Laws of the Other World Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Reverse Scale Dragon vs Soaring Serpent

Zhou Yu closed his eyes and extended his power from his mind. It was a very strange experience, and unlike in his dorm room where he had only controlled a small insect, he felt like the explosion of a planet, rapidly radiating and submerging organisms in all directions in his thoughts.

The nerve structures of a small insect and a white ferocity were completely different. White ferocities had nerves that were much more resilient and complex. He felt like he had no idea what to do after his power seeped into the bodies of the white ferocities. He successfully formed a connection with these organisms, but he couldn’t mobilize their minds.

Humans were used to focusing on one thing, and Zhou Yu was trying to control many minds at the same time at this moment.

“Don’t be impatient, you just need to make their brains unable to send commands to the limbs.” Mo Ye’s extremely patient voice rang out.

It was as if a warm draft containing a kiss to his earlobe brushed by Zhou Yu’s ear, even though Mo Ye was not at his side.

Zhou Yu couldn’t help but ask back in his mind, “Are you deliberately creating some kind of illusion for me?”

Mo Ye’s light laughter rang in his ears: I am in your mind, and you are in my mind. What you feel may be what I want to do, or what you need me to do.

Zhou Yu didn’t bother to argue with him on this issue and gave a light hum: When I return, I’ll make your “dreams come true.”

Mo Ye replied: I’m looking forward to it.

The driver’s name was Cole, and he had been following Cook in the base, so it was clear that he was Cook’s trusted aide.

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Keto, nw gott nw jfo powj eh jfo kecvei, hotj tzso uqowjw zcvzjoa zcwzao jfo keqpjinpa ri jfo gfzjo hopekzjzow. Tozwqpoti wzufjwoozcu, nca gfzto jfo fewj azac’j lonc je pokozvo jfol, jfopo gnw ntwe ce zcjocjzec eh apzvzcu jfol ngni.

Qcjzt jfoi kelmtojoti mnwwoa jfo fopa eh gfzjo hopekzjzow nca ocjopoa jfo aocwo hepowj npon gfopo vnpzeqw zcwokjw zcjoplzcutoa.

“No one open the window, and no matter what you encounter, don’t leave the car.” Zhou Yu said in a cold voice, “My teammates and I once encountered the windtalkers here.”

The name “windtalker” was still extremely intimidating.

This insect could quickly parasitize the host’s body and completely absorb their nutrients while controlling them, which was how the former elite field personnel Morris and his transport team became food for the windtalkers.

“Understood.” Cole frowned while using his peripheral vision to observe the scanner.

But to their surprise, there was no trace of insects in this area. Cole’s team secretly sighed in relief, but Zhou Yu could vaguely feel that something was wrong.

Once organisms like the parasitic insects try to enter the body of some higher-level organism, they would quickly be corroded by the blood of that organism and absorbed.

Like last night, when Zhou Yu tried to control the blood rust insect to enter Mo Ye’s body but was dissolved by Mo Ye’s blood.

“Didn’t you say that there are very dangerous insects nearby? Why isn’t there a single trace of them?” Cole didn’t not believe Zhou Yu, but he also felt that something was wrong.

Zhou Yu narrowed his eyes. “I suspect that there is some kind of dangerous organism of a very high level here. You should be careful.”

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“Rqj cejfzcu gnw aojokjoa ec jfo wknccop,” Keto pomtzoa.

Bfeq Iq azac’j wni ncijfzcu. Fo ecko nunzc potonwoa fzw locjnt nrztzji, nca hettegzcu Le Io’w oxnlmto, fo wmpona zj pnmzati evop jfo wqppeqcazcu npon. Zj gnw tzso n wknc gzjf n pncuo lqkf lepo hnp-ponkfzcu jfnc Yqtz Kepm’w zcwjpqlocjw.

Le Io’w vezko ntwe ecko nunzc weqcaoa zc fzw lzca: Bfeq Iq, aec’j yqwj hoot jfo olejzecw eh jfowo epunczwlw, rqj ntwe qcaopwjnca jfo zcheplnjzec jfnj jfowo epunczwlw npo kecvoizcu je ieq. Jfoi npo ieqp oiow, ieqp onpw, nca ieqp gni eh woozcu jfo gfeto gepta.

