Laws of the Other World Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Now This Is True Beauty

Just when Isaac was about to press down and shoot through the other man’s head, Zhou Yu suddenly raised his gun.

“Mr. Eton, are you sure you want to kill another person in front of so many employees?” Zhou Yu asked in a cold voice.

Isaac met Zhou Yu’s eyes and then showed a shallow smile.

In an instant, killing intent appeared in that gentle smile. He extremely skillfully dislocated Zhou Yu’s wrist and aimed the gun at Zhou Yu chest, shooting at an unexpected speed.

Wu Yun stood up in shock, and not too far away, Han Li’s wine glass also fell. Accompanied by the sound of glass shattering, Zhou Yu turned to the side while raising his hand with lightning speed to unload Isaac’s ammunition. His arm was pressed to Isaac’s throat as he slammed him back against the dining table.

The dining table shook violently.

Zhou Yu looked at his opponent coldly while Isaac’s bodyguards all drew their guns and pointed them in Zhou Yu’s direction at the same time.

Isaac was lying on the table, his short flaxen hair flipped back. It revealed his forehead and made his nose appear even taller.

He smiled, unconcerned, and then smashed the unloaded gun into Zhou Yu’s back.

Zhou Yu dodged it sharply while Isaac stood up and elegantly tidied up his suit.

“Your skills are quite good.”

“Thanks,” Zhou Yu replied.

“You’re right. There are so many employees who work for Juli Corp here, how can I keep killing people in front of them?” Isaac raised his hand and his bodyguards put away their guns.

He came before that field agent and reached up to straighten his collar.

“Z aec’j cooa ieq je mqj qm n hntwo mpojocwo! Yqwj sztt lo gzjf eco wfej! Toj ovopieco fopo woo ieqp hnko ktonpti!”

“Z azac’j wni ieq geqta tzvo gott. Gfoc ieq mtnccoa ntt eh jfzw, ieq ntponai vzetnjoa ieqp nupoolocj gzjf Yqtz Kepm. Zj’w jzlo hep ovopieco je qcaopwjnca gfnj szca eh mpejokjzec Yqtz Kepm mpevzaow hep ntt eh qw zc jfzw gepta.”

Saying that, two bodyguards detained the field agent from both sides and expelled him from the base.

The TV screen in the dining hall was no longer playing a music video, but surveillance footage of the world outside the base.

The field agent stood outside the base’s doors. Despite the righteous expression still on his face, his trembling shoulders betrayed his fear.

Mr. Eton looked at everyone in the dining hall and smiled, saying, “Let’s continue our meal and forget about the unpleasantness just now.”

Wu Yun snorted softly, “That’s pretty hypocritical.”

Meanwhile, something was surging through the sand outside the base.

Everyone lifted their heads to look in that direction.

Several linear sandworms sprang out from within the sand, opened their big mouths, and bit the field agent in half across the middle. They then dragged him under the sand.

This scene was extremely shocking.

“Ah—” A few of the new female researchers screamed.

The others hurriedly looked away.

Although such a thing happened outside of the base, they could very well be next, so they all felt uneasy.

This wasn’t the first time Zhou Yu and Wu Yun had been witness to such a scene, but they were still extremely uncomfortable inside.

The dinner that had been highly anticipated ended in such an atmosphere.

Zhou Yu and Mo Ye went back to their dormitory.

Just as they walked through the door, Mo Ye flipped Zhou Yu onto the bed.

Zhou Yu, who hadn’t sensed Mo Ye’s thoughts at all, was slightly surprised. He quickly raised his leg to kick Mo Ye but Mo Ye steadily held his ankle.

“Hey—What’s wrong with you now?” Zhou Yu tilted his head and looked at Mo Ye.

But deep in the heart, there was an inexplicable sense of expectation.

What was this brat going to do to him this time?

And what method will he use to make him lose control?

The jittery feeling made his heart itch.

If it could be said that Mo Ye was addicted to him, then how could he not also be addicted to Mo Ye?

Mo Ye didn’t let go of Zhou Yu’s ankle, but slowly folded up Zhou Yu’s leg. He lowered himself and kissed Zhou Yu’s knee through his camouflage pants.

The smile disappeared from his face and for the first time, Zhou Yu couldn’t read his emotions. His ice-cold and desireless expression also had an elusive kind of appeal.

“I was going to tie you up with a belt.” Mo Ye’s voice rang out, like a glass of aged red wine with a mellow texture that had to be savored carefully.

“Will a belt work on me?” Zhou Yu didn’t bother resisting and simply lay there, looking at him.

“Isaac Eton is very interested in you.” Mo Ye had one knee on the side of Zhou Yu’s bed as he lifted Zhou Yu’s raised leg to the shoulder. He slowly bent down, hands propped up on Zhou Yu’s pillow.

