Laws of the Other World Chapter 87

Chapter 87: A Grain of Sand and a World

“So… your real purpose wasn’t to come here to do any scientific research. You want to use yourself as bait to lure out Turin!” Zhou Yu’s gaze sharpened.

Isaac nodded. He didn’t panic because of the large cluster of two-headed wolf spiders approaching them. On the contrary, he was very calm.


“Ueaanlc zj!” Gq Iqc gnw hqpzeqw. “Zc jfnj knwo, geqtac’j zj ro lepo kecvoczocj hep qw je toj ieq ro onjoc ri n jge-fonaoa geth wmzaop?!”

“Can you?” Isaac spread his hands indifferently. His eyes returned to Zhou Yu’s face. “I know you can kill Turin.”

Zhou Yu’s expression became even colder.

This really was Juli Corp’s usual style; maximizing each person’s usefulness, including their lives.

There was the sound of something moving around them. It was the sound of the two-headed wolf spider’s limbs breaking the dead wood on the ground.

A large group of “little fingers” was startled and flew off.

Mo Ye narrowed his eyes, but Zhou Yu stepped in front of him. “Don’t use your power so early. Turin hasn’t appeared yet.”

Mo Ye’s lips curved up into a smile as he kissed the back of Zhou Yu’s neck. “Then I will rightfully hide behind you and accept your protection.”

Zhou Yu had only learned how to manipulate other organisms, but not to the point where he could simultaneously invade the nerves of such a large cluster of two-headed wolf spiders or even destroy them.

Isaac’s bodyguards were already guarding his side, and Wu Yun led the other field agents to prepare the rocket launchers.

At the same moment, four or five two-headed wolf spiders came flying out, leaping up over a dozen meters away from them. They opened their mouths, looking like they were about to spit out their unique mucus. Zhou Yu’s thoughts quickly captured one of them.

It suddenly fell and firmly blocked over Isaac’s head. Its limbs curled up just enough to block all the slime.

All Isaac felt was a rush of air brush past. He has his hands tucked into his pockets, his face still bemused.

The two-headed wolf spider raised its legs and crumbled the solidified slime. It then engaged in battle with the surrounding two-headed wolf spiders.

More and more two-headed wolf spiders would also join in.

Wu Yun led the others to fire the rocket launcher and explosions were heard one after another.

The two-headed wolf spiders kept jumping and dodging, and one of them even rushed up to Wu Yun and the others.

If they fired the rocket launcher again at this time, they would be the ones injured.

Wu Yun decisively dropped to the ground. The two-headed wolf spider’s limb smashed into the rubble by his head, causing a sound that made Wu Yun’s ears bleed.

At that moment, Wu Yun whipped out his pistol and shot into the gap between the two-headed wolf spider’s segmented limb. The neurotoxin caused the creature to fall limp very quickly. Wu Yun immediately rolled away, almost getting crushed.

Just as he got up, another two-headed wolf spider was about to smash his head open!

Zhou Yu took off and slid sideways in front of Wu Yun to forcefully catch the limb smashing down with both hands.

“Ugh—” Zhou Yu grunted from the exertion. At the same time as he pushed it away, he pulled out his gun and shot it in the eye.

At this moment, Isaac was surrounded by three two-headed wolf spiders, and the one controlled by Zhou Yu had already been killed by its kind.

His two bodyguards remained calm after being enlightened by Zhou Yu. They both drew their pistols to shoot the two-headed wolf spiders in the eyes.

But they were moving so fast that they kept missing the mark. And they were unable to move up while avoiding the bullets.

Just when one of the bodyguards was replacing the magazine, a two-headed wolf spider leaped up to Isaac’s face and looked like it was about to stab his body.

Wu Yun’s heart dropped. Zhou Yu took out his pistol and was about to aim at the gap in between the two-headed wolf spider’s limb segments, but Mo Ye pressed down the muzzle of his gun.

“Let’s see how much Mr. Eton is capable of.”

Only, the moment Isaac was in critical danger, he stepped one foot on top of the incoming limb to leap up. He then grabbed into the gap on the side of its carapace and, with a forceful swing, climbed onto its head.

“Oh…” Wu Yun was dumbstruck.

Isaac’s movements were so fast that his actions couldn’t be seen clearly.

Zhou Yu hummed lightly, took Wu Yun’s rocket launcher, and began to deal with the other approaching two-headed wolf spiders.

That two-headed wolf spider shook itself angrily. Isaac’s short flaxen hair was raised. He yanked it with one hand and sat on it steadily, then took out his gun and aimed a shot into the gap in the carapace on top of its head.

It was as if it had the power suddenly cut. It let out a cry, then collapsed.

But Zhou Yu sensed an unending stream of two-headed wolf spiders incoming.

Not only that, but there were also galloping perytons and white ferocities.

