Laws of the Other World Chapter 83

Chapter 83: The Death of Li Shengnan

Gradually, the soaring serpent’s breaths that were deep like the ocean waves calmed down, as if it had died.

Cole, however, did not go forward. It was because he knew that A rank organisms had strong healing abilities, and that although the reverse scale dragon dealt the soaring serpent a heavy blow, it was not enough to kill it.

At this moment, Zhou Yu was unbelievably weary. He forced himself to be alert and looked in the direction of the soaring serpent. He couldn’t sense any thought fluctuations from the soaring serpent. It was really dead.

“Be careful… there must be something in its body that depleted the nutrition it uses to heal…”

Zhou Yu raised his hand and pressed his temple.

“Got it.”

At this time, it was as if something was writhing in the neck of the soaring serpent, making a gurgling sound.

The soaring serpent’s head was huge, but at the moment, its upper jaw was held open by a force.

Cole tightened his grip on the gun in his hand nervously and pointed it at the mouth of the soaring serpent.

A ball of something sticky was spat out of the soaring serpent’s mouth. It exhaled and finally became still.

“Bfeq Iq…” Jfo wkoco zc hpecj eh jfol lnao Keto hpoobo. Fo keqtac’j jott gfnj oxnkjti jfo wtzli lnww gnw.

Rqj gfoc fo jqpcoa je jfo wzao, fo heqca jfnj Bfeq Iq fna hnttoc nwtoom.

“Bfeq Iq?” Keto’w wfees Bfeq Iq’w wfeqtaop, rqj Bfeq Iq gnw wtoomzcu jee aoomti, nw zh welojfzcu fna apnzcoa fzw ocopui.

Jfnj rzu ktqlm eh vzwkeqw htqza wjnpjoa je wdqzpl. Keto’w rnks jocwoa qm nca fo wjeea ec ntopj.

N fnca nkjqntti ponkfoa eqj hpel jfo jfzks nca wjzksi lnww!

Keto pontzboa gfnj gnw uezcu ec nca wfej zj. Rqj jfo fnca dqzksti pojpnkjoa zcje jfo wtzlo. Jfo zlmnkj eh jfo rqttoj gnw kqwfzecoa nca aza cej fzj jfo jnpuoj.

Jfo lnww eh uee nkjqntti heploa jfo wfnmo eh n fqlnc rozcu. Zj wjeea qm nca ferrtoa zc Keto’w azpokjzec.

Keto dqzksti mqttoa jfo jpzuuop nca hzpoa wovopnt peqcaw zc dqzks wqkkowwzec zcje jfo uee. Jfo ktzm gnw olmjzoa rqj jfo wtzlo gnw ntlewj zc hpecj eh Keto.

Keto szksoa emoc jfo aeep eh jfo knp, gfzkf fzj jfo wtzli lnww pzufj ec. Zj wjnuuopoa n hog wjomw rnks jfoc hott aegc.

Keto dqzksti tohj jfo knp nca pnc ehh zcje jfo azwjncko.

After a dozen meters, Cole couldn’t help but look back. The sticky substance had seemed to melt and drip off. It was none other than Li Shengnan!

Li Shengnan was holding the rounds that Cole had shot out. She looked in Cole’s direction and smiled contemptuously. The bullets fell to the ground in a clatter.

Cole knew that Li Shengnan had already completed her alienization through that soaring serpent. He was definitely no match for Li Shengnan.

Zhou Yu was still lying in the passenger seat. Li Shengnan stood there cocking her head and looking at Zhou Yu. An unsettling smile formed on her lips.

She lowered herself, drew out Zhou Yu’s gun from his hip, and shot at Zhou Yu’s head.

Hearing the bang of the gunshot, Cole turned around to run even more desperately.

The moment Li Shengnan pulled the trigger, Zhou Yu turned to the side. The bullet grazed his ear and glass shattered.

Li Shengnan wanted to fire a second shot, but Zhou Yu held her wrist in a death grip. Zhou Yu opened his eyes, his gaze like a sharp blade staring straight at Li Shengnan and his murderous aura spreading out in the narrow compartment.

“It was you who manipulated that reverse scale dragon to fight my soaring serpent!” Li Shengnan said through gritted teeth.