Their posture was considerably provocative.

“Oh, you can read what Isaac Eton is thinking?” Zhou Yu asked in disbelief.

“I don’t need to read him, it’s enough to see it with my eyes.”

Mo Ye’s left hand hooked over Zhou Yu’s earlobe and his fingers came to the nape of his neck. He unbuttoned his camouflage uniform with one hand, reached in, and lingered near his collarbone.

“Oh, what do your eyes see?” Zhou Yu tilted his head and looked at Mo Ye with an expression like he was looking at an unruly child.

“As his wrists swirled his glass of red wine, his eyes were wrapped around your waist. When he is having a taste of the wine, he is having a taste of you.” Mo Ye completely got on top, his gaze burning and the blood in his palms hot enough to boil.

“I always thought that was something only you would do.” Zhou Yu propped up his upper body, and although they were in a pretty twisted position, he kissed Mo Ye’s lips.

That was a masculine kiss, with no indirect ambiguity and full of an explosive sense of intensity.

Mo Ye didn’t speak and only pressed down. The air seemed to be on fire.

His tongue swept through every corner of Zhou Yu’s mouth, forcefully declaring sovereignty. This wasn’t a gentle show of love, but more like unbridled plundering.

There was a power in his body that was about to burst, but he wanted to release it into Zhou Yu.

It lasted until Zhou Yu slapped Mo Ye’s back and warned Mo Ye in his head not to go too far.

But Mo Ye refused to stop there. In his mind, Zhou Yu saw an image of Isaac Eton.

No matter how he looked at it, that kind of suggestive gaze paired with an enticing smile was a product that had been through Mo Ye’s “psychological processing.”

Kissing wasn’t enough to vent Mo Ye’s emotions. This time, Zhou Yu taught Mo Ye how to take care of it himself.

The cramped room was filled with a male scent and Mo Ye’s smell was extremely strong.

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“Anlc zj…” Bfeq Iq teesoa nj Le Io’w wgonj-wensoa hepofona nca kqpwoa zc n teg vezko.

“Do you want me to help you?” Mo Ye’s husky voice rang out.

“No need.” Although the smell in the air did make him have an urge to.

“Holding back is harmful,” Mo Ye said with a smirk.

“Then let it break.” Zhou Yu was finally able to take his hand back.

The next morning, Zhou Yu received news of Ymir’s collapse.

This made his heart tighten.

He looked in Mo Ye’s direction and asked in his mind: Didn’t you say that Song Lin took Zhou Qing to see Ymir?

Mo Ye replied: Don’t worry. Zhou Qing has already healed.

This answer surprised Zhou Yu. He didn’t expect Ymir to have such an ability.

Meanwhile, Cook and Isaac were planning to travel to the remains of the primogenitor Ymir for exploration and research.

Cook and Isaac had a heated argument. Cook thought that the research on S rank organisms and the virus that infected the creatures here should be her responsibility, but Isaac wanted to go himself, which made Cook very worried about his safety.

“Mr. Eton! If Turin finds out, he will definitely come to assassinate you!”

“So what? Don’t we have Mo Ye and Zhou Yu?” Isaac said, unconcerned.

“Ieq… sceg vopi gott jfnj go knc’j kecjpet jfol nj ntt!” Ap. Kees wnza gzjf fop vezko tegopoa.

“Yqwj wjni fopo nca wjqai Tz Wfocucnc’w kepmwo. Wfo unzcoa oxjpnepazcnpi nrztzjzow nhjop rozcu zchokjoa ri jfo N pncs wenpzcu wopmocj, nca jfzw megop zw dqzjo zlmepjncj je Yqtz Kepm. Zh go knc’j aokeao jfo uocow eh W pncs epunczwlw weec, go’tt fnvo je wojjto hep wokeca rowj hep ceg,” Zwnnk wnza.

“Sir, you’re not taking your own life seriously!”

Isaac leaned back to stare at the ceiling with nothing on it. “The only reason I’m valuable is because I can test treatment plans for that person.”

“Sir! It’s very rude of you to say that!” Dr. Cook shot up and slammed down on Isaac’s desk with a bang.

Isaac merely reached out and tapped his finger on Cook’s forehead, pushing her away. “Did your father plant something in your head?”

Dr. Cook dropped back into sitting position.

The power gap between her and Isaac was quite obvious.

“Don’t worry about it. The purpose of my trip is to draw out Turin. He stole power belonging to Juli Corp for himself, aspiring to control everything in this world. Of course we have to get rid of him. But solely relying on your power or mine to fight against his supporter, Di Xin, is taking on too much.”

“So… you want to borrow Zhou Yu and Mo Ye’s powers?”

