Laws of the Other World Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Revenge of the Two-Headed Wolf Spider

“Now that Professor Zhou is no longer taking his medication, Dr. Daniel can’t die either. If he dies, there will be no one to operate on Professor Zhou.”

Wu Yun smiled and elbowed Zhou Yu.

“Should I thank Professor Zhou?” Daniel held his face in distress. “Actually, I wouldn’t suggest that Professor Zhou take that medication either, but Juli Corp insisted.”

“I understand. Not only do they want to exhaust my time, but they also want to exhaust me to my potential to contribute the greatest amount of research in a limited amount of time.”

Just then, Wu Yun suddenly accelerated, and the car sped along.

Li Qian almost bumped his head on the roof of the car.

“Hey! What’s going on?!”

A crackling sound came from behind them.

“Oh my god! It’s the two-headed wolf spider… lots of them!” Han Li exclaimed after she turned back to look.

More than a dozen two-headed wolf spiders jumped and ran between the ancient trees, chasing after them.

“…They were hatched from the eggs of the two-headed wolf spider we met last night.” Wu Yun said from between clenched teeth, rushing the car forward at top speed.

Had they known this would happen, they would’ve gotten rid of the eggs!

He concentrated on driving. They were doomed if they collided with anything.

“Are they here for revenge?” Li Qian foolishly asked.

“I thought you’d be screaming by now.”

Wu Yun was still in the mood to joke around at this time.

The car’s built-in machine gun was turned on and pointed to the rear. Zhou Yu looked into the gun’s scope and started to fire.

Because Wu Yun had to avoid all kinds of tall trees, Zhou Yu was unable to aim accurately.

After about a dozen rounds of bullets, only one had been hit.

“Do you realize that you’re wasting bullets?!” Wu Yun shouted.

“If you’re so much better, drive in a straight line,” Zhou Yu shot back.

When they flew off a mound of dirt, everyone in the car cried out, including Wu Yun himself.

“We’re all going to die! We’re really going to die this time!” Li Qian was about to let out all of his tears and snot.

The car landed steadily, and after bouncing twice, it continued to rush forward.

The two-headed wolf spiders got closer and closer, running past the mound of dirt.

Although they were not yet as large as their parents, they were exceedingly quick and nimble.

Zhou Yu let out a breath. In the two seconds that Wu Yun drove in a straight line, he dispatched two wolf spiders in two quick shots.

“Nice!” Wu Yun couldn’t help but praise him.

However, Zhou Yu replied, “We’re out of bullets.”

“What? We’re out of bullets?!” Han Li opened her eyes wide while Li Qian was also about to go crazy.

“The bullets are…”

Before Wu Yun could finish talking, a two-headed wolf spider suddenly leaped onto the roof of their car. Fortunately, they were only a quarter the size of their parents, or else the entire car would’ve flipped over.

It violently struck the roof of the car with its claws, each strike hair-raising. Although they understood that the car wouldn’t be so easily pierced through, Li Qian and Han Li still gawked at the roof with frightened looks.

Wu Yun jerked the steering wheel, trying to throw the creature off, Instead, he swung it over to Zhou Yu’s window.

Zhou Yu quickly opened the car door, and before the people in the back seat could scream, he sharply fired his gun once before banging the car door shut.

The two-headed wolf spider tumbled off.

“Have you been watching too many Hollywood movies?! Why are you always pulling these dangerous moves?! I’m locking the car door next time!”

Wu Yun almost swore. He had been scared out of his wits. If that two-headed wolf spider had spat something out at him, not only would Zhou Yu suffer, but he, Wu Yun, would also suffer along with him!

“Then why don’t you lock the door? Aren’t you supposed to follow the rules of the road?” Zhou Yu coldly replied.

The other two-headed wolf spiders were still close behind. From time to time, two of their claws would scratch the trunk. The sound grated on their nerves, driving everyone insane.

“Where are the bullets?” Zhou Yu asked, “I need to reload the machine gun.”

“In the trunk,” Wu Yun answered.

“Do you want me to crawl out and evade attacks from those two-headed wolf spiders while we’re going at top speed, open the trunk, take out the bullets, and then crawl into the car again?” Zhou Yu asked.

“I know you’re skilled, but I had no idea you could even do all that!” Wu Yun faced Zhou Yu with an expression of admiration.

“I’ll drive, you climb out and get the bullets,” Zhou Yu replied.

Wu Yun gnashed his teeth, “I knew you couldn’t have been that skilled!”

“Stop messing around, you two! What should we do now?!”

Han Li and Li Qian were about to go crazy.

At this time, a gentle and ethereal voice sounded in Zhou Qing’s mind. “Go west.”

Zhou Qing froze. It was the voice of that S rank organism. Was he nearby? Or had he been following them the whole time?

“Go west.”

The voice sounded again, with a hint of pressure.

His eyes appeared in front of Zhou Qing. They seemed elegant and ethereal, but they also tugged at his soul.

If it were only himself, Zhou Qing might have tried going west. But there were other people in the car, so how could he gamble their lives on whether the S rank organism was telling the truth?