Zhou Yu’s gaze was cold, and the strength in his fingers became more and more cruel until he unceremoniously crushed Li Shengnan’s wrist bone. The gun fell, and Zhou Yu caught it with his other hand and pinned it back to his waist.

“I just took a nap and you couldn’t wait to kill me.”

Zhou Yu lifted his leg and kicked Li Shengnan out.

Li Shengnan climbed back up, her wrist healing quickly.

“So, we can continue the battle between the reverse scale dragon and the soaring serpent.” Li Shengnan walked a few steps and looked to the side at the looming and motionless Zhou Yu. “I know you gained the abilities of an S rank organism. But the greater the power, the more difficult it is to control. Unlike me…”

As soon as Li Shengnan’s words fell, a large flock of giant three-eyed birds suddenly flew into the sky, shrieking and hovering. They swooped down almost in unison to smash into the Hummer where Zhou Yu was.

At the same time, something suddenly broke out of the earth under Zhou Yu and thrust towards the sky, stretching out and skewering those giant three-eyed birds. It was intertwined like a cage and it locked the remaining giant three-eyed birds inside of it.

Li Shengnan froze. At this moment, Zhou Yu’s eyes were glowing with a touch of gold.

Zhou Yu calmly stepped out of the car.

“You wanted to compete. The competition starts now.”

As Zhou Yu’s words fell, those giant devil vines began to move. They twisted about madly and charged in Li Shengnan’s direction.

Li Shengnan turned and ran without regard for anything else. A giant three-eyed bird swooped down, grabbed Li Shengnan by the shoulders, and carried her far away.

Zhou Yu’s heart was beating rapidly. He could feel the blood cells in his body rupturing because of the excessive use of his powers.

But he wasn’t willing to let Li Shengnan go just like that. Letting her go would just lead to more trouble.

Zhou Yu knew he had to keep going. He had to adapt his mind to that powerful force as quickly as possible.

He took a deep breath and looked for signs of creatures in the sky. A flock of giant three-eyed birds swept across the sky and Zhou Yu captured one instantly.

The three-eyed bird landed beside him and lowered its head in a submissive and docile posture. Zhou Yu got on it. It flapped its wings and flew after Li Shengnan.

The wind whistled past Zhou Yu’s ears. He grabbed the feathers on the back of the giant three-eyed bird with one hand. At their speed, an ordinary person would have fallen off, but Zhou Yu’s body had been fortified and his arm strength allowed him to hold on to the giant three-eyed bird at high speeds.

They were getting closer and closer to Li Shengnan.

Zhou Yu tried to attack the giant three-eyed bird that Li Shengnan was controlling, but he wasn’t strong enough and was ejected by Li Shengnan’s power before he could enter the core of the giant bird’s mind.

They made a huge circle in the sky as Li Shengnan tried to shake off Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu drew the pistol at his waist, aimed at Li Shengnan’s direction with one hand, and pulled the trigger sharply.

The bullet sped away, and although Li Shengnan didn’t turn around, she could feel its approaching force cutting through the wind. The giant three-eyed bird swooped down to avoid the bullet, but it still shot into its raised wing. The neurotoxin spread quickly, and the giant three-eyed bird dropped down.

The moment Li Shengnan fell to the ground, she ignored her own broken leg and stumbled to stand up before breaking into a run.

Zhou Yu swooped down on his giant three-eyed bird with an overbearing presence. His determined attitude seemed like he was going to smash Li Shengnan into the ground.

Li Shengnan rolled over to avoid it.

The ground was smashed into a large crater. The loud sound startled the nearby creatures into fleeing.

Zhou Yu shot again, hitting her at the side of her waist.

Instead of running away, Li Shengnan rushed towards Zhou Yu. She leaped up and kicked him off the back of the giant bird. Zhou Yu raised his arm and blocked Li Shengnan’s leg, but his gun fell.

Li Shengnan flipped over and retrieved Zhou Yu’s gun. Without saying a word, she shot all of the bullets.

Zhou Yu’s dodge speed was amazing. Although he felt the bullets graze his cheek, his arm, and even his back countless times, he wasn’t hurt at all.