“Are you really sure you don’t need me to take care of them?” Mo Ye said with a smile and his arms crossed.

But Mo Ye knew very well that he wanted to give himself an opportunity to hone his skills.

The mastery of the ability needed practice.

“No need,” Zhou Yu replied.

He once again spread out his thoughts. To seize control of these two-headed wolf spiders from Turin was very difficult for him.

In that case, it was better to look for organisms that were more powerful than the two-headed wolf spiders.

“Are you sure you can control it?” Mo Ye raised the corners of his lips. It was obvious that what Zhou Yu was thinking in his head had aroused Mo Ye’s interest.

Zhou Yu gave a light hum.

Last time, he had clearly controlled the reverse scale dragon to severely injure the soaring serpent.

Although the duration was very short, Zhou Yu believed he would be even stronger this time.

His power stretched invisibly through the air, surging in all directions.

He felt different organisms, their forms, their senses, and their movements. Then his mind wrapped around a huge organism.

I choose you!

More and more two-headed wolf spiders surrounded them, and the rocket launcher looked like it was about to run out of ammo.

Wu Yun yanked Isaac over and returned to the helicopter, firing sonic shells everywhere to shake off the approaching two-headed wolf spiders.

Their limbs snapped and the powerful vibrations in the air tipped them over.

Their carapaces also cracked.

The helicopter equipped with sonic shells soon ran out of them and the pilot forced a takeoff. They weren’t even five meters off the ground when a two-headed wolf spider swooped in, causing the rotor blades to make a piercing sound before they were destroyed. The helicopter landed suddenly and the people in the cabin were violently shaken. The two-headed wolf spider was also severed and fell on the helicopter, denting the top and almost hitting Isaac.

Wu Yun yanked him by the collar and questioned him in an icy voice, “Is this the result you wanted?”

It almost cost everyone their lives, but Turin still didn’t show up!

More and more two-headed wolf spiders surrounded the helicopter, plus the white ferocities that were rushing over. The situation was critical and the people trapped in the helicopter were in danger!

Just at this time, something came dashing wildly from between the tall ancient trees, bringing a momentum of destruction with it by crashing through all the organisms in its way. An enormous shadow shrouded the helicopter.

Wu Yun looked out of the shattered window and was stunned to find a behemoth looming over their heads.

“Oh my god…”

It was an overlord silver spider!

The overlord silver spider shook its claws, and the two-headed wolf spiders and white ferocities a few meters away from the helicopter were all swept out.

Its segmented limbs punctured the ground, sharply crushing two two-headed wolf spiders. The silk threads it spat out were strong and powerful, and they instantly pierced through about a dozen two-headed wolf spiders and white ferocities and into the tree trunks in the distance.

With its thoroughly imposing presence, it intimidated the organisms that were around it.

“That’s so fricking… cool!” Wu Yun had looked dumbfounded.

A slow smile pulled up on Isaac’s lips.

Sweat dripped down from the corners of Zhou Yu’s forehead.

Manipulating such a huge organism made Zhou Yu experience, for the first time, the feeling of his brain nerves being strained to the point of breaking at any moment. It was as if he had entered this overlord silver spider, becoming one with it, experiencing its every movement as well as its every judgment.

Isaac stepped out of the completely deformed helicopter. He clapped his hands as he walked up to Zhou Yu. “That was impressive.”

Just as his fingers were about to brush the sweat on the corner of Zhou Yu’s forehead, Mo Ye clasped Isaac’s wrist. His gaze, which had originally been marked with a playful smile, was like the brandishing of a thousand sharp blades glinting with a cold light.

“He’s not for you to touch.”

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“Ieq’po we megophqt jfnj Jqpzc mpernrti zwc’j uezcu je pzws wfegzcu qm.” Zwnnk jqpcoa je tees zcje jfo azwjncko.

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“Zj’w Jqpzc!”

Wnizcu jfnj, Bfeq Iq anpjoa zc jfo azpokjzec jfo rqttoj knlo hpel.

“Mo Ye—”

Mo Ye followed closely behind.

The overlord silver spider caught up to them. Zhou Yu and Mo Ye grabbed its carapace from either side and leaped onto its back to give chase.

Isaac stood there, smiling helplessly. “Did they even consider my survival?”

Wu Yun found a gun from the destroyed helicopter and threw it to Isaac. “I believe Mr. Eton can protect himself. It’s better to leave such a difficult and highly technical matter like chasing after Turin to them.”

The overlord silver spider was extremely fast, and when faced with obstacles blocking its way, it either leaped high or crashed straight through.

Zhou Yu was on a bumpy ride. An ordinary person’s internal organs would have been jolted out, but Zhou Yu’s expression didn’t change.

