Laws of the Other World: Chapter 16

Laws of the Other World Chapter 16


Translating over a mug of coffee.

25 thoughts on “Laws of the Other World: Chapter 16”

  1. ML is such an adorable little vampire-dragon baby. That’s right, you get him nice and used to you sucking on him so there’s no surprises later!

  2. Thanks for the update.
    Love both mc and ml.
    And the others seems likable as well.
    I love the interaction between Zhou Yu and Wu Yun.

  3. Thanks for the update!
    It seems like Zhou Yu is bullying the lil dragon, but maybe it’s actually the other way around?
    And that was totally the perfect timing to give Zhou Qing a cure, but the fruit sounds really pretty, which isn’t really promising..

  4. askdjqwoiekjabsiduqijnejqwwiodnxiasjfd

    my heart can’t take this cuteness kyaaaa

    <3 <3 <3 😀 ^_^ :O

    now grow up, ML, and protect our badass MC


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