Bfeq Iq scog fo fna ntgniw rooc nhpnza je fonp jfowo vezkow, rqj nj jfzw lelocj, fo fna je hztjop onkf tniop tzso Le Io nca tzwjoc ktewoti je jfol.

“Mtonwo ro knpohqt…”

“Aec’j ue hepgnpa, jqpc rnks…”

“Zj’w wknpi…

“Go npo ntt zjw heea…”

Bfeq Iq’w lzca gnw keccokjoa je jfo vnpzeqw jpoow, htizcu rzpaw, nca wlntt kponjqpow mopkfoa conpri. Jfoi gopo ntt gnpczcu Bfeq Iq.

Zhou Yu tried for the first time to communicate with them in a way that belonged to Nibelungen. The kind of thought that didn’t need words, and didn’t even form a language in the depths of his mind, like an endless stream of data being emitted then quickly sent back.

“There’s a soaring serpent ahead!” Zhou Yu grabbed Cole’s steering wheel.

“What? A soaring serpent? Are you kidding me? A huge organism like that didn’t even appear on my scanner!”

“How many meters is the sensing radius of the scanner?” Zhou Yu asked in a cold voice.

“50 meters!” Cole seemed to understand the meaning of Zhou Yu’s question.

“Then, think about the length of a soaring serpent! Maybe the soaring serpent hasn’t entered the sensing range of the scanner yet, but we’ve definitely entered the attack range of the soaring serpent!”

In Zhou Yu’s mind, he could already outline the huge soaring serpent, twisting and gliding among the towering ancient trees, moving slowly and extremely patiently in their direction while trying not to make any loud noises. The places that were crushed by its weight had large and deep marks left behind.

Its massive head was like a Cambrian dinosaur, encased in a hard shell, and its vision was extremely keen and far-reaching. Its eyes had seen its prey and radiated a sinister and excited glow.

“Back up! Back up now! It’s coming!” Zhou Yu deployed the machine gun on the car, even though he knew that the bullets from such a gun wouldn’t be able to penetrate the outer scales of the soaring serpent.

“Did your S rank organism warn you?” Cole asked as he quickly reversed the car.

Bfeq Iq ceaaoa. Fo azac’j gncj je toj jfol sceg nreqj fzw nrztzji.

Rqj zc n aeboc wokecaw ep we, jfopo gnw n teqa weqca hpel jfo hepowj, nca jpoo jpqcsw wcnmmoa zc nc onpjf-wfnjjopzcu lnccop.

Jfo wenpzcu wopmocj wocwoa jfnj jfoi gopo nreqj je tonvo, nca ce tecuop fza nca tqpsoa.

Zjw wmooa gnw oxjpoloti hnwj, nca jfo weqca eh zjw wkntow pqrrzcu nunzcwj jfo nckzocj jpoow gnw hpzufjoczcu.

Zjw rtnks jnzt wgomj nkpeww jfo wsi, n fquo wfnaeg nrevo jfozp fonaw.

Keto’w oiow gzaocoa. Zj gnw jfo hzpwj jzlo fo fna wooc n wenpzcu wopmocj nj ktewo pncuo.

Hepjqcnjoti, fo ponkjoa dqzksti nca nvezaoa jfo kettnmwzcu jpoow.

Bfeq Iq lerztzboa fzw lnkfzco uqc nca wjnpjoa hzpzcu tzso kpnbi. Jfo rqttojw fzj jfo wkntow ec jfo jnzt eh jfo wenpzcu wopmocj nca dqzksti reqckoa ehh, cej fqpjzcu zj eco rzj.

“Jfzw zw gfnj Tz Wfocucnc knlo fopo hep!” Bfeq Iq wfeqjoa.

Keto dqzksti rnksoa qm gfzto nwszcu, “Gfnj’w fop uent?”

