Laws of the Other World Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Crossing the Angel Horns

The birds’ wings passed by on either side of Zhou Yu, nearly slicing him in half across the waist.

The little thing also unfurled its wings to cover its head with them.

As the last giant bird reached Zhou Yu, he dropped onto his side and pulled the trigger, but no bullet came out!

Zhou Qing, who was being held back by Daniel, instantly paled and tried to recklessly rush forward. Zhou Yu quickly cleared the jammed bullet, and just as the giant bird’s claw was about to come in contact with his thigh, he shot it.

The neurotoxin spread quickly and the giant bird finally came crashing down.

Fortunately, Zhou Yu reacted quickly and rolled over using his elbow. Otherwise, he would’ve been crushed by the giant bird.

“Zhou Yu!” Zhou Qing ran over.

He walked around the corpse of the giant bird and let out a sigh of relief when he saw Zhou Yu stand up and brush himself off.

“Amazing! I really admire you!” Wu Yun came over, clapping.

Li Qian shot a glance at Wu Yun and said, “That crow’s mouth of yours better not jinx anything else! You said that the chamber had better not jam, and it really did jam!”

Wu Yun smiled helplessly. He was about to open his mouth but Zhou Yu’s cold gaze swept over him.

“Shut up.” It seemed that Zhou Yu was also impatient with Wu Yun.

Looking at the corpses of the giant birds, they were bigger up close than they had appeared in the sky.

Li Qian gulped and kept imagining himself being devoured by the giant birds.

At that time, if the birds had slammed into Zhou Yu or if their wings had sliced into him, it would have been fatal. However, Zhou Yu was able to judge calmly and remain motionless, beyond what an ordinary person was capable of.

Zhou Yu felt something soft at his waist nudging him. As soon as he looked down, he saw the translucent wings of that little thing furling and unfurling, as if it was cheering.

“You’re a real bootlicker.” Zhou Yu smiled faintly.

The little thing tilted its head. Its clear and bright eyes kept looking at Zhou Yu as if it was yearning for something.

Zhou Yu stretched out his finger and poked it at the tip of its nose. Its face scrunched up, looking ugly, but also very cute.

It wiggled and avoided Zhou Yu’s finger. Just as Zhou Yu was about to take his hand back, it opened its mouth and took in his fingertip.

Zhou Yu thought that he would have an illusion of his finger being bitten and having his blood sucked again, but all he felt was the soft tongue of that little thing warmly enveloping him. It squinted its eyes as if it was giggling foolishly because it was proud of being able to hold onto Zhou Yu’s finger.

Zhou Yu wanted to take back his finger, but at that moment, he had the idea that it was okay to let it be mischievous once in a while. After all, in the dangerous situation just now, the little thing had remained very still by his side.

Perhaps it had stayed in place because it didn’t know anything, or perhaps it was because it trusted Zhou Yu more than anyone else.

“Now that the biggest threat has finally been solved, we’re going to cross the Angel Tears! This will be a thrilling stroke of color in our lives!” Wu Yun clapped his hands, drawing everyone’s attention.

“A stroke of color… What the hell? ” Han Li was totally unimpressed by Wu Yun’s morale-boosting statement.

“Although the strange birds have been taken care of, there are still giant crocodiles in the water…” Li Qian was still scared.

“That was a reverse scale dragon. It can grow to be as long as twenty-three meters, and generally lives downstream of the Angel Tears. Every breeding season, the female dragon will swim against the current to return to the source of the Angel Tears, which is the Angel Horns, to hatch her young here.” Zhou Qing came to the shore and looked down at the splash that came back up. “These creatures have a keen sense of smell and sight, but they lock onto their prey in the same way as the peryton, which is based on the prey’s sense of fear.”

Dr. Daniel was afraid that Zhou Qing would accidentally fall in and came beside him. At this time, there was only the incessant torrent of the river, completely lacking in any hint of a reverse scale dragon. It was like they had hallucinated that it swallowed the giant birds. No one knew how many young reverse scale dragons there were in the river or how big they were.

“Is it possible they’ll attack us to provide nutrition for their offspring like the two-headed wolf spider?” Han Li said worriedly.

“The river is full of young dragons who don’t need to breed for the time being. Also, the height at which they jump out of the water doesn’t pose a threat to us. That young dragon leaped out of the water to eat the bird because it was afraid the moment Zhou Yu shot it, so it became the prey,” Zhou Qing answered.

Li Qian had always respected Zhou Qing’s extensive knowledge. When he heard Zhou Qing say that, Li Qian felt slightly reassured, but he was still very nervous.

“Stop hesitating. Whoever doesn’t want to leave can stay here, it doesn’t matter to me.” Wu Yun took out the rope and came to the shore. He aimed at the opposite cliff and forcibly shot out its claw.

The grappling hook flew out at high speed and fixed itself to the opposite side.

Wu Yun forcefully tugged on the rope to make sure that it was secured in place. The other end of the rope was fixed to an ancient tree that exceeded the total arm span of three people encircling it.

“Who’s first?” Wu Yun looked at Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu raised his chin at him. “You first. I’ll push them over from here.”


