Laws of the Other World Chapter 2

Chapter 2: It’s… Coming…

There was nothing for him to worry about anymore.

Zhou Yu continued forwards. According to the information he was given, the stem cell cultivation center was ahead.

This research department was in a mess. All the instruments and equipment were destroyed, as if they had been run over by a tank.

Zhou Yu had only just stepped forward when his toe made contact with the glass shards of a test tube, making a small sound. Against the silence, the noise was unnerving, as if some hidden danger could be roused awake by it. Still, Zhou Yu remained calm.

There were a few of the researchers’ corpses lying on the floor. They had died terribly cruel deaths. Judging by how stiff the corpses were, Zhou Yu suspected that the researchers died before they had even accepted the mission.

Zhou Yu looked up and saw a surveillance camera attached to the ceiling. Juli Corp had remote monitoring set up, and they definitely knew what had happened. But they still made a hypocritical request to the relevant departments to request a hostage rescue mission, causing Zhou Yu’s team members to pay the ultimate price.

Zhou Yu counted the number of dead bodies. It matched the number of stem cell cultivation researchers who were on duty that day.

The computer monitor was already shattered and the mainframe was a mess. Zhou Yu wasn’t able to find out what they were researching.

He walked to the other door of the stem cell research department, which wasn’t fully closed.

Zhou Yu turned sideways and used his fingers to push open the door. It seemed like there was something leaning against the other side of it. He only heard a rustling sound before it fell to the floor.

When half of a face showed through the crack of the door, Zhou Yu discovered that it was his youngest team member, Zhao Cheng. His mouth was slightly ajar and his eyes were wide open, as if he had seen something unbelievable before he died. Zhou Yu’s heart rate sped up. He crouched down and used his fingers to feel Zhao Cheng’s neck… there was no pulse.

Zhou Yu squeezed his eyes shut. Since he didn’t know what was on the other side of the door, he had to carefully move Zhao Cheng’s body first before he could push it open.

It was another passageway. If Zhou Yu remembered correctly, this passageway led to the center of the Research Institute where animals used for research purposes were being kept.

Zhou Yu closed Zhao Cheng’s eyes with his fingers. Then he saw that from the neck down, Zhao Cheng’s body had been pierced through numerous times, his blood flowing in rivers. Zhou Yu couldn’t even imagine what had caused those fatal wounds. On the walls of the passageway were traces of bullet holes, and shell casings were scattered everywhere. Zhou Yu only slightly lifted up Zhao Cheng’s gun to know that it was empty of any bullets.

Yet Zhao Cheng’s hand was still in mid-action, trying to pull out the dagger at his waist… But against his opponent, of what use was a dagger?

Seeing Zhao Cheng’s miserable end, Zhou Yu could confirm that none of his people had survived, including Vice Captain Chen Chong.

Even if everything up to now could be considered hell, Zhou Yu was still determined to meet the guy behind it all.

He raised his gun and trod forward, his strides longer than before. He was less cautious and more eager to face the unknown.

He stood in front of the breeding center and turned his body sideways to pull open the door.

In the split second his heart contracted, he thought something was about to come rushing out, but all was quiet.

Zhou Yu let his mind settle down. He thought that he would be frightened and scared—after all, he had a ninety-nine percent chance of dying just as horrifically as Zhao Cheng—but death did not come. A few seconds later, the silence became another form of torture for him. At that moment, Zhou Yu suddenly felt… like this was another door in his life.

He walked in, expecting to find different kinds of animals locked in cages, but he found that he was wrong.

It was a large glass room filled with many plants Zhou Yu had never seen before. He knelt down on one knee and pulled out a strand of withered grass that was growing by his foot. The leaves were rhombus-shaped with a striped pattern. As if it sensed the temperature of Zhou Yu’s fingers, it crumbled away like ash.

Zhou Yu found that all of the plants in the glass room were already dried up, as if they had all died at the same time.

Other than the plants, Zhou Yu couldn’t see anything else that was living and moving.

Something had smashed open the west side of the room and two SWAT team members in bulletproof vests were lying on the floor.

Zhou Yu quickly made his way over to them. Although he was mentally prepared for it, he still sucked in his breath.

Their guns were also almost empty, but they were more experienced than Zhao Cheng, and they had even been partners for several years.

Judging by the time they had lost contact with the command center, they died in the span of only a few seconds.

Zhou Yu looked up at the shattered entrance of the glass room. Whatever had killed them left through that hole.

He gripped the gun in his hands tightly and clenched his jaw. Right now, he only wanted to slaughter that guy!

He stepped over the shattered pieces and went forwards. There were no lights ahead, and if he continued on, then he would enter into complete darkness.

He knew that the thing was waiting for him in the dark.

Chen Chong hadn’t lost contact with him too long ago, so he might still have a chance to find him alive!

Zhou Yu sped up, heading deeper into the darkness. It looked like he was being reckless, but every single part of his body was in action.

