Laws of the Other World Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Alive

Zhou Yu took note of its healing speed. It was around 13 seconds.

That was to say, he only had a window of 13 seconds!

After he made his decision, he resolutely held up his gun. He aimed at the monster’s tail and held down the trigger to shoot at the same spot.

The monster screeched loud enough to nearly shatter the ceiling.

Zhou Yu felt a terrible pain in his head, as if something in his brain was buzzing, but he didn’t have the time to deal with that and kept changing his position to make sure he stayed outside of the tail’s range of attack. The sound of gunfire went uninterrupted.

The monster’s muscles were very special. If it had been an ordinary animal, then it would have long been beaten into a puddle of mud. But even now, its tail was still hanging on, and although it was almost severed, it never detached from its body.

Zhou Yu’s magazine was already empty.

It was now! If he missed this chance, then he wouldn’t get another one!

Zhou Yu tossed aside his handgun and rushed toward the monster as fast as he could.

He knew that if he approached its limbs first, then he would get swatted away if he was lucky. It was more likely that he would be pulverized into mush like Chen Chong.

Zhou Yu stepped onto the monster’s abdomen with one foot. Sure enough, the monster shook itself. It wanted to attack Zhou Yu with its tail, but its tail could only sweep along the floor powerlessly without lifting up.

Zhou Yu suddenly sat on its back, and before he could get thrown off by the monster, he stabbed his dagger into its back.

The monster immediately threw back its head and let out an enraged howl. Zhou Yu was about to get thrown off of its back, so he clamped down tightly on both sides with his legs.

After almost ten seconds, he couldn’t afford to waste any more time.

It didn’t seem like the organism had a brain, or maybe its brain didn’t grow inside of its skull. Zhou Yu pulled out the gun in the holster around his thigh and fired rapidly at the monster’s neck. He used up all of the bullets in a matter of seconds.

The monster, in pain, threw off Zhou Yu. Its vertebra had practically been shot through by Zhou Yu. It made an agonized sound and its once-agile body started to sway.

Zhou Yu happened to fall near Chen Chong. Picking up Chen Chong’s gun, he started shooting again at the monster’s tail that was already half-healed and had started to raise up!

There were no more weapons he could use nearby and Zhou Yu couldn’t manage changing the magazine so he quickly threw the gun aside. Picking up a steel pipe that the monster had battered aside, he charged while he shot the monster’s belly.

The monster came at him from the angle of the shot. Zhou Yu concentrated all his attention on a single point while he tightly gripped the steel pipe, and, at the most critical moment, he ruthlessly stabbed it into its belly at the same place where it had been shot.

Zhou Yu knew that the monster’s belly was well developed, so he gathered all of the strength in his body—the muscles on his back practically taunt enough to split open—and put the energy of his whole being into that moment.

The steel pipe pierced the monster at the same time its tail raised up and stabbed through Zhou Yu’s abdomen at lightning speed.

Zhou Yu should have been afraid. Once it raised the barbs on its tail, all of Zhou Yu’s organs would be pierced through. He would die a worse death than Chen Chong.

But the acute pain invigorated Zhou Yu and cleared his head. Death became a distant, insignificant concept and was cast out of his mind.

He had already come this far, and even if he wanted to dodge, it was already too late. Since it was already like this, then why not give the monster one truly terrible blow?!

Zhou Yu crazily pushed the steel pipe in deeper. He didn’t seem to notice the blood flowing out from his abdomen.

He tensed up his arms and walked forward, step by step, allowing the monster’s tail to impale him while also pushing the steel pipe in his hands in deeper and deeper. The monster started to struggle. It could’ve easily dodged at its speed, but it seemed like it was afraid of moving around. It only drew back quickly, and even its tail recoiled. Blood immediately started to gush out of Zhou Yu. Right then, he was certain that he had stabbed a vital region of the monster. Even if he died, he had to stab it through the monster!

“Ah—” Following Zhou Yu’s roar, the monster tried to break away from his range of attack. Zhou Yu spared no effort to sprint and leap into the air, his right foot firmly kicking in the steel pipe. It passed through layers of flesh and seemed to stab something soft. After a loud crack, something akin to brain tissue leaked out from the monster’s wound.

It staggered and lost its balance. Zhou Yu also fell to the ground, blood pooling around him and underneath his body. He coldly stared at the guy in front of him until it toppled over with a crash. It no longer responded.

It was then that Zhou Yu slowly closed his eyes as well.

He knew that bleeding out that much blood meant that he was going to die soon … but as his consciousness started to fade, he seemed to hear the sound of a helicopter engine.

The rhythmic sound of equipment sounded by his ear, and it also seemed like there were people talking.

“Heart rate, normal.”

“Pulse, normal.”

“The wound has healed well, there are no signs of an infection so far. The estimated time for a full recovery is two months.”