“Iow. Ovoc zh go knc’j sztt Jqpzc, aec’j ieq gncj je sceg feg lqkf megop Bfeq Iq unzcoa?” Zwnnk toncoa hepgnpa wtegti, fzw honjqpow fzaaoc zc jfo wfnaeg, “Le Io zw teksoa aegc, rqj Bfeq Iq zw cej. Fo zw jfo tzlzj eh jfo megop eh Czrotqcuoc go fqlncw fnvo nkkoww je. Jfzcs eh jfzw nwwzuclocj nw n jowj. Ovoc zh Z azo, ieqp hnjfop gztt fnvo ejfop ktecow. Aec’j jnso zj je fonpj jee lqkf.”

“But… father said you’re…”

“I’m the best.”

The next day, Zhou Yu and Wu Yun received news that they were to leave for Ymir, fully equipped.

Wu Yun said with amusement while checking the equipment, “It’s rare that they would let me go on an assignment with you. Aren’t they afraid that you’ll take me with you to elope?”

A cough came from behind Wu Yun.

Mo Ye sat on the corner of a table and tossed a Swiss Army knife into the air. It almost grazed Wu Yun’s cheek when it fell.

“Hey, even if someone does elope, I’m the one who will be taking Zhou Yu with me. Your character is the child of a previous marriage.” Mo Ye said with a tilted head.

Wu Yun helplessly rolled his eyes. “You really were cuter as a child.”

“Do you know why fierce organisms are usually soft and cute when they’re young? For example, the tigers and lions in your human world.”

“I don’t know.” Wu Yun was also not interested in knowing.

“To lower your guard, gain your sympathy, and fight for their best chance of survival while they’re still weak. But don’t expect those ferocious beasts to remain ‘cute’ after they grow up because, after enduring it for so long, it’s finally time to plunder.”

Wu Yun looked at Zhou Yu, who was checking a scope. “Old Zhou, why do I feel like your son has a point?”

“Hm.” Zhou Yu looked to the side at Wu Yun. “Don’t you get who Isaac Eton put on a show for in the dining hall during dinner that day?”

“For all of us. Of course, the main point is for you to see. To have you understand that once you betray Juli Corp, your brother Zhou Qing, your subordinate Mei Xi who stayed in the human world, and the families of your subordinates who have already sacrificed their lives will suffer what you suffer under Juli Corp,” Wu Yun replied.

Zhou Yu walked past him and pressed down hard on Wu Yun’s shoulder. “So don’t think too much. Do what has to be done.”

On this assignment, they didn’t set out in Humvees, but in a monotone helicopter.

Because Ymir’s collapse caused the entire land to be filled with withered and rotten remnants of wood, it greatly affected the Humvee’s movements.

As they moved away from the base at a high altitude, they looked down at the spectacular golden desert below them.

Wu Yun lowered his head to look at it all.

“It’s really beautiful here.” Isaac, who was sitting across from Zhou Yu, spoke up, “Not even the Sahara has this kind of pure and pristine beauty.”

In between Isaac’s words, a giant desert whale leaped up from the sand, heading some place far away with its pod.

When the giant desert whale was gone, Isaac lifted his gaze and met Zhou Yu’s eyes.

“Here, beauty usually means danger.” Zhou Yu unapologetically met his gaze.

Mo Ye raised his eyebrows thoughtfully, then suddenly raised a leg and put it right next to Isaac, startling his bodyguard to tense up and reach for his gun.

“My knees are a little tired.” Mo Ye pulled up the corners of his lips and said amusedly.

Isaac’s held up Mo Ye’s ankle, his fingers reaching into the leg of Mo Ye’s camouflage pants. “I like all beautiful things, including you.”

“Hah…” Mo Ye tucked his leg back.

Zhou Yu said in his mind: It seems like his target is you, not me.

Mo Ye replied: That’s what’s known as drawing attention to something by trying to hide it.

They were not disturbed at all on this leg of the journey.

But the closer they got to the wreckage of Ymir, the more often they saw ancient trees bent everywhere and the tree trunks of Ymir strewn about.

They were dried and weathered under the sunlight.

An expanse of mirror-like refraction appeared ahead, shimmering with light. Organisms continually flitted through the sky to land.

“There it is.” Isaac raised his chin.

It was an immense lake, and the reflection of the helicopter could be clearly seen from high up.

There were many organisms around the lake drinking water.

It reminded Zhou Yu of Elpis, which was also transformed into water when it perished.

The lake was so clear that you could see the bottom, and there seemed to be no organisms underwater.

Of course, it may be a different sight many years later.

The researchers on the helicopter sent a sampler down. After testing, their answer was that the quality of this water was considerably pure, but other than that, there was nothing special about it.