The scents in his nose, the sounds his ears picked up, the feeling of his every footstep falling onto the floor, and even the friction between his body and the air.

Zhou Yu had always had exceptional insight and reactions times beyond the abilities of an ordinary person. It was exactly those sharp senses of his that allowed him to brush past the God of Death more than just once.

He didn’t care at all about the sounds he made while running, because he precisely wanted to draw that thing out.

He suddenly stopped. There was the almost inaudible sound of breathing.

Zhou Yu looked over in its direction, and even in the darkness, he could faintly make out Chen Chong’s silhouette. He was leaning against the wall, and it looked like he was already on his last breath.

“A Chong!” Zhou Yu came to his side. Chen Chong used the last of his strength to push him away.

“Didn’t… I tell you not to come… Why didn’t you listen…?”

Zhou Yu didn’t answer Chen Chong. He knew clearly that if it had been Chen Chong in the command vehicle, then he also would have rushed inside to save him, no matter the cost.

It was too dark and Zhou Yu was unable to make out the state of Chen Chong’s injury, but he could smell the heavy scent of blood.

Zhou Yu was just about to carry Chen Chong when he realized that his entire arm was gone.

“It’s… coming…”

Those were Chen Chong’s last words to Zhou Yu.

They were charged with fear.

The sound of something crawling came from behind Zhou Yu. He immediately turned on a high-powered flashlight. In the split second he turned around, his entire world was turned upside down!

It was a monster with a humanoid shape, however, its muscles did not have any skin covering them. It was crawling, and Zhou Yu’s intuition told him that it was extremely strong.

Normal creatures under such a strong light would reflexively flinch, but this monster did not have eyes!

It must then have a keen sense of hearing. If not, how could all the trained SWAT team members have died such violent deaths?

Zhou Yu held in his breath and stood still.

The monster opened its mouth, its saliva flowing out. It was disgusting, but it was nothing to Zhou Yu.

He carefully inspected the monster; its long tail was slowly waving around in the air. From time to time, it also exposed several sharp barbs. If Zhou Yu guessed correctly, then Zhao Cheng had died from that tail. His other team members had emptied their cartridges without being able to shoot this guy, so either it was faster than a bullet or… bullets weren’t strong enough to kill it.

The monster drew closer step by step. Zhou Yu wasn’t familiar with its pattern of movement and didn’t dare to act rashly.

It slowly drew near Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu’s right hand was on the trigger, ready to shoot at any time. It got closer and closer. Zhou Yu’s left hand was holding the flashlight, without the slightest intention of turning it off or putting it down. Sweat dripped down Zhou Yu’s neck. He had to see the monster clearly! The sinister wrinkles on its face, the bulging muscles of its limbs, and the radius of attack of its tail.

When its face was only a few centimeters away from Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu was more mentally stretched taut he had ever been in his life.

Not only did the monster not have eyes, but neither did it have a nose or ears!

Could it hear? Or smell?

Zhou Yu started to doubt that.

It just happened that a piece of shattered glass fell from Zhou Yu’s sleeve. He caught it and then flicked it away from him.

The glass shard fell somewhere nearby and made a tinkling sound.

The monster was completely unresponsive. Not even its head turned.

Therefore… it couldn’t hear!

If it couldn’t hear, then how did it kill so many people?

Just then, the monster suddenly moved, so quickly that Zhou Yu didn’t even realize that it had happened. Only his subconscious mind told him to flip to the side. Zhou Yu’s sharp reflexes saved his life once again, or else he definitely would’ve been knocked flying by the monster.

Behind him came a crashing sound.

Zhou Yu’s heart instantly contracted.

He slowly turned around to see the monster’s claws pressed to the wall. Chen Chong, who had been on his last breath, had been killed by the monster.

Everything happened so quickly that Zhou Yu did not have a chance to stop it at all. Chen Chong died just like that, right in front of him.

Zhou Yu’s finger pressed down with more and more strength. He wanted to kill it.

He had to kill it!

“Show me… just how fast you are!”

Zhou Yu got up. He held his gun in one hand and started to sprint. While running, he fired rapidly. After being shot twice, the monster retreated a little, but immediately after, it started racing around the room, its tail lashing out. It seemed to be trying to locate Zhou Yu.

Very quickly, the bullets were used up. The monster’s tail had brushed by the top of Zhou Yu’s head, but Zhou Yu dropped sideways to the floor and very quickly replaced the magazine. He then got up and avoided the monster’s tail sweeping along the floor.

Zhou Yu realized that the bullets that pierced the monster were being repelled by its body. Although its wounds had traces of something like blood, they were already in the process of healing. In other words, its recovery abilities were far beyond any living creature Zhou Yu knew of.

Zhou Yu clicked his tongue and coldly studied it.

To take out that monster, he had to get closer to it. But first, the most important step was to get rid of its bothersome tail.


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