Laws of the Other World Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Zhou Yu vs Isaac

“You won’t be easily bribed by this nutrient solution, right?” Mo Ye looked at Zhou Yu seriously.

“What do you think?” Zhou Yu gave Mo Ye an amused look and hooked his finger towards him. “If you’re that worried that I’ll be bought out by him, you can also give me a taste of what you have to offer.”

“Like how?” Mo Ye was interested, and he returned to Zhou Yu’s side to sit down. He had one arm propped up beside Zhou Yu and he leaned his body forward to look into Zhou Yu’s eyes.

“Like… giving me a little something to make my blood stir. Under the condition that you don’t touch me or read my mind, just like a human attracting another human.” Zhou Yu smiled as he lay on his side, his collar casually open and the outline of his neck full of tension where he turned to look sideways at Mo Ye.

Mo Ye’s eyes were glued to Zhou Yu’s body.

“What? You can’t? Or can you only use your innate ability as an S rank organism? From that perspective, you’ve already lost to Isaac Eton.”

Mo Ye spoke slowly, “I was just thinking, whether it’s Isaac Eton or anyone else, like Wu Yun, they must not have seen you like this before. You give off the impression that you’re a bit cold, in control of yourself, and someone who conceals and buries your needs and desires. Not someone like this… who can tell me what you want.”

Zhou Yu looked down and laughed, reminding him, “The rules of the game are: don’t touch me and don’t show me what’s in your head.”

Mo Ye also laughed easily, his body leaned back against the wall. His gaze locked with Zhou Yu’s, and at that moment, Zhou Yu had the illusion of his heart sinking. Mo Ye slowly stretched out his tongue and licked over the corner of his lips, light and shadow seeming to follow his movements. He raised his hand and gently hooked open his collar. In front of Zhou Yu, he slowly set his legs on either side of Zhou Yu, but deliberately did not touch him.

Mo Ye retracted his tongue. He smiled as he stared at Zhou Yu, pulling his collar lower and lower until Zhou Yu could see half of his collarbone.

If the same action were to be done by others, it would look vulgar. But Mo Ye was different; he was naturally an exceptional beauty.

The view from all angles and even the most subtle of expressions was like it had been calculated. Every thread and every hair existed to make Zhou Yu’s heart beat.

Zhou Yu clenched his fingers. Blood from his limbs instantly rushed to his lower abdomen, as if it would burst open in that instant.

Fo fna rooc evopjqpcoa nca apegcoa ri fzw aowzpo. Jfo ecti jfzcu fo gncjoa nj jfzw lelocj gnw je jonp nmnpj jfo ieqcu lnc zc hpecj eh fzl nca wgntteg fzl zcje fzw rotti.

Le Io knpohqtti erwopvoa Bfeq Iq’w oxmpowwzec.

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Bfeq Iq wqaaocti wjpnzufjocoa fzw rnks nca upnrroa Le Io’w wfeqtaopw, hepkohqtti mpowwzcu aegc.

“Z’tt hqks ieq je aonjf!”

Jfo nzp wooloa je ro rqpczcu qm. Bfeq Iq ktnwmoa Le Io nca szwwoa fzl gzjf nrncaec.

Yqwj nw Le Io pnzwoa fzw fnca je feta Bfeq Iq, Bfeq Iq mzccoa fzw gpzwj nunzcwj jfo gntt pnjfop zlmnjzocjti.

Fo gncjoa je jnso kecjpet eh fzl, nca je ocuqth fzl.

Mo Ye responded to Zhou Yu, slowly dragging him from reason to the height of madness. When Zhou Yu released his wrist and turned to tug at the hem of his shirt, he pushed Zhou Yu down.

Caught off guard, Zhou Yu’s back had already hit the mattress.

The sides of attack and defense had switched. Zhou Yu wanted to resist, but he missed the best timing, and Mo Ye’s strength was absolutely not to be trifled with.

His hands roamed Zhou Yu’s body, as if to squeeze into his flesh and blood and crush his bones.

The boiling blood in his body was about to get out of control.

Zhou Yu’s knees tried one last time to push Mo Ye up, but they only brushed past Mo Ye’s waist.

