Laws of the Other World Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Song Lin VS Turin   

The researchers clutched their heads in their hands and bent down. Some started screaming.

Bai Yingting merely tilted his head back as time seemed to suddenly freeze. The lizard monsters that had leapt into mid-air suddenly started disintegrating from their eyes to their tails, crumbling into pieces. Blood splattered everywhere and their bodies fell around Bai Yingting.

Li Qian, who was watching this scene through the surveillance camera, was astonished.

“Open the door, I’m going to catch up to Zhou Qing!”

Bai Yingting said into the radio transceiver.

Li Qian immediately opened the door and Bai Yingting quickly took off, his white lab coat drawing along behind him like a huge white kite.

Turin, who was carrying Dr. Jiang, suddenly stopped. His body seemed to be bound by some kind of force. No matter how hard he tried, his limbs could not move, as if they were stuck in cement.

Zhou Qing, who was following Turin without being too close or too far, also stopped. He thought Turin would do something to him, but he only stood there without moving.

Not too far away, the metal walls split open, and someone jumped through the crack at the top. It was a young man in camouflage.

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“No! He’s not one of Juli Corp’s agents! He’s my friend!” Dr. Jiang immediately blocked in front of Zhou Qing.

“Then I’ll protect him.” Song Lin’s sounded indifferent from beginning to end.

“You shouldn’t call the wrong person ‘dad.’ Your real father would be rather disappointed,” said Turin with a sneer.

“I decide for myself who my father is.”

Song Lin turned to face Turin, his eyes plated with a touch of gold. A power that belonged to him assaulted deep into Turn’s mind following his gaze. Turin could feel every bone and cell in his body creaking.

Song Lin wanted to kill him.

Just as Song Lin’s power drove straight in and was about to enter the depths of Turin’s mind and destroy him at the most fundamental level, a force of absolute strength emerged. Song Lin’s power was completely expelled from Turin’s body. Turin, who had been in great pain, suddenly gasped and started taking deep breaths. He looked at Song Lin and revealed a smug smile. “It seems like someone doesn’t want me to die. Also, none of us can decide who our own father is, because that’s determined by our genes. You should face reality. Your father will teach you how to truly be strong.”

Song Lin turned to face the side and tried to suppress the power in Turin’s mind, but he was once again thrown out.

It was obvious that that power was far above Song Lin’s.

Not only that, but the limbs that Song Lin had shackled started to move as well.

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“Do you think that Di Xin is the most powerful organism in Nibelungen?”

Turin sneered and looked up at him. “Is it you then? At least Di Xin hasn’t been infected by the virus. It still has the ability of a powerful S rank organism. But you? You’re already weak, aren’t you? Otherwise, with your infiltration abilities, would you still need to stay in a false body like that as an intermediary for your power?”

“You’re so naive. If Di Xin hadn’t been infected by the virus, he wouldn’t bother with his so-called ‘son’ at all. Because he could easily have a second or third one. He would have easily destroyed the disobedient and rebellious Song Lin, unless he knew that he had been infected by the virus, and that it would be impossible to pass on his genes before he was cured.”

“Professor Bai…” Zhou Qing looked after Bai Yingting’s back in astonishment. He could almost piece together the truth.

Why did he come to his side? Why did he feel so familiar? Why had he been able to escape with him under the attack of the swordbone butterflies? And why weren’t those lizard monsters a match for a researcher? The answers were close at hand.

“Even then, he’s still stronger than you. You’re so weak that you’re almost dead!” Turin sneered, but his eyes were unable to conceal his trepidation.

“Well then, I’ll let you experience the me who is left with only 1% of my power.”

Saying that, Bai Yingting came before Dr. Turin and knelt down on one knee. He gazed into Dr. Turin’s eyes. Turin seemed to realize something and tried to turn his face away, but an invisible force controlled his head, making it impossible for him to avoid Bai Yingting’s gaze.

Bai Yingting’s power was completely different from Song Lin’s; he was firm and forceful, and raised a rush of power that sought to destroy the dried-up and the rotten. It penetrated into every cell in Turin’s body, who could clearly feel his body breaking apart and disintegrating.

He screamed in pain and looked at Bai Yingting with resentment and desperation.

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At the same time, the metal walls that had been forcefully constricted by the soaring serpent shattered and cracked, crashing loudly. Except for the interior of the core, more than half of the exterior of the base had been reduced to ruins.

“Professor Bai! Professor Bai!” Bai Yingting’s speed was so fast that Zhou Qing could only follow them from a distance.

Zhou Qing chased him all the way to the wall. Looking over the ruins of the destroyed base, it was bright like blood in the afterglow of the setting sun. Zhou Qing only felt shivers. The danger factor of this world was higher than he could imagine.