Wu Yun did not have a joking expression on his face. His conversation with Zhou Yu was also very concise. It seemed like crossing the Angel Tears was imperative.

Wu Yun didn’t use a harness. Instead, he directly put the zip line handlebar over the rope. Then he stepped back to stand in front of the ancient tree before suddenly accelerating forward.

Everyone was completely caught off guard!

“Ah…” Li Qian and Han Li widened their eyes nervously.

Wu Yun’s figure quickly slid along the rope towards the other side, his powerful and athletic body completely stretched out.

After a few seconds, he landed steadily on the opposite bank.

He turned around and put one hand on his hip, making a gesture of “come here” at Zhou Yu at the others.

“Who’s going first?” Zhou Yu looked at the rest of them.

Neither Han Li nor Li Qian spoke, but unexpectedly, Zhou Qing raised his hand. “I’ll go.”

Zhou Qing’s expression was calm, without a trace of fear.

As a scholar with such courage, Han Li and Li Qian both admired him a lot.

“Good.” Zhou Yu looked at the others. “Wu Yun only used the zip line handlebar on purpose to save his harness for the rest of you. Plus, I don’t need a harness either, so two more people can use it. Zhou Qing is using one, so only one more person out of the three of you can also cross with the harness.”

After Zhou Yu spoke, Li Qian and Han Li were dumbfounded.

“What? Why didn’t you say so earlier?’

“Didn’t Wu Yun tell you not to hesitate?” Zhou Yu asked coolly, making Li Qian and Han Li choke back their words.

Zhou Yu fixed the harness around Zhou Qing’s legs, hugged Zhou Qing’s shoulders, and said into his ear, “Have a safe trip.”

Just as he said those words, Zhou Qing was pushed out by Zhou Yu.

The world quickly streaked by Zhou Qing’s vision while the wind violently whipped past his ears, as if everything was reversing at breakneck speed until it vanished completely.

He opened his eyes wide as his heart was about to leap out of his chest.

That soft and ethereal voice was whispering into his ear.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m always by your side.”

At that moment, all his fears were soothed. When Zhou Qing’s toes touched down on the rocks, Wu Yun reached out to steady him.

Before Zhou Qing had returned to his senses, Wu Yun patted him on the shoulder and said, “Not bad. The Great Professor Zhou’s face didn’t even pale, nor did he scream. Those people across the cliff should watch and learn.”

Zhou Qing only looked around. Where was that S rank organism? He seemed to be able to sense his emotions at any time… It was unfathomable.

What exactly was his original form, and why hasn’t he been able to see any trace of him so far?

Zhou Yu turned back and said, “Who’s next?”



Han Li and Li Qian spoke in unison, and even Dr. Daniel could not help laughing, “Aren’t you two afraid?”

Li Qian blushed and Han Li was somewhat nervous. Since there was only one last harness rope left, she had to go. Her arm strength wouldn’t hold up with just the zip line handlebar.

She didn’t dare to look at Li Qian, because she knew that Li Qian also wanted to use the harness.

Unexpectedly, Li Qian stepped back and said, “Let Han Li go first.”

Everyone was stunned.

“Did I hear you correctly?” Dr. Daniel was surprised.

“Or else, what? …Having a grown man like me fight a woman for it… Even if I won, I would be too ashamed to go on,” Li Qian said sullenly.

“Are you sure?” Zhou Yu asked, “Between a gentleman’s courtesy and your life, you’d choose courtesy?”

“It’s not a matter of courtesy. Haven’t you read the story of the Titanic? There was a Japanese civil servant who pretended to be a woman in order to get on the lifeboat. After being rescued, he was dismissed by his company and rejected by society. Finally, he committed suicide. That’s why, Han Li, hurry up and go, before I regret it.”1Masabumi Hosono was the only Japanese passenger on the RMS Titanic. He survived the ship’s sinking, but found himself condemned and ostracized by the Japanese public, press and government because of a misconception that he decided to save himself rather than go down with the ship. Hosono died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 68.

“Thank you…”

Han Li was pushed out by Zhou Yu at a speed comparable to a roller coaster.

The wind blew, wrinkling her face.

She really wanted to scream, but she couldn’t. She was afraid that once she opened her mouth, she would lose her strength and balance and fall.

A few seconds in the eyes of others felt like a century to her.

When she was caught by Wu Yun, her heart was beating wildly and she was almost in tears.

When she turned around and saw Li Qian on the opposite side, Han Li felt extremely guilty. At such high speed, Li Qian would surely fall off.

Seeing that Han Li had arrived safely, Li Qian exhaled in relief. At least his concession had been worth it.

“Next.” Zhou Yu looked at the two remaining men.

Li Qian scratched his head and said, “Let Dr. Daniel go first. I’m afraid that it’ll affect Dr. Daniel’s mood if I fall off.”

Doctor Daniel laughed and said, “So you’re not afraid that it will affect your mood if I fall off?”


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    Masabumi Hosono was the only Japanese passenger on the RMS Titanic. He survived the ship’s sinking, but found himself condemned and ostracized by the Japanese public, press and government because of a misconception that he decided to save himself rather than go down with the ship. Hosono died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 68.

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