Laws of the Other World Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Life and Death Sniper

“It truly lives up to the name ‘Angel Tears’…” Dr. Daniel sighed helplessly.

“Huh?” Li Qian didn’t understand Dr. Daniel’s sigh.

“If even the angels are crying, then how are we supposed to cross it?” Han Li answered him.

The river was very, very long and its end couldn’t be seen. It was impossible to go around.

“Are we going to take a ferry across the river? There are no boats here!” Han Li looked at Wu Yun with a puzzled expression.

Since Wu Yun had decided to go through the Angel Tears, then he must have a way to cross it.

“Do you see that over there? That’s the narrowest section of the Angel Horns,” Wu Yun pointed out.

Everyone looked over in that direction. There was a rock jutting out over one side of the waterfall, while the opposite side had a corresponding rock that reached towards it. They looked like two hands that reached out to each other but would never touch.

“So? Are we going to jump across? It looks like it’s at least a dozen meters!” said Li Qian.

“Of course we’ll use ropes.” Wu Yun pointed at his backpack with his thumb. There were more than just bullets in there for equipment.

“Wu Yun and I will launch the rope across the cliff and fix the other end to this side. We’ll glide across the rope,” Zhou Yu replied.

“Why are you making it sound as easy as saying ‘Hey, add some milk to my coffee’?” Li Qian’s eyes widened.

“There isn’t any milk or coffee here. I don’t understand your analogy. To me, it’s just that simple.”

At this time, several strange, featherless three-eyed birds were circling the skies.

They flew quite low, then suddenly dove and skimmed over the water’s surface. A white fish as large as an adult was caught by a beak and thrown into the air.

At the same time, several of the strange, three-eyed birds tore apart the fish in mid-air until there was practically nothing left. The visceral sight it left behind was shocking.

They stood watching everything on the shore, dumbfounded.

“Do you still think… that it’s easy to cross from here?” Li Qian turned to ask Zhou Yu.

Wu Yun sighed, “Don’t worry. They’re full and they can’t sense our fear. They won’t attack us so easily.”

“God! Are you sure? As long as those strange birds are here, I absolutely won’t go! And across such a distance, how can we be strong enough to support our weight on the rope?! My arms will run out of strength and I’ll fall off halfway across! And what if the rope snaps?! What if one end isn’t secured properly?” Li Qian drew back.

“That’s right, there are too many uncertainties here and it’s extremely dangerous. None of us have been specially trained. A distance of more than ten meters is… too much.”

Even Dr. Daniel shook his head.

Zhou Qing and Han Li were silent, clearly showing their disapproval at the plan.

Wu Yun smiled helplessly and looked at Zhou Yu. “It looks like I’ll have to properly explain to you all about an invention Juli Corp takes great pride in.”

“This is the rope our field personnel frequently use, it’s called ‘Apollo’s Arrow.’ It has a range of fifty meters, and its front claw can even penetrate the hardest diamond-producing rock, kimberlite. Also, the rope can bear a weight of one ton. I don’t think all of us added together will measure up to a ton. You don’t need to worry about that either, Li Qian, you’re the one with the smallest mass among us.”

“Really?” Li Qian looked at Wu Yun with suspicion.

“But a smaller mass also means less acceleration. Since you’re so light, if you stop in the middle, I really don’t know what to do.”

Li Qian really wanted to beat up Wu Yun.

The others simply looked to Zhou Yu. To them, Zhou Yu was more trustworthy than Wu Yun.

Zhou Yu crossed his arms and said with an icy expression, “Wu Yun told the truth, except for one point.”

“Which point?” Li Qian asked.

“I didn’t know this rope was called ‘Apollo’s Arrow.’”

“Fine, the name was something I improvised to make sure the biggest scaredy-cat among us, Li Qian, can go through with it with peace of mind.”

“What does it have to do with me?” Li Qian’s eyes rounded.

“One look at you and I can tell that you’re naive and you like to fantasize. Greek mythology suits you! You’ve definitely daydreamed about sitting on a golden chariot and shooting the sun as a child!” Wu Yun ridiculed.

“Huh? Isn’t Hou Yi the one who shot the sun?” Han Li asked.1Hou Yi is a mythological Chinese archer who saved humanity by shooting down nine of the ten suns.

“Also… this is Nibelungen.” Li Qian gave Wu Yun a weary look. He didn’t appreciate his sense of humor at all.

“What’s wrong with Nibelungen?” Wu Yun retorted.

“Nibelungen comes from Norse mythology, which has a different pantheon than Greek mythology. The name you gave the rope was really out of character.”

Finally, Li Qian felt like he could show off his IQ in front of Wu Yun.

“Even if the rope is safe, specially trained people like you and Zhou Yu may be able to get across, but the rest of us really can’t hold on for such a long distance,” Zhou Qing reiterated the concern raised by Dr. Daniel.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make a T-shaped rope that’ll go through your thighs. You’ll just need to grab the top end of the rope and keep your balance when I’ll push you through. And before you cross, let Wu Yun go first. If he dies, it will prove that it’s impossible to glide across the Angel Horns.” Zhou Yu answered.

