Laws of the Other World Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Crossing the Magnetic Field

Zhou Yu looked back and saw Song Zhi. He had his arms crossed and a light smile on his face.

“Mr. Song,” Zhou Yu nodded. “You’re not here to see me off, are you?”

“What if I said I really am here to see you off? The world on the other side is wonderful, I look forward to your performance.”

“Goodbye, Mr. Song.”

Saying that, Zhou Yu headed towards the open hatch. When he entered it, the first person he saw was Zhou Qing.

The hair that had been shaved off due to his craniotomy had grown back and he did not look as thin and sallow as he had lying on the hospital bed. He was now refreshed and alert.

The moment he saw Zhou Yu, Zhou Qing’s eyes opened very wide, a hint of terror flashing across them.

Zhou Yu came beside Zhou Qing and sat down. The safety mechanism automatically lowered, enveloping Zhou Yu.

“You shouldn’t have come here. You have your own life.” Zhou Qing’s voice wasn’t loud, but the corners of his eyes had turned red. “It’s very dangerous there. I could die at any moment, so it doesn’t matter if I risk my life, but how could you do the same…”

“You have things you want to do, I also have things I must do.”

Zhou Qing closed his eyes, his lips were slightly trembling. “I’m sorry… and, thank you.”

“Just your thanks is enough. I don’t need your apology.”

Zhou Yu swept his gaze across the whole shuttle cabin. He saw the IT youngster Li Qian, the battlefield doctor Han Li, and a brown-haired man in his forties.

Zhou Yu had already searched him up on the internet. He was the main surgeon who had operated on Zhou Qing’s glioma, Daniel.

“How come that engineer isn’t here?” Zhou Yu asked in a whisper.

Li Qian was sitting diagonally across from Zhou Yu. He grimaced and said in a helpless manner, “Ever since the first class where he was scared by that self-proclaimed ‘unlucky’ guy, he’s been unable to sleep at night and started muttering weird things all day. I heard he was diagnosed with clinical depression and is currently undergoing therapy.”

There was another possibility: he wanted to leave Juli Corp, but was “dealt with.”

“That self-proclaimed ‘unlucky’ guy, are you talking about me?”

A lazy and mocking voice sounded, causing Li Qian to facepalm and curse in a low voice, “Fuck, why did he have to hear me?!”

Wu Yun swaggered over to Zhou Yu’s side and sat down, “Hi everyone, I’m the commander of this shuttle dispatch mission, Wu Yun. In case of an emergency, everyone must strictly carry out my orders and follow my commands. However, any problems that occur when we’re riding the shuttle can only be left to heaven’s will, so don’t count on me for that. Who was it who called me an unlucky guy?”

“What? Problems can occur when we’re riding the shuttle?” Han Li revealed a shocked expression.

“Of course problems can happen. It’s like taking a plane from one country to another country… If we happen to come across turbulence, thunder and lightning, or an open cabin door, then it’s game over.” Sadistic joy shone in Wu Yun’s eyes as he spoke.

Zhou Qing tensed up and Zhou Yu turned to face him, “Don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen.”

“Mm.” Zhou Qing nodded.

They put on their headsets and the command center alerted them that the system was currently checking the stability of the magnetic field and receiving signals. Various safety factors were being determined.

Their seats slowly sank down, then became suspended in the air.

The feeling of weightlessness was amazing.

Zhou Yu inexplicably became nervous. He knew that if something really did go wrong, he couldn’t save Zhou Qing.

Like a slingshot, their shuttle cabin was catapulted out.

After a sudden acceleration, Zhou Yu couldn’t feel anything anymore. It was as if his body had been paralyzed. By all means, he should’ve felt nervous, but he couldn’t even hear his own heartbeat. It was as if all biological functions were static at this moment.

The shuttle cabin was sealed so they had no idea how it was doing in the magnetic field.

Han Li had her eyes closed tight and was reciting prayers in her heart.

Li Qian was the opposite. He had his eyes wide open to take in every second, treating them as his last.

Zhou Qing, on the other hand, did not react at all and seemed to be asleep. This made Zhou Yu very nervous, but since they were all secured and unable to move about, Zhou Yu had no way of reaching out to Zhou Qing.

“Don’t be nervous. Before we entered the shuttle cabin, I gave Professor Zhou some sedatives to lower his brain’s activity level, thus reducing the effects of the two magnetic fields on his brain,” Daniel assured.

This put Zhou Yu at ease. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I have two duties on this mission. The first one is to conduct research on neurological diseases, and the other is to take charge as Professor Zhou’s primary doctor. Before we left, the growth of his glioma had been under control. If his glioma starts to grow again after we arrive in Nibelungen, then I will perform a second operation on him.”

Zhou Yu stared blankly. Were these Song Zhi’s orders? Weren’t they rather too “considerate”?

