Laws of the Other World Chapter 97

Chapter 97: The Great Ice Rift Valley

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Zhou Yu and Mo Ye breathed in sharply and withdrew their minds.

Zhou Qing took a step forward, revealing a dumbfounded expression. “I can’t feel him anymore…”

“Zhou Qing!”

Zhou Yu couldn’t feel Ymir’s presence either at this time and a chill went through his heart.

While Di Xin’s power was strong and overbearing, Ymir was so weak that he was on the brink of death. Even though Zhou Yu and Mo Ye had teamed up to drive Di Xin away, this was not the same saving Ymir.

It was like he had already decayed… and been completely destroyed.

Zhou Qing stood at the center of the lake that was shallow enough to only reach his knees. His figure looked particularly fragile under the moonlight.

“This is my fault,” Zhou Qing said.

“It is not your fault. The one who killed him is Di Xin.” Zhou Yu hugged Zhou Qing in consolation.

“No… It’s my fault… If I were strong enough, I would have been able to strangle Di Xin with you two and wouldn’t have given him enough time to hurt Ymir…”

Zhou Qing closed his eyes as tears slid down his cheeks.

He fell silent, no longer able to say anything.

It was as if Ymir’s departure had also taken his breath away.

However, Mo Ye coldly walked over to Zhou Qing and gave him a hard slap.

“What’s that in your backpack?”

Mo Ye’s piercing gaze made Zhou Qing, who was about to fall into grief and self-blame, instantly come to his senses.

Inside his backpack was the sampler.

And it contained a living sample of Ymir’s cells!

Zhou Qing immediately put down his backpack and took out the sampler. The small sample inside of it shone with a thin layer of faint golden light.

He was still alive!

As long as a single cell was still alive, Ymir had a chance of being reborn!

Not to mention that there was more than one cell in there!

“Do you know what you must do now?” Mo Ye asked.

“Of course.”

Zhou Qing became determined at that moment.

Zhou Yu and Mo Ye could both feel his determination that was like a rock.

They departed and flew back to the base.

Zhou Yu and Mo Ye were exhausted, and they directly collapsed onto their bed.

Zhou Qing, however, didn’t have the slightest intention of resting as he immediately began his research on the virus.

Time was precious, and the small sample was becoming less active by the second.

Gradually, Zhou Qing’s vision blurred.

He became incredibly sleepy, so he told himself that he would only close his eyes for five seconds, but he didn’t expect to fall asleep.

Half-conscious, he seemed to feel a hand that was gently caressing the top of his head.

Zhou Qing pressed his lips together and looked up to meet a pair of familiar eyes.

Deep yet gentle, like the morning light, falling into his eyes at just the right temperature.

Those elegant features crafted in a perfect form from start to finish meant a nod and a smile dispelled all the distracting thoughts in Zhou Qing’s mind.

“It’s you… I thought…”

“What did you think?” He was sitting on Zhou Qing’s desk with his hands propped up on the edge. He lowered his head and leaned in closer to Zhou Qing.

“I thought… I couldn’t protect you.” Zhou Qing’s brows trembled.


That “fool” was very light and had a doting undertone. It seemed to instantly disintegrate Zhou Qing’s will and make his tears fall.

“You did well.” That hand brushed away the tear tracks on Zhou Qing’s face and kissed his cheek. “There isn’t another person or even another being in this world that would do the same as you; not out of biological and hierarchical instinct, and not out of reverence for me, but simply to protect me. After many long years, only you have succeeded in protecting me.”

Zhou Qing opened his arms and hugged him tightly.

Gradually, the Ymir in his arms dissipated, and the empty feeling of loneliness made Zhou Qing not want to open his eyes.

But he had to wake up from his dream eventually, and rather than immersing himself in comfort, Zhou Qing knew that he had more important things to do.

He sat up and took a deep breath.

The laboratory was still the laboratory, and the display screen that had been converting data had gone dark. The cold incandescent lighting made Zhou Qing sober up.

He threw himself back into his research.

Meanwhile, Mo Ye was sitting at the edge of the bed and watching as Zhou Yu injected himself with the nutrient solution.

“You should have sensed it.” Mo Ye spoke while staring at Zhou Yu’s arm.

“Yes, our last strike injured Di Xin. The virus he contracted makes him unable to recover quickly for a short period of time, so we have to head to the Great Ice Rift Valley as soon as possible. But I haven’t left enough replacement blood for you like Mr. Song did.” Zhou Yu’s brows furrowed.

