Laws of the Other World Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Two-Headed Wolf Spider

“Boss Wu?” Wu Yun was shocked for two seconds, then he started to laugh loudly. He almost forgot to steer the car properly.

Fortunately, Zhou Yu was beside him to reach out and steady the wheel, or else the car would have crashed into a tree.

“Li Qian, things have already come to this, so why not enjoy it?”

Saying that, Wu Yun turned on the music in the car, it was playing IT’S A HEARTACHE.

To Li Qian and Han Li, who were still in a state of terror, it was like a demonic tune driving them towards insanity.

Zhou Qing, who had been deeply asleep the whole time, twitched his brows. Dr. Daniel immediately gave him the inhibitor injection.

“You’re awake.” Zhou Yu looked into the rearview mirror.

“What happened? Are we in Nibelungen?” Zhou Qing rubbed at his head.

“Yeah, we’re starting our exploration trip into Nibelungen early.” Wu Yun smiled and made a peace sign.

“Aren’t we supposed to be at the base?” Zhou Qing looked outside the car window.

The sky was starting to darken, the sun was sinking, and everything was about to descend into darkness.

A different kind of danger loomed in the darkness.

Dr. Daniel patiently explained the current situation to Zhou Qing.

Zhou Qing closed his eyes and gave a deep sigh.

“It’d be nice if I could collect a sample of the plants here. It’s a pity I didn’t bring any sampling tools.”

“That’s it?” Li Qian looked at Zhou Qing in astonishment. “Aren’t you scared at all? We’re in a lot of danger right now! We could die at any given moment!”

“When I accepted Juli Corp’s invitation, I was already prepared for it. Right now, this isn’t the best outcome, but it’s not the worst either.”

Zhou Qing answered.

Li Qian stared at Zhou Qing. This guy sounded like an amazing scholar, but he studied plants, not animals. He was extremely thin, and his body didn’t look very healthy.

“What does ‘not the worst outcome’ mean?” Li Qian reflected.

“First, we’re still alive. Second, no one is alone. Third, we’re protected by two experienced combat personnel…”

“Wait, I’m the only one with lots of experience, not him,” Wu Yun pointed at Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu acted like he didn’t hear him while Zhou Qing continued. “Fourth, we were injected with the inhibitor, so we can avoid attacks from seventy percent of organisms within forty-eight hours.”

Zhou Qing’s voice was penetrating and tranquil. Li Qian’s tensed nerves started to loosen up.

“It does sound like it really isn’t that bad.” Li Qian let out a breath.

“It’s seventy percent,” Wu Yun reminded him.

Just then, Wu Yun suddenly hit the brakes.

“Our good luck… hopefully it doesn’t end here.”

Wu Yun turned off the car lights.

Everyone tensed up. Li Qian tightly clasped Han Li’s hand.

In the darkness, they could see a faint and slow-moving silhouette.

When the shadow of its limbs passed by their car, no one dared to breathe loudly.

Two faces that grew close together pressed against the front windshield. There were countless eyes on them.

“Two-headed wolf spider,” Zhou Qing whispered.

This made Li Qian and Han Li hug each other tighter.

Dr. Daniel stared at this monster with his mouth open wide.

“There shouldn’t be any two-headed wolf spiders roaming around here.” Wu Yun clenched the steering wheel. “My luck really does suck.”

The two-headed wolf spider was a monstrosity to human eyes. It had two brains but only one body. The two heads could even communicate with each other and work together to control their body.

The two-headed wolf spider had twelve legs. Each one was incomparably sharp and could pierce through ordinary steel. Unlike the spiders in Zhou Yu’s world, this spider was a hermaphrodite and self-reproducing.

“Does this guy want to eat us?” Dr. Daniel asked.

“Two-headed wolf spiders are B rank organisms possessing sight. The fear emanating from prey lets the organisms here judge whether they can be prey. For instance, organisms that are bigger and stronger wouldn’t be afraid of it. But, if you are scared of it, and also send them these signals, they will naturally believe that they’re stronger than you, and classify you as their prey. This is the instinct of organisms living here. For the organisms in Nibelungen, their hierarchy is much more rigid than the one that exists in our world,” Wu Yu replied.

Then, the two-headed wolf spider suddenly raised a leg and ferociously smashed it onto the car window.

The car started shaking violently.

Han Li closed her eyes and buried her head in Li Qian’s arms. Li Qian also lowered his head and stiffened his back, too afraid to move an inch.

Such a powerful force still didn’t break the car window.

“Don’t underestimate Juli Corp. If a field vehicle could be smashed so easily, we wouldn’t be able to do any research with it.” Wu Yun sucked in a breath. He was just about to start up the machine gun, but the Two-headed wolf spider suddenly spewed out a liquid, attaching it to the muzzle of the machine gun.

“Fuck—isn’t this thing a little too smart?!”

The liquid quickly solidified, sealing the opening of the machine gun and the slot for the mobile machine gun.

“Your luck really sucks,” Zhou Yu replied.

