Laws of the Other World Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Lake

Zhou Qing paused. Who was speaking?

He wanted to ask, but he couldn’t make a sound.

“Come to me.”

The voice was extremely soft and gentle, soothing Zhou Qing’s nerves.

Zhou Qing uncontrollably walked forwards, moving step by step closer to a place unbeknownst to him.

When light suddenly came to him, he found himself standing at the shore of a lake.

The graceful, swaying bulrushes seemed to extend into the horizon. There were red and purple mixed fruits nestled amongst the bulrushes, and when they touched each other, they let out a tinkling sound, like small silver bells.

In his own world, Zhou Qing had never before seen such clear lake water. He lowered his head and could even faintly see the pebbles at the bottom.

Zhou Qing knew that it only appeared beautiful. No matter how much he wanted to reach out his hand, he definitely shouldn’t touch it. There was probably something dangerous living in the lake.

He turned around and found that the forest was not far off. He could even faintly see Zhou Yu and Wu Yun as they repaired the car.

What was it that drew him here?

When he turned back, a figure slowly emerged from the lake and gently lay on the shore.

Zhou Qing’s pupils dilated at that moment.

Wet, black hair clung to the back of his head and ears. He had fair skin and shone with an unusual brilliance under the sunlight. His limpid eyes were like the lake. These were all of Zhou Qing’s thoughts.

Zhou Qing had the illusion that he seemed to enter his mind through his own gaze.

Zhou Qing knew that other than the humans working for Juli Corp who were in Nibelungen, if there were any other humans… then they must be a product of the mimicry of S rank organisms.

Zhou Qing knew that other than the humans working for Juli Corp who were in Nibelungen, if there were any other humans… then they must be a product of the mimicry of S rank organisms.

Was this an illusion?

“I’m not an illusion,” an ethereal voice sounded in his head.

The S rank organism didn’t open his mouth to speak, so the voice he heard really was an illusion.

“The voice in your head isn’t an illusion either. When I communicate with you, I don’t necessarily need to use ‘sound.’”

He slowly curved his lips into a smile.

Zhou Qing didn’t have a deep understanding of the concept of ‘beauty.’ Movie stars or women who were praised to be beauties were all the same in his eyes.

But the organism in front of him was truly beautiful. The outline of his features and his expressions were all like a perfect dream.

“Then, why did you lure me here? Am I your prey? Or the nutrients needed for you to reproduce?” Zhou Qing asked in his mind.

He knew that even if he didn’t speak, the organism could still hear him.

“Prey? I don’t need unhealthy prey. As for the nutrients needed to reproduce, you’re not nutritious enough.”

His voice was so luxurious that it made Zhou Qing feel like he was lying above the wilderness and staring up into a sky full of stars.

“Listen, don’t take any more of the blue pills in your pocket.”

“Why? If I don’t eat them, my brain will very quickly be crowded by the tumor, and I’ll die.”

“Although that blue pill will inhibit the growth of the tumor, it will also inhibit your bodily functions, causing your muscles to atrophy. It will make you exhaust yourself.”

Zhou Qing froze. How did he know all of this?

“In this world, there are trace elements in the air that will naturally inhibit the growth of your tumor.”

“Why are you telling me all of this?”

“Because… I enjoy the way you look at me.”

His voice was still slow and gentle, as if he would be content to exist with the rotation of the stars.

“Are you real? This really isn’t an illusion in my mind?”

“You can try to touch me and see… if I’m real.” He turned his face to the side.

Time slowed. It was as if mountains originally shrouded in clouds and mist had finally cleared to reveal their original appearance.

Zhou Qing was frozen in place.

Reason told him not to touch him. No matter how beautiful his appearance was, he wasn’t human.

“What are you afraid of? You accepted death a long time ago. Being able to touch an S rank organism that you’ve always wanted to study before death, isn’t that a good thing?”

It was. What he said was correct. Even if he was extremely careful, how long would he be able to live for?

If he died just like that, it might relieve Zhou Yu of a burden. He could leave this dangerous world a little earlier, and return to his peaceful life.

Zhou Qing kneeled down in front of him on one knee and slowly raised his hand towards him. Looking carefully at every inch of his skin, he kept lamenting in his heart at how God was able to make such a perfect being. Zhou Qing’s fingertips made contact with his cheek, and in an imperceptible tremble, he felt a warmth that belonged to a human body.

The being extended his slender hand with well-proportioned segments, as if they had deliberately been crafted that way.

Zhou Qing’s heart rate sped up. The being covered the back of his hand with his own, lightly pressing it against his own cheek.

“Am I different from you?”

He turned to the side with his gaze following. Zhou Qing’s breaths caught in his throat.

