Laws of the Other World Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Mr. Eton and Dr. Cook

Mo Ye was wearing a camouflage suit and carrying the exact same equipment as Zhou Yu. The other field personnel were curious about this handsome young man. Song Zhi did not disclose Mo Ye’s identity to the public, and the garrison members from before that knew Mo Ye’s identity were left at the base.

Song Zhi directly assigned Mo Ye to Zhou Yu and Wu Yun’s team. This led to some discontent among the other field agents; Zhou Yu’s reputation had long since spread throughout the base, and everyone was hoping to work with him. After all, in the world of Nibelungen, the stronger one’s teammates were, the greater the chances of their survival. Strange glances and hostile glares landed on Mo Ye.

Before they set out, when Mo Ye was picking up his equipment, several field agents surrounded him.

“Hey, young man, where are you from? Why haven’t we seen you before?” He deliberately leaned in towards Mo Ye, the thick smell of tobacco and sweat surging over to him.

Mo Ye turned his face to the side and pulled his lips up into a smile. To the others, it was as if he was mocking them.

One of them carefully studied Mo Ye’s face and suddenly said, “Hey! This guy is quite pretty. Don’t tell me he pulled some cheap trick to get into Zhou Yu’s team!”

Another person pretended to be curious and said, “What trick?”

“Using his pretty face, of course!”

“Oh—so that’s it! I see, but Zhou Yu doesn’t look like it. He is not even interested in ‘action movies.’ He is simply a puritan!”

“Gfe wnza ncijfzcu nreqj Bfeq Iq? Bfeq Iq aeowc’j ovoc honp jfo lewj ancuopeqw wzjqnjzecw. Moemto tzso fzl fnvo ce aowzpo! Z’l jntszcu nreqj eqp tonaop, jfo eco gfe kecjpetw ovopijfzcu nj jfo rnwo, Lp. Wecu.”

“Ef, we jfnj’w feg zj zw! Z hzcntti qcaopwjnca! Toj’w woo zh jfzw mpojji hnko zw je eqp tzszcu jee!”

Wnizcu jfnj, jfo lnc ponkfoa eqj fzw fnca nca htzmmncjti fota Le Io’w kfzc je jqpc fzw hnko jegnpaw fzl. Gfoc fo fna n ktonp tees nj Le Io’w honjqpow, fo keqtac’j fotm rqj ro wjqccoa. Jfewo oiow, aoom ocequf je qctonwf ntt aowzpow, gopo ronqjzhqt. Ovopi kqpvo gepsoa je wjzp fzw fonpj nca jqu nj fzw lzca.

Zc Le Io’w wlzto, fzw tecu nca cnppeg oiow kecjnzcoa n fzcj eh mtnihqtcoww.

“Nl Z je ieqp tzszcu?”

Fzw vezko wooloa je kelo hpel ncejfop gepta.

Jfo hzota nuocj’w leqjf hott nunmo, qcnrto je wni n gepa.

Wqaaocti, Le Io ponkfoa eqj n fnca je ktnwm fzw gpzwj. Gzjf n vzetocj jgzwj nca n “kpnks,” jfo hzota nuocj toj eqj n lzwopnrto wkponl.

“Li npl! Li npl! Wfzj—”

Ncejfop mopwec zlloaznjoti mqttoa eqj n uqc nca mezcjoa zj nj Le Io, rqj fo gnwc’j oxmokjzcu Le Io je kelo je fzl gzjfeqj nci gnpczcu. Jfo mpowwqpo rozcu olzjjoa jfpequf fzw oiow ntlewj mzopkoa jfpequf fzw fonpj. Le Io ktnwmoa fzw uqc, nca gzjf n wtzm eh fzw gpzwj, qctenaoa jfo lnunbzco. Fo jfoc pnzwoa fzw tou nca scooa fzl fnpa zc jfo tegop nraeloc. Jfo jge loc hott aegc jeuojfop.

This sequence of actions was fast enough to be shocking, and it was without any superfluous movements. They were as precise as the calculations of a computer.

“Hey… did you see that… that was awesome! I’ve seen Zhou Yu’s skills before, and this guy is faster than him!”

“What else could it be? Mr. Song assigned him to Zhou Yu’s team. How could it really be because of his face?”

