Laws of the Other World Introduction Page

Title: Laws of the Other World

Author: Jiao Tang Dong Gua

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A rescue operation with an unknown objective cost Zhou Yu his teammates, while also leading him progressively closer to the research core of multinational biotechnology corporation Juli.

In order to protect his botanist younger brother Zhou Qing, Zhou Yu accepts employment under Juli corporation and is dispatched to a parallel world—Nibelungen.

Nibelungen’s biological system is completely different from the world Zhou Yu is from. To survive here, Zhou Yu must follow three great laws: The first law, fear is the sign of the hunted, so you must never show fear.

The second law, the more beautiful an organism is, the more dangerous they are. Do not approach them, and do not trust them.

The third law, do not be misled by the mimicry of S rank organisms. They understand your mind, and they know how to entice you. Always remember that they have no human emotions or love. All humans are no exception to them.

Finally: We wish everyone can live happily in Nibelungen.

Tags: Science Fiction, Modern Fiction, Spacetime Travel

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