Laws of the Other World Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Isaac Eton

“I didn’t expect… Song Zhi and Jinghang to actually succeed! They’ve been trying to unlock your abilities! They did countless studies! And failed countless times! But I never thought they would succeed! Did you know that all that blood Song Zhi left wasn’t meant for you to use as nutrition?” Professor Chen asked.

“Then, was it left to me as a memento?” Song Lin’s face remained expressionless, but his voice was laden with self-deprecation and helplessness.

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Mo Ye was standing right beside her, chewing gum. It was a snack he had taken from Li Qian. He had recently become interested in rubber-like things.

“Aha, another failure. What a waste of those lives.”

Dr. Cook’s eyes were bloodshot. Her mechanical arm grabbed Mo Ye’s throat and pushed him against the wall.

The loud sound caused the other researchers to look over.

Everyone showed surprised expressions, fearing that Dr. Cook had really crushed Mo Ye’s throat. This handsome young man was the only pleasant view they had in the unfeeling base.

“Why is it like this? You must know why!” Cook roared hysterically.

“Because of the boundaries between organisms, of course. For example, although monkeys and humans are genetically similar, they are unable to reproduce offspring, and such boundaries cannot be broken. This is the Creator’s intent, that monkeys can only ever be monkeys, and humans can only ever be humans. Likewise, the boundary between Zhou Yu and these experimental subjects cannot be crossed.” Mo Ye smiled without a care as he looked at Cook like a god looking at a greedy but ignorant human.

Dr. Cook pushed him hard twice.

“You must know the answer! You must know! You’re just toying with us!”

Mo Ye casually raised his hand and effortlessly broke Dr. Cook’s mechanical arm.

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“There’s nothing special in this world, except for Zhou Yu, so no one can covet, manufacture, or even peek at the ability belonging to Zhou Yu.”

This Mo Ye was cold and sharp.

Just at this time, there was the sound of clapping.

“What impressive movements! You are God’s masterpiece, so don’t blame foolish humans for wanting to peer into the power of God.”

A clear and mellow voice rang out.

Mo Ye turned his head and saw a middle-aged man dressed in a black suit.

His short flaxen hair was combed back, revealing a noble forehead.

He looked to be thirty-five or thirty-six, just when a man was at his most attractive age.

“Father.” Cook gritted her teeth and rose from the ground, but there was absolute respect in her eyes.

But then Cook realized something else, and the respect in her eyes was replaced by surprise.

Mo Ye’s eyes widened.

“Father? Dr. Cook’s father is really young! I thought Dr. Cook’s father would be a typical villainous character with a full head of white hair, a harsh expression, and a cold gaze.” Mo Ye casually picked up another pen from the lab bench and played with it.

Was there anyone there who didn’t know who Dr. Cook’s father was?

When he strolled towards Mo Ye, all the researchers in the laboratory stood up.

Despite the bright smile on this man’s lips, everyone’s eyes contained awe.

His bodyguard team stood behind him, and unlike Cook’s field personnel, they were dressed not in camouflage uniforms and bulletproof vests, but in the same black suits as him.

He extended his hand to Mo Ye with grace and poise. “Hello, my name is Isaac Eton. I’m fifty-five years old, not as young as you might think. I’m not that ‘Mr. Eton’ you’ve been imagining me as, either.”

This was the man who controlled the most powerful corporation in the world, who was above all countries, and whose power had not only permeated the world of humans, but even spread to Nibelungen.

He was truly the uncrowned king.

But he said he was not “that Mr. Eton”?

Mo Ye tilted his head and looked at him with his usual desireless and pure gaze.

“According to you, I’m God’s masterpiece. Then whoever I bestow my power on is considered lucky, and whoever insists on wanting it when I don’t want to bestow my power is challenging the authority of God.”

“Of course.” Mr. Eton withdrew his hand.

Mo Ye raised his chin and showed an arrogant expression.

“You aren’t qualified to possess my power.”

“Just for now, but it doesn’t mean I won’t be later.” Mr. Eton replied with a smile.

Mo Ye tucked his hands in his pockets and left.

Dr. Cook came to Mr. Eton’s side.

“Why did you come? It’s dangerous here. Does Father know you came here?”

“Of course, I have permission from that ‘father’ of yours. This world is so interesting, how could I not come and have a look? I heard that you’ve made great progress. Someone gained the power of an S rank organism and completed their evolution.” Eton’s gentle gaze instantly grew heavy.

“He’s a field worker named Zhou Yu. We extracted his blood serum but couldn’t get it to fuse with anyone else.”

“This is the problem that God left us. Once we arrive at the answer, we’ll be able to reach up to heaven and be alongside the Creator. God isn’t an absolute being, after all.” Mr. Eton raised his hand and patted Cook’s shoulder. “Take it easy, child.”