At this moment, Zhou Yu realized that his physical abilities and reaction speed had also changed dramatically. It was like when Mo Ye had once caught a bullet for him with one hand.

Zhou Yu braced one hand on the back of the bird and kicked Li Shengnan’s gun away, then kneed her hard in the abdomen.

This series of attacks was well-coordinated and flowed smoothly. He didn’t give Li Shengnan a chance to react.

Her internal organs must have been ruptured by Zhou Yu. The intense pain caused her to cover her stomach while covered in cold sweat and take two steps backward. She then daringly rushed up again and punched at Zhou Yu’s chest.

The speed of her punch was amazing, and although Zhou Yu reacted, he was still hit on the shoulder. The sound of his shoulder bone cracking was loud and crisp.

Zhou Yu let out a muffled grunt.

But soon, his bones were healing themselves.

The two of them competed fiercely with each other, the air between them tense enough for sparks to fly.

Zhou Yu controlled the giant three-eyed bird to crash into Li Shengnan. After avoiding it in a near miss, she stomped on its wing and leaped up to ride on its neck and also snap it.

Zhou Yu followed and yanked her leg, pulling her off the bird’s back.

Li Shengnan’s fist grazed Zhou Yu’s cheek and hit an ancient tree. The sound of the trunk shattering was right next to Zhou Yu’s ear. This fight was destined to end in one of their deaths.

Zhou Yu lowered himself and tripped Li Shengnan with his foot, breaking her bone at the calf in the process.

Zhou Yu walked over and was about to brain Li Shengnan with his knee, but something suddenly attacked him from behind.

It was a white ferocity being manipulated by Li Shengnan, and it ruthlessly rammed towards Zhou Yu’s spine.

At the same time, Zhou Yu abruptly pressed his body down and his palm hard against Li Shengnan’s head. Devil vines suddenly broke out from the ground and pierced the white ferocity.

Zhou Yu panted heavily. His back was covered in cold sweat.

The white ferocity whined in pain as it became food for the devil vines. The devil vines slid past Zhou Yu, making a rustling sound.

By now, Zhou Yu had lost the strength to continue controlling them, but the devil vines seemed to sense the blood of an S rank organism flowing in Zhou Yu’s body and humbly prostrated themselves as they slowly left.

Zhou Yu gritted his teeth, and with a burst of strength, he straightforwardly crushed Li Shengnan’s skull.

Li Shengnan, who had been struggling and kicking, was like a puppet with its strings cut. Zhou Yu turned on his side and lay next to her, looking at the sky and letting out a deep breath.

He got up shakily and came to the side of the giant three-eyed bird.

It opened its eyes wide and looked in Zhou Yu’s direction.

Zhou Yu could feel its fear, so he reached out his hand and placed it on its head, slowly stroking it.

“Don’t be afraid, everything will be fine… your collarbone will slowly heal… you will find yourself in control of your wings again…”

It had been alive for hundreds of years, but it was still too young for Nibelungen.

This was the first time it had been seriously injured.

The pain overwhelmed it, and it was experiencing the agony of its bones regenerating.

Zhou Yu had also experienced this kind of pain before.

Although it wasn’t human, Zhou Yu, who had entered its mind, now resonated with it. He put his forehead against it and accompanied it to experience its rebirth together.

“When everything is over, the you of today will be stronger than the you of yesterday,” Zhou Yu comforted it in his mind.

A wave of sleepiness struck him and Zhou Yu couldn’t support himself any longer. He fell asleep against the giant three-eyed bird. He tried to stay awake, but he couldn’t open his eyes.

Just at this time, Zhou Yu heard the sound of a Hummer.

Someone opened the car door and walked over.

Zhou Yu vaguely saw Cole’s face.

He didn’t expect that guy to come back for himself and had thought that he had really run away!

Cole carried Zhou Yu over his shoulder and put him back into the passenger seat of the Hummer, then fastened the seat belt for him.

Following that, he pulled out the gun at his waist and shot Li Shengnan in the head several times, then carried her body and threw it in the back seat of the Humvee.

Zhou Yu was dazed the whole way and only heard Cole say into the intercom, “Mission complete, package on the way.”