“Hey, Zhou Yu, do you know whose team you’ll be assigned to in Nibelungen?” Wu Yun was probably bored out of his mind, so he started to chat with Zhou Yu.

“Yours,” Zhou Yu replied.


“Because, as you said before, your luck is pretty bad. I’d estimate that all of your subordinates on that side would have died already, and even a one-man commander needs teammates,” Zhou Yu answered.

“You’re so not cute,” Wu Yun replied. “But our team only consists of you and me, isn’t that a little sad?”

“It’s very good like this. If you die, then I will only need to avenge you. There’s minimal pressure and responsibility,” Zhou Yu replied.

“All right, not only are you not cute, but you’re also quite annoying.”

Zhou Yu was just about to say, “Thanks for the compliment,” when the steady shuttle cabin suddenly gave a violent jolt.

Han Li screamed loudly and Li Qian was dumbstruck. They wanted to grab onto something, but because they were still suspended, they were unable to grab ahold of anything.

Immediately following the jolt, everything was plunged into darkness and Zhou Yu lost consciousness.

Without knowing how much time had passed, Zhou Yu’s head was hurting terribly. The cries of birds sounded unceasingly in his ears. He pressed at his head with difficulty and sat up.

As his vision focused, he saw that Zhou Qing was lying beside him. He immediately used his hand to feel Zhou Qing’s neck and found that his pulse was steady. Li Qian and Han Li were on the other side. There were some bloodstains on Han Li’s forehead where she had probably hit her head on something after being thrown down from a state of suspension when the shuttle stopped working. Fortunately, the safety mechanism was still in place, or else her head would have cracked open.

At this time, Dr. Daniel also sat up. He shook his head a few times. “What happened?”

“I don’t know. Also… Wu Yun is gone,” Zhou Yu said.

Dr. Daniel made a fist and knocked on his own head a few times, “He can’t just disappear into thin air. The shuttle cabin didn’t break apart in the magnetic field… so there’s only one possibility. Wu Yun went outside.”

Zhou Yu nodded, then came to the cabin door and tried to open the hatch.

Just as the door was opened to a small crack, Zhou Yu suddenly closed it again.

“What is it?” Dr. Daniel asked, suspicious. “What did you see?”

“Perytons,” Zhou Yu answered.

“What… Perytons? So we’re in Nibelungen right now?” Daniel asked.

“Should be.”

“Isn’t the shuttle’s destination Juli Corp’s research base?”

“That base… It seems to be completely destroyed. I saw the remains of the building and a few human corpses.”

What had happened? They had just arrived, and the base was already destroyed?

If Wu Yun had gained consciousness before them, then where did he go? Why did he leave all of them here?

“Are you afraid, Dr. Daniel?” Zhou Yu sat leaning against the door.

“There are perytons outside. Did you think I didn’t receive any training, so I don’t know what perytons are?”

“So you know that you absolutely must not fear?” Zhou Yu told Daniel after he’d closed the door because he didn’t want the hormones of his fear to be sensed by the perytons outside.

“I know. But do you think anyone is able to do that? Do you know why humans fear? When we’re afraid, our adrenal glands shift into high gear in order to push our bodies to the limit to save ourselves! That’s our biological instinct!”

“I need to get out. The circuitry in the shuttle cabin is already fried, so we have no way of reaching anyone on the other side. If we keep staying in here, we’ll suffocate without being able to do anything about it. Also, we don’t know where Wu Yun went, or if he’ll come back.”

“You want to go outside? Are you mad?” Daniel showed an incredulous expression.

“Yes, I want to go outside. Compared to waiting here passively, I’m better at taking action. Dr. Daniel, Zhou Qing is very important to me. You’re also very important to me. Right now, Zhou Qing, Han Li, and Li Qian are all unconscious. This is a good thing because even if I open the door, they won’t be afraid, and they won’t become targets for the perytons. That’s why I need you to calm down.”

Daniel sucked in a breath of air. “I-I don’t know how to do that…”

“You must have made close calls before when performing surgery, right? Even the slightest deviation might kill the patient.”

“This is different from surgery.” Daniel clutched at his face, “Heavens, why did I have to wake up!”

“This is the same as surgery. You were able to detach yourself from your emotions and stay level-headed at that time, and you can also do it now. I need you to take good care of Zhou Qing for me. You can’t die,” Zhou Yu said.

Daniel gulped, “All right, give me some time…”

Only, with a clatter, Zhou Yu turned and left. The moment Daniel’s heart skipped a beat, the cabin door had already been slammed shut.

Daniel’s eyes widened. Wasn’t Zhou Yu a little too fast?

Before he could feel afraid, Zhou Yu had already left.

And wasn’t he afraid of the perytons outside? What if he died out there?


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