Cook lowered her head and bit her lip. “Don’t call me child.”

That night, the incomparably frosty Base No. 5 was surprisingly lively.

“Zhou Yu, did you hear? Juli Corp’s chairman Eton actually came. I thought he would remain a mysterious figure hiding behind the curtain.” Wu Yun put his arm over Zhou Yu’s shoulder and said excitedly.

Zhou Yu narrowed his eyes. “Since no one has seen Mr. Eton before, the one rumored to have come to the base may not be the real Mr. Eton either.”

“Good point.” The sound of clapping rang out.

Zhou Yu and Wu Yun turned around and saw a middle-aged man in a black suit walking towards them. His steps were measured on the metal floor as if he was taking an idle stroll.

And behind him were two bodyguards also dressed in black suits.

“My last name is Eton, but it doesn’t mean I’m Chairman Eton.”

This middle-aged man with fair skin and contoured features was considered a rare beautiful man among humans, not to mention that he possessed a different kind of poise, as if he had seen everything in the world. He was calm and indifferent, which wasn’t at all like the Mr. Eton who wanted to possess everything and control the world even to the extent of going against the laws of nature.

“So, what are you?”

Zhou Yu didn’t ask “who are you” but “what are you,” which made Mr. Eton across from him reveal a playful smile.

“I’m a clone made from Mr. Eton’s genes. Although I’m a clone, I’m very valuable because I have the same genes as Chairman Eton and all treatments that apply to him must pass my verification.”

“Oh.” Wu Yun’s eyes widened. “Rich people sure are different!”

“Then you must be full of self-sacrificial spirit.” Zhou Yu was not unaware of what experiments Cook was doing. He raised his eyebrows and said icily, “Just don’t inject my serum carelessly, it will kill you.”

After saying that, Zhou Yu turned around and left.

“So what’s your name anyway? How are you called?” Wu Yun asked.

“Isaac Eton.”

“Oh.” Wu Yun nodded blankly and then turned around to chase after Zhou Yu.

Isaac stood where he was, staring at Zhou Yu’s departing back.

“Sir, he…”

“He’s interesting, isn’t he? People like him are usually tough and have their own principles, but once they have a goal, they will be determined to accomplish it. If anyone is the scariest, then it’s a person like that. You can’t buy him off with money and benefits, and even if you have the people he cares about, he can distinguish clearly between right and wrong. Nothing can surpass his principles.” Isaac turned to his men. “That’s probably why he was chosen, because he won’t abuse that unlimited potential, like hope being placed in Pandora’s box.”

The dining hall at Base No. 5 was very busy that night, and everyone came.

The food was abundant. Not only was there wine and steak, but also various desserts, which made it look like a dinner party.

Isaac held a glass of red wine and stood in the middle of the dining hall, smiling at everyone and thanking them for their hard work here.

His gracefulness was soothing to the ears.

Elegant music was playing in the dining hall for once. Isaac gently swirled his wine glass, smiling and nodding to each person, but Zhou Yu felt that he was observing each one.

Wu Yun stuffed steak into his mouth while speaking vaguely, “That guy really deserves to be the best spokesman!”

Zhou Yu sat at the table and unhurriedly ate a slice of cake. Mo Ye sat next to him with his chin propped up with a hand.

His toes gently touched Zhou Yu’s calf, slowly sliding up and gently rubbing back and forth.

The tingling sensation surged into every crevice of his body along his veins.

In a blur, Mo Ye opened his long legs and sat gracefully on the corner of the dining table. He bent down, tilted his head, and ignoring onlookers, abruptly kissed Zhou Yu on the lips.

Having been invaded wantonly, once Zhou Yu resisted, he forcefully grabbed the back of Zhou Yu’s head. He recklessly took in the temperature belonging to Zhou Yu and then slowly straightened up. Because of the tremendous sucking force, Zhou Yu had to follow suit and tilt his face up, even to the point of standing up.

Mo Ye stretched out both hands to hug Zhou Yu and stroke greedily over his back, pulling open his camouflage suit and reaching in.

Zhou Yu drew in a breath, snapping out of his trance. He could hear Wu Yun still commenting on Isaac Eton’s suit beside him. Zhou Yu realized that everything just now had been another one of Mo Ye’s tricks.

Zhou Yu turned to the side and gave Mo Ye a warning glare.

Mo Ye smiled, unconcerned, and moved close to Zhou Yu’s ear.

“Look at that Mr. Eton’s posture, his waistline, his wrists, the line of his legs. All rather perfect, at least for a human. He’s an organism that’s been through advanced genetic modification.” Mo Ye’s breath swept over Zhou Yu’s outer ear as he spoke.

“So what? Are you going to seduce him?” Zhou Yu asked icily in return.