Package? What package? Did it mean himself, Zhou Yu, or Li Shengnan?

The Humvee sped through the forest as a shadow swept across the sky.

Cole looked up and was surprised to find that it was the giant three-eyed bird that had fallen to the ground earlier.

He thought it had been killed by Li Shengnan, so how did it come back to life?

No matter which direction Cole drove the car in, the giant three-eyed bird followed closely.

In a daze, Zhou Yu could sense its presence. It wanted to wake up Zhou Yu and take him away.

Zhou Yu’s lips pulled up in a smile: Thanks little buddy… I’ll be fine, you go on…

Just as Cole was about to pull out the machine gun in the car, the giant three-eyed bird flew away.

Cole let out a breath while Zhou Yu’s mind sank completely into darkness.

When he woke up, he found himself lying in a white hospital room with Han Li sitting next to him. She was holding a tablet computer and typing something.

“You’re awake?” Han Li leaned over to check Zhou Yu’s pupils.

“Is this the base?”

“Yes, I’m injecting you with nutrient solution. Just now, Cook took nearly a liter of blood from your body.”

Zhou Yu frowned. “What did she take my blood for?”

“You’ll have to ask Cole. What exactly did he say to Dr. Cook?” Han Li looked at Zhou Yu as if she was hinting at something, then left the room with the tablet.

At this time, Mo Ye walked in with his hands in his pockets.

He was wearing a white T-shirt on top and camouflage pants below.

White is by nature a pure color and it brought out Mo Ye’s fair skin and elegant features, giving off an innocent and seductive feel. His long legs covered by the camouflage suit were full of strength, and every step towards Zhou Yu was sensual and teasing.

Mo Ye sat down at Zhou Yu’s bedside and hooked the knuckle of his index finger under Zhou Yu’s chin. “I know what you’re thinking of.”

“Oh, what am I thinking of?” Zhou Yu freed the hand that was not being injected with nutrient solution and cushioned it under his own head, leisurely looking at Mo Ye.

“You want to lift up my white T-shirt and kiss my abs. You also want to rip off my camouflage pants and run rampage inside my body.”

Mo Ye slowly lowered his head, his words slow and with one hand pressed against Zhou Yu’s pillow.

At that moment, Zhou Yu saw the image in Mo Ye’s mind. It was blush-inducing and aggravating, exaggerated and erotic, as crazy as the end of the world.

“I think the content I came up with is more actionable.” Zhou Yu said in a serious tone while incidentally raising his knee to strike it against Mo Ye’s abdomen.

An ordinary person would have definitely vomited out last night’s meal if they were struck like that.

“Is that so?” The corners of Mo Ye’s lips slowly lifted up. He held Zhou Yu’s knee down while his other hand slowly reached into Zhou Yu’s clothes, as if he was deliberately testing Zhou Yu’s patience.

This was the first time Zhou Yu had lost control, especially when he was already rather tired. Mo Ye’s fingers carried a spark and ignited all the urges in Zhou Yu’s blood.

Like the eruption of magma from the long-suppressed crust of the earth, Zhou Yu bent his knees and even his back started to arch as if it would snap at any moment.

His heavy breathing was filled with a sense of repression, and Mo Ye was about to set all of it free.

The moment Zhou Yu lost himself, what he saw was Mo Ye’s eyes like black glass.

He lowered his head and kissed Zhou Yu’s lips like a tyrant who ravaged and plundered. Seeing that Zhou Yu’s heart was about to beat out of his chest, Mo Ye reached out and yanked off the instrument that monitored Zhou Yu’s physical signs.

It was a furious kiss. Mo Ye’s tongue turned over Zhou Yu’s entire world. Zhou Yu kept resisting and he licked Mo Ye in between the gaps, hoping to appease his mania. But such fleeting consolation was like a raging flame from hell, instantly causing Mo Ye’s madness to burn twice as fiercely as before.

Mo Ye’s greed was thoroughly evident.

Only when Zhou Yu thought his sternum would be crushed did Mo Ye draw back his lips with great reluctance.

“I don’t think my fantasy isn’t actionable.”