The gun was hanging off Mo Ye’s hand, and with a twirl around his thumb, the muzzle pointed downwards. Then Mo Ye squatted down and smiled at the two guys who were in too much pain to speak.

“Hey, you haven’t said if I’m to your liking yet!”

Mo Ye’s eyes curved with laughter.

“You bastard!”

The field agent who was robbed of his gun felt humiliated, and he suddenly swung his fist at Mo Ye’s face. Only, before his fist could touch the tip of Mo Ye’s nose, Mo Ye suddenly supported himself off the ground with one hand and kicked his leg up. There was a “crack,” and his arm was broken by Mo Ye.

The miserable scream that followed made everyone look away.

Mo Ye stood up and looked down at him. His coldness and apathy were completely devoid of human emotion.

Wecu Bfz gntsoa evop gzjf fzw fncaw zc fzw meksojw. “Le Io, Z nwsoa ieq je aont gzjf Jqpzcu, cej je knqwo fnvek.”

Le Io kfqkstoa. “Aec’j ro we wopzeqw, Lp. Wecu. Z’l yqwj fotmzcu ieq uoj pza eh qccokowwnpi rqpaocw. Ovoc zh jfoi ponkf jfo teknjzec eh jfo hzpwj nckowjep Ilzp, jfoi’tt ecti rokelo cqjpzjzec hep Ap. Jqpzcu.”

Wnizcu jfnj, Le Io gntsoa ngni, aqwjzcu ehh fzw fncaw. Fo mqj fzw kfztazwf wlzto rnks ec nca fonaoa zc Bfeq Iq’w azpokjzec. Jfo oxmpowwzecw eh jfewo gnjkfzcu fzl aza cej kfncuo. Ce eco fna zlnuzcoa jfnj wqkf n ronqjzhqt ieqcu lnc fna jfo wszttw eh n aovzt.

Gq Iqc gnw wzjjzcu zc jfo apzvop’w wonj eh n Fqllop, wleszcu n kzunpojjo. Fo wlztoa nw fo gnjkfoa Le Io gnts evop. “Foi, et’ Bfeq, aec’j ieq jfzcs Le Io’w levow npo pontti wzlztnp je ieqpw? Gfojfop zj’w jfo otreg wjpzso ep jfo uqc-upnrrzcu mewo, jfo jzlzcu nca aojnztw npo yqwj jfo wnlo nw ieqpw. Jfo ecti azhhopocko zw jfnj fo’w hnwjop nca wjpecuop jfnc ieq. Ieq’a rojjop ro knpohqt!”

“Ro knpohqt eh gfnj?” Bfeq Iq ketati nwsoa.

“Ro knpohqt zc knwo fo jpzow je ae n tzjjto welojfzcu je ieq, roknqwo ieq gec’j ro nrto je feta ieqp egc!”

“Gfnj knc fo ae je lo?”

“Fo’w… hpel n fqlnc mezcj eh vzog, zc fzw naetowkocko. Feplecow gztt lnso fzl zlmqtwzvo nca… “

“Wfqj ieqp kpeg’w leqjf.”

Saying that, Zhou Yu opened the car door and hooked his finger at Mo Ye, signaling to him to hurry up.

The smile on Mo Ye’s face grew wider. When he stepped into his seat, he supported himself up with one hand and deliberately leaned his face in towards Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu was expressionless, but he could feel Mo Ye pressing close. Even from the corner of his vision, he could make out Mo Ye’s high nose bridge and elegant brow bone. Zhou Yu’s breaths slowed down in that instant, and even the beating of his heart seemed to drag out its rhythm.

Mo Ye sat down. Stopped time started to flow again.

“Where did you learn that just now? From watching movies?”

Zhou Yu recalled that back in the dining hall, he had watched quite a few movies with Mo Ye, such as Black Hawk Down, Anti-Terrorism Special Forces, Mission Impossible, and so on, which all contained plenty of fighting scenes in them.

Mo Ye replied humorously, “Why would I need to learn from those movies? You’re my best role model.”

Just then, Song Zhi opened the car door and sat in the front passenger seat. He said to Wu Yun, “Okay, we can set out now.”