Mo Ye was sitting behind Zhou Yu with one hand holding his waist. He said into his ear: “Mr. Eton is watching your back.”

“The only thing he can see from that angle is your back,” Zhou Yu replied coldly.

At this moment, he could sense that Turin was flying on a black-backed pterodactyl.

The black-backed pterodactyl was the fastest of the flying dragon-like organisms in Nibelungen. Its size was only one-half of an overlord silver spider, but its attacks were powerful. According to Zhou Yu’s memories from Elpis, the black-backed pterodactyl could pierce through a mountain. It was almost impossible for Zhou Yu to catch up to it on the overlord silver spider.

Zhou Yu released his power and chased after Turin, trying to control that black-backed pterodactyl.

But just as he infiltrated its body, he was driven out by a force with absolute command.

Zhou Yu stepped backwards and leaned right into Mo Ye’s arms.


His head was in terrible pain, and his ears were ringing. His entire being seemed to have disassociated to somewhere beyond this world.

Mo Ye held tightly onto Zhou Yu. He said seriously: “I’ll handle it!”

Zhou Yu could feel Mo Ye’s thoughts like the spreading radiation of an erupting universe. As it locked in on that black-backed pterodactyl, it quickly gathered and coalesced into a tremendous force that conquered it in an instant.

And the power that was controlling it was stamped out firmly.

The black-backed pterodactyl let out a chirp, reversed its direction, and flew towards Zhou Yu, Mo Ye, and the rest of them.

Sitting on top of it, Turin showed an astonished expression. He hadn’t expected that he still wouldn’t be out of the range of Mo Ye’s ability even after utilizing the black-backed pterodactyl’s high speeds to pull away a great distance.

At this moment, Mo Ye was focused. That force tried to take back control of the black-backed pterodactyl from Mo Ye, and the two forces tangled together in a clash inside the organism.

In the end, the black-backed pterodactyl couldn’t withstand the pressure and nosedived at breakneck speed. Turin jumped down from it at the most critical moment and it crashed into the ground with a loud bang, smashing out a crater like a meteorite. Debris crumbled and as the smoke dispersed, Zhou Yu saw Turin running furiously and trying to leave.

The overlord silver spider sprinted forward, while Mo Ye had his gaze locked on Turin’s back.

Turin suddenly fell down, and he immediately felt as if his limbs were out of control.

Zhou Yu’s overlord silver spider had already arrived in front of Turin, and he looked down at him from above.

Turin was still struggling, but he couldn’t get rid of Mo Ye’s shackles.

Mo Ye clenched his fist. He was constantly being battered by Di Xin’s power in Turin’s body. Zhou Yu sensed this invisible war and knew that Mo Ye couldn’t hold on for long, so he promptly raised his gun, aimed it at Turin’s head, and pulled the trigger.

As the gun went off, a black figure darted in and knocked Turin down to the side.

It was the black-backed pterodactyl that had just crashed into the ground. It was being controlled by Di Xin as Zhou Yu’s bullet struck it and it saved Turin with its last breath.

It looked in Turin’s direction with fear and an unwillingness to die in its eyes.

Zhou Yu immediately pivoted and fired a second shot at Turin. To his surprise, the overlord silver spider underneath him gave a violent shake, throwing off both him and Mo Ye.

“What’s going on?!”

Zhou Yu and Mo Ye both landed on the ground. The overlord silver spider unexpectedly swung its claws at them, hacking down an ancient tree. Luckily, Zhou Yu and Mo Ye reacted quickly, or else they would have been smashed.

Zhou Yu then realized that it was Di Xin who had taken control of the overlord silver spider they were riding on while Mo Ye was controlling Turin’s body.

Zhou Yu tried to regain control of it, but Di Xin didn’t give him a chance to do so.

Before Di Xin’s formidable power, Zhou Yu was like a child, completely unable to dislodge him.

With each step Mo Ye took towards Turin, Turin’s headache became more and more intense.

He curled up his body and clutched both sides of his head with his hands, but he couldn’t restrain Mo Ye’s power from gushing out from the depths of his mind, as if it wanted to break out from the bounds of his skull and be set free in all directions.

“Ah—” Turin was still resisting.

Mo Ye strangled him mercilessly.

Seeing that the overlord silver spider spat out a strong silk thread that was about to stab into Mo Ye, Zhou Yu leaped up and yanked on the silk thread that was like a steel rope. It grazed Mo Ye’s waist and pierced the ground, making a loud noise.

The moment Mo Ye was about to destroy the Turin once and for all, his vision went dark and he stumbled backwards.

Di Xin countered and reversed the flow of Mo Ye’s power at the most critical moment.

A drawling and elegant voice rang out deep in Mo Ye’s mind.

It sounded gentle and mellow, but it had the feeling of apathy and indifference towards life.

“Child, you are not yet my opponent.”