“W-what is it trying to do?” Dr. Daniel asked, “Since we didn’t send it a signal that we’re afraid, it shouldn’t be trying to treat us like prey! If we don’t figure out the reason why it’s attacking us…”

“It’s in its reproduction period,” Zhou Qing said from beside Daniel.

“What? Reproduction period?”

“Its abdomen should have a striped pattern, but right now it has waves. It’s because there are eggs forming in there. It’s searching for the right nutrition to lay its eggs in. Humans have a different protein content than the organisms here, and to them, we’re very ‘nutritious,’” Zhou Qing replied.

“How do you know that? Aren’t you a botanist?” Wu Yun turned around from the front seat.

“I’ve read the information on all the organisms that have been studied in Nibelungen.”

“You can remember all of it?” Wu Yun felt incredulous. The two-headed wolf spider’s foot struck the window again, frightening them out of their wits with each strike. Wu Yun still wore a nonchalant expression.

“My little brother’s memory is very good. As long as he’s read the information once, he won’t forget it,” Zhou Yu answered.

“Right now is not the time to be praising Professor Zhou, how do we get rid of… get rid of this giant spider with two heads!” Han Li shouted.

“Hey, don’t be too loud, my head hurts.” Wu Yun waved around his gun again and Han Li immediately shut up.

“What should we do now?” Zhou Yu asked.

“Wait here. Once it gets tired of smashing, it’ll go away.” Wu Yun groped at his pocket, looking to light a cigarette.

“Hah? What?” The people in the back seat spoke in unison.

“It doesn’t need to smash at the car for the whole night, as long as it strikes at the same spot three hundred times, the car window will break,” said Zhou Qing.

“Hah? What?” The people in the back seat spoke in unison.

“Reverse the car,” Zhou Yu said coldly.

Wu Yun smiled, “Okay, let’s listen to my partner.”

The car started abruptly, then rapidly retreated.

The two-headed wolf spider was surprised and fell to the ground, but it quickly gave chase.

Wu Yun’s driving skills weren’t half bad. He reversed in a large arc without hitting any trees, yet the two-headed wolf spider was still unwilling to give up its pursuit.

“Why does it have to chase us? We’re not afraid.”

“Because, if the eggs in its belly can’t find a source of nutrients, they’ll die. Even though we didn’t send it a signal of fear, we didn’t show an overwhelming display of power either. To this two-headed wolf spider, although it’s risky, it can still give it a try.” Zhou Qing reached up to seize the grab handles.

“You said seventy percent! Now we’re in the other thirty percent—an organism’s reproduction period!” Wu Yun didn’t seem to be concerned about life and death.

The enraged two-headed wolf spider almost crashed into them. An ancient tree was crashed into, causing it to sway.

“Protect one’s progeny. It seems like it’s all the same, in our world and this one,” Dr. Daniel sighed.

“So, we need to hold out until all its eggs are dead?” Han Li said through clenched teeth.

Wu Yun didn’t have time to answer her. Before the two-headed wolf spider could turn around, Wu Yun turned the car around and stomped down hard on the gas pedal, taking off.

The two-headed wolf spider still did not give up and chased after them as if its life was on the line. It was faster than before. Wu Yun turned on the headlights again to avoid any obstacles.

The two-headed wolf spider still did not give up and chased after them as if its life was on the line. It was faster than before. Wu Yun turned on the headlights again to avoid any obstacles.

“I don’t want to turn into that! I don’t want to turn into that!” Han Li started screaming.

“Shoot her for me!” Wu Yun shouted.

“No time,” Zhou Yu replied.

They could still faintly see the white lab coats and camouflage uniforms on those bodies.

They were probably survivors of the explosion who wanted to pass through the forest to reach the next closest base, but they met this two-headed wolf spider and unfortunately became nutrients for its reproduction.

The two-headed wolf spider got closer and closer, then it suddenly spat fluid onto the back wheel.

A boom came from the car and it was about to come to a stop.

“Fuck!” Wu Yun cursed under his breath.

At that moment, Zhou Yu suddenly opened the car door. Just as the two-headed wolf spider was about to rip off the car door with its fangs bared, he pulled out the pistol at his waist and shot at it continuously.

The two-headed wolf spider, having been shot, let out a hiss. Zhou Yu immediately got back in the car and closed the door. It sprayed out a thick pus that Zhou Yu missed by a hair.

Everything was quiet again.

Wu Yun looked at Zhou Yu from the corner of his eye. Zhou Yu slipped the gun back into the holster at his waist.

That gun was the one Wu Yun had found at the base. He and Zhou Yu each had one. The bullets in the gun were specialized neurotoxins.

The two-headed wolf spider had fallen, coincidentally, on the trunk of their car. There were countless tiny feelers in its open jaw that just happened to be plastered against the rear windshield.

Dr. Daniel shielded Zhou Qing. “There’s no need to turn around, Professor Zhou.”

Li Qian covered his mouth.

“Hey, hey, I say… if anyone wants to throw up, do it outside.” Wu Yun started waving around his gun again.

Li Qian choked everything that was in his throat back down.

The author has something to say: Wu Yun: Welcome to Nibelungen.

Mo Ye: Why didn’t I appear today? Not even the box appeared! Bad review!


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