Laws of the Other World Chapter 84

Chapter 84: You Are Me

Song Lin heard the sound of something crawling.

Shockingly enough, it was Turin’s legion of lizard monsters! They had been lingering and attached to the inside of the tree, waiting. When they sensed Song Lin, they revealed a vicious expression.

Just as the lizard monsters darted towards them, Song Lin’s sight pierced into their bodies like numerous sharp blades at the same time, extending into their cells and instantly causing them to burst open one after another.

Zhou Qing subconsciously tensed up and clutched tightly around Song Lin’s neck.

Song Lin raised his finger and countless bluelight fireflies flew in. They landed between the cracks, completely illuminating their way forward.

And at the end of the crevice was a huge space.

Turin was there. He had his head lowered, looking at the bottom of this space.

It was so deep that it seemed to have no end.

There was not a single breeze. Only dead silence.

“You came too late, Ymir is dead.”

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Song Lin invaded Turin’s cells, but before he could reach the core, he was pushed back by Di Xin’s power in Turin’s body. The two forces collided with each other like the explosions of countless stars and the cells in Turin’s body ruptured and regenerated, again and again.

His forehead was covered with sweat.

Meanwhile, the devil vines clung to Ymir and frantically extended upwards, squeezing into the crevice and attacking Song Lin from the rear.

But they ruptured before they could touch Song Lin’s back, exploding everywhere. The air that had been swirled up made a whining sound in the deep and wide space.

Zhou Qing was being pulled by this burst of air and almost fell down. Luckily, Song Lin was quick to notice and held him down.

Turin’s lab coat was lifted up as he looked at Song Lin coldly.

“It’s impossible for you to kill me here, unless you kill your father first.”

Di Xin’s power extended out through Turin, striking Song Lin’s cranial nerves and suffocating his cells.

After the ringing in his ears passed, Song Lin subconsciously took half a step back. The world seemed to tremble with him. Di Xin’s power was fearsome and he was crushing Song Lin’s body as if he was tearing them apart, suppressing them and not giving them any space to breathe.

His breaths seemed to be restrained in his throat and the sense of an impending death caused Song Lin’s eyes to glow a golden color.

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Song Lin’s gaze was restrained. He raised his hand to smash Turin’s head in, but that ringing sounded again in his ears. His brain seemed to be constantly vibrating in his skull, resonating with some kind of power that could explode at any time.

But Song Lin gritted his teeth and ruthlessly crushed Turin’s skull.

At this time, a certain sound came from the abyss. It made a crackling sound as if it were scraping against bones.

A dozen overlord silver spiders climbed out.

Song Lin immediately turned around to protect Zhou Qing.

The overlord silver spiders jumped and arrived in front of Zhou Qing. Looking at the sharp limbs that were about to pierce through Zhou Qing, Song Lin came to Zhou Qing’s side and knelt down on one knee, supported his body with one hand, and kicked the huge thing away through gritted teeth.

The overlord silver spiders spat out threads at them. They were so tough that they nearly pierced Song Lin’s body after cutting through the tree trunk.

Song Lin picked up Zhou Qing and weaved through these threads, each moment more perilous than the last.

Zhou Qing, who couldn’t see, felt the air sliding past his cheeks. They could pierce him and Song Lin at any moment, and each second was a brush with death.

Song Lin jumped onto the back of one of the overlord silver spiders and punched through the armor on its back. He drew the gun at his hip and shot at the muscles inside the armor. With a bang, the spider fell into the abyss.

Song Lin used it as leverage to leap up and grab the silk threads of the overlord silver spiders running through the huge tree hollow. He continued leaping upwards to return to their original height.

Turin had managed to struggle out of the split crevice. Although his face had been deformed, his five senses were slowly being repaired.

He touched his face and looked darkly after Song Lin’s figure.

The overlord silver spiders were all controlled by Di Xin. Song Lin tried to take back control, but he was unable to surpass Di Xin’s power.

“Can you kill them all? Child?” Turin slowly stepped out of the gap and fell backwards, looking like he was ready to risk everything and descend.

A giant dragon flew over just in time to catch Turin. He arrogantly weaved his way through the clouds, flying further and further away.

“Don’t think you can defeat your father. You’ll never be able to!”

Turin’s voice came from the air. When it entered the rift, it echoed in the deep space as if it was a declaration from hell.

The overlord silver spiders’ attacks became even sharper. Song Lin leaped up to ride on the head of one. Even if he couldn’t control all of them, he could at least try to control one!

Song Lin’s power took over the body of this overlord silver spider in a single surge and he controlled it to attack the others of its kind.

Zhou Qing, who was being carried on Song Lin’s back, felt like he was sitting on a roller coaster. One moment, they charged straight into the clouds, and in the next, they were bound for the valley floor. He almost threw up his internal organs.

