Laws of the Other World Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Mo Ye

Her hands came to gently rest on Zhou Yu’s shoulders. She slowly approached him with her lips slightly open, giving off a fatal level of attraction.

Zhou Yu’s heart was beating very quickly. When she retreated half a step, he subconsciously went forward, as if everything was centered around her.

He wanted to kiss her, and to have her. Everything he cared about no longer seemed important.

Suddenly, Zhou Yu remembered Wu Yun’s warning: the more beautiful something was, the more dangerous.

Also… this was Nibelungen, where would a human woman come from?

Zhou Yu became alert. He recklessly raised the dagger in his hand and stabbed it into her!

Something shrieked into his ear, and his body instantly dropped down.

Falling hard, the dull pain made Zhou Yu widen his eyes. Now that he was able to breathe, he started to cough violently.

When he fully regained consciousness, he realized that he had been dragged into the tree hollow by the vine at some point. The beautiful woman he had just seen was an illusion that the vine had created for him.

Zhou Yu looked up and saw his dagger sticking out from inner wall of the tree hollow not far away, tearing open a large gash. There was a faint beam of sunlight slanting down, just enough to illuminate the green liquid flowing out, like the blood of the tree.

At the bottom of the hollow, there was a space large enough for three or four people.

Zhou Yu walked forward a few steps to find that there were the skeletons of various creatures under his feet. Some of them were only bones, while others were still rotting.

Zhou Yu wanted to vomit, but more urgently than that, he had to leave this place first!

He didn’t know why the vine had let him go, but he realized that the vine had grown from the inside of the tree to the outside. In other words, the vine and the tree were one entity! The vines acted as the hands of this tree!

This was totally different from Zhou Yu’s understanding. He had the impression that vines clung to trees and climbed upwards, yet this tree had grown its own vines to catch food!

Maybe it was the gash he made on the tree that had temporarily rendered it unconscious, but before he was digested by it, he had to leave this place immediately!

Zhou Yu suddenly remembered something and shouted, “Little thing? Where are you, little thing?”

The little thing had been trying to save him the whole time, of course he wouldn’t abandon it to leave by himself.

With a clatter, the little thing crawled out from underneath a pile of broken bones. Its entire body was filthy.

There wasn’t much light in the hollow, but the eyes of the little thing glittered like a pair of jewels. Zhou Yu saw them at first glance.

Zhou Yu picked it up and let out a breath of relief, “You really scared me to death! I thought you had been eaten by the tree!”

The little thing looked at Zhou Yu with its big eyes full of happiness. It stuck out its tongue to lick Zhou Yu’s face but Zhou Yu hurriedly turned his face away. He wasn’t interested in being covered in saliva.

Without time for pleasantries, Zhou Yu bent down to retrieve a few of the longer pieces from among the broken bones of the creatures. He then pierced the relatively sharp and fractured edge into the interior of the fruit tree. Taking a few more, he tied them to his waist.

The tree seemed to feel pain and started to tremble.

Not caring, Zhou Yu stepped on the broken bones to boost himself up. He stabbed in the bones from his waist and went up again. When he passed by his Swiss Army knife, he pulled it out.

Like this, he finally climbed out of the tree hole.

Zhou Yu was in no hurry to escape. He looked coldly at the vines that had fallen out and then firmly nailed them to the trunk with his Swiss Army knife.

“Hope you have a good appetite.”

Saying that, Zhou Yu left with the little thing in his arms.

When he came to a spot with direct sunlight, Zhou Yu picked up the little thing and looked it over, carefully inspecting its injured wing. He found that there was no wound there at all.

“Ah, how could I forget that the organisms of Nibelungen have powerful healing abilities?” Zhou Yu put it back on his shoulder and continued walking.

They were vigilant the entire way, wary of meeting another carnivorous tree. They walked on until evening. Zhou Yu did not know how long it would take for him to walk out of the forest, so he decided to rest.

Leaning against an E rank ancient tree, Zhou Yu checked that there was no danger around before hugging the little thing in his arms. “Do you think we’ll be eaten by some powerful organism tonight?”

It shook its head.

“Are you afraid of being eaten?” Zhou Yu felt that he must be very bored to chat with it.

It paused and then nodded.

Its solemn expression made Zhou Yu laugh.

“I’m hungry. I’m so hungry I could die. Why don’t I eat you up?” Zhou Yu deliberately brought his face closer to it to see its reaction clearly.

It showed a dumbfounded expression.

An evil thought came to Zhou Yu as he rubbed its hind legs. “The meat here is pretty juicy, it would be great if I had some salt to roast it with.”

“Hrrn?” It took its leg back from Zhou Yu’s hand.

“Gee, making pan-fried pork belly with this part doesn’t sound too bad either.” Zhou Yu touched its belly.