Mo Ye’s voice was hoarse and sensual, like it was ready to swallow up Zhou Yu whole. Exercising restraint with the man lying fully intact in front of him was incomparably torturous for Mo Ye.

“What did Cole report to Cook?” Zhou Yu needed to distract himself from Mo Ye.

Mo Ye actually showed an expression of disappointment.

“Cole told Cook that you were the one who killed Li Shengnan. And that Li Shengnan had successfully been infected by the soaring serpent and gained the power of an A rank organism. You know what killing Shengnan Li in such a state means, right?”

“So I’ve become a research subject for Juli Corp.”

“We’ve always been their research subjects. Mo Ye shrugged his shoulders. “And someone will eventually attract Eton’s attention. He’s already at the top of the food chain in your human world, so there has to be something that draws him to this world.”

“Like me, someone who has the powerful healing abilities of an S rank organism.”

“They drew your blood to find out if they could use it as a serum to create countless more yous. Cook is evidently still a defective product to Juli Corp, but you’re rather perfect,” Mo Ye said.

“But everyone’s genes are different, and even a human with the same blood type as me may not be able to obtain this power,” Zhou Yu replied.

“They’ll clone you.” Mo Ye lay down beside Zhou Yu.

“If it’s cloning, then all Mr. Eton will get is a strong army. He still can’t save himself, and his brain will still necrotize quickly.”

“That’s for him to think about, it’s none of our business.”

“Rather, I’m worried about Zhou Qing right now. I wonder how he’s doing,” Zhou Yu narrowed his eyes and looked at the ceiling, sighing.

“Don’t worry… In this world, there will always a person who belongs to Zhou Qing. He will try his best for Zhou Qing to even up to his last breath.”

After a long and difficult journey, when even the fuel in the Humvee ran out, Song Lin finally brought Zhou Qing to the place closest to the Primogenitor Ymir.

The most massive tree in Nibelungen was now only a withered branch. All the creatures that once clung to it had departed.

The sky that it had once supported seemed ready to collapse.

Jfopo gnw ce tzvotzcoww zc jfo nzp.

Wecu Tzc scog jfnj ovoc zjw aonjf gnw nc oxjpoloti upnca nca lnuczhzkocj hzcnto.

Wecu Tzc pnzwoa fzw fona. Ovoc nj jfo tzlzj eh gfopo fo keqta woo, fo keqtac’j azwkopc jfo jem eh Ilzp.

Zj gnw jee fzuf nca jee hnp.

“Go’po fopo, npoc’j go?” Bfeq Dzcu emocoa fzw leqjf je nws.


Bfeq Dzcu ktewoa fzw oiow rqj azac’j fonp jfo vezko hpel Ilzp. Gnw fo jee tnjo? Zw fo ntponai aona?

Jfo gfeto gepta gnw vnwj nca hnp-ponkfzcu. Jfo hzopko gzca rtog mnwj Bfeq Dzcu’w onpw. Jfo gepta gnw we tecoti.

“Knc ieq jnso lo qm?” Bfeq Dzcu emocoa fzw leqjf nca nwsoa.

“Eh keqpwo.” Wecu Tzc pnzwoa fzw fnca nca nc Ot Niño gnjop apnuec wmpncu eqj eh jfo tnso. Zj wjpojkfoa eqj zjw gzcuw nca knlo zc hpecj eh Wecu Tzc.

Song Lin helped Zhou Qing sit on it and sat behind him. The water dragon spread its wings, carrying them along the branches of the Ymir to spiral upwards.

They were as tiny as ants before Ymir.

The wind tore at Zhou Qing’s body.

He couldn’t see the spectacular sight and could only imagine it in his mind.

Every now and then, a tree trunk would peel off Ymir’s body and fall toward the ground, like a meteor hurtling through the atmosphere and returning to the embrace of the earth.

They soared into the cloudy mist, as if they were free from the world of Nibelungen and the shackles of gravity.

“It’s there!” Zhou Qing suddenly shouted.

The water dragon stopped.

Song Lin saw a deep crevice between the tree trunks that seemed to reach right into the core of the tree.

Song Lin carried Zhou Qing on his back and walked in along the crevice, going deeper and deeper. In the crevice that should have been devoid of light, a certain cold light appeared.


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