Bai Yingting was standing at the crumbling exit, his face half-tilted up and staring in the direction of the fleeing soaring serpent, as if he were a watchman at the edge of a cliff.

Zhou Qing looked after his back and suddenly felt an unbridgeable distance between himself and Bai Yingting.

“Don’t be afraid, he’s gone far away.” Bai Yingting’s voice regained its previous warmth.

Zhou Qing let out a breath. “Professor Bai…”

The moment he turned around, Zhou Qing was startled.

Bai Yingting’s eyes were bleeding. Even his ears and nose were oozing blood. This scene reminded Zhou Qing of Mo Ye.

The bound Mo Ye had lost control because of Zhou Yu. Countless dangerous creatures sensed Mo Ye and rushed into the base, but Mo Ye also overloaded the release of his ability. His frightening appearance from that time was exactly the same as Bai Yingting.

Bai Yingting swayed a few times before falling forwards. Zhou Qing rushed up to him despite everything and held him in his arms.

“Professor Bai, what’s wrong?! Wake up, look at me!” Zhou Qing wiped the blood off Bai Yingting’s face, only to find that his body was so cold that he had begun to tremble.

Zhou Qing immediately took off his white lab coat and covered Bai Yingting’s body. He shouted, “Somebody! Is there anyone here?! Professor Bai needs help!”

At this time, Dr. Jiang and Song Lin rushed over at the sound.

“He exhausted his powers and this human body lacks the strength to bear the weight of the first ancestor Ymir’s powers. His internal organs are damaged and Ymir has left his body. What you need to do now is to find a good surgeon to stitch up any of his internal organs that have ruptured and are bleeding,” Song Lin replied.

“That’s right, Han Li is still here, along with Dr. Daniel! Let’s quickly get Professor Bai to the emergency room!” Zhou Qing finally regained his composure.

Dr. Jiang turned around, looked at Song Lin very seriously, and said, “You can’t enter the base anymore, you’re leaving right now.”

Song Lin got up, lowered his gaze to look at Dr. Jiang said, “Then… goodbye, Uncle. Protect yourself.”

“Go find Song Zhi. I’m worried that the fleeing Turin will retaliate against him,” Dr. Jiang reminded him.

Saying that, Song Lin jumped out of the ruins and slid along a portion of the collapsed wall before landing steadily and running away from the place.

Dr. Jiang looked after his back as he left and let out a long sigh.

He and Zhou Qing each supported one of Professor Bai’s shoulders and brought him back to the base and into the emergency room.

The one who rushed over for the surgery was Han Li. Dr. Daniel had left the base on a temporary assignment, which put a lot of pressure on Han Li’s emergency room team.

But no matter what, Bai Yingting was finally out of danger.

At the same time, Song Zhi’s fleet was still hurrying back to the base.

Night was about to fall.

After a long day of driving under extremely tense conditions, Wu Yun shook his carton of cigarettes and put one in his mouth. He glanced around at the others but ultimately did not light it.

“Why aren’t you smoking?” Zhou Yu asked.

“No lighter,” Wu Yun said with a grin.

He wasn’t expecting Song Zhi, who was sitting in the back seat, to throw him a lighter.

“I’m taking this as permission to smoke.” Wu Yun smiled, “I didn’t think you smoked too, Mr. Song.”

“Nicotine helps me concentrate. Isn’t it the same for you?” Song Zhi replied coolly.

“Hey, after this trip back to the base, we can be smoking buddies,” Wu Yun said.

“The two of us are on different levels, you can smoke by yourself!”

“Mr. Song can give me some good cigarettes to elevate my level.”

“Compared to wine, at least you have good taste in cigarettes. I can accept this offer for now.”

Wu Yun adjusted the rearview mirror, just so that he could see Song Zhi’s face. “Mr. Song, were you smiling just now?”

“I wasn’t.” Song Zhi replied coldly.

“You’re cuter when you smile,” Wu Yun teased.

“When you smile, Song Lin’s that place must have stood up.” Mo Yan turned sideways to look at Song Zhi. His long and narrow eyes were like darkness not penetrated by the moonlight, brimming with mystery.

Suddenly, Zhou Yu reached out and pushed Wu Yun’s head down. A bullet pierced through their car window and hit a tree on the side.

“It’s a sniper!” Cold sweat soaked Wu Yun’s back. If it wasn’t for Zhou Yu, his head would have been blown off.

“All personnel on alert. There’s an ambush!” Zhou Yu informed the rest of the fleet behind them over the radio.

Zhou Yu had assembled his rifle, but in the middle of a dense forest, it was impossible to locate the exact position of the enemy sniper in such a short time.

And there was more than one sniper. Very soon, the driver of one of the vehicles was shot and killed. Their car lost control and crashed into a huge tree. The rest of the team immediately exited and went into the shadow of the ancient tree to hide, but one of them was shot dead while moving quickly.