An overlord silver spider was trampled and fell off. It kept hitting the walls of Ymir’s tree, making a loud and incessant sound as it continued to fight.

It seemed like Di Xin had made up his mind to teach Song Lin a valuable lesson.

The collisions of these behemoth creatures against each other were like the explosions of a planet, and what was even more incredible was that they all happened inside Ymir’s body.

Song Lin rode his own mount and commanded it to ram hard into the other overlord silver spider.

The two giant beasts cracked each other’s shells, their segmented limbs stabbing viciously into each other’s bodies. Blood splattered everywhere and hissing sounds echoed. Zhou Qing couldn’t help but cover his ears.

At that very moment, a familiar voice rang in his ears.

“Come to my side… I am waiting for you…”

It seemed to come from another world, full of expectation within the tranquility.

Zhou Qing let go and leaned back.

“Professor Zhou!” Song Lin reached out to try and grab him, but another overlord silver spider leaped down from up high to crush them.

Song Lin dodged out of the way in a close call, but half of the overlord silver spider he had been riding was smashed into the abyss.

The moment he fell, Song Lin grabbed the leg of the other overlord silver spider, and with a swing, he climbed up along it.

This overlord silver spider quickly jumped and flailed in the space, trying to throw Song Lin off.

Song Lin viciously punched the overlord silver spider’s abdomen. No matter how much it struggled, it couldn’t shake off Song Lin.

In its desperation, it ruthlessly slammed towards the inner wall, Song Lin drew his arm back, allowing the overlord silver spider to slam its head bloody. He hooked onto the silk thread, and with a gentle swing, came to the other end.

“Let me go down… He’s down there…”

Zhou Qing spoke.

“That’s impossible, there’s clearly nothing down there.” Song Lin frowned.

Seeing two more overlord silver spiders charging at them, Song Lin carried Zhou Qing on his back with the intention of escaping through that gap.

“Trust me, let me go down.” Zhou Qing’s voice was firm.

“You’ll die, Professor Zhou.”

“If you heard Song Zhi’s voice right now, you would jump down without a second thought, wouldn’t you?” Zhou Qing smiled helplessly.


Right at that moment, Song Lin violently pushed out all of his power like a violent tsunami, completely submerging the two overlord silver spiders and instantly conquering them.

He jumped on one of them with Zhou Qing on his back, then it crawled towards the bottom of the abyss.

The overlord silver spider was extremely fast, and the feeling of weightlessness almost made Zhou Qing throw up.

Knowing that he couldn’t control them for too long, Song Lin urged them to slide down as fast as they could.

The overlord silver spiders spat out powerful threads and their huge, heavy bodies were suspended in the air as they plummeted down toward the bottom.

Darkness engulfed them.

Song Lin’s nerves were tense and he couldn’t hold on for much longer. His eyes were swollen and painful, and the blood red cells in his body were breaking down.

As if he sensed something, Zhou Qing attached himself to Song Lin’s ear and whispered, “Thank you, just leave me here… Until we meet again, friend.”

Saying that, he let go of Song Lin’s neck fell into the abyss without any hesitation.

“Professor Zhou—”

“Wait for my return—”

Zhou Qing’s voice echoed upwards.

It contained no fear of falling and dying, as if it was blooming enthusiastically toward life.

A voice suddenly echoed in Song Lin’s mind: Trust me.

There was a glint in his eyes and he suddenly understood that Ymir hadn’t died.

Zhou Qing fell faster and faster. All of a sudden, he heard a gurgling sound as if water was flowing within the spacious walls. It was followed by something like a waterfall, bursting out from its withered surroundings and rushing into the abyss.

It was as if the already dried-up Ymir had resurrected again. The abyss was like a wine glass clear water was poured into, spiraling and surging up.

When Zhou Qing fell in, all he heard was a loud noise and the sound of water in his ears.

The liquid seeped into his body and all of his cells filled up as if they were teeming with power.

Something interweaved into his mind and spread out.

His mind seemed to be opened up in an instant and another more expansive and far-reaching space unfolded before him.

He opened his arms and embraced this new rebirth.

“Where are you? Why won’t you appear?” Zhou Qing asked over and over again.

It was as if there was a force gently covering his body, caressing and detailing his brows, sweeping through his hair and feeling his body temperature.

It was a complex emotion of expectation and infinite longing fused together, and even without any words to describe it, Zhou Qing could truly feel it.

Zhou Qing very much wanted to grab hold of them. It was an instinctive yearning that couldn’t be endured or ignored. But all that was between Zhou Qing’s fingers was running water.

This feeling of emptiness made Zhou Qing feel as if he didn’t really exist.

The force abruptly lifted Zhou Qing up and out of the water.

Fresh oxygen rushed into Zhou Qing’s lung cavity. He opened his eyes and looked upwards. He saw countless bluelight fireflies as if they were stars in the darkness.