Speaking of pan-fried pork belly made Zhou Yu miss Mei Xi’s cooking a little.

A few seconds later, it unexpectedly showed a sad expression.

“I’m going to eat you, you’d better run away.” Zhou Yu became even more playful. He poked its ear.

Suddenly, it wrapped itself up into a ball with its wings and rolled under Zhou Yu’s arm.

Even when I’m about to eat you, aren’t you going to run away?

Zhou Yu sighed, “You’re so cute, should I spare you? Don’t fall into the hands of humans, we’re all selfish animals.”

One of its small wings instantly lifted up and it peeked out at Zhou Yu with one eye.

Zhou Yu suddenly felt that it was really very amusing to tease.

“Fine, fine, I won’t eat you anymore. Nobody would be here to listen to me if I ate you.”

Weariness washed over him and Zhou Yu closed his eyes with his arms crossed.

There was no point in being alert, what he needed the most was rest. If he was destined to be hunted by some creature, then so be it.

The little thing curled up into a ball, lying on top of Zhou Yu.

Its warmth made Zhou Yu feel lazy, as if he was being covered with a down quilt.

The little thing had already established a strong social relationship with him and they were now bound by life and death.

“Why don’t I give you a name?” Zhou Yu touched the fluff on its back. It felt very nice.

The little thing had also had its eyes closed but it opened them again when it heard Zhou Yu’s voice.

“You’re like a black blob, how about Hei Tuotuo?”

Looking at Zhou Yu’s expression, it seemed to guess that the name was not very good. It turned to face Zhou Yu with its behind, as if to say, “Eat my farts.”

“You don’t like that name? Then let’s call you Little Coal Ball!” Zhou Yu thought to himself, doesn’t this name suit you a lot? You’re both black and round.

It kept its butt facing Zhou Yu.

For the moment, Zhou Yu’s heart was at peace. He enjoyed the world that only contained him, plus a warm little thing. He no longer had to worry about or shoulder anything.

“Hey,” Zhou Yu poked its butt. It seemed to have made up its mind to ignore Zhou Yu.

It really did become quiet for a while.

The shade under the trees were sparse, but only a few slivers of moonlight shone through.

A strand of light fell right onto its back, the silver beam flowing like liquid.

“Mo Ye,” Zhou Yu said softly.

Those two words inexplicably flashed through Zhou Yu’s mind.

The little thing trembled and slowly turned slowly to look at Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu pinched its nose, “Do you like this name?”

It widened its eyes, then it rubbed against Zhou’s knuckles with the tip of its nose while narrowing its eyes. Zhou Yu’s mood inexplicably became mellow again.

“It looks like you like that name.” Zhou Yu laughed. “’Ink’ is black in my country. It can be used to write or draw. Landscapes of mountains and rivers, clouds and mists, thousand-year-old trees, or fish and shrimps, can be painted with ink. It can create a distinctively poetic image… ‘Night’ is also black, as if it hides a secret. It encompasses all the other colors within it.”

“Mmm.” It looked very happy, and its small wings raised up.

“Good, from now on, you’ll be called Mo Ye.” Zhou Yu had an evil glint in his eye when he grabbed Mo Ye with one hand and intentionally pressed it down with his arm.

Mo Ye made a “Hrrn” sound and pretended to be bullied by Zhou Yu. It tried to roll away a few times but was still restrained by Zhou Yu in the end. It finally rolled over and exposed its belly while looking satisfied.

Zhou Yu felt Mo Ye’s warmth and slowly fell asleep.

When he woke up, a ray of sunlight was shining down on his face. He sat up and looked around, then found that Mo Ye had disappeared!

His heart thumping, Zhou Yu knitted his brows. Hadn’t everything been fine last night? Why did it go missing?

Zhou Yu even walked around the ancient tree he was leaning against, but he did not see any trace of Mo Ye.

“Mo Ye!” Zhou Yu lowered his voice and shouted its name.

Could the little thing have been caught by some other creature while he was asleep? But he couldn’t have been that deeply asleep! Was it possible that he didn’t respond at all to another creature approaching them?

Or did Mo Ye, that unloyal thing, take his jokes about eating it up last night seriously and run off to pursue its freedom after he had fallen asleep?

Zhou Yu sighed. He sat under the tree with his arms crossed. If the little thing did not come back within an hour, he would really leave without it.

Ten minutes later, nothing had changed.

Zhou Yu was really worried that it would never come back. If it no longer wanted to stay by his side, then Zhou Yu didn’t think it was a big deal. However, he was more worried that Mo Ye was in danger. Even though the strong preying on weak was the law of nature, Zhou Yu still felt soft-hearted.

Just then, a rustling sound came from the thicket. Zhou Yu’s head snapped to its direction and he saw Mo Ye poke out of the bushes with something hanging in its mouth.


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