He was like a magnificent beast, arrogantly monopolizing his prey’s line of sight and patiently waiting for his prey to lose focus. Then, at the most dangerous moment, he would destroy everything.

Zhou Yu fell into complete madness. Although he had an agreement with Mo Ye to not read his mind, Zhou Yu still couldn’t help taking the initiative to enter his mind.

It was like a collision of souls, a criss-crossing of all of their obsessions and longings. Zhou Yu couldn’t tell whether it was his own feelings or Mo Ye’s.

When all the ups and downs of such madness finally became calm, Zhou Yu was lying on his stomach. With his eyes closed, he could feel Mo Ye’s weight pressing on him and his body temperature.

Mo Ye’s breathing was heavy like the falling canopy of the sky, and like a wave that the entire planet could not bear the weight of.

“Are you satisfied…?” Zhou Yu asked in a hoarse voice.

“Not satisfied. You didn’t scream.” Mo Ye kissed the top of Zhou Yu’s head.

“Azac’j ieq wni ieq geqtac’j jem lo zc jfzw rnwo?” Bfeq Iq wfej rnks.

Fzw rponjfzcu fna kntloa aegc, nca ntjfequf fo gnw oxfnqwjoa hpel Le Io’w tnks eh powjpnzcj, jfopo gnw n reco-aoom hootzcu eh wnjzwhnkjzec.

“Jfnj’w roknqwo Z jfzcs jfzw rnwo rotecuw je Yqtz Kepm. Rqj Z aec’j hoot jfo cooa je ro we mnpjzkqtnp ceg. Ntjfequf jfo rnwo nca ovoc jfzw mnjfojzkntti wlntt aepl peel rotecu je Yqtz Kepm, jfo zcwzao eh ieqp reai zw lzco. Nca ecti Z knc ue jfopo.” Le Io levoa wtegti, tzso fo gncjoa je ue nj zj nunzc.

“Wkpog ehh.” Bfeq Iq hpegcoa.

Le Io gnw tzso n kfzta gfe fna onjoc kncai hep jfo hzpwj jzlo. N gepta gfopo fo fnac’j jnwjoa htnvep rohepo hzcntti fna n cog wocwnjzec, cej je locjzec jfzw wocwnjzec fna n aonati nttqpo. Fo fna kelmtojoti uzvoc qm ec woth-kecjpet nca aokzaoa je zcaqtuo fzlwoth.

Fegovop, Bfeq Iq hotj jfnj fo wfeqta lnso Le Io qcaopwjnca cej je evopae zj.

But Mo Ye hugged Zhou Yu tight, and just as he was about to start moving, Zhou Yu elbowed him hard.

At that moment, Mo Ye felt a powerful force enter his mind and control his body. Although it was only a few seconds before he crushed the force and pushed it out, Zhou Yu had gotten up to pick up his clothes from the ground and put them on.

His legs were slender and strong, and the line of his back when he bent down was smooth and pleasing to the eye.

Mo Ye stared unwaveringly at Zhou Yu’s legs until Zhou Yu finished dressing.

“Where are you going?”

“Bathroom. I feel sticky.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“Not a chance.” Zhou Yu knew what Mo Ye wanted.

It was the case from the time he disguised himself as a night spirit and showered with Zhou Yu. When he had looked at Zhou Yu with such pure eyes, who knew what was in his head.

He walked down the corridor. Most people were already asleep at this time.

The initial soreness in Zhou Yu’s lower back and the bones that were cracked seemed to have recovered and healed. He walked into the bathroom and started to shower.

He knew that Mo Ye had followed him and he also knew that he was sitting right outside the cubicle door.

As warm water streamed down from his head, Zhou Yu’s mind gradually became clearer.

Fo toj eqj n rponjf nca wqaaocti jfequfj eh welojfzcu jfnj knqwoa fzl je wtnm jfo kqrzkto aeep gzjf hepko.

“Rnwjnpa, Z’l cej uezcu je azo tzso jfewo fqlncw gfe gopo woaqkoa, nl Z?”

“Npo ieq nhpnza eh aizcu?” Jfopo gnw n fzcj eh pzazkqto zc Le Io’w vezko.