Mo Ye brought his head up to Zhou Yu. His quiet, downcast eyes weren’t as provocative as before, but they carried a hint of tranquility and consolation, making Zhou Yu’s taut heartstrings relax at that moment.

All matters concerning life and death were no longer that important to Zhou Yu when he was in front of Mo Ye.

“Tomorrow, I’ll tell Professor Chen that I’m going to use the unlocking agent cultivated from your spinal fluid ahead of time.” Mo Ye’s voice was calm.

“You’re crazy! That won’t allow you to fully unlock your abilities at all!”

While Zhou Yu gnashed his teeth, his mind could intuitively feel Mo Ye’s insistence and persistence.

“Together, you and I were able to track Di Xin in the reverse direction and attack him from a distance, which shows that we’re pretty powerful. Along with Song Lin, who has fully recovered his abilities, I don’t think we’ll lose to Di Xin. I’m unwilling to miss out on this opportunity.”

The two’s thoughts were synchronized at this moment.

Zhou Yu raised his hand and pressed down on Mo Ye’s shoulder. At that moment, Mo Ye felt like he had fallen into the abyss in Zhou Yu’s eyes. Zhou Yu tilted his head and leaned in toward Mo Ye. He didn’t deliberately slow down, but instead, he conveyed masculinity and determination.

This wasn’t the first time Zhou Yu had gotten close to him, but Mo Ye’s heart felt like it had suddenly grown wings, tearing through his flesh and blood. The moment Zhou Yu’s lips took his own, he was soaring into the horizon.

Zhou Yu’s tongue slipped in between Mo Ye’s lips, sucking on the tip of his tongue. The extremely forceful way Mo Ye was taken captive made his head buzz. Something burned frantically until it burst apart.

Mo Ye raised his hand and clasped the back of Zhou Yu’s head, abruptly pressing him down.

He knew that he had used a lot of strength, and he knew how greedy and presumptuous he was, but he didn’t want to feel any consession or rejection from Zhou Yu. He freed his other hand and pinched Zhou Yu’s cheeks, forcing him to keep his lips open before sucking hard.

The intensity was simply about to break apart all the cells in Zhou Yu’s body.

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Zhou Yu had to lean back while Mo Ye desired and plundered even harder. This caused Zhou Yu to feel panicked for the first time.

And he understood that this panic wasn’t necessarily his own, but could also be Mo Ye’s.

Mo Ye’s kiss wasn’t so much an ordeal that caused Zhou Yu to struggle between reason and indulgence, but rather a longing for Zhou Yu to fall apart. Both his body and his nerves tensed up.

In the end, Zhou Yu couldn’t help but respond. It was like indiscriminate destruction. They devoured each other wildly and violently, with a destructive force that could tear the world apart.

There was a time when Zhou Yu had thought that kissing someone madly as if the world was about to end at any second was an emotion that only existed in movies, but Mo Ye made him truly understand this crazy emotion that could turn the world upside down.

Don’t be afraid.

I will always be by your side.

Zhou Yu hugged Mo Ye tightly.

His blood seemed to evaporate and all of his emotions seemed to be taken away by Mo Ye. His body was about to fall as if he was weightless. Zhou Yu suddenly sensed something and he pushed Mo Ye away to look at him with a piercing gaze.

“What did you do to yourself?”

Mo Ye’s eyes still contained tides of passion that hadn’t yet dissipated. He looked at Zhou Yu and a light smile swept across his lips, his fingers brushing past Zhou Yu’s hair.

The world was so quiet at that moment that everything ceased to exist.

Zhou Yu felt like he was on some sort of trial. He could feel the power in Mo Ye’s body hibernating quietly, gathering strength but also poised to engulf everything at any time.

This was not the Mo Ye that Zhou Yu was familiar with and could sense. He was like a wild horse that broke free from its reins, galloping in an attempt to break free from cellular control.

Destroying other things while also destroying oneself.

“What exactly did you do?!” Zhou Yu clasped Mo Ye’s neck and pushed him down, forcing him to answer his question immediately.

He knew that Mo Ye very much wanted to protect him, and that this desire for protection went far beyond what he had shown. Even if he had to destroy all of Nibelungen to have Zhou Yu, Mo Ye would not hesitate to do so.

Although he had grown up beside Zhou Yu, shaped himself into the appearance of a human, and even possessed the thoughts of a human, he was still an S rank organism, and he was still the same as Di Xin, deep in his bones. As long as he wanted it, he would obtain it even if it meant destroying himself.

