

At this time, Zhou Yu was carrying the bottle of nutrient solution to Juli Corp’s breeding center.

Except for Cook’s research team, most of the people in the base only thought that Mo Ye was the corporation’s newly recruited field agent.

He had a handsome appearance and a humorous manner of speaking that easily held the entire zone’s researchers captive.

At this time, Mo Ye was sitting on the edge of a lab bench and speaking of something to a female researcher that caused her to laugh. Mo Ye also propped himself up the table as he laughed out loud.

His laughter was carefree and indulgent, but it didn’t make others feel like he was impudent or annoying.

Almost everyone’s eyes left their computers or samples and looked in his direction.

Zhou Yu didn’t open his mouth to speak, but he stood not far away, quietly watching him.

It was only when Mo Ye raised his eyes to meet Zhou Yu’s gaze that he apologetically raised his hand to that female researcher, jumped off the lab bench, and walked towards Zhou Yu.

“You look awfully happy,” Zhou Yu replied.

“Their minds are much simpler than Isaac Eton’s. I like humans like that,” Mo Ye said.

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking that you want some female researcher to bear your offspring before you become infected by the virus,” Zhou Yu said half-jokingly.

Mo Ye laughed and put his arm over Zhou Yu’s shoulder, deliberately pressing Zhou Yu into himself. Although Zhou Yu kept trying to turn away, he was still kissed hard by Mo Ye on the nape of his neck.

“If I really wanted to produce offspring, I would have chosen you.”

“I still want to live for a few more years.” Zhou Yu moved Mo Ye’s hand away. “Didn’t you come here to find if there are any organisms that I can use for practice?”

“No. The organisms here are all D and E rank. You can easily destroy them all.” Mo Ye waved his hand unenthusiastically. “Why don’t we call Dou Bi here? I’ll teach you how to blow up its head.”

Zhou Yu finally shifted away Mo Ye’s arm. He took out the bottle of nutrient solution from his pocket and handed it to Mo Ye. “Do you think I can drink this?”

“Is this nutrient solution? It seems different from the ones distributed to Han Li and the other field agents.” Mo Ye opened the bottle cap, drank a mouthful, then squinted his eyes as he sampled it. “Ugh… this stuff is really strong. It’s good for you. But your blood is still the most nutritious for me.”

Hearing him say that, Zhou Yu felt reassured and he drank the rest in one go.

“Who gave you this? Han Li?”

“Isaac Eton.”

“What? Spit it out! You can’t drink anything he gives you!”

“Didn’t you just say it was good for me?”

“You can’t drink it even if it’s good for you!”

“I’m not going to bother with you.”

Zhou Yu walked ahead with his hands in his pockets.

As soon as he entered the dormitory, Mo Ye pushed towards Zhou Yu’s back to press him onto the bed.

Zhou Yu stepped to the side to let Mo Ye’s palm press on air. When he turned to look at Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu found a hint of gold in his pupils.

“Don’t use your powers on me!” Zhou Yu lifted his leg to kick Mo Ye.

With a single kick, Mo Ye was thrown to the door.

Zhou Yu sat up and looked at his palms. “This nutrient solution is really energizing!”

The author has something to say: Le Dou expresses: I’m very innocent. Can you two leave me out of your flirting?”


Translating over a mug of coffee.


  • 1
    Literally “Happy Bean”.
  • 2
    Internet slang for someone who is silly and amusing. Like calling someone a clown. The “Dou” in both names are not the same character.

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