Laws of the Other World Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Instructor Wu Yun

“Even if this surgery is a success, I will still die. I don’t have much longer left, I should do something more meaningful,” Zhou Qing replied.

“What is something more meaningful?”

“Without caring for the scientific progression of mankind, without caring for some established problem, by just following my own desires to discover more about that world, as well as worlds outside of this world.”

“I understand.” Zhou Yu stretched out his hand and covered his brother’s forehead. “Rest well, you’ve just had surgery.”

When Zhou Qing fell back asleep, Zhou Yu finally stood up and left the hospital ward. He sucked in a breath and looked up at the blue skies outside the window.

Zhou Yu was someone who made decisions very quickly. The nature of his job required him to be decisive.

Hesitation was mostly due to the fear of losing something. But to really hesitate, oftentimes even more will be lost.

Three seconds later, he dialed Song Zhi’s number.

“I didn’t think you would reply to me so quickly, Zhou Yu.” Song Zhi’s voice was not too fast or too slow, the same as always.

“You told me before that the reason you’re going to that world is to conduct biological research and conquer various human diseases.”

“Yes, that is one of our goals.”

“What about the glioma?” Zhou Yu asked.

“You’re someone who won’t accept lies, so I won’t lie to you. Tumors, including brain tumors, aren’t at the core of our research. But among all of the projects we are researching, the possibility of finding a cure for gliomas is very probable. For example, the peryton monster you saw was able to reject foreign objects invading its body and bloodstream and heal itself. If this cell mechanism can be decrypted, then we can use it against the tumor’s self-repairing mechanism. Professor Zhou’s research topics include plant embryology. That’s also a very interesting discipline, and if his research makes a certain level of headway, then it may provide a way for him to save himself.”

“All right, I accept your terms of employment, but I have one condition.”


“I want to be by my brother’s side.”

“Naturally. There won’t be many people by Professor Zhou’s side who will share a common language with him and his life will become so much more enriching. I will send you the employment contract. As for your current job, we’ll arrange for your departure.”

Zhou Yu smiled. Juli Corp really could extend their reach to the skies.

“I can sense that you’re smiling. Are you thinking about how powerful Juli Corp actually is?”

“It’s nothing. There will always be someone standing at the top of the pyramid in this world.”

“Then, I look forward to seeing you again, Zhou Yu.” Song Zhi’s voice contained a clear smile, as if he had long predicted this outcome.

That night, Juli Corp’s lawyer and human resource commissioner came to the hospital in suits. They signed the employment contract with Zhou Yu.

Because of the medication, Zhou Qing was in a deep sleep.

The lawyer and human resource commissioner explained the contract to Zhou Yu, from the confidentiality agreement to the salary, and even financial support in case of death, to the point where it was so clear to Zhou Yu that he couldn’t even ignore it.

“In one week, there will be a commissioner here to bring Mr. Zhou to a closed-off training session. Please be prepared.”

“I understand, thank you.”

The following week, Zhou Yu stuck to Zhou Qing’s side. The two brothers still did not have much of a common language. For most of the time, Zhou Qing recuperated or flipped through academic materials.

Zhou Yu used his cell phone to swipe through all types of web articles, looking up various sources of news on Juli Corp.

The financial backing of the corporation was impossible to fathom. The identity of the corporation’s chairperson was still a mystery to this day. Zhou Yu was able to find all kinds of cutting-edge achievements from this corporation. It all looked very distinguished, but it was built on smoke and mirrors.

A week later, a man in a suit arrived at the hospital. Zhou Yu gave him a nod, then told Zhou Qing that something had come up at work that he needed to go take care of, and that when it was taken care of, he would come back to visit him.

Zhou Qing stared at him blankly. Zhou Yu didn’t know if he had discovered anything.

The specialized vehicle dropped him off at the airport. He was the only passenger on the plane, which was something Zhou Yu did not anticipate.

After a few hours of flight, Zhou Yu landed at one of Juli Corp’s private airports. As for where it was located, Zhou Yu had no idea. The place looked like a military base; there were fully armed and equipped patrol officers everywhere. This made Zhou Yu wonder if there was a creature more savage than the peryton from that world, here.

The security checkpoints in the base were even stricter than they had been in the Research Institute. 

Zhou Yu followed the human resources commissioner who came with him into the deeper reaches of the base. He invited Zhou Yu into a room. Three people were already seated at a round table.

One of them was a young person who was around twenty-five or twenty-six with big eyes who looked to be curious about everything.

Beside the youth, a woman of around thirty-five was seated. She had short hair and looked very agile. She was a capable woman.