“I’m afraid that he’ll come to seduce you.” Mo Ye pulled up the corners of his lips. It was obviously still the same pair of clear eyes, but it filled Zhou Yu with lust.

“You’re saying he’s genetically modified?” Wu Yun cocked his head to the side for a while. “So he’s very powerful? If he’s really that powerful, what does he need so many bodyguards for?”

“Ostentation,” Mo Ye replied.

Just at this time, a researcher came to Isaac’s side. “Mr. Eton, your arrival really took us by surprise… We thought…”

Wu Yun shook his head. “Do you need to flatter him that much? You’re so excited you can’t even hold on to your wineglass!”

Zhou Yu’s brow knitted up.

It wasn’t just excitement, but also… nervousness, or… fear.

Then came the sound of a single gunshot. The dining hall was in an uproar.

“Go to hell—Eton!” There was hatred and disgust in that shout.

Isaac sidestepped indifferently as the bullet broke a glass of red wine behind him.

Isaac twisted that researcher’s wrist to make him drop the gun. Isaac easily kicked it up with his toe and held it in his hand.

“If you’re a researcher, then you’re better off watching the computer. Something as dangerous as a gun doesn’t suit you.”

The researcher’s face had twisted and his wrist was crushed by Isaac.

Isaac let go of his hand and he stumbled back a few steps, falling to sit on the ground. He looked up at Isaac in fear.

The black-clad bodyguard beside him came to his side and was about to pick up the gun hanging from his finger, but to his surprise, Isaac suddenly raised his arm and shot the fellow squarely between his eyebrows.

“Shit…” Wu Yun was about to get up, but he was pressed down by Zhou Yu.

The surrounding researchers were silent as they stepped back. Some didn’t dare to look at the body of the researcher, and some trembled.

Isaac still maintained a wholly decent smile. He took a napkin and gently covered the corpse’s face, then handed the gun to his men without slowing down.

“What a shame it is to spoil everyone’s fun,” Isaac said with a smile.

At this moment, Wu Yun couldn’t eat anything anymore. “It really did ruin the mood.”

“Although we, Juli Corporation, aren’t the best choice, we definitely aren’t the worst choice either.” Isaac smiled and came before another female researcher.

The woman took a half step back in shock while Isaac took her hand and kissed the back of it in a gentlemanly manner.

In the next moment, the gun she had hidden in her sleeve was pinched out by Isaac, so fast that their eyes couldn’t follow.

Isaac cocked his head and smiled. There was a click before he unloaded the gun.

“Dear, who gave you this gun?” Isaac asked in a lightly coaxing tone.

The female researcher trembled in terror, and the entire dining hall was so quiet that only the sound of breathing could be heard.

Wu Yun shook his head helplessly and said in a voice that only Zhou Yu could hear, “Are they brain-dead? They wanted to assassinate Eton like this?”

No plan, no preparation, total chaos.

“Who gave you the gun?” Isaac’s voice was still soft, but the power in his gaze made her crumble.

Tears slipped out from the corners of her eyes.

“Dear, regular researchers don’t get guns, only field agents have access to them. They could have lied about losing it on an assignment and kept it for you, and you were then used by them. They are the most suited to handling guns, but they insist on hiding in the shadows to watch you lot rush up to me. How despicable is that?”

Isaac soothed her with a compassionate look.

“If you tell me who they are, I’ll forgive you for what you’ve done. You know Juli Corp always keeps its promises.” Isaac’s expression could not be more honest.

She raised her hand and pointed at Zhou Yu and Wu Yun.

Wu Yun almost spat out his saliva.

“What are you blindly pointing at?!”

Isaac threw the female researcher to his bodyguards and walked in Zhou Yu and Wu Yun’s direction.

Zhou Yu pushed his dinner plate to the side and tensed his muscles, ready for action.

Mo Ye, on the other hand, stirred the ice cream in front of him as if nothing had happened.

Isaac pressed his hand on Zhou Yu’s shoulder and patted it soothingly, then looked behind Zhou Yu at a field agent who was about to leave.

Mo Ye’s voice rang in Zhou Yu’s head: He was just hinting at you.

Zhou Yu soundlessly asked in return: Hinting what at me?

Mo Ye replied: Sleeping together.

Zhou Yu’s face was expressionless, but he wanted to use a fork to stab the back of Mo Ye’s hand. Imagining him showing a painful and twisted expression, Zhou Yu felt more comfortable.

Mo Ye looked at Zhou Yu with a surprised expression: So you like that kind of thing! We can play with the belt!

When Zhou Yu understood what Mo Ye was hinting at. He really wanted to crush his head.

While Isaac pressed in on the field agent step by step, his bodyguards stood where they were without the slightest intention of coming forward to protect him.

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