But this was not what Zhou Yu wanted.

“Speak!” Zhou Yu’s fingers gripped him even harder, almost crushing Mo Ye’s throat.

Mo Ye spoke calmly, “I injected Professor Chen’s unlocking agent formulated from your spinal fluid.”

Zhou Yu’s heart felt like it had suddenly been pinched to death.

“Without my blood replacing the blood in your body, even if your abilities are unlocked, your body won’t be a match… so you’ll…”

You’ll collapse at any moment.

Mo Ye calmly raised his hand and put it around Zhou Yu’s waist. “I’ve recovered seventy percent of my abilities, but I’m still locked in a human state. I like this state, because I can protect you and be in the same form as you. I’ve already discussed it Song Lin, and he’ll prepare tomorrow to set out for the Great Ice Rift Valley the day after that. We’ll deal a fatal blow to Di Xin.”

Zhou Yu closed his eyes and listened to Mo Ye’s heartbeat.

He knew that he couldn’t change the decision that Mo Ye had made. He could only go forward alongside him.

But this time, Zhou Yu didn’t intend to let Zhou Qing go with them.

“I want you to stay here.” Zhou Yu came behind Zhou Qing and spoke with his arms crossed.

Zhou Qing slowly turned from the microscope and looked at Zhou Yu with an expression of understanding. “You’re worried that after you all leave, Juli Corp’s men will find this place, and there won’t be anyone who can protect us all.”

“Yes,” Zhou Yu nodded, “Also… your research has reached its most critical stage. If anything happens to you, Ymir and the other organisms infected by the virus won’t be saved.”

Zhou Qing didn’t reply immediately, but he instead gazed at Zhou Yu for a long time.

Then, he smiled helplessly. “I don’t know when I became used to you doing dangerous things. Of course… everything in Nibelungen is dangerous. I won’t insist on going with you, because each one of us has something they must do. And my battlefield is here.”

Zhou Qing lightly tapped his microscope with a finger.

“As long as you don’t think I’m intentionally trying to leave you here.” Zhou Yu got up.

Zhou Qing stood up and hugged Zhou Yu, then said earnestly in his ear, “You come back every time I wait for you. This time too…”

Zhou Yu patted Zhou Qing’s shoulder. “Mm, wait for my return.”

Song Lin was already waiting for them at the exit.

Le Dou and its flock were waiting outside the base. Zhou Yu rubbed its head and said softly, “I’ll leave this place to you.”

Le Dou nodded with a sense of purpose.

Several black-backed pterodactyls streaked across the sky and landed steadily in front of them.

Mo Ye and Zhou Yu easily mounted them. The black-backed pterodactyls lifted their wings and disappeared into the sky like black lightning.

The wind tore at Zhou Yu’s hair. He lowered himself until he almost sticking to the black-backed pterodactyl’s back.

Mo Ye looked to the side at Song Lin with amusement: I thought you would charge into the Great Ice Rift Valley in your original form as an S ranked organism.

Song Lin replied coldly: I’m choosing to leave Di Xin a few surprises.

They traveled between the clouds, and beneath them were the vast primeval forests, grasslands, lakes, and even oceans of Nibelungen.

After only a few minutes, the black-backed pterodactyls took them to the other side of the sea.

The temperature was getting lower and lower. Zhou Yu’s eyelashes were flecked with ice, and even the air seemed to be causing his lungs to freeze. The black-backed pterodactyl quickly lowered its altitude and broke through the clouds. A world of pure white appeared in front of Zhou Yu’s eyes.

The mountain range was frozen over, and the cold light reflected by the sun made one feel the incomparable loneliness of this world.

Perhaps humans had yet to set foot here, including Juli Corp’s research team.

And in the distance was a large plain, like a borderless mirror reflecting the sky.

Just above such a mirror was a winding black rift.

It couldn’t be felt from afar, but when the black-backed pterodactyls came to where the rift began, Zhou Yu froze.

The Great Rift Valley of East Africa couldn’t measure to half the majesty of this rift.

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Oxnkjti gfopo Az Xzc fzazcu?!

At that very moment, Zhou Yu felt a ringing in his ears as his nerves were dragged into the depths of the rift. The speed of the descent almost tore his body apart. He couldn’t see anything, and there wasn’t even a breeze to be heard. He felt as if he had been completely stripped of his physical body.

What was going on here?

After a moment of disbelief, Zhou Yu finally reacted—Di Xin had attacked his mind!