On her other side was a middle-aged man who was about forty. He was wearing black-framed glasses and a dark sweater jacket. He looked old-fashioned.

Zhou Yu sat down. There was no indication that anyone wanted to start a conversation, and Zhou Yu wasn’t interested in chatting with strangers either.

A few minutes later, a tall and upright man dressed in camouflage walked in. His sleeves were rolled up high on his forearms, revealing the area of exposed flesh with smooth contours that was bursting with strength. They weren’t good-looking but useless muscles trained from the gym, but muscles gained from real combat.

There were deep scars at his temples, but he didn’t look fierce because of it at all. Instead, he had the gravitas of a man matured over years of being polished. His gaze swept over the few people present with a somewhat scrutinizing implication.

The moment he smiled, he exuded devil-may-care confidence.

Both of his hands were propped up on the edge of the round table, and he inclined his body forwards. “Right here, there is a world-class IT professional, a doctor with first aid experience on the battlefield, a high-level engineer, and also…”

His gaze stopped on Zhou Yu, obviously turning something over in his head.

Zhou Yu looked back at him with a calm demeanor, as if nothing could rattle him.

“I’m your training instructor, Wu Yun.”

Wu Yun relaxed his shoulders and smiled. “I’m a pretty unlucky person, just like my name, Wu Yun—’no luck.’ I’ve trained more than a hundred students, but it’s a pity that not one of them is still alive today. They all died in Nibelungen, and most of their corpses can’t even be recovered.”

“So unlucky…” The middle-aged man with black-framed glasses frames sighed.

Wu Yun obviously heard him, but he continued talking, unconcerned. “Most of my students were too arrogant and lacked self-control. What I told them they had to remember and do, they didn’t even remember half of.”

The man in the black-framed glasses choked once.

Wu Yun easily hopped onto the table and sat there very naturally. He turned and faced Zhou Yu. “Does anyone know how more than seventy percent of the organisms in Nibelungen determine and hunt for their prey?”

No one answered.

“I’m only going over there to design a system. Juli Corp told me my job was to adjust the system at the local base to their research needs and do maintenance on it,” The large-eyed youth said, unconcerned.

Wu Yun smiled, “Ah, you’re the Stanford dropout who messed with the banking system of a certain multinational bank until it nearly collapsed. Li Qian?”

“That’s me.” Li Qian raised his brows.

“Why do you think Juli Corp hired you?” Wu Yun asked.

“Because I’m a genius in my field, and because they couldn’t find anyone better than me,” Li Qian replied.

His voice was very calm, but his eyes revealed his frivolous and arrogant personality.

Wu Yun smiled and asked Zhou Yu, “Zhou Yu, what do you think?”

Zhou Yu knew that Wu Yun had started observing him from the moment he came into the room. Or even before that, Wu Yun had been watching him.

“Because the important position of a systems engineer is empty,” Zhou Yu said with an expressionless face.

“Then, why is it empty?” Wu Yun continued.

“Because they died,” Zhou Yu met Wu Yun’s gaze.

“For a systems engineer, they only needed to stay inside the laboratory, and there was no need for them to interact with the outside world. Also, there were definitely many specialists protecting them, so how did they die?” Wu Yun’s gaze suddenly became serious.

“Then it means that everyone was wiped out.” When Zhou Yu said that, everyone’s faces except for Wu Yun’s turned ashen.

In Zhou Yu’s mind, images of his own teammates’ tragic deaths floated to the forefront.

“Yes.” Wu Yun finally turned to look at the pale-faced Li Qian. “That’s why you were hired. If you plan to accept this job, to stay in Nibelungen, then you must remember every word I say.”

Everyone gulped, and even Li Qian’s uncaring expression focused.

“Returning to my first question, in Nibelungen, how do more than seventy percent of the organisms hunt for their prey?” Wu Yun looked at Zhou Yu.

By this time, the other three had noticed Wu Yun’s special attitude towards Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu’s face still did not betray any emotions.

Wu Yu continued to stare at Zhou Yu, as if he wasn’t going to continue talking unless Zhou Yu answered him.

“It’s fear,” Zhou Yu answered.

“Huh? Why is it fear?” The only woman present expressed her confusion at the answer.

“Because it’s not the world we reside in, we can’t use our understanding of this world to judge the organisms of Nibelungen,” Wu Yun answered. “If you’re unlucky enough to be surrounded by what are known as perytons…”

Suddenly, the projector behind Wu Yun started to play a video.

The camera was extremely shaky. It was footage taken from the body camera of a person currently being surrounded.

When the savage appearance of a peryton appeared in the shot, the three people present all subconsciously leaned back into their seats.


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