“Okay,” Zhou Qing nodded.

“So what about those strange birds? What if they think we’re food?” Li Qian pointed to the sky.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, Wu Yun held his chin and reflected, “That is indeed a big problem.”

Li Qian squatted down, speechless, “It’s still impossible to get across after all!”

“Hey, Zhou Yu.” Wu Yun looked sideways at Zhou Yu.

“What is it?” Zhou Yu raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Shoot them all down.” Wu Yun glanced at the sniper rifle Zhou Yu had been carrying across his back.

“Shoot them down? They’re flying so fast! What if they get angry and flock together to attack us?” Li Qian looked stunned.

Wu Yun clapped his hands and said, “Oh, not bad. You grew a brain!”

“My IQ is certainly higher than yours!” Li Qian flung back.

“Fine, I’ll shoot them down. They’ve been hovering, which is indeed a risk factor for us. Since there’s danger right in front of us, we should get rid of them.”

Zhou Yu spoke while he lowered the rifle from his shoulder and assembled it neatly. After two sharp clicks, Zhou Yu held a complete rifle in his hands.

“Zhou Yu…” Zhou Qing hesitated.

“Don’t worry.” Zhou Yu glanced at Dr. Daniel, who pulled Zhou Qing back.

“Everyone, stay away from Zhou Yu. If he misses the shot, then those strange birds will come to retaliate against Zhou Yu.” Wu Yun reached out to pull everyone back.

Although Li Qian wanted to say that Wu Yun had no sense of camaraderie, he spoke the truth.

“Um… Do you have a grasp on the situation, Zhou Yu?” Han Li asked anxiously. She genuinely didn’t want anything to happen to Zhou Yu.

Their journey together had proven Zhou Yu’s decisiveness and his extraordinary reaction time. Deep down, they all felt that compared to Wu Yun, Zhou Yu was more reliable.

“If it doesn’t jam, I’ll get all of them.” Zhou Yu picked up his gun and knelt down on one knee. After adjusting the scope, he slightly tilted his head sideways to aim at the skies above the waterfall.

There were a total of five giant birds. There were no other flocks in the distance, so getting rid of them shouldn’t trigger any other strange birds to fly over for the time being.

“Then you’d better not jam the chamber,” Wu Yun said.

Behind him, Li Qian fiercely kicked his heel.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Wu Yun looked back to glare at Li Qian.

“I don’t want your crow’s mouth to talk any nonsense!”

The others nodded one by one, including Dr. Daniel.

At this time, Zhou Yu had started to steel himself mentally. The hand he supported his gun with was steady and his shoulders didn’t tremble at all.

His mind was so focused that he was able to feel the speed of the headwind. Even the sound of his beating heart gradually faded away as everything became quiet.

The little thing at his waist pushed aside the scarf with its wings to make a gap and stuck its head out. When it found that Zhou Yu was aiming a gun, it raised its small shoulders, looking afraid and nervous.

Han Li covered her eyes and whispered, “We should have brought it over here!”

What if it moved around while Zhou Yu was shooting?

But the little thing seemed to understand what Zhou Yu was going to do. It only stuck out its head and craned its neck, as if it was also a gun, staring at those strange birds with its big eyes. Zhou Yu’s finger was pressed on the trigger. Everything that followed happened in a flash in the eyes of the bystanders, but for Zhou Yu, each frame happened in slow motion.

His first shot hit the nearest strange bird dead on and it fell into the river with a cry.

Just as it was only a dozen meters away from the river’s surface, some kind of creature in the water that looked like a crocodile but was several times the size of a crocodile surged up with a twist and clamped down on the bird. It swallowed it into its belly, then returned back under the water’s surface in only an instant.

Li Qian’s heart was about to jump out of his chest.

However, this scene did not shake Zhou Yu. When the other four birds found where Zhou Yu was, they shrieked and rushed towards him. Their eyes were filled with anger and the desire to tear him apart, but Zhou Yu remained unperturbed. The second shot was aimed straight at the forehead of the giant bird at the very front.

It dropped from the sky and tumbled onto the ground, raising a cloud of dust and almost hitting Zhou Yu. It finally stopped less than a meter away from him.

Li Qian and the others subconsciously raised their hands to cover their eyes.

In Zhou Yu’s vision, the two other giant birds swooped down from the left and the right.

He remained calm and raised the muzzle of the gun.

The little thing at his waist also looked up with its mouth slightly open and an expression of seeing “a new world opening up.”

Zhou Yu pulled the trigger twice as fast as before. Two shots were fired almost simultaneously. Two giant birds fell together and tumbled down either side of Zhou Yu. The loud noise was like an airplane hitting the runway without lowering its landing gear.


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    Hou Yi is a mythological Chinese archer who saved humanity by shooting down nine of the ten suns.

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