Laws of the Other World Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Little Thing

A little thing that looked like a young dragon hatchling from Western fantasy movies sat inside, its body still sticky from the amniotic fluid. The difference was that there was black fur down its back. Its ears hung downwards pitifully.

“What the hell is this?” Han Li tilted her head to the side.

That little thing also tilted its head to look at Han Li. It had an expression of curiosity, as if it was giggling foolishly.

“Zhou Yu, should we kill it… or not kill it?” Wu Yun asked.

“What rank is this organism?” Zhou Yu asked.

Everyone looked at Zhou Qing, since he was the one who knew the most about the creatures of Nibelungen out of all of them.

Zhou Qing came closer and stopped beside Zhou Yu. He narrowed his eyes and carefully examined the little guy.

“In terms of size, it isn’t a large newborn. It’s much smaller than the young of the two-headed wolf spider… It should be a C rank organism or lower.”

“It’s also not very pretty. It can’t even compare to that snake scorpion beauty.” Han Li also went closer to examine it. “Remember what Wu Yun said the second law of survival was? The more beautiful an organism is, the more dangerous they are. Its appearance is far from ‘beautiful’…”

“Then, do you think Perytons are beautiful?” Wu Yun asked.

Han Li didn’t speak. Ugly organisms were not necessarily safe, but beautiful organisms were certainly dangerous.

“If you’re not planning to take it with us, just leave it here. If you’re going to bring it… could you please clean it off first? It’s filthy.”

Wu Yun showed an expression of disgust. “It looks like it’s covered in snot…”

Realizing that there were also people behind the box, the little thing turned around. Its two claws clinging onto the side of the box, it looked at Wu Yun and let out a slight “Hrn?” sound.

“Fuck… please don’t look at me with those innocent eyes. I’ll feel guilty!” Wu Yu said, covering his face and shedding crocodile tears.

“We’re all helpless to defend ourselves, and you still want to raise a pet?” Han Li asked. She glanced over at that little guy and sighed, “Fine… an organism below C rank like this guy, without its parents… It would probably become the devil vines food very soon.”

“Women are so easily overwhelmed with sympathy,” Wu Yun shook his head.

Zhou Yu, who had been holding his gun with both hands, freed one hand and crouched down to poke at the little thing’s ear with his finger.

It wasn’t standing firmly and immediately fell down on its behind. Its small claws scratched at its ear and its squinted eyes showed a silly expression.

“Oh my god, it’s the same as a newborn baby… It’s a crime whether we kill it or leave it here…” Han Li let out a sigh.

“Then wipe it clean.” Wu Yun twitched the corner of his mouth.

As a veteran, if even he didn’t think this organism was dangerous, then it probably wasn’t.

“What do I wipe it with?” Zhou Yu asked. “Why don’t you take off your clothes and I’ll use that?”

“Get out,” Wu Yun rolled his eyes at Zhou Yu. “I know you’re jealous of my good figure, but I’m not going to show it to everyone right now.”

Han Li ignored Wu Yun. She untied the silk scarf around her neck and passed it to Zhou Yu. “This is all I have.”

Zhou Yu went over and picked up the little thing by its ear. It was dripping liquid from its body.

“Be gentle, Zhou Yu, you’ll hurt it!” Han Li became nervous.

Zhou Yu looked down. The little thing didn’t appear to be in pain. Instead, it started to shake itself. Translucent wings also opened up on its back and started to flutter. It had an expression of enjoyment.

The little guy shook itself out and those dirty things were shaken off.

Zhou Yu stroked it and found that the black fur on its back was like satin. While he was gently caressing it, Zhou Yu’s cold and stiff heart inexplicably softened. Its translucent little wings flitted across Zhou Yu’s finger over and over with each flap, as if it was trying to convey its affection for Zhou Yu in its own way, softly and coquettishly.

“It seems to have taken Zhou Yu as its mother.” Wu Yun was delighted at his misfortune. “It can’t be helped that the first person it saw was Zhou Yu.”

Zhou Yu ignored Wu Yun and bundled that little thing into the silk scarf Han Li gave him. He directly hung him from his waist.

“Let’s go.”

Zhou Yu had a strange feeling deep down. The usual him would never willingly bring along a little bundle of trouble with them on the road.

Li Qian was still lying there. Wu Yun went up and kicked him awake.

“Still pretending to be unconscious? Did you think I’d carry you on the road?”

Li Qian’s face was ashen from the kick. He didn’t dare make a sound and sullenly got up from the ground.

The group resumed their journey on foot. Other than Zhou Yu and Wu Yun, everyone else’s physiques were only average. They also couldn’t walk too fast while carrying so many things.

The only fortunate thing was that the devil vines around them lay sprawled on the ground as if in worship. They didn’t even move.

“We have no way of making it out of this forest by nightfall.” Daniel wiped at the sweat on his face.

“Don’t touch anything, not even a blade of grass or a flower petal,” Wu Yun reminded them again. “Especially you, Li Qian.”