“Zhou Qing! What are you doing?!”

Zhou Yu’s voice came from behind him.

Zhou Qing’s shoulders shivered, and everything in front of him disappeared. Only the tinkling sound of the bulrushes and the empty, transparent lake waters remained.

“I… I’m just looking around…” Zhou Qing stood up.

Zhou Yu had his gun in hand when he cautiously walked up to Zhou Qing. “Looking around? What’s there to look at here?”

“There’s a peculiar plant here that rings. Also, this is the first lake I’ve seen in Nibelungen.” Zhou Qing helplessly smiled, as if he was saying, “You’re too tense.”

After Zhou Yu looked around, he relaxed slightly. “You know you shouldn’t leave everyone’s sight. You really gave Dr. Daniel a scare. He only turned to look at us, and you were gone.”

Dr. Daniel stood not too far away. He patted his chest seeing that Zhou Qing was safe.

“I’m sorry… I got lost in thought observing these plants and walked over here without realizing it.”

“The car has been fixed, let’s go back.” Zhou Yu patted Zhou Qing’s shoulder.

Zhou Qing nodded and followed everyone into the car.

Wu Yun was smoking. Just as Zhou Yu walked over and was about to take the cigarette from his mouth, Wu Yun evaded him. “I know, I know, your brother isn’t well! I’m almost done. If you don’t let me smoke, I can’t concentrate on driving!”

While driving, Wu Yun played IT’S A HEARTACHE again.

Li Qian rolled his eyes. Everyone had their first breakfast in Nibelungen in the car—compressed biscuits and energy drinks.

With a car, they could probably make it through the forest before nightfall. This lightened up everyone’s mood.

Han Li and Li Qian started to talk about what they would do if they returned to their original world.

Dr. Daniel noticed that Zhou Qing’s face was expressionless, as if he was pondering over something.

“Professor Zhou, what are you thinking about?”

Zhou Qing looked at Dr. Daniel. He was his attending physician, so he must be very clear about his medication use.

“Daniel, are there components in my medication to inhibit the growth of my tumor?”

“Of course.”

“Is it a hormonal component?” Zhou Qing asked.


In certain aspects, Zhou Qing and Daniel were both scholars, Daniel knew that once a gap in the logic appeared, it couldn’t be hidden from Zhou Qing for any longer.

Their conversation naturally attracted Zhou Yu’s attention, and when Han Li and Li Qian heard them, they also looked over.

If it wasn’t for Zhou Qing, Li Qian would have been killed by the “snake scorpion beauty,” so Li Qian had a very good impression of Zhou Qing. As for Han Li, as a battlefield doctor, she had seen many people and many situations. A person as calm as Zhou Qing naturally made her curious.

“Since it can inhibit the growth of the tumor, will it also have an effect on my body?”

When Zhou Qing looked at Dr. Daniel, Daniel could feel a kind of power in his gaze enter his mind, thoroughly and firmly.

Daniel opened his mouth. “For example?”

“Causing the muscles in my body to gradually atrophy.”

Zhou Yu subconsciously clenched his fist.

Dr. Daniel fell silent.

Wu Yun, who was in the driver’s seat, suddenly braked. Everyone thought that something had happened and showed scared expressions.

Wu Yun merely patted the steering wheel. “Hey, Dr. Daniel, let’s tell the truth here. Professor Zhou is very important. If there’s a problem with his medication that will affect his body, I need to know. Anything that can possibly happen here will affect the lives of everyone.”

“Yes,” Daniel replied. “But these symptoms will appear at least a year later. A year… is enough for Juli Corp to complete a lot of groundbreaking research.”

Zhou Yu tightly closed his eyes.

Although he had prepared for it, he still didn’t want to see his own brother suffering.

“If my brain’s glioma starts to grow again, will you be able to operate on me again, Dr. Daniel?”

“Of course I will,” Dr. Daniel replied very assuredly.

“Then, I won’t take this medication anymore,” Zhou Qin directly threw the blue pill bottle out the car window.

“Professor Zhou!” Daniel reached out but wasn’t able to catch it.

Zhou Yu wanted to get out of the car and retrieve the pill bottle, but he gave up on it.

“Hey, your brother’s medication…” Wu Yun indicated with his chin.

“There’s no need for it. He’s already made up his mind. I just need to support his decision now.”

Wu Yun sighed, “Like this, there’s now one more person who needs priority protection.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Li Qian asked.

“To be honest, the mission Mr. Song gave to me was that anyone could die, but Professor Zhou can’t die. There are still many research projects involving plants waiting for him.”

“Are we that unimportant?” Li Qian was angry. Although he knew deep down that Wu Yun was just talking bull again, he still couldn’t help but feel unhappy about it.


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