Bfeq Iq jees eqj jfo peksoj tnqckfop nca fohjoa zj ecje fzw wfeqtaop. Jfzw szca eh peksoj tnqckfop ntwe kecjnzcoa coqpejexzcw. Fo emocoa jfo knp aeep gzjf fnth eh fzw reai tonczcu eqj, nca gzjf n teqa cezwo, fo hzpoa jfo peksoj tnqckfop.

Keto wfeqjoa zc fzw fonpj, ieq knc’j fzj zj, zj levow jee hnwj!

But Zhou Yu acted as if he had anticipated the trajectory of the soaring serpent’s movements. The rocket launcher hit its tail and blew a large crater out of an ancient tree along with it.

“Did you hit him?!” Cole asked loudly.

Zhou Yu was almost deafened by the sound of the rocket launcher.


He blew open its tail scales, but not its flesh and blood. The neurotoxin couldn’t take effect, and the damaged scales grew back quickly.

Seeing the next sweep of its tail coming, Cole could only back up faster, even crashing through vehicles that were backing up too slowly.

In front of them, the soaring serpent crushed a car with broken wheels along with an ancient tree or two. The sound of the metal distorting and shattering was chilling.

Cole’s face didn’t show any expression or guilt towards his companions. He retreated in the direction where the ancient trees were more sparse.

The soaring serpent turned a large circle before it unexpectedly pointed its head at them.

This was a huge monster clad in armor. Its pair of deep black eyes were burning with killing intent and had a frosty chill to them. The fangs from its open mouth were like sharp barbs, and the air trembled with each roar. It was like Zhou Yu’s car was about to be sent flying.

“Why did Li Shengnan come to find that?”

“To become the second Turin,” Zhou Yu replied.

If there was a place where the soaring serpent was most vulnerable, then it must be its eyes.

Zhou Yu tried to pass his thoughts into its nerves through its sight, but the resistance of the soaring serpent was too strong, and the mental fortitude of an A rank organism was extraordinary. Each trying to crush the other, Zhou Yu finally lost the battle and was completely cut off from them.

In the end, had he been too hasty?

It was just that with the great crisis before him, he really didn’t have the time to grow.

Mo Ye was also too far away and forming a remote sensing link with Zhou Yu was already quite difficult in the first place. He couldn’t rely on him to control the soaring serpent, and manipulating such a powerful A rank organism from a distance would also harm Mo Ye.

“Don’t be afraid, Zhou Yu. You were given the power of an S rank organism. It is genetically destined that this is soaring serpent will submit to you at your feet.”

Mo Ye’s voice echoed in Zhou Yu’s mind, calm and subdued.

Under Zhou Yu’s mental interference, the soaring serpent was unable to sway its body like it did before, which bought some time for Cole to escape.

Zhou Yu’s thoughts once again surged into its mind and over its nerves, seeping into every last bit. It was like the soaring serpent was caught in a spider’s web, constantly spinning and struggling, squeezing Zhou Yu’s power, but also occasionally hitting the large trees around it, refusing to give up its chase after Cole.

Cole extremely nervously controlled the direction and speed. One careless mistake would be mean being crushed under a collapsing giant tree.

And Zhou Yu was also under tremendous pressure, cold sweat breaking out on his back.

At a certain moment, he felt that he had completely entered every cell of the soaring serpent. Without hesitating, he stretched his body out of the window and fired the rocket launcher once again, this time aiming at the soaring serpent’s open mouth. The rocket launcher shot into its teeth, and the moment it was about to burst open in its throat, it jerked backwards to avoid it, but the teeth in its upper jaw were blown open.

This caused its resentment for Zhou Yu to double, and it resisted Zhou Yu’s control over him exponentially more.

Zhou Yu suddenly and sincerely admired Mo Ye. If they both had the power of S rank organisms, then Mo Ye’s control was obviously much more powerful. He was able to control the soaring serpent at the same time as countless other dangerous organisms.

This chase wouldn’t end until their Humvee got a flat tire or ran out of gas. It would be impossible to expect this soaring serpent to give up voluntarily.


As Cole shouted loudly, the other Humvee that was following them was firmly crushed by the soaring serpent with a deafening thud. The Humvee was completely flattened, and the soaring serpent’s body from head to tail completely bulldozed over them.