At such a close distance, Di Xin’s abilities increased exponentially from what they had experienced before. He took control of Zhou Yu’s mental world at a speed Zhou Yu could hardly have predicted.

Zhou Yu even ventured a guess that currently, he must still be on top of the black-backed pterodactyl, because once he fell, he would arouse Mo Ye and Song Lin’s suspicions. They would join forces to track the reverse direction of Di Xin’s power that was deep inside Zhou Yu’s mind. At this moment, what Di Xin wanted was to break them down one by one, and Zhou Yu was his first target.

Zhou Yu didn’t want to be left at Di Xin’s mercy. He wanted to crush and expel Di Xin before he could completely take over every cell of his body.

In front of Di Xin, they were all children; puerile, weak, and insignificant.

The more Zhou Yu wanted to be free, the more he could feel Di Xin’s power. It was as if that flood of power filled heaven and earth, forcibly and tyrannically controlling everything. Zhou Yu was like a tiny ant in the world of Di Xin’s power.

This seemingly never-ending period of weightlessness and descent finally came to a halt, and Zhou Yu plummeted into the depths of hell. His body seemingly experienced countless shatterings and explosions at the same moment. Pain upon layers of pain took over his senses.

“Welcome to my world.”

An icy, desireless voice rang out.

Zhou Yu opened his eyes with great difficulty. His body was under tremendous pressure, as if the weight of the entire world was on him.

In front of him sat a man. His black hair seemed to rise from the fissures of hell, penetrating even the most distant and microscopic parts of the world. His extremely handsome facial features were as chilly as a polar precipice and didn’t show any human expressions at all. He was clearly right in front of Zhou Yu’s eyes, yet it was as if he was looking down on the world of the living, standing hundreds of millions of meters above in the sky.

“This is not a human world, and humans should not covet the power here.”

His lips moved as if he were an oracle.

“Then you shouldn’t covet the human world either, or want to control more lives,” Zhou Yu replied.

“It is not covetousness on this side. The organisms of Nibelungen are far above you humans, and for you to use the laws of the human world to interfere with all that is here is truly both ridiculous and arrogant. If we take control of the humans, we can make them more conscious. This is submission based on the survival of the fittest.”

Di Xin came in front of Zhou Yu and cast his gaze down at him as if he was observing some rare item.

“You are very special. You are not like the other humans infected by S rank organisms, who are just accessories of their power; you can make your own judgments outside the influence of your S rank organism. You have crossed the boundary.”

“We?” Bfeq Iq ketati pomtzoa.

“We ieq lqwj ro mqpuoa.” Az Xzc’w vezko gnw utnkznt.

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Upnaqntti, Le Io hpegcoa.

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“Zhou Yu!” Mo Ye leaned towards Zhou Yu and stretched out his arm. The tips of his fingers merely touched Zhou Yu’s shoulder, yet he slipped off the black-backed pterodactyl and plummeted into the rift below.

Immediately, Mo Ye veered his own pterodactyl downward to give chase. He pulled Zhou Yu into his arms just as he entered the darkness of the rift and then raced back to higher ground once more.

At the same time, Zhou Yu coldly locked eyes with Di Xin. In his gaze, it was as if he had seen all of Nibelungen from ancient times to the present day.

Time slipped away like the shifting stars and life went on; it was just like a wormhole.

At that moment, Zhou Yu didn’t care how Di Xin was going to destroy him and rushed into this wormhole with a burst of strength, climbing up Di Xin’s power and immediately fusing into it, going against the current.

Di Xin’s pupils quivered fiercely. He never expected this human to counterattack at all costs!

Zhou Yu felt a burst of courage, and if Di Xin’s power was the ocean that submerged the world, then Zhou Yu was swimming in that ocean. No matter how rough the waters were, he tore through it all and headed straight into the abyss at the bottom of the sea.

Just when Zhou Yu’s power was starting to grow stronger, he crashed into an invisible wall. His power was dispersed in an instant before he was drowned by the deep sea.

“Zhou Yu!”

A familiar voice rang in his ears and jolted Zhou Yu awake. As he returned to reality from Di Xin’s world, he gasped, once again feeling the cold around them.

“Are you okay?” Song Lin came to their side as well.

“I’m fine. Di Xin is even more impatient than us. He came to test me.” Zhou Yu smiled comfortingly at Mo Ye. His black-backed pterodactyl that had fallen deep into the rift flew back to them and Zhou Yu leaped onto its back.



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