Wu Yun put out the cigarette in his hand and whistled, “Mr. Song, do you know that I’m famous for my cursed crow’s mouth on our team?”

Song Zhi replied, “I’ve heard of it.”

“Then if I say that if we meet Turing, I won’t look after you no matter how dangerous the situation becomes, and that if you die, then that’s just your own bad luck, what will you think?”

Song Zhi adjusted his glasses and replied coolly, “I would tell you that my insurance payout is very good and without a beneficiary. Perhaps I can fill in your name.”

Mo Ye laughed out loud.

Wu Yun replied, “Well, that is pretty tempting. I’m betting that you won’t return from this trip. I’ll wait to receive your insurance money.”

“I really like Wu Yun’s cursed mouth,” Mo Ye laughed and touched his chin.

Ahead in the path of the vehicles, they had to go through a stretch of the  primeval forest. It was unknown how many of them would make it to the end to see the first ancestor Ymir.

In the vehicle, Song Zhi said, “Mo Ye, how long can you control A rank organisms to deal with Turing in your current physical condition?”

“Less than a minute? Any more than a minute, and my nerves will suffer serious damage and my cells will rupture, causing internal bleeding. However, Turing has a whole base of field personnel right now, and I can’t destroy human beings directly. Your genes are different from those of the organisms in Nibelungen. Are you regretting it a little now? You shouldn’t have restricted my ability,” Mo Ye asked with great interest while propping his chin up.

“I don’t regret it, because I know what you’ll do once you possess the full abilities of an S rank organism.”

“Oh, what do you think I’ll do? Overturn your base? Kill all of you? Or treat you as nutrition for breeding offspring?”

“You’ll wait here for Zhou Yu to come back from the other world again. You know he is soft-hearted towards you, and you’ll confuse him with your youthful and beautiful appearance, and seduce him. You’ll make all kinds of sacrifices to compel his heart to trust you, and then you’ll take him away from the base. You’ll have him ready to do anything for you without hesitation and distance himself from the so-called human world. You’ll make him forget who he is. So even if it’s for Zhou Yu, it’s not a good thing for your ability to be completely released. It may be just temptation, rather than out of his own heart. Even if Zhou Yu decides to accept you one day, it must come from his own judgment.” Song Zhi’s voice was steady, and every word he said deepened the smile on Mo Ye’s face. This showed that Song Zhi had long since seen through Mo Ye’s thoughts.

Zhou Yu clenched his fingers. This was also the confusion that had plagued his heart.

“Haha, this isn’t just Zhou Yu’s confusion. The reason why you were able to think of them and the reason why you care about them is because you have experienced them all yourself. Song Zhi, you are a very cautious person. Your world has towering city walls. If someone wants to cross over them, then you will only build the wall higher and higher. And Song Lin, who is climbing that wall, will one day fall and be broken to pieces, because he has climbed too high. Or perhaps… after finally entering your city with much difficulty, only its ruins can be seen.”

Song Zhi still had no expression on his face. “Where is Song Lin now?”

Mo Ye replied, “Actually, you already share the closest connection with him, just like Zhou Yu and me, but you keep rejecting him. When you can let down your barriers and accept him, you will naturally be able to hear the voice that comes from him.”

By then, their procession of vehicles had left the base far behind them and was about to enter the primeval forest.

Everyone was ready for battle, and even Wu Yun, whose mouth was always jabbering away, had become solemn.

The primeval forest was like one giant combat arena, and the traps Turing had set were waiting for them.

The giant trees became taller and taller, their dense leaves and branches forming layers of giant green nets high in the air. Rays of sunlight streamed in from between the gaps, illuminating the dim forest.

Song Zhi sat in the back and started up a tablet computer to look up detailed information on this part of the primeval forest.

Both Wu Yun and Zhou Yu were on alert, but in the back seat beside Song Zhi, Mo Ye was looking up with his hands behind his head, staring at the roof in boredom.

“Do you sense any dangerous organisms?” Zhou Yu asked.

Mo Ye smiled, “Is there any organism here more dangerous than me?”

“To be honest, this really is a bit strange.” Wu Yun tapped the steering wheel with his finger. “We’ve reached the interiors of this primeval forest. The giant trees are good for concealment and ambush, but there hasn’t been any movement at all.”