Moreover, that so-called S rank organism might be a hallucination caused by the brain tumor…

A two-headed wolf spider suddenly rammed into their car. Li Qian hit his head against the front seat and directly passed out.

“If you hesitate any longer, everyone will die. Try following my words. It won’t end up any worse than it is now.”

Zhou Qing sucked in a breath and then shouted, “Go west! Drive west!”

“Why west?!” Wu Yun shouted.

“A feeling!” Zhou Yu replied.

“What feeling?”

Before Wu Yun could move, Zhou Yu directly leaned over to take control of the steering wheel. The car sped off westward, a string of two-headed wolf spiders trailing behind them.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! We’re just going to drive west for no reason?!” Wu Yun yelled.

“My brother’s feelings, don’t they count as a reason?” Zhou Yu replied.

In front of them were huge vines wrapped around trees, crisscrossed and practically sealing off the route ahead of them.

“This is where your brother’s feelings led us! Great! We’re done!”

Wu Yun’s hands left the steering wheel.

“Step on the gas! Charge through!”


Han Li and Li Qian had their eyes open wide and watched as they drove straight into the vines.

Then, something unexpected happened. The vines that were blocking the road let out an extremely loud sound and instantly cleared the path ahead of them! Their car drove straight in.

“Retreat! Retreat! Those are devil vines!”

Wu Yun turned pale with fright.

Although devil vines were plants, they were categorized as B rank organisms. Research confirmed that devil vines had the mental capacity and nervous system of an animal. They were able to attack and strangle organisms that invaded their territory. They would then reveal digestive organs on the surface of their vines to absorb nutrients from the organisms.

They moved quickly, had a large area of attack, and very strong strangling and penetrating abilities.

If the devil vines used their full strength to smack them, then the car they were riding in would be broken into pieces.

A devil vine rose up from the ground and grazed past Li Qian’s car door, then suddenly and ferociously pierced through one of the two-headed wolf spiders that had been chasing them.

The two-headed wolf spider let out an ear-piercing shriek and was instantly ground to a pulp by the devil vines.

“Ah! Ah!” Han Li cried out in fear.

The devil vines writhed like a huge wave that engulfed the skies as they continued to capture the young of the two-headed wolf spider.

Wu Yun was entirely preoccupied with stepping down on the gas pedal like crazy, but he also saw the devil vines brush by their car to form a large net behind them while they pushed through between a narrow crack.

The two-headed wolf spiders were skewered one by one. Even those who wanted to flee were blocked by the vines. It was like the saying “refusing Heaven’s path to break into Hell.”1 In other words, they were asking for trouble.

This was hell for the two-headed wolf spiders, but why wasn’t it hell for Zhou Yu and the others as well?

Half of a two-headed wolf spider almost fell onto the roof of their car, but a vine immediately skewered it and swept it away.

Their car passed through between the vines as if entering through the devil’s esophagus.

With their hearts in their mouths, Han Li’s tears had already started to fall. They were nearing the end, and ahead of them stood a massive black rock cliff.

“Stop the car!”

“The brakes aren’t working!” Wu Yun stomped down hard, but the car didn’t slow down at all.

“Are you kidding me?!” Han Li was going crazy.

They watched as they were about to crash into it. Han Li was at a complete loss and held onto Li Qian, who was still passed out. Dr. Daniel held down Zhou Qing’s head, and both of them tried to maximize their defense through shock absorption.

The expected impact did not come.

Their speed suddenly came down to a stop, as if something had pulled them back.

Wu Yun’s body shook intensely, he almost hit the steering wheel.

Wu Yun had closed his eyes and now opened one of them. He found that the car was basically suspended in midair and had stopped right in front of the large rock.

They didn’t crash into it.

“What’s going on?” Zhou Yu frowned. He looked back and saw that the two-headed wolf spiders that had been pursuing them were now food for the vines.

At such a lavish feast, they were like mistaken visitors that had intruded into their space.

“The car stopped?” Han Li peered out of the windows.

“Don’t move,” Zhou Yu said.

The car wheels were still turning in midair, so what had stopped the car?

“Devil vines,” Wu Yun said.

“They want to… squeeze open the car and grab us?” Han Li asked, trembling with fear.

“It’s very possible,” Wu Yun was still the same as usual. He rummaged through his pocket for a while before remembering that his carton of cigarettes had long fallen out.

“What are you doing?” Zhou Yu asked.

“Of course I’m trying to smoke the last cigarette of my life. Maybe the nicotine will knock out the vines.”

No one appreciated Wu Yun’s humor.

“The two-headed wolf spiders are gone, but now we have to deal with the devil vines. Nibelungen is just wonderful,” Dr. Daniel sighed. “Professor Zhou, are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Zhou Qing straightened up.

After a loud noise, their car wheels stopped turning.

“W-what happened.?” Han Li asked in a trembling voice.

“The devil vines destroyed the engine,” Zhou Yu replied.


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  • 1
    In other words, they were asking for trouble.

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