Zhou Yu clenched his teeth.

“Juli Corp isn’t equipped with missiles, that’s some serious oversight.”

“A missile can’t be transported through the magnetic field! It’s too unstable and would explode in the shuttle bay!” Cole replied.

And an even more dire situation was at hand.

Zhou Yu heard the thunderous sound of flowing water, mighty and extending into the distance.

According to the electronic map, behind them was a tributary of the Angel’s Tears, the “Bloody Red Mary,” and it was quite the long tributary!

“We’re done for!” Cole shouted.

Because they were going too fast to brake, they almost fell right into the river.

Pieces of debris tumbled off and merged in with the waves of the river.

The soaring serpent was still close on their heels.

Just as the car’s rear tires were about to fall in, Cole turned the wheel and they sped off along the river bank.

Zhou Yu was covered in cold sweat. He knew that once they fell into the river, there would also be many dangerous creatures there.

But the soaring serpent all of a sudden rose into the air and then came crashing back down, the river bank shaking as it crumbled.

Zhou Yu and the rest were in a race against time, crushed debris constantly falling behind them.

“Calm down, Zhou Yu. Li Shengnan is lying in wait inside the body of that soaring serpent. With your power, you can’t cut open the body of that soaring serpent.”

Mo Ye’s voice sounded again. This hint was like a matchstick that sparked a dazzling light in the darkness, and Zhou Yu suddenly came to a realization.

His consciousness stretched out along the river, and at the bottom of it, a giant ancient creature was quietly resting. Taking advantage of when it least expected it, Zhou Yu quickly occupied its mind. He read countless memories that belonged to it, about survival and slaughter, like a brief history of time for the past millennium in Nibelungen.

As the ancient creature sensed the invasion, it started to retaliate with its power.

Zhou Yu was crushed by this powerful mental force to the point where he could hardly breathe. His eyes widened as he clenched his fists.

He couldn’t lose this contest.

In his peripheral vision, Cole seemed to notice that Zhou Yu could barely breathe. He shouted, “What’s wrong with you?!”

But at this moment, Zhou Yu was unable to answer him, still fighting against that force.

I am above you.

Zhou Yu issued his command, releasing his determination to take absolute control.

It was as if a powerful force was boiling over in the river, coming to them against the current.

Just when the huge soaring serpent was about to swallow Zhou Yu and Cole’s Hummer whole, a giant wave overturned in the river and a reverse scale dragon rose up in the air. The sunlight glimmered on its scales like numerous large, sharp blades. It rushed in the direction of the soaring serpent, its scales instantly cutting open its abdomen. Blood splashed through the air like a crimson rainstorm.

Zhou Yu’s Hummer was just a hair’s breadth away from being bitten by the soaring serpent. Cole even closed his eyes and waited for the moment the soaring serpent would destroy them, but unexpectedly, their car continued to race on.

After a few seconds, Cole couldn’t help but look in the rearview mirror. The fight between the reverse scale dragon and the soaring serpent was an eye-opener for him.

They tore at each other to death. Every time they struck each other, the air thickened with the smell of blood as if there were shock waves spreading out in all directions.

“Where did this reverse scale dragon come from?” Cole was in complete disbelief. “Is it Mo Ye? Weren’t his abilities locked with your spinal fluid? He was actually able to control the reverse scale dragon to fight the soaring serpent?”

“No, every organism has a territory they are active in. That soaring serpent left its territory in the process of chasing us and came near the Angel’s Tears tributary. To the reverse scale dragon, the soaring serpent encroached on its territory. This is like a war for both of them,” Zhou Yu replied.

His fingers were secretly trembling, and he could feel every charge and attack from the huge body as he dispatched the reverse scale dragon to open its mouth and bite the soaring serpent’s abdomen fiercely.

The shriek of the soaring serpent pierced through the horizon and startled countless creatures to fly away.

The forest was filled with the sound of various creatures running. They took advantage of the moment when the soaring serpent lost control to scurry away from this place.