“Since you opened your crow’s mouth, I think there will be some movement soon.” Song Zhi said coolly.

“Before anything happens, I think I might fall asleep from boredom. Mr. Song, can I ask you something? Who taught you how to lock down S rank organisms with the spinal fluid of the one who raised them?”

“Who else could it be? Our wise and brilliant Mr. Song researched it himself, of course!” Wu Yun laughed and replied, even deliberately adjusting the angle of the front mirror to see Song Zhi’s expression more clearly.

“Yes,” Song Zhi replied calmly, ignoring the sarcasm in Wu Yun’s words.

“Not you.” Mo Ye turned his face to the side, his gaze resting on Song Zhi’s cheek.

“Why not me?”

“Its purpose is to lock down and control the S rank organism that killed your fiancée, that is, Song Lin’s biological father. But you wouldn’t have thought of this method, because although there may be a connection between you and Song Lin, Song Lin’s biological father does not share a connection with any other organism. Using spinal fluid to lock him down can never work on Di Xin. You gave Song Lin a name instead of a code name or outright calling him an S rank organism, because you have feelings for him. Just like how my Zhou Yu refused to give me a name in the beginning, because he knew very well that the more he called me ‘Mo Ye,’ the harder it would be to part with me in the future. And you are the same.” Mo Ye suddenly leaned in towards Song Zhi, his voice like a sharp, icy blade, cutting down on Song Zhi’s psyche. “You have wounds from twelve spinal fluid extractions on your back, and they were not extracted in the standard way. You often have back pain.”

“That’s none of your business.” Song’s brow furrowed. He looked at Mo Ye with wariness in his eyes.

“Song Lin has been locked down, you don’t need to extract your spinal fluid anymore. The only explanation is that you are using your own spinal fluid to study how to unlock Song Lin.”

In the front row, Wu Yun narrowed his eyes, while Zhou Yu remained silent with a straight face.

They were all waiting for Song Zhi to say something.

“Why would I unlock Song Lin? His ability is locked so that Juli Corp can study him and have the opportunity to recapture him.”

“You just don’t want Juli Corp to study him, or for him to be recaptured. Your goal is to ensure that he regains his ability to survive in Nibelungen.”

“You’re quite good at making up stories. It seems like your days of watching those boring movies in the dining hall weren’t wasted.”

“It’s not a story, and it’s not just between you and Song Lin. Who is helping you research the ‘antidote’?” Mo Ye’s eyes suddenly grew dark, as if he could oppress Song Zhi just through his gaze.

Song Zhi subconsciously gripped the edge of his computer tighter. “I said, all of this is your imagination. This person does not exist.”

“Fine… we can wait and see. Do you know why I said all this when only the four of us are present?” Mo Ye said.

“Because you’re acting senselessly,” Song Zhi said.

“Because Juli Corp will start doubting you more and more, you already know this well. Soon, you won’t be able to cover for the person who has been helping you. Whether it’s in the human world or in Nibelungen, only three of us can help you. If you don’t speak now, it will become very difficult to avoid Juli Corp’s scrutiny to speak again,” Mo Ye said.

“Mr. Eton is the chairman of Juli Corp… Do you know him?” Song Zhi suddenly asked.

“Ah, I know him.” Wu Yun raised a finger. “First, he is very rich. Second, he does not appear in public. Third, although Juli Corp also has a board of directors, he’s the one who really has power.”

“Yes, apart from that, he has adopted and funded many orphans and trained them to become the world’s first-class talents. Some entered fields of scientific research, some became politicians in various countries, and some are active in places that you would not believe, such as Nibelungen.” Song Zhi reached up and, for the first time, undid his collar button that was not an inch out of place, as if to relax his tense nerves. “Of course, that includes me; Dr. Ron, whom you’ve met before; and Turing, whom we’re currently after.”

“It must feel great to be bitten by your own dog!” Mo Ye laughed.