Seeing that the raised limb of the overlord silver spider was about to smash into Mo Ye, Zhou Yu leaped in. His heart tightened as he rushed over recklessly. His power forcibly seeped into the overlord silver spider’s nerves, merging with another force and firmly wrestling control away from Di Xin to supplant him!

The overlord silver spider stalled there, then staggered backwards.

Zhou Yu didn’t expect that his and Mo Ye’s combined forces could suppress Di Xin!

As they were battling Di Xin’s power, Turin climbed up and fled desperately.

An El Nino water dragon happened to fly by and it clasped onto Turin’s shoulder, taking him away.

As Turin flew farther and farther away, Di Xin’s power was completely withdrawn from the body of the overlord silver spider, while Mo Ye and Zhou Yu’s power gushed out like a flood. The body of the overlord silver spider was momentarily unable to withstand it and it shook and trembled as if it was about to break.

Zhou Yu forced in a deep breath. This was the first time he had directly experienced just how strong Di Xin was since he received the power of an S rank organism.

Mo Ye raised his hand and smoothed the hair in front of his forehead to the back. He held down his forehead and tilted his face up.

“How does it feel?” Mo Ye asked.

“It’s like dying once and coming back to life,” Zhou Yu replied.

“Turin got away again.” Mo Ye took two steps back and leaned against the fallen tree.

Zhou Yu looked down at him. “Unless we can defeat Di Xin, Turin won’t be easy to get rid of. And compared to the last time we confronted Turin, this time he cut a much sorrier figure. This means that we’re not far from surpassing Di Xin.”

Mo Ye lowered his hand and slowly opened his eyes, which were bloodshot. His internal organs and cells likely received damage, and if it had continued, Zhou Yu didn’t dare imagine what would happen.

“You’re so confident, Zhou Yu.” Mo Ye cocked his head and smiled.

Compared to his determination to kill Turin just now, he was as naïve as a child at this moment.

“I received your power, so I’m confident.”

And when he had fused with Mo Ye’s power, Zhou Yu felt amazing, like he was conquering the world.

Mo Ye lazily extended his hand towards Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu lowered his body, and the moment those fingertips just touched him, he was yanked down by them.

The force was so great that Zhou Yu stumbled. Mo Ye’s other hand was on Zhou Yu’s waist and it pressed him down to sit on Mo Ye.

Mo Ye tilted his head to look at Zhou Yu.

“All I gave you was a grain of sand. You made a world out of it.”

The overlord silver spider behind them moved. Zhou Yu was about to turn back in alarm when Mo Ye pulled him down by his collar and kissed him on the lips without warning.

A force shoved into Zhou Yu’s mouth as if it wanted to take over every cell in his body.

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Gfoc Bfeq Iq mqwfoa Le Io’w jecuqo eqj, jfoi fna toww jfnc ozufj wokecaw eh powj. Jfozp wjztt keetzcu rponjfw lzcutzcu, Bfeq Iq hzopkoti szwwoa Le Io, levzcu npeqca zc fzw leqjf nca wtzazcu evop fzw qmmop mntnjo. Le Io roknlo ovoc lepo zcvzuepnjoa nca ktnwmoa jfo rnks eh Bfeq Iq’w gnzwj je wjnca qm, rqj fo gnw mpowwoa aegc ri Bfeq Iq.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t restrain Zhou Yu, but at this moment, he didn’t want to do that at all.

This was the privilege he gave Zhou Yu. The privilege of conquering him.

They desired each other, and although Mo Ye could clearly feel Zhou Yu’s possessiveness in his mind, he didn’t feel angry. On the contrary, it was addicting, and it made him kiss Zhou Yu even more intensely.

With the surging of lust, Mo Ye became more and more unable to hold back. He flipped Zhou Yu over, forcing him down and kissing him intensely.

He didn’t understand why humans had to use such a way to express the feelings in their hearts.

Because what he wanted to make Zhou Yu feel was much more than that.

This time, no matter how Zhou Yu tried to counterattack, he was firmly suppressed by Mo Ye.

You are mine.

You can only be mine.

I won’t give you any chance to leave me!

I will destroy you, crush you into the finest dust, and ingrain you in every crevice of my body!

It was not until dusk approached that Zhou Yu and Mo Ye separated.

Zhou Yu turned around, only to find that the overlord silver spider had long been banished by Mo Ye.

“Ieq sceg, Z wfeqta hqks ieq fopo,” Le Io wnza gzjf n jonwzcu wlzto.

“Z azac’j oxmokj ieq je fnvo wqkf n mopvopjoa ferri,” Bfeq Iq wnza.

“Gfnj mopvopjoa ferri?”

“Doing it while letting that overlord silver spider watch.”

“It left a long time ago, when you took the initiative to kiss me.”


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