“Are the snipers of base three that good?” Wu Yun asked as he drove on nervously.

“I didn’t have such an impression.” Song Zhi lowered his head.

Suddenly, Mo Yan spoke up, “Stop driving, stop!”

“What’s wrong? We’ll be targets if we stop here!” Saying so, Wu Yun still stopped the car.

“There are landmines buried up ahead.” As he spoke, Zhou Yu briskly opened the car door and crouched down. At the same time, several bullets grazed his heels and back, but Zhou Yu miraculously avoided them all. His reaction time was greatly improved from before.

Wu Yun followed behind him while Mo Ye protected Song Zhi. Personnel from the other vehicles also started leaving, but a number of them were hit by sniper fire.

“How did you know about the landmines?” Wu Yun drew his gun and hid under the trees with everyone else on alert. It was safer in the shadows than being exposed in an open area.

“I smelled a landmine,” Zhou Yu said.

“That can’t be right? I can only smell the rancid sweat on my own body.” Wu Yun took out his night vision goggles and put them over his eyes, searching carefully for snipers in the darkness, although it was as futile as searching for a needle in a haystack.

“It was the virus Dr. Turin had injected into Zhou Yu that caused him to alienize, only this alienization elevated Zhou Yu’s physical body and the acuity of his senses, as well as his sense for power. But he’s unlike those lizard monsters who were deprived of their sanity. I think it’s because Mo Ye once gave him his own blood in exchange for saving Zhou Yu. Dr. Jiang believes that it’s two systems working together; a human’s immune system and the self-healing ability of S rank organisms, that helped Zhou Yu resist the virus and complete the evolution of his body.”

“So that’s how it is. Then give a bit of your blood to me in exchange as well next time, Mo Ye.” Wu Yun said.

“I’m sorry, Wu Yun, I wasn’t raised by you, so the two of us are genetically incompatible.”

Just at this time, they both faintly felt that someone was rapidly approaching them, and there was more than one person.

“It looks like there are really quite a few people from Base No.3. Mr. Song, you should work on your charisma. Look at how easily Turin was able to work up the whole base, while you only have me and Zhou Yu to trust.”

“I’ve already placed all the people I trust where they should be,” Song Zhi replied.

“What? Then what about me and Zhou Yu? Following your orders, we’ve both been to hell and back and neither of us made your trust list?”

“Those weren’t my orders, it was Dr. Cook’s.”

Just at this time, Zhou Yu and Wu Yun nodded to each other, and the two of them quickly rushed out of the concealed area with their guns. They started shooting with reckless abandon in a burst of gunfire.

The field personnel who rushed up and did not react in time were hit and fell to the ground, but those who reacted started firing back. Bullets flew about wildly.

Zhou Yu pushed Wu Yun down and a bullet hit Zhou Yu’s back. The sense of power was very clear, which made Wu Yun’s heart leap out of fear.

“Zhou Yu! Zhou Yu, are you all right?!” Wu Yun quickly sat up and held his gun on alert. He shot a guy who was about to shoot them.

“I won’t die.” Zhou Yu got up as if nothing was wrong.

Only then did Wu Yun remember what Song Zhi had said earlier, that Zhou Yu’s body was flowing with Mo Ye’s blood and he now had strong healing abilities.

Mo Ye jumped down from between the shadows of the trees, breaking the necks of one of the men with a foot, then turning around to use his elbow to crack the back of another. The sound of bones breaking echoed through the primeval forest.

At this time, a bullet shuttled forth from the thicket. Shockingly, its target was Zhou Yu’s head.

The moment Zhou Yu turned around, Mo Ye had already come to him and steadily grabbed that bullet with his hand.

“You should be more careful. If you get shot in the head, even if you have the healing ability of an S ranked organism, it’s still far from my level. You’ll die.” Mo Ye said in a cold voice.

“Shit!” Zhou Yu suddenly realized something and turned around.

Song Zhi slowly walked out from the shadow of the ancient tree.

His chin was slightly tilted up, and the expression on his face was grave.

The gunfire sounds ceased.

Standing behind Song Zhi, surprisingly, was Turin.

“…Turin… you were here…” Wu Yun’s mouth was half agape.

“I rushed all the way back here to make it for this crucial time.” The gun in Turin’s hand was pointed at the back of Song Zhi’s head.

The muscles in Zhou Yu’s entire body were tensed up. He raised his gun and pointed it in Turin’s direction, but it was of no use since Song Zhi was blocking in front of Turin.

Mo Ye’s eyes went cold, and a somber golden color appeared in them once again.

“Aha, Mo Ye… I know your ability. You can try it and see if your power can invade my body.”

Mo Ye’s brows knitted. “Is it Di Xin? He’s protecting you. Although it will consume my strength and take a little longer than usual, I can still kill you.”


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