“If you mean Dr. Turing, then that is a fitting metaphor. Zhou Yu taught you well, you’ve completely adapted to the human way of thinking. For Mr. Eton, we are not his children, but tools to expand his own interests. When he could not find satisfaction in the human world, he set his sights on the mysterious, newly-discovered, world—Nibelungen. At first, he merely wanted to fulfill his colonial dreams in this world, to study the unique life forms here and unlock, then master the power behind the secret of life and death in humans. But 10 years ago, he learned that he had cancer, and the cancer cells were spreading rapidly. He could replace his internal organs, but there was one part that he could never change.”

“The brain,” Zhou Yu replied.

Wu Yun drove on. Although he was listening to Song Zhi speak, he was also on high alert. After all, they were the leading vehicle.

“Yes, when the cancer cells spread to his brain, he thought of the S rank organisms of Nibelungen. S rank organisms have strong healing abilities, and even when their brains are damaged, it doesn’t mean the end of life for them. Mr. Eton wants to use this power to make his brain heal itself. That’s why Turing’s original research targeted self-healing.”

“If I was brought back from Night Spirit Island by Dr. Turing, then what about Song Lin?” Mo Ye was very interested in Song Lin, who was also an S rank organism.

“After you were brought back by Dr. Turing, you didn’t hatch for a long time, causing Juli Corp to grow impatient. And so, Dr. Turing made a deal with another S rank organism: Song Lin’s father. Our code name for him is ‘Di Xin.’”

“You said his ‘code name’ and not his ‘name.’ So just like how you call me ‘Mo Ye,’ you gave Song Lin a name. You acknowledge me and Song Lin, but you don’t acknowledge Di Xin.” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows.

“Di Xin never came into contact with human culture, unlike you and Song Lin, who grew up immersed in the influence of human thoughts and emotions. His world only contains himself, and he gets what he wants, including a child to inherit his blood. Song Lin was the product of that, at the cost of my fiancée’s life. At the time, the person responsible for this project was not me.”

“But Song Lin grew up around you. From beginning to end, you were regarded as Song Lin’s keeper and trainer by Juli Corp.”

Mo Ye answered.

“So who developed the S rank organism locking method using spinal fluid?” Wu Yun couldn’t help but ask as he drove.

Song Zhi was about to speak, but Mo Ye wagged his finger with an impish smirk, “You get one name each, guess who?”

“Have we seen this person before?” Zhou Yu asked.

“You and Wu Yun both have,” Song Zhi answered.

“Well, fine then, I’m the stupidest one among us, so I’ll guess first. It should be Dr. Turing!” Wu Yun said.

“Zhou Yu, who do you think it is?!” Mo Ye hugged Zhou Yu’s seat from behind, his fingers just brushing past Zhou Yu’s cheek, but he was avoided by Zhou Yu turning away.

“The most unlikely person may be the most likely person. Is it Dr. Ron at Base No.2? He was very interested in Mo Ye,” Zhou Yu said.

Song Zhi shook his head. Neither Wu Yun nor Zhou Yu’s answer was correct.

“This person is currently not in Nibelungen, and they haven’t met Mo Ye.”

Mo Ye held his head in boredom, “It looks like I won’t be able to guess the right answer.”

Zhou Yu’s eyes narrowed and he continued searching his mind. What person, especially among the researchers, had met both him and Wu Yun, but not Mo Ye?

“Dr. Cook.”

“Dr. Cook!”

Zhou Yu and Wu Yun spoke in unison.

The last time they had evacuated the base due to the night spirit’s attack, it was Dr. Cook who received them on the other side.

Song Zhi nodded and said, “Among the many orphans raised and adopted by Mr. Eton, only Dr. Cook grew up alongside him. She is Mr Eton’s most trusted person and the only one Mr. Eton regards as his own child. Dr. Cook used residual spinal fluid from my physical examination to make the liquid drug used for locking down Song Lin. Mr. Eton regards it as the most valuable research outcome. With it… Song Lin, an S rank organism, was no longer uncontrollable.”

“Juli Corp will not easily hand over the spinal fluid locking technology to anyone, not to mention, you don’t have a share in Juli Corp’s central power. The person who used my spinal fluid to lock down Mo Ye is actually Dr. Cook, correct?” Zhou Yu said.

Song Zhi pursed his lips, his silence either indicating his tacit assent or his inability to answer.

The author has something to say: Mr. Eton’s name comes from Eton College.


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