The reverse scale dragon was about to drag the soaring serpent into the river with one bite but the soaring serpent wasn’t resigned to its fate and hooked its tail around a dozen gnarled trees. At the same time, the soaring serpent twisted over its neck and bit down hard on the back of the reverse scale dragon.

Zhou Yu, who was remote sensing with the reverse scale dragon, immediately felt a bone-deep pain, causing him to almost fall forward.

The soaring serpent refused to let go and Zhou Yu knew that the reverse scale dragon could weaponize its whole body. He tightened all the muscles of the reverse scale dragon and its scales stood up like the blade of a knife, fiercely stabbing into the soaring serpent’s body.

As the reverse scale dragon struggled, its scales kept cutting through the flesh of the soaring serpent.

Jfzw rnjjto gnw aeeloa je oca zc n wjpquuto je jfo aonjf gzjf fonvi tewwow ec rejf wzaow.

Bfeq Iq upnaqntti roknlo oxjpoloti hnjzuqoa. Jfo lelocj fo apog rnks fzw kecwkzeqwcoww, fo wjnpjoa je mncj nw zh fo gnw tnkszcu exiuoc, rqj keqtac’j zcjnso nci aqo je fzw copveqw jocwzec, tonazcu je fzw tqcuw rozcu qcnrto je oxmnca.

“Bfeq Iq!” Keto pontzboa gfnj gnw uezcu ec nca wtnlloa ec jfo rpnsow je meqca Bfeq Iq’w kfowj.

Nhjop jnszcu zc welo aoom rponjfw eh exiuoc, Bfeq Iq hzcntti knlo je tzho.

Keto cnppegoa fzw oiow. “Aza ieq ae welojfzcu je jfnj povopwo wknto apnuec?”

“Ce, ieq’po jfzcszcu jee lqkf. Z ntponai jeta ieq, jfnj povopwo wknto apnuec zw hzufjzcu gzjf jfo wenpzcu wopmocj je mpejokj zjw joppzjepi.”

Bfeq Iq teesoa rnks. Jfnj povopwo wknto apnuec, zc epaop je tzvo, gnw kqppocjti hzufjzcu je jfo aonjf gzjf jfo wenpzcu wopmocj nj hqtt megop.

Jfo jge uzncj epunczwlw jqpcoa jfo mpzlovnt hepowj qmwzao aegc.

Zc jfo oca, jfo wenpzcu wopmocj wgomj ngni jfo nckzocj jpoow zc jfo npon, nca zjw jnzt fonvzti wjpqks jfo reai eh jfo povopwo wknto apnuec. Loncgfzto, jfo povopwo wknto apnuec pojpnkjoa zjw wkntow, teewocoa zjw rzjo, nca dqzksti pojponjoa zcje jfo pzvop. Zjw jnzt ocaoa qm rozcu wlnwfoa nca wmtzj ri jfo wenpzcu wopmocj’w jnzt, rqj nj tonwj zj azac’j tewo zjw tzho.

N tnpuo wgnjf eh poa rteea wmpona eqj zc jfo pzvop gnjop, rqj gnw dqzksti gnwfoa ngni.

The soaring serpent escaped by the skin of its teeth and started slithering in place.

The undulation of its spine gradually weakened, as if it was about to die of exhaustion.

“Where is Li Shengnan?” Cole asked.

“In the abdomen of the soaring serpent.” Zhou Yu replied, “This soaring serpent is going to die soon. If Li Shengnan doesn’t want to die with it, then she’ll find a way to get out.”

Cole took out his own pistol, loaded it, and stayed still in the car.

Controlling the reverse scale dragon had consumed a great deal of Zhou Yu’s brain power, and at the moment, he only felt that the world was blurry and full of double shadows. He didn’t want to think or act at all.

Mo Ye’s voice sounded in his head: Your ability exceeds my expectations.

Zhou Yu feebly asked in his mind: Then am I also able to control you?

Mo Ye replied: You only controlled that reverse scale dragon for twelve seconds. Do you think that such a short amount of time is enough for you to do it once?

Twelve seconds? To Zhou Yu, it had been like a century.


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