His glioma had no doubt already compressed his optic nerves and he shouldn’t be able to see anything. Then was this all an illusion?

Just at this time, a shape formed in the gushing water that had elegant and noble lines, slowly outlining the arms, waist, and slender legs, taking the shape of a human being. He walked in Zhou Qing’s direction.

His features gradually became clear and Zhou Qing’s eyes widened. It was clearly the S rank organism he first encountered at the lake.

“It’s you… I can finally see you again…”

Language became insufficient.

Zhou Qing looked at the other person, dumbfounded. He had seen everything in the world, and none of it was as moving as the scene in front of him by a millionth of a percent.

“Fool, I’ve always been right by your side.” The man’s fingers swept across Zhou Qing’s cheek. It had a watery texture and cool temperature.

Zhou Qing looked up and greedily traced over his brows. Whether it was his smiling expression, or the fondness at the corner of his eyes, it all dragged Zhou Qing’s thoughts into gentle swirls.

“Why me…? If you say you’ve been watching me, then why did you choose me?” Zhou Qing tilted his head to the side. He didn’t even understand why he asked this question. He only wanted to communicate with him and talk to him.

That figure slowly lowered his head. His hair fell, sliding like water across Zhou Qing’s face. His breath was like an illusion and when his lips pressed against Zhou Qing’s brow, the whole world suddenly seemed far away.

“Do you know who I am?” the man opened his mouth to ask. His voice seemed to come from an ancient era, crossing the boundaries of the layers of time to Zhou Qing’s ears.

“You are the First Ancestor Ymir.”

“Then do you know how long I’ve lived for?”

“As long as this continent.”

“Time makes one tired and bored, and you are an interesting interlude. When observing you became a habit, I slowly became addicted. You know the virus infected me and kept me weakened. I am about to leave this world, and if my destruction is inevitable, then I would rather have you be reborn in my place.”

“You won’t die, I’m researching the virus along with many others!”

Ymir laughed tepidly.

“I have seen many births and deaths. Everything has its own end, and so do I. Forever keep a curious mind, forever respect life, and forever cherish yourself. Perhaps I, having existed in this world for billions of years, was only waiting to meet you.”

That human form made of water was gradually losing its shape and falling back down.

Zhou Qing hugged him in a panic, but only the water passed through his arms.

“I will always be by your side, don’t be afraid. From this moment on, you are me. Don’t worry, a single cell can bring me back to life.”

The clear water beneath Zhou Qing slowly seeped into the ground and disappeared.

At the same time, a tremendous force extended to Zhou Qing’s limbs and bones, overwhelming him.

He raised his hands to clutch his head and then fell backwards. The bluelight fireflies above his head flew upwards one after the other, darting out of the gaps.

The whole world was shaking and Ymir’s withered body kept disintegrating. Countless branches and trunks fell from high up in the sky, like a huge meteor shower.

The sound of their fracturing was incessant.

The cracks between the tree trunks grew larger and larger until they collapsed outward, destroyed

The whole land was affected as it trembled.

A giant three-eyed bird flew in through the gap and swooped down. Song Lin saw the right moment and jumped onto its back to speed towards the bottom of the abyss in a race against time.

Dangerously avoiding the huge tree trunks that were continuously falling, the giant three-eyed bird looked like it was about to dash right into hell.

Finally, they arrived at the bottom and saw Zhou Qing’s unconscious figure.

A section of the trunk was about to fall down and crush Zhou Qing’s body.

Song Lin kicked it away, knocking down a large section of the trunk. The moment they landed, Song Lin picked Zhou Qing up by the waist and jumped on the giant three-eyed bird.

It was a life-and-death race, with the giant three-eyed bird sometimes tightening its wings to dodge, and sometimes spiraling upwards, going against the current and charging towards the faint light source.

Seeing the original gap that they could exit from completely collapse, Song Lin gritted his teeth. Devil vines weaved in and ruthlessly smashed through that gap, tearing apart and opening. They frantically dashed out and rushed towards the light.

Everything before them opened up.

Song Lin shielded Zhou Qing in his arms and took on some injuries due to the speed of the falling debris.

The wind blew fiercely as all the creatures flew away.

When they once again pierced into the mists and clouds, Song Lin looked back and realized that Ymir’s death had been like a sweeping calamity.

Almost the entire continent was covered by the remains of Ymir.

All kinds of creatures were fleeing and migrating, the place descending into chaos.

Song Lin let out a long breath.

The demise of Ymir had taken three days and three nights.

And right in the center of Ymir’s wreckage, a huge lake appeared. It was clear and uncontaminated, reflecting the sunlight in Nibelungen.

Song Lin’s Humvee was also smashed up. He could only carry Zhou Qing all the way back.

Zhou Qing kept sleep talking and seemed to be calling out for Ymir.

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