“Zj geqta ro n gnwjo je azo tzso jfnj,” Bfeq Iq pomtzoa.


“Z fnvoc’j jemmoa ieq ioj.” Bfeq Iq jqpcoa ehh jfo gnjop nca gntsoa eqj gzjf n rnjf jegot gpnmmoa npeqca fzl.

Le Io hpebo wtzufjti, jfoc fzw wlzto roknlo lepo mpeceqckoa. “Zj aeow weqca tzso n teww. We… ce lnjjop gfnj fnmmocw, ieq knc’j azo.”

Bfeq Iq kpewwoa fzw nplw nca fqlloa tzufjti, “Zj weqcaw nw zh ieq’tt toj lo jem.”

Le Io wjpojkfoa eqj fzw npl je fees Bfeq Iq’w rnjf jegot, rqj zj gnw upnrroa ri Bfeq Iq.

“If I find out that you did to me what Di Xin did to that female researcher, I’ll kill you.” Zhou Yu looked down at Mo Ye.

Mo Ye didn’t try to hook Zhou Yu’s bath towel, but he grabbed Zhou Yu’s wrist and dragged him towards himself, then encircled his waist.

He tilted his face up and looked at Zhou Yu with a sincere gaze. “How could I possibly do that? I don’t need offspring; pleasure is more important to me.”

Zhou Yu laughed lightly, then lowered his face to kiss Mo Ye’s forehead.

“Can we do it once here?” Mo Ye looked at Zhou Yu with those extremely beautiful eyes.

Zhou Yu knocked on his head. “Go back and sleep.”

Mo Ye showed a disappointed expression, like his eyes were covered by a layer of watery mist.

Zhou Yu, however, did not sympathize with him at all. He moved his arm away and walked towards the door.

Mo Ye followed behind him awkwardly.

After waking up the next day, Zhou Yu went to Isaac Eton’s office.

“I’m surprised you took the initiative to come to me.” Isaac had his fingers interlocked over his desk as he looked at Zhou Yu.

“I want to know, are you going to store me like a specimen in this base, or are you going to let me go outside?”

“What? I thought most field agents don’t really want to go outside. Instead of going outside and risking your life, you should stay inside the base until your contract expires and then get paid to enjoy life of ease. Your previous assignments have been dangerous, haven’t they? Or do you enjoy the thrill of putting your life on the line?” Isaac asked with a smile.

“I’m a different person than how I was then. I need the chance to control of my powers. Or maybe you’re afraid I’m moving further and further away from the boundaries of what you can control?” Zhou Yu lowered himself and looked into Isaac Eton’s eyes.

Isaac paused for less than a second before suddenly crossing his arms and laughing out loud.

“Have you forgotten what I said to you? I want to know how far you can go. As for whether you’ll be out of my control, what does it matter? I’m under the control of others myself.” Isaac stood up and snapped his fingers. “Let’s go to the combat room. Show me what you’re made of.”

It wasn’t like Zhou Yu hadn’t seen Isaac’s abilities before. He was interested in this proposal.

“If I break your neck, don’t regret it.”

Isaac propped himself up on the table and laughed.

He took out another bottle of nutrient solution from the cooler and pushed it in front of Zhou Yu. “As long as you can make me concede within three minutes, I’ll let you go outside.”

Although Zhou Yu wasn’t one to fight for dominance, what Isaac meant when he said “concede” once again galvanized Zhou Yu.

After opening the nutrient solution and draining it in one go, Zhou Yu raised his chin. “Let’s go!”

“Aren’t you afraid that that bottle of nutrient solution will have problems?” Isaac said, amused.

“If there’s a problem, I’ve already drunk it.”

The two men arrived at the combat room. Isaac used the broadcasting system to have everyone using the room to leave, then he and Zhou Yu both walked in.

Isaac took off his suit jacket, rolled up the cuffs of his shirt, and made a “come on” gesture at Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu looked over the other man from head to toe and said, “If you lose, don’t complain that your pants were limiting your abilities.”

“Of course not.”