Zhou Yu knitted his brows. Was it a doctor speaking?

“Very good, when he wakes up, I want to talk to him.”

The voice sounded very gentle, but it also contained a hint of something lofty and indifferent.

Zhou Yu slowly opened his eyes and was met with the sight of a bright ceiling. The surrounding light was blinding to Zhou Yu, and he couldn’t help but squint a little.

He was in a hospital room, and around him were various monitoring instruments. Two doctors wearing long, white coats were standing at the other end of the bed, discussing something.

Not too far away, a middle-aged man in a black suit wearing rimless glasses noticed that Zhou Yu was awake. His lips slowly quirked into a smile as he unhurriedly walked up to Zhou Yu’s side. Pressing down on one side of Zhou Yu’s pillow with his hand, he lowered his body and said, “Hello, Captain Zhou.”

Zhou Yu looked into his amber eyes.

“Where is this place?” Zhou Yu asked.

His voice was slightly hoarse, and there was a dull pain in his abdomen. It seemed like the area impaled by the monster had already been treated. Zhou Yu wondered which doctor had been skilled enough to do it. His internal organs had been torn through many times and he underwent massive blood loss, yet now he was still alive and in a rather stable condition.

“Where do you think this is?” The other person slightly smiled.

At that time, two doctors turned their way and started to approach them to check on Zhou Yu’s body.

Zhou Yu suddenly took hold of the other man by his neck. He sat up and used one hand to press the man against his body, ready to snap his neck at any time.

“This is Juli Corporation!” Zhou Yu said in a low voice between gritted teeth.

Also, the two people in white coats weren’t doctors. They had the same ID passes as researchers around their waists.

“Captain Zhou! Please don’t act rashly! We’re here to help you!”

The two researchers had extremely anxious expressions. It seemed like the guy Zhou Yu had under his hand was an important person in Juli Corp.

“You saved me? From what I know, you’re all elites in your fields of study, but how come none of you understand causal logic?” Zhou Yu smirked coldly. “Who bred that monster? Who hid the truth and sent my team to carry out a ‘hostage rescue’ mission? Where is the researcher who lost his mind? By the time we got there, everyone in the Research Institute was already dead, weren’t they? We were only pawns sent in there to kill the monster and to clean up after you, am I right?

The man being pinned down by Zhou Yu chuckled.

“Zhou Yu, you really are interesting.”

“You think it’s funny that I can snap your neck at any moment?” Zhou Yu raised his brows.

“No, I think that anyone who can kill that monster is interesting. When we found you, you had already suffered massive blood loss, and you were only a step or two away from hell. The medical team that Juli Corp sent gave you blood transfusions the entire journey, and knowing that you wouldn’t make it to the hospital, they directly operated on you on the helicopter. We sincerely wished for you to survive. In light of our good faith, can we have a proper conversation now? I can answer all of your questions.”

Zhou Yu looked down at the man.

In any case, he had nothing to lose. He let go of him.

He straightened up and fixed his collar. The two other researchers let out the breaths they were holding.

“Hello, Zhou Yu. I’m Song Zhi, the person in charge of Juli Corporation’s ‘Der Ring des Nibelungen’ project.”

Der Ring des Nibelungen. The name elicited a shiver in Zhou Yu.

“I heard that Juli Corp only recruits from the best of the elites. Which world-class university does Mr. Song have a PhD from?”

Zhou Yu said, somewhat mockingly.

He’d always been indifferent to the rich and powerful, and he didn’t have a good impression of Song Zhi’s false pretenses.

Song Zhi didn’t mind and smiled. “Does that status mean anything to you? I told you my name to make it easier for you to address me and converse with me. First of all, I must clarify a point. The information you received that an insane researcher had taken the other researchers hostage was true. Juli Corp did not make up that story.”

Zhou Yu didn’t speak. He only stared into Song Zhi’s eyes, waiting for him to continue.

“He was in negotiations with Juli Corp, demanding that we terminate ‘Der Ring des Nibelungen’ project. After Juli Corp’s top brass rejected him, he flew into a rage and released that monster, which resulted in the situation you were a witness to. But, it is true that by the time your team was carrying out the mission, there was already no one left alive. Juli Corp was going to send a more experienced team to take care of the monster in the Research Institute, but your superiors were under great pressure and probably wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible, so they sent your team. They didn’t tell you what your real objective was because ‘Der Ring des Nibelungen’ was strictly confidential.”

Song Zhi’s gaze turned cold. Zhou Yu couldn’t find any trace of indecision or avoidance in his eyes.

He was telling the truth.


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  1. Hmmmmmmmm shady stuff going on.

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  3. i hate this when govt. do this to soldiers. i know many mission are done this way so as to avoid conflict or mission failure. bt everytime a higher official screws up and soldiers turns up dead.


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