Laws of the Other World: Chapter 9

Laws of the Other World Chapter 9


Translating over a mug of coffee.

20 thoughts on “Laws of the Other World: Chapter 9”

  1. Cursed dude is back. Is he human? He seems to like Li Qian in a sadist teasing way.

    That embryo though…it connected to ZY but how deeply? Can it sense others around it? Why did it bond to ZY and not cursed dude?

  2. The question that I reeeeaaaaalllly want to ask is:
    Who is the shou/uke and gong/seme??????????????????

    BTW thanks for chapppter❤

  3. Why I thought that box will lead to ML ??or inside the box is ML himself.. If its in embryo stage and already become ML what would happen when it’s become children, teenage, and adult stage?? Or the embryo doesn’t have that cycle stage?? Or In couple of days becomes adult?? So I just thought that the box will lead to ML

    I’m still shocked with MC being like that (soldier / captain / military man) becomes Shou.. And ML cute??

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. Why did the MC react like that towards the box?? ML, is that you inside? Are we going soulmate route, our hearts beat as one here?


  5. So, our fearless Zhou Yu is actually the shou and the gong is still the embryo?
    Hahaha, this is just too cute! ~~

    Thanks a lot for your hard work!~❤️

  6. The embryo. Was that from that woman who got pregnant with nebilungen creature ????!!!. Wow, the way the author carry his/her story was fantastic n feel realistic. Thanks for translating this story

  7. when our MC staryed making connection with that organism i started thinking about martial arts novel. like when MC make connection with powerful animals or objects.


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