“I know…” Li Qian’s shoulders were hurting from the weight of his backpack. He didn’t want to touch anything, he only wanted to sit down and rest.

More than an hour had passed when they finally walked out of the devil vines’ territories.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief. Because they were carrying heavy loads while walking, each step caused their bodies to sway.

“Take a five-minute break.”

As soon as Wu Yun’s words left his mouth, Li Qian and Han Li sat their butts down directly where they were standing, as if they’d been granted amnesty. They tore open their compressed biscuits and water packs.

Zhou Yu didn’t sit. He didn’t feel tired but he had to satisfy his body’s need for food and water.

He opened a pack of compressed biscuits and took a bite while keeping an eye on his surroundings at all times.

For some reason, after they’d left the devil vines’ territories, there hadn’t been another organism in sight.

Not even any of the less aggressive D rank organisms could be seen.

Zhou Yu spared a glance at Zhou Qing. He knew his brother was definitely hiding something from him, and he didn’t plan on telling him about it.

He was too familiar with Zhou Qing’s personality. If Zhou Qing didn’t want to talk, then even if there was a gun pointed at his head, he wouldn’t let out a word. What had caused him to make the judgment to go west? It definitely wasn’t a feeling, as Zhou Qing had been firm and resolute at that time.

The little thing at his waist started to wiggle, soft and warm. Zhou Yu looked down and made eye contact with it. Its eyes were large and bright, like… a pampered baby.

It saw the compressed biscuit Zhou Yu was holding and became distracted, showing an expression of anticipation.

A little glutton.

Zhou Yu smiled inwardly. He twirled the biscuit over its head.

The little thing opened its mouth like a newborn puppy chasing a bone, but unfortunately, Zhou Yu did not eventually send the biscuit into its mouth.

“Hey, if you keep bullying it like that, be careful that it doesn’t get its revenge.”

Just as Wu Yun teased him, Zhou Yu felt a sudden pain on his finger, immediately followed by a jolt of some electric current that flowed into his body from his finger, rushing along his nerves and deep into his brain, invading his every cell.

He gasped. His tensed nerves were soothed and placated as he started feeling more languid.

Having been in Nibelungen for so long, this was the first time he’d been so relaxed.

Even at such a chaotic time, Zhou Yu knew that the little thing had nipped at his finger and was currently sucking on his blood.

No… He couldn’t continue to sink downwards…

Zhou Yu’s mind was slowly sinking into another world that was wrapped in warmth.

This was the ultimate temptation.

Not riches or fame, but a satisfaction deep in his heart.

Zhou Yu clenched his jaw and forcefully pulled himself away from that feeling. His shoulders shook, and he lowered his head to shake off the little thing biting down on his finger, but it had already let go of him.

“Zhou Yu! Are you okay?” Zhou Qing discovered that Zhou Yu had been bitten by that little thing and nervously rushed over to check on him.

No matter how harmless that little thing looked, no one knew how Zhou Yu would be affected by his wound.

Would it cause inflammation? Would some parasite enter Zhou Yu’s body through his wound? Would he contact a virus?

The little thing saw that Zhou Yu was angry and immediately buried its head into the silk scarf to hide itself.

Zhou Yu lifted up his finger to inspect it and saw that there was no trace of an injury.

“What a relief…” Zhou Qing exhaled.

But Zhou Yu was sure that his finger had definitely been bitten hard enough to draw blood. He felt his blood being sucked out.

Also… that illusion of calm contentment, Zhou Yu couldn’t help but suspect that it was the way the little thing hunted.

Why wasn’t there a wound?

Zhou Yu pulled the little thing out of the silk scarf. It was extremely unwilling and tried to avoid him. Zhou Yu directly gripped it around the neck.

“Hey! Zhou Yu! Are you going to strangle it?” Han Li rushed over.

Dr. Daniel held her back. “Zhou Yu seemed to have been bitten by it.”

“It… can bite people?”

“What’s so strange about that?” Wu Yun shrugged his shoulders, “Hey, Zhou Yu, you’re fine, right? If any parasites got inside of you, don’t blame me if I shoot you.”

Although Wu Yun had a smile on his face, his eyes were serious.

The little thing was being restrained by Zhou Yu and showed a pitiful expression.

Zhou Yu’s heart didn’t soften at all. He used his other hand to force open the little thing’s mouth to confirm whether it had teeth or not.

Zhou Qing understood what Zhou Yu was doing and he also went up to examine it. Zhou Yu stuck his finger in near its upper palate and prodded the roof of its mouth. It was warm and soft inside, and everywhere else was soft as well.

Maybe it would grow teeth, but it didn’t have any now.

Zhou Yu released it. The little thing closed its mouth and looked at Zhou Yu with an expression of having been wronged.

“Hey, it probably didn’t bite you, but was only sucking on your finger. Look at how riled up you are.” Wu Yun found it funny.


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