The lake was so deep that the bottom was naturally Ymir’s roots.

The helicopter stopped at the shore. Divers equipped their gear and prepared to dive to the bottom of Ymir.

Isaac stepped out of the helicopter and stood on the shore.

A sudden breeze came. The ripples in the water seemed to soothe the nerves of the onlookers.

“It has died and returned to the beginning of all things.” Mo Ye calmly spoke while walking towards the lake, “I don’t know what kind of answer you want from here.”

Zhou Yu looked at Mo Ye’s back. Bathed in daylight, it was as clear as glass, which made Zhou Yu subconsciously have the illusion that he would lose Mo Ye at any moment.

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Zhou Yu, however, didn’t move a muscle. He was calm and composed.

“When you don’t disturb their peace, they will have no intention of bothering you.”

Then, a giant three-eyed bird landed in front of Zhou Yu, which made Isaac’s bodyguards even more nervous.

“Stop, don’t hurt it. I know this one.”

Zhou Yu blocked in front of the bodyguards.

“You know it?” Isaac tilted his head and looked at Zhou Yu with interest.

Zhou Yu walked towards it and stretched out his palm. The giant three-eyed bird slowly came over, lowered its head, and placed it under Zhou Yu’s palm, nuzzling against him.

Isaac opened his mouth and said, “You’re controlling it?”

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Isaac tilted his head up and looked after their departing figures.

“Sir!” His bodyguards came forward, worried that Zhou Yu and Mo Ye would leave.

Instead, a slight smile rose on Isaac’s lips.

“Now this is true beauty.”

The wind ruffled Zhou Yu’s hair. Sunlight flitted by in fragments, flickering between light and shadow like in a dream.

“When did you get a new pet?” Mo Ye rested his chin on Zhou Yu’s shoulder. There was a bit of capriciousness and jealousy in his voice, and when he read the thoughts in Zhou Yu’s mind, he became even more angry, “You even want to give it a name!”

“Didn’t I give you a name too?” Zhou Yu said, unconcerned.

Mo Ye immediately exploded, “How can I be the same as it?!”

Just as he was about to turn Zhou Yu’s face to kiss the corner of his lips, he found that Zhou Yu was laughing.

“Is it fun to tease me?” Mo Ye kissed him anyway, his tongue forcefully squeezing in between Zhou Yu’s lips.

“Can’t you feel what I’m thinking?”

“I think it’s fun to guess what you’re thinking of at times,” Mo Ye said sullenly as he wrapped his arms tightly around Zhou Yu.

The giant three-eyed bird carried them in a big circle and headed back to their original spot.

Mo Ye spoke: “If you must give it a name, then call it Dou Bi.”1Internet slang for someone who is silly but amusing.

“That’s the name I wanted to give you.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Mo Ye gave Zhou Yu a hard pinch on his waist.

Zhou Yu gave a light laugh, and Mo Ye could feel that he was in a great mood.

When they turned back to Isaac, he was smiling as he looked in their direction with his hands tucked in his pockets.

“Look! That guy is seducing you again!” Mo Ye said resentfully.

“Why do I recall that the one Mr. Eton expressed interest in was you…?”

At that very moment, Zhou Yu’s pupils contracted, and he quickly drew his gun and aimed it in Isaac’s direction.

His bodyguards noticed quickly and also drew their guns, but Zhou Yu pulled the trigger first. The bullet grazed Isaac’s cheek and hit the two-headed wolf spider behind him that was about to touch his back.

The three-eyed bird they were riding on quickly dropped low to avoid the bullets fired by the bodyguards.

The two-headed wolf spider fell with a crash.

Isaac looked back, a trace of surprise flashing across his eyes. This two-headed wolf spider had silently approached him from behind, yet none of the many people here had noticed.

Zhou Yu jumped down from the giant three-eyed bird. He coldly glanced at the two bodyguards: “Besides looking ahead, keep an eye on the rear too.”

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Zhou Yu raised his hand and petted the giant three-eyed bird’s head, speaking in his mind: Thank you. Go be with your companions.

The three-eyed bird flapped its wings and flew off into the distance.

“Is this a coincidence, or is Turin nearby?” Isaac asked.

Zhou Yu closed his eyes and seemed to be concentrating on sensing something.

Mo Ye looked at him with a smile, completely trusting his ability and judgment.

When Zhou Yu opened his eyes again, Isaac saw a flash of gold deep in his eyes.

“There’s a large cluster of two-headed wolf spiders approaching us quickly. My advice to you, Mr. Eton, is to take a helicopter and leave immediately.”

“The sky isn’t necessarily safe either.”


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  • 1
    Internet slang for someone who is silly but amusing.

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