As those words fell, Zhou Yu suddenly darted in and the first punch fell straight onto Isaac’s face. Isaac’s eyes widened. The feeling of the cutting wind was palpable.

The moment Isaac dodged sideways, Zhou Yu’s knee attacked the side of his waist. The punch just now had been a feint.

Isaac stretched out his hand to block Zhou Yu’s knee, but he was shaken by the strength of the blow to the point where the palm of his hand felt numb.

Zhou Yu’s attack speed was getting faster and faster. His punches were sharp, and the speed and power of his leg strikes were several times that of an ordinary person’s.

Isaac was kicked out by Zhou Yu, and he landed on the ground.

He coughed, and there was finally a hint of distress on his always-calm face.

But Zhou Yu didn’t intend to give him a chance to catch his breath. He took a large stride forward and raised his heel to strike the top of Isaac’s head.

Isaac dodged with one hand on the ground.

He gave Zhou Yu a surprised look and showed a playful smile.

“I wouldn’t have imagined.”

“Imagined what?” Zhou Yu’s voice was cold and oppressive.

“I thought that you would be better at landing a blow on your opponent during defense rather than on the attack side. It turns out that I thought wrong.”


Zhou Yu appeared in front of Isaac once again. His left elbow aimed at his sternum, then he suddenly side slashed his hand at Isaac’s waist. Isaac’s reaction was much faster than just now, blocking Zhou Yu’s hand and turning to kick hard at Zhou Yu’s calf.

Isaac had definitely been trained as a professional fighter, and what he attacked were the vulnerable parts of joints during movement.

The two of them fought three or four rounds in a few seconds.

Each time Zhou Yu avoided Isaac, it looked like his movements had been carefully calculated by a computer, but in fact, every moment had been extremely perilous.

And Isaac also found that both Zhou Yu’s offense and defense had no superfluous actions. He wasn’t sloppy while he also shorten his reaction time.

Another punch, then Zhou Yu side-stepped Isaac’s attack and hit him hard in the chest from between Isaac’s arms.

The sound of a cracking sternum was loud, and Isaac fell backwards.

With such an injury, he wouldn’t recover for a while.

Falling to the ground, Isaac gritted his teeth and endured the severe pain.

Zhou Yu came to his side and lightly kicked his arm with his toe. “Hey, did you concede yet?”

In that instant, Isaac’s gaze flashed coldly and he suddenly pulled on Zhou Yu’s calf.

Zhou Yu lifted his other leg and made to stomp down on Isaac’s already-cracked sternum. Isaac not only dodged him, but he also made Zhou Yu lose his balance and fall down.

As Zhou Yu fell to the ground, Isaac strangled his neck, his legs holding Zhou Yu in a lock.

“Ugh…” Zhou Yu tried to break Isaac’s arms, but Isaac just wouldn’t let go.

“Do you concede?” Isaac was almost speaking into Zhou Yu’s ear.

Without turning around, Zhou Yu could imagine the smile on Isaac’s lips.

Except for Mo Ye, Zhou Yu wasn’t used to being this close to anyone. Zhou Yu gritted his teeth and fiercely pinched his fingers into Isaac’s arm until it cracked.

“Ugh…” Isaac clenched his teeth and made a muffled sound.

This kind of injury could heal afterwards, but the pain was extremely real.

But Isaac didn’t intend to let go. Instead, he strangled Zhou Yu’s throat even harder.

With a crack, Zhou Yu completely broke Isaac’s arm.

Zhou Yu stood up shakily. Seeing that Isaac’s forehead was still covered with cold sweat, he knew that he was in great pain.

“Hey, did you concede yet? If you still don’t concede, I can break your other arm.”

Isaac breathed out, speechless.

“I concede.”

“Do you need to see a doctor?” Zhou Yu raised his chin.

“No. I’ll go back and drink a little nutrient solution. It’ll heal itself.”

“Then what about what you promised me?”

“Follow me.” Isaac walked to the door and indicated with his chin to the suit he had taken off there.

Zhou Yu complied and grabbed his suit off the floor to casually sling it over his shoulder.

“Can you not be so sexy all the time?” Isaac said before opening the door and exiting.


“I’ll do something to make your Mo Ye jealous.”

With that, Isaac walked out.

The two walked down the passageway in a single file and met Dr. Cook less than ten meters away.

Her expression changed when she saw that Isaac was pressing down on his own still-bleeding arm.

“What’s going on here?”

“Nothing. I was clawed by the lion I keep.” Isaac was unconcerned as he walked past Cook.

But Cook grabbed Isaac’s shoulder. She lowered her voice and said, “Don’t forget who this body belongs to.”

“It belongs to me, of course.” Isaac smiled and gestured for Cook to let go of himself.

Cook opened her mouth, but then turned away and left.

Isaac continued on and returned to his office.

He opened the cooler, took out a bottle of nutrient solution, and pushed it in front of Zhou Yu with one hand.

He didn’t mean to give it to Zhou Yu to drink. Zhou Yu opened the bottle cap for him and Isaac finished the nutrient solution with the same noble demeanor as before.

“I know that if you are sent to hunt down Song Lin, it definitely won’t work,” Isaac said.


“So, the prey I’m giving you is Di Xin.”

When Isaac finished speaking, Zhou Yu was surprised.

“You think I can be Di Xin’s opponent?”

“Not now, but maybe in time? Dr. Turin once tried to control Di Xin, but now he’s being controlled by Di Xin instead. That’s because he knows that as powerful as Di Xin is, it’s better to borrow his power rather than to conquer him. But you’re different. You’re able to fuse with the genes of an S rank organism and you can obtain the power of an S rank organism. You’re a huge temptation for Juli Corp and even for that Mr. Eton who’s seeking eternal life. This temptation exceeds even Nibelungen itself, and Juli Corp will spare no effort to control you as their exclusive subject. If you want to rid the corporation of this idea, the most intuitive way is to tell them… that you’re so powerful that they simply can’t harness it. This way, the situation can be reversed, and Juli Corp may be as dependent on you as Turin is on Di Xin.”

Isaac’s words made Zhou Yu freeze.

“Mr. Eton, do you know that if Dr. Cook hears those words, she’ll tell Juli Corp’s upper management exactly what you said?”

“That’s why I’m saying them to you, and not to Cook.” Isaac smiled and tossed out an aerial photo before of Zhou Yu. “This is the Great Ice Rift Valley. Its length and depth are similar to the Great Rift Valley of Africa in our human world, but the difference is that this section is covered by ice and snow. Its temperature is equivalent to minus twenty-six degrees Celsius.”

Zhou Yu looked at Isaac and gestured for him to continue.

“We suspect that Di Xin is here.”

“Why would he stay in such a desolate and icy place?”

“You should know that there’s a virus spreading in Nibelungen that deprives organisms of the ability to reproduce and heal themselves, right? According to our speculations, Di Xin should also have been infected with this virus. He once fought a great battle against Song Lin, who hadn’t lost his abilities yet, and he almost killed Song Lin, but Song Lin injured him.”

“If he was infected with this virus, wouldn’t it be hard for him to heal from the wound Song Lin gave him?”

Isaac smiled. “This is why I like talking to smart people. It’s true that it’s hard for him to heal himself. To reduce the replication rate of the virus, temperature is also a good option.”

“You’re saying that Di Xin is staying in the Great Ice Rift Valley to lower the replication rate of the virus by using low temperatures.”

“That’s what I believe. Are you interested in going to take a look?”

“Of course.”

“Aren’t you afraid of dying at Di Xin’s hands?”

“I can walk there slowly, can’t I?”

He could practice how to harness his powers along the way.

“Although my authority is higher than Cook’s, Cook has direct reporting privileges to the corporation. If you and Mo Ye leave the base, Wu Yun will stay here.”

“I understand.”

“I’ll give you half a month’s time. Half a month to enter the Great Ice Rift Valley, not to have a showdown with Di Xin, but to confirm if he’s there and what his condition is. We can’t let the helicopter fly any closer since he can easily control organisms to destroy it.”


“You can go make preparations.” Isaac tilted his chin up.

“Thanks.” Zhou Yu left the office.

Isaac looked towards his back, even after Zhou Yu closed the door behind